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Underline Studio is a multi-disciplinary graphic design agency based in Toronto, Canada.

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24.0% of underlinestudioinc's followers are female and 76.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 388 and the average number of comments is 7.

Underlinestudioinc loves posting about Design, Graphics, Art.

Check underlinestudioinc's audience demography. This analytics report shows underlinestudioinc's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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24.0 %
76.0 %


  • Art & Design 83.72 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 74.21 %
  • Business & Careers 52.05 %
  • How-to & Style 51.06 %
  • Travel & Tourism 50.76 %
  • Photography 49.42 %
  • Books and Literature 44.60 %
  • Home & Garden 44.53 %
  • Entertainment 44.44 %
  • Music 43.28 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.13 %
  • Movies and TV 39.03 %


394 15

Proud to have received 3 awards in the upcoming Applied Arts Design Annual. • • A huge thank you to our clients and collaborators @prefix_ica @danielehrenworth @luismoraphoto • • #appliedartsmagazine #designawards #graphicdesign #danielehrenworth #luismora #prefixica

261 2

Tomorrow! Tuesday, April 14, at 3pm (BST), 10:00am (ET) we’ll be giving a talk on @livetalkfrom • • We’ll be sharing some recent work, influences and opinions. • • #livetalkfrom #graphicdesigntalks

743 12

Designers Against Coronavirus is a digital archive created and curated by @carosellolab • • DAC is aiming to raise funds for the International Red Cross and Croce Rossa Italiana • • Thanks for including our poster about social distancing and please check out the rest of the amazing submissions. @designers.against.coronavirus • • designersagainstcoronavirus.com • • #DesignersAgainstCoronavirus #posterdesign

944 2

We developed a fun and flexible branding system for the George Brown College School of Design Year-End Show. Playing on the YES acronym, the brand carries the same energy and diversity as the work exhibited by the graduating class. Going forward, the students will take our guidelines and make the brand their own. Follow along with their work! @sod_yes

190 8

Dew It Foundation campaign for Wet n Wild - moisturizing, weightless, hydrating - full case study on our website soon. • • Model Photography: Norman Wong @norman__wong Beauty Editor: Catherine Franklin Hair and Makeup: Jessica Lablanche @jesslablanche Models: Monaco Dunn, Alexis Carrington, Serena Leake @serenaleake Producers: KZM Agency @kzmagency Still Life Photography: Paul Weeks @weeks52 Still Life Stylist: Wilson Wong @wilson_off_figure_styling • • #packagingdesign #DewIt #wetnwildbeauty #beauty #graphicdesign

302 6

Friendship and Love = Tolerance. • • Thank you to Mirko Ilić (@mirkoiliccorp) for inviting us to contribute to the “Tolerance” traveling poster exhibition, an international response by designers to the idea of social tolerance. The posters have already been exhibited in Romania, Serbia, USA, Croatia, Colombia and many other countries. Looking forward to being part of this important exhibition. • • Sincere thanks also to Paul Weeks (@weeks52) for the wonderful photo of our ripped poster. • • #protestposters #posterdesign #posters #typography #graphicdesign #mirkoilic #tolerancepostershow

530 6

Wet n Wild Edit kits help you put together the perfect look in three easy steps - full case study on our website soon. • • Model Photography: Alvaro Goveia @alvarogoveia Beauty Editor: Catherine Franklin Hair and Makeup: Diana Carreiro @diana_carreiro Box Photography: Paul Weeks @weeks52 • • #packagingdesign #WNWEdit #wetnwildbeauty #beauty #graphicdesign

299 5

We’re very honoured and excited to be designing an upcoming book for Art Canada Institute @artcaninstitute on @KentMonkman and his monumental diptych "mistikôsiwak (Wooden Boat People)” unveiled December 17 at the @metmuseum’s Great Hall. . . The cover references Monkman’s re-imagining of the iconic 1851 oil painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” with Indigenous people steering the vessel—notably Monkman's gender-fluid alter ego #MissChiefEagleTestickle in Washington’s place. . . Monkman’s two 11 x 22 foot paintings now on view at The Met, mark the inaugural Great Hall commission by a contemporary artist. . . “mistikôsiwak (Wooden Boat People)” confronts themes of displacement and migration from an Indigenous perspective. . . #metkentmonkman #metmuseum #kentmonkmanstudio #indigenousart #cree #canadianart #NYart #misschiefeagletestickle #resurgenceofthepeople #thenewcomers #contemporaryart #arthistory #historypainting #migration #Washington #WashingtonCrossingtheDelaware #bookdesign #graphicdesign

369 7

Last week to purchase our latest publication, Vanished, at underlinestudio.com/vanished, link in bio. • • This is the fourth in our series of newspapers, which focuses on the work being done in Latin America to protect the land rights of marginalized people. • • Proceeds from the sale of this paper will support the work of the Council of Indigenous Peoples of Honduras (COPINH). COPINH is an organization made up of 200 indigenous Lenca communities in western Honduras. Co-founded by Berta Cáceres in 1993, COPINH defends communities against logging, dams and mining projects that would damage the environment and their way of life. • • Huge thanks to photographer Luis Mora, @luismoraphoto for giving us permission to use his beautiful images of flowers for this project. And to all the other contributors for allowing us to publish their poems and texts and for supporting this project. • • Photos of the publication by Paul Weeks, @weeks52 • • #thecriesofthosewhovanish #vanished #underlinestudio #underlinepaper #luismora #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #posterdesign #typography #stilllifephotography

430 5

New work. Cover and spreads from the latest issue of Prefix Photo Magazine, PP40. Congratulations to Prefix ICA for 20 years of publishing one of Canada’s foremost publications of its kind. @prefixica • • #prefixphoto #editorialdesign #graphicdesign #photography #typography #canadiandesign

302 7

Hey There, Girl Guides! • • We recently completed the design and art direction of a new set of five journals for Girl Guides of Canada. Begun in 1910, Girls Guides of Canada is the largest organization for women and girls in Canada. Embarking on a new initiative to rethink how a new generation of members use their materials, they came to us to develop a set of five journals, bespoke to guiding. Together we created a journal for each age group; Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers. • • Featured throughout are illustrations by leading Canadian female illustrators, Lori Joy Smith, LeeAndra Cianci @leeandracianci , Jenn Woodhall and Courtney Wotherspoon @spoonstudio • • Photos of the project by Paul Weeks @weeks52 • • #girlguidescanada #graphicdesign #editorialdesign #illustration


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