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🍦 Founder / Head Creamstress: @paradisecitycreamery 💦 Smut Enthusiast 📣 Co-Organizer @swanevada 📍Las Vegas
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65.3% of valeriestunning's followers are female and 34.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 728 and the average number of comments is 22.

Valeriestunning loves posting about Modeling, Music.

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65.3 %
34.7 %


  • Art & Design 78.12 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 75.61 %
  • Books and Literature 64.98 %
  • Music 47.26 %
  • Photography 46.00 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.39 %
  • Entertainment 38.92 %
  • Business & Careers 38.15 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.83 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.60 %


759 10

I miss engaging with y’all more regularly. What I don’t miss is the infighting, policing, weaponizing language, call out and cancel culture which lately feels like the official sport of the social media / social justice worlds. I’ll be out here in the analog world watching, listening, learning, connecting and building... So if you wanna shoot the shit, say hi. Till then, please be kind to yourselves and one another. We’re all just doing the best we can with the tools we’ve got. In solidarity- Val ❤️☂️ Photo: @angieortaliza of me removing a nitrile glove which turns out it isn’t nearly as glamorous as the jeweled satin ones from my burlesque days 😭

369 8

Thus far on my entrepreneurial journey with: @paradisecitycreamery I have been reminded just how much people (and the media) looooove censoring parts of my SWer story and/or attempting to reframe my career transition as some sort of redemption narrative. It’s annoying but ultimately a great reminder to keep sharing my truth with you and the world. 💅 (Link to @yesastripperpodcast episode in bio) - - - - - - Valerie Stunning is an out and proud sex worker who also owns a civilian ice cream business. Over and over we hear the narrative of how stripping is something to escape, how strippers need saving. But we know how much power and joy and life is to be had as a sex worker, stripper, dancer. Tune in to hear Valerie's own story from admiring powerful strippers from the sidelines, her own experience in the industry, how she is now celebrating sex work through her ice cream business in Vegas and through activism with @swanevada. @thequeenofsexy @valeriestunning #yesastripper #strippers #sexwork #podcast #yes #poledancer #strippersunite #unitedbypole #solidarity #whorephobia #empowering #complex #power #activist #losangeles #lasvegas #icecream #nevada

642 13

I’m gonna keep it real. The day @thequeenofsexy and I recorded this podcast was one of the toughest days during the toughest week I have had in my entirety as a small-business owner surviving a pandemic. I was at the cusp of a burn-out and no lie, was stressed about how I was going to show up fully (emotionally + spiritually) for this interview. 6 months of a forced SW retirement in a global pandemic was feeling like 6 years and I felt super disconnected from my sparkle that Stripping empowered me to step 100% into. Though after we wrapped, I swear, I felt the lightest I had in a long time and went back to PCC floating the way you do when you’ve spent quality time vibing on some real af shit with a soul sister. Thank you AM and @yesastripperpodcast for doing such important work and for holding space for me to reconnect to our community and my sparkle. ✨👑✨ LINK IN BIO FOR EPISODE - - - - - - Yes, A Stripper Podcast: Ass Shaker and Adult Ice Cream Maker 🍦✨ . Valerie Stunning lives up to her last name for sure. This babe is stunning in more ways that one.  Her smile, her energy and her drive to inform her community… a recipe for sparkles all around.  Valerie and AM talk about what they miss the most about stripping, as both were forced into early retirement for different reasons.  Valerie’s insight on the industry comes from an awakened point of view.  Being someone that pulled back the veil of Whorephobia, exposed to the reality of the patriarchy, she is someone we can all learn from.  And oh yeah, she makes white truffle ice cream and turns serving it into an experience.  I mean… that sounds so hawt! . #YesAStripperPodcast #YesAStripper #StripperPodcast #SexyPodcast #SexWorkerPodcast @valeriestunning @thequeenofsexy @periodnetwork @starburnsaudio . 📸: @rachellenaesterline2036

584 18

WOES. Working On Excellence. S*x W$rkers as collegues refined my admiration and respect for womxn / femmes who have survived some shit then learned some shit and continued holding shit down. 💰 S*x W$rkers as a Community connected me personally to some of the most radically thinking, compassionate, empathetic, visionary, real af people. Some of whom I am deeply grateful to call my WOES. Lord knows 2020 has given me, if anything, perspective. And what that perspective has reenforced is how surrounding myself with those who are also working on excellence- In how they show up for themselves, their loved ones, community and work through incredibly hard times and transitions- Caters to this unyielding intimacy and support that keeps me feeling grounded and safe. Thank you to all my woes, pictured and not (you know who you are.) Thank you for always reminding me that no amount of social media following/yelp/google reviews will ever compare to IRL ride or die I’m talking the- celebrate your (non-photographed) wins and console you through your L’s- motherfucking friends. ❤️ Tag your woe(s) and tell them how proud you are of them *Shout out to @charmcitybaby @aaaaadventures & @jazzlikejupiter for workshopping the grief and heartbreak that can come with huge transitions via nature, wise words and cheap wine. And to Jazz again for introducing the term woes to us... and allowing me show you how to use chopsticks 🥢😬

1,028 38

My mylkshake brings all the boys to the yard... 🍦💦 @paradisecitycreamery Photo: @angieortaliza #celebrateindulgence #dtlv

983 19

Still got it 🥳 Essential: Play time, sunshine (even if it’s 106) and occasional escapes from our beloved flashy, trashy and overstimulating city. Thank you @angieortaliza & @satans_little_sunflower for todays whimsical excursion. And for almost beating that cowboy’s ass. ❤️💦

415 11

I had a dream of utilizing my knack for creating decadent ice cream & memorable experiences to celebrate and give back to communities I either find identity in or who deeply inspire me. It is a glittering unapologetic dream. And myself and the PCC Team are so grateful to you and the many folks along the way who are excited for what we’re doing and WHY we’re doing it. Thank you for seeing us and supporting our quest for being the pleasure we wish to see in the world. - Xxo, Val ❤️☂️🌈🌱🍦💦 LINK IN BIO. Written by: @almancinivegas Photos: @benjaminhphoto #ParadiseCityCreamery

612 17

Thank you @dtlv for seeing us 🥰🍦💦 REPOST: - - - - - - “I’m not interested in anything traditional or safe,” @valeriestunning says. That couldn’t be more apparent in her plant-based ice cream business, @paradisecitycreamery.⠀ ⠀ With unique, decadent creations like Birthday Sex (ube ice cream with ube Hennessy icing) and XXXpense It! (chili vanilla bean ice cream with freshly puréed mango and sprinkled with tajin) topped with their signature glittery gold “disco cherries,” Paradise City invites people to indulge in their cravings.⠀ ⠀ “We’re intentionally celebrating adult culture and communities that influence so much of life here in Vegas,” Valerie says.⠀ ⠀ Valerie knows a thing or two about that. She spent several years traveling the world as a burlesque dancer and stripper before settling in Las Vegas in 2013. “The razzle, dazzle, and risqué of my former careers influence the experiences we create — from the flavor names to their presentations,” she says.⠀ ⠀ Originally intended to be an events company, she launched Paradise City in May of last year, holding pop-up events around DTLV with a residency at @artificebarlv. Though COVID-19 derailed that plan, she’s “made the most dazzling lemonade out of it all.”⠀ ⠀ Paradise City is now partnered with @garagiste_lv, where Valerie and her small team serve 8 oz. “Pleasure Pints” and scoop seasonal flavors every Friday and Saturday from 5-10pm. They’ll also be scooping past season favorites and one-off flavors during @laundryroomlv’s takeover at Commonwealthlv, which returns tonight and runs through this Sunday. You might start seeing Paradise City on restaurant dessert menus, too.⠀ ⠀ When you bite into one of Paradise City’s bold creations, you’re not only giving in to your indulgences, you’re supporting important causes as they give back to local and nationaal sex worker, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC organizations.⠀ ⠀ “From the ice cream we make, to folks we hire and the causes we give back to, we aim to be the pleasure we wish to see in the world,” Valerie says. #HumansOfDTLV⠀ ⠀ REPOST: @dtlv 📸: @angieortaliza

2,637 148

This one goes out to my Stripper Sisters feeling all of the feels of being forced into an early retirement and / or experiencing the grief that comes along with it. I am so sorry that the world is currently pure chaos and that so many of us are hurting right now. But I’d like to remind you that we should all be proud of what we’ve thus far accomplished. We came into this highly competitive, high pressure sales job, with zero job training, even less workers rights, ALL OF THE STIGMA, none of the respect and then navigated it to the point that we were able to support ourselves, our families and maybe even invest in a few dreams. THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING WE CAN’T DO. Personally I miss talking shit to jaded men and having them reward me with generous amounts of cash, hearing the ambient chatter of the locker room, seeing women check their pussy’s in the mirror as casually as we would check our nails, stopping mid stride across the Club floor to marvel at another Stripper’s moves then throwing money at her, getting paid to look expensive and counting piles of bills at the end of the night while sipping a tea on my living room floor. *sighhhhh Who’s to say what’s next? And if the industry will ever recover? (I’m rooting for the Peep Show to come back… I know a decadent little Ice Cream shop that would double perfectly as a speakeasy 😉) One thing I am certain of is that us Strippers inevitably will. Never forget the lessons learned in the wee hours of the night, while artfully sliding onto strangers laps in impossibly big heels and small g-strings. Hard lessons that forged resilience and resourcefulness into our bones… THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING WE CAN’T DO. ☂️❤️ Xxo, Val 2018 Photo: @rachellenaesterline2036 #feralfemmetour

1,146 47

It’s been a while since I last walked a perfect stranger to the ATM, while sipping a tequila in my underwear. 💰 Cheap underwear, because most people are too busy trying to catch a glimpse of your vulva through the lace to pay attention to the brand. Expensive tequila, because once you pass 30 your hustle gets better and your hangovers get worse. Way worse. After starting my business ( @paradisecitycreamery ) and seeing it begin to grow, I quickly realized it’s requirement of my energetic resources- regardless of how much I slept, meditated and squatted- was not in line with the mental / emotional / physical output that full time SW required of me. And so, over the past couple of years I’ve been shaking my ass less and less, inching my way to an eventual retirement. With my sights set on 2020. (...careful what you wish for 😳) Stripping was the hardest job I ever had. And up until PCC, it was also the most educational. At the club, I’ve witnessed & experienced some of the most heinous AND life affirming shit that, has completely revolutionized my beliefs about nearly everything. A microcosm of the world, Stripping sharpened my views & understandings on the cult of patriarchy, the trappings of capitalism, And how even those who are, by design not meant to benefit from either (due to socio-economic class, gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc..) are quick to adopt it’s teachings. Because, what other examples of “success” do we really have? Hello hierarchies and Whorearchies! For the sake of keeping it real, as a Baby Stripper, I too have been guilty of this. Grasping for straws for anything I could use to distance myself and be “above” others who were doing the exact same j.o.b. as me. A fact I’m not proud of but one that has led me to resent our one & done culture, that says if someone is not with us they will always be against us, and therefore #cancelled. 🙅‍♀️ I am proof that through education, conversation and an open heart, all some people need is time, life experience and a willing community to teach them how they can be better... SWIPE TO READ MORE Photo: @angieortaliza #DTLV

739 31

LAS VEGAS, where you at?! and remember, there is no Strip Club without STRIPPERS. ✊☂️ - - - - - - *Repost @jacqthestripper Strip clubs around the country are reopening, do you want to go back to working under the same conditions as before? These demands are a collaborative effort between @survivetheclub @pdxstripperstrike and @yourshowgirl. Strip clubs are just dank bars with overpriced drinks without strippers. What do you think of these demands? What would you want to change? We can accept strip clubs for what they are (run by men who have never had someone smack their ass without so much as a hello or a dollar, but feel entitled to half of whatever dollar you do bring in) or we can work for the kinds of clubs that should exist, that respect and protect the rights of the sparkly dancers who make it a place worth patronizing. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO, ENTERPRISING SLUTS? *Repost @jacqthestripper


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