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Transforming the way society perceives fat people Signed with @partandparcelhq cofounder of @TheFemmeFATalesBurlesque From🇩🇪->Chicago 🏳️‍🌈
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30.0% of unskinnyshero's followers are female and 70.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.10%. The average number of likes per post is 720 and the average number of comments is 15.

30.77% of the followers that engaged with unskinnyshero regularly are from United States, followed by Brazil at 11.54% and Australia at 7.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of unskinnyshero's posts engager are coming from United States, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Colombia.

Unskinnyshero loves posting about Modeling, Plus Size, Fashion.

Check unskinnyshero's audience demography. This analytics report shows unskinnyshero's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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30.0 %
70.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 76.63 %
  • Books and Literature 53.22 %
  • Art & Design 48.23 %
  • Entertainment 47.21 %
  • Children & Family 45.94 %
  • Music 41.59 %
  • Business & Careers 38.48 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.12 %
  • Technology & Science 35.18 %
  • Movies and TV 34.02 %


  • United States 30.77 %
  • Brazil 11.54 %
  • Australia 7.69 %
  • Germany 7.69 %
  • Colombia 3.85 %


435 9

Let’s get these donations for @kocomeow poppin! Donating to organizations is great but we also need to focus on distributing funds to individuals and you can do just that right now! No amount is too small! 🥳 Let’s gooooo!

210 14

CHICAGO we need people to help with serving/packaging food/clean up - each ORG is tagged - go find out how you can help in person and if you can’t help in person or are from out of town if you can please DONATE!

212 3

OK White Folx - HERE’S A REAL TANGIBLE WAY YOU CAN HELP! @cheffresh82 has beeeen doing this work and if you’re in Chicago you probably know and love them as dearly as I do ❤️ Let’s get up under @gettinggrowncollective and get food to the people! In many parts of the city CTA is down, people can’t get to grocery stores or they have been looted and CPS has shut down grab and go sites for kids so it is IMPERATIVE we support our local people NOW! Go to my Bl0 for donation methods or give directly to @cheffresh82

668 5

Thank you for this @sparklejams I’d also like to ad that it’s best to bring a sign on a stick so you don’t have to hold your arms up high so much and I always use my actual body as a sign and paint on my hoodie/TShirt etc.

979 9

Before pr0testing make sure you: Figure out how you’ll bail yourself out if arrested & memorize what number to call/write it on your arm if necessary. Make sure someone can take care of your children/pets if something happens to you. Go with a group, exchange numbers, names & birthdays(in case you’ll need to know if they get arrested) and medical conditions. And seriously wear the most comfortable and protective shoes you can, there will be broken glass and people stepping on your feet. Bring a hoodie/jacket you might be out long enough for it to get cold or you’ll need it to shield yourself. Water, snacks, battery for phone, turn off face & Touch ID on your phone. I’m low on spoons so I’ll post more tomorrow but if you’re going out tonight or tomorrow please watch a YouTube instruction on how to flush eyes for tear gas and what hand signals to use for things like getting a medic etc. love you all ❤️ (unless you’re a white supremacist asshole obviously) If you can’t p rotest in person make sure you donate to the bail funds I listed if you’re financially able to.

924 22

Chicago. White people. Get your asses in gear and go protest and donate to bail funds and make calls and send those emails and learn about how we can dismantle these racist systems of oppression we have benefited from for too fucking long. Do it for the countless black lives we’ve lost in this city to police violence. Do it for Chairman Fred Hampton (21) For Rekia Boyd (22) For Ronald “Ronnieman” Johnson (25) For Maurice Granton (24) For Bettie Jones (55) For Kajuan Raye (19) For DeCynthia Clements (34) For Pierre Loury (16) For Laquan McDonald (17) For Harith “Snoop” Augustus (37) For Terrell Eason (33) For Cedric Chatman (teenager - no charges brought for his murder) And many more. Do it so our city doesn’t have to mourn another black citizen. A community leader, a parent, a grandparent a child, a loved one. We cannot take pride in our city until we break this whole crooked system apart and build a new one where we don’t have entire parts of our city purposefully segregated, defunded, gentrified and heavily policed. And vote in black interests like YOUR life depended on it!

1,238 40


1,367 25

White people - STOP ASKING BLACK FOLX WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO FIX THIS! It is deeply privileged to expect free emotional labor and time from black folx. Stop asking for a solution to be presented to you on a silver platter. If you google any variation of “how to dismantle systems of oppression” “how be less racist” “dismantle white supremacy” and so on there are thousands of articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, lectures and books by black and brown folx explaining what you can do. AND PAY PEOPLE FOR THEIR WORK. Go read “The New Jim Crow” cIick theIinkin my bi0 to purchase “Me and white supremacy”

947 18

Why does the murder of a black person have to go viral for there to be any semblance of justice? Because we have a two tier justice system in this country that disproportionately benefits white people. WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. STOP SAYING YOU ARE NOT RACIST that is not true and doesn’t help anyone. We need to acknowledge our racism and our privileges. WHITE PEOPLE ARE INHERENTLY RACIST I AM RACIST We can only work towards constantly dismantling our racism and the systems we disproportionately benefit from and work towards being an ally. *we also don’t get to “arrive” at being an ally it’s not up to us to declare ourselves as that. We can only work towards it. Call legislators, not just today but always. Sign the link in my bio *edit idk why lG won’t let me add the link but go to @tonicaggiano ‘s bio to sign Follow @nowhitesaviors @make.urself.useful @assatasdaughtersig @blmchi (or find your local chapter of BLM) I will link more resources in my stories I just need to figure out how to do so in a way that is safe for the folx that have created the tools to help us learn more about how we can help dismantle systems of oppression. Also hi! It’s me, a white currently fucking up in some way so if you see something I said/posted that is harmful please let me know and I’ll amend. And drop your Venmo so I can compensate you for your emotional labor ❤️


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