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20.6% of trainforvalhalla's followers are female and 79.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 8.10%. The average number of likes per post is 244 and the average number of comments is 17.

Trainforvalhalla loves posting about Fitness, Training, Coaching.

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20.6 %
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  • Fitness & Yoga 90.08 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 63.56 %
  • Sports 62.32 %
  • Books and Literature 36.87 %
  • Entertainment 35.36 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 34.98 %
  • Business & Careers 34.94 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 34.26 %
  • Music 30.99 %


225 18

#ValhallaWarTeam killed it this weekend. Lots of hardware coming home! This picture humbles the shit outta me. Watching all these guys, both competitors and coaches, achieve everything they did this weekend means more to me than I can express and none of it has anything to do with notoriety or recognition for the facility. Watching these members bring their personal bests to the stage and seeing it written all over their faces is one of the best feelings. Absolutely fucking humbled and grateful the facility could be a part of these guys journey. Seeing them kill it in the gym, day in and day out, reveal the final product, and be rewarded for it is fucking amazing. There’s nothing complicated to what we’re doing over here. The members here put in the fucking work, every day. THAT’S THE SECRET. You need to stop believing whatever shortcut bullshit people are trying to feed you and realize the only way to TRULY get what you want is to work you’re fucking ass off, then work some more. I don’t sugar-coat shit here and I don’t entertain shortcuts. When you’re here, you’re here to fucking work…and reap the rewards.

233 21

#FBF to when Valhalla Member Sam Medina took a break from being blown up by drones, robbing grocery stores, being eaten by @venommovie , and right before he became a giant robot trying to kill @alitamovie get a killer leg session in at Valhalla. Hated to see my dude go but couldn't be happier for all the things he's made happen and the work he's been putting in. Super stoked to see what he has coming in the future. Always love it when members who've had to leave us come back, stop in to train, and haven't lost a single fucking ounce of intensity! Looking forward to seeing you again bro. Valhalla mascot King Harald at the bottom has a message for all you little heathens out there to take with you through the weekend and beyond, "Remeber, when people, adversity, life, etc, throw challenges your way, the only mindset to take is....#FuckEm. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

278 59

Story time: Recently had a member cancel their membership & tell someone, "That dude's an asshole, he doesn't give a shit when he loses members." Well my little millennial snowflake, that's true & untrue. Let me break it down then explain how you should apply this to your lives. Regardless what recognition this facility has gotten, my focus has & always will be on the future & what this place will ultimately be. The ultimate goal is an Invite Only facility, catering solely to people who go beyond what merely "dedicated" people do. When that happens, the criteria needed to be a member will be more strict. Consequently, there's probably 50+ members who currently fit the criteria to be a member, but won't fit the Invite Only criteria. Therefore, when people who don't fit future criteria leave, the facility is a step closer to what it will ultimately be. Now, if a member who embodied what this facility is wants to leave (other than moving or serious circumstances), that's when I'm not ok, because I'm losing someone who will contribute & add to what the facility will be in the future. It's simple. To the motivated & determined members, this message will drive them to push harder & reach a higher standard to secure their place here. To the defeated & weak, they will bow their heads & their membership will die a slow death. Applied to life, if you're trying to make something of your life, you should always focus on the ultimate goal, making moves, & putting yourself in a position to make it fucking happen. If you're living & working for the short haul, you're digging your fucking grave. Also, when a higher standard is demanded of you, answer the fucking call. The only outcome is supersceding your current state and leveling the fuck up. You wanna know why you're stuck? Because people are demanding you to level up & you're waving the white flag, which is fine. Waive that motherfucker at another facility, not this one. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

170 1

Weakness has no place here, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. Don't get it twisted, you don't have to lift thousands of pounds to be a member here, but you do have to be willing to push your body, day in and day out, to forge something better. You have to be willing to take constructive criticism. You have to realize, everyone here wants to see each other get better. So when you're doing something wrong and ask for help, if you have delicate fluffy feelings, be prepared to have them fucking stepped on because you're gonna get constructive criticism. You have to be willing to push through the adversity and the obstacles that are going to stand in your way. Regardless whatever snowflake bullshit you're reading or listening to, there is no easy way to ANYTHING worth having. There's going to be so much shit get thrown your way, people are going to talk shit about what you're trying to do, and people are gonna wanna see you fail. Despite all of that, you have to have the strength to endure and keep endlessly working for what you want to achieve. Take note, these aren't things you need to only achieve your fitness goals. These are the strengths you fucking need in LIFE. If you wanna break from the status quo and be someone, you better adopt the previous message from the fucking start. If not, get comfortable being average. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

303 6

Had a little visit from @jasonpostonpro this weekend. Him and @chasesavoie stopped in to annihilate legs. One thing I love is when visitors come in to soak up and experience the environment here. The goal always was and always has been to make the facility all about the members and guests. They demand the environment be intense and the bullshit stay out and I've always been happy to comply. Seeing people seek out this environment is both humbling and motivating and I'm thankful I can bring it to you guys. Glad you made it in @jasonpostonpro. You're always welcome to come train when you're in town my dude. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

285 16

INTENSITY. That's what you're gonna need to be a member here. Believe me, when I say it because when you walk in and it sounds like people are having their fucking limbs amputated, you're either gonna get excited as fuck or run your ass straight out the door. The members here don't achieve what they have by putting in half-ass effort. Everyone is in here pushing the person to their left and their right. The only thing that matters here is RESULTS. This facility has already helped produce one IFBB Pro, countless job promotions, and it's only been a little over 2 years. I fucking PROMISE you that number is going up. The environment is only going to get more intense, the intensity is only going to go up, and the results are only going to increase. You know why? Because everyone here embraces the age old, basic qualities that built the fucking world...WORK, DETERMINATION, and GRIT. You don't see people just "working out." Motherfuckers come here to TRAIN. They train to not only better themselves, but also to beat the shit out of every obstacle that comes into their life. What are we training so hard here for? LIFE MOTHERFUCKER. We're training to win, in everything. Don't get shit confused, winning doesn't mean taking home a trophy. Winning means being better than you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year, and so on. If you can do that, you inevitably will win. Settling, complacency, and status quo are for corporate fitness. We're LIFE fitness over here. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

305 14

This picture humbles me greatly. It's only been a little over 2 years and we've already filled one wall for the athletes here (don't worry there's still plenty of additional wall space). The main goal I had when designing this facility was for the environment to inspire and push people to their max. Seeing all the competitors not only flock here, but also make the improvements they have on their lifts and physiques is truly humbling. Everyone has the ability to push their limits and strive for more. The question is, does your environment support and increase that ability. People have become too complacent with being "good enough" or "average." Through the years as society and culture have pussified more and more, they have helped many forget exactly how much they're capable of. It's time for that shit to change. It's time for more places to hold you accountable and to create a culture where everyone expected to be capable of more. And if you can't adopt that culture, you get kicked the fuck out. You're not coddled here. Your excuses aren't entertained. And your bullshit isn't tolerated. You come here to work your ass off, beat the person you were the day before, leave, and repeat the next day. It's pretty fucking simple. There's hundreds of places that are ok seeing you remain the same. Here you're expected to level up. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

301 41

Had an interesting situation arise this weekend worth sharing. Was sitting at a restaurant with other members, when a guy comes up to me and the conversation went like this: Guy: aren't you that guy from Valhalla? Me: Yep. Guy: Yeah I went there to sign up and you were really mean to me and hurt my feelings? Me: How so? Guy: Well I came in to talk to you about the prices and how the membership worked and you told me about the Trial Membership and that if I wasn't serious about training to not sign up. Here's the thing, this facility is different. I'm not in the business of just taking people's money. I cater to a SPECIFIC demographic of people. If you don't fit in that demographic, you're not going to like the gym so why in the fuck would I take your money, only to have you cancel eventually? The best analogy I can give is the Navy Seals. LOTS of guys think they're badass and wanna be a Navy Seal. But guess what snowflake, you don't get to give the Navy money and BAM, you're a Navy Seal. You have to pass and INSANELY INTENSE training program which is basically like an initiation period to see of you have what it takes to be a Seal. Then IF you pass, you have MORE training and tests to pass, to see if you're fully prepared. When you go to the Navy recruiting office, the officer doesn't hold your hand and suck you're dick and tell you how amazing you're gonna be at being a Seal. They try and scare you away because they don't want they're fucking time wasted. ITS THE SAME FUCKING WAY AT VALHALLA. You have tests to pass. You have to fit the criteria. You have to survive the Trial Period. And no one here is gonna tell you you're special and are gonna fit in, they want you to SHOW THEM. Then, once you've proven you deserve to be here, you're gonna find a support system like you've never had before. That's why having a membership is so special, its not easy to get an its not for everyone. Its special because its HARD. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

202 12

Doubt and fear. Two things that have no place in your mind. Take a look around and see what all has been accomplished through time by the people who refused to let doubt control their mind. The Wright Brothers KNEW they could make a machine that could fly. Everyone doubted them. They didn't doubt. Rudy Ruettiger KNEW he could play for Notre Dame. Everyone laughed and doubted him. He didn't doubt. Steve Jobs KNEW he could make a computer. Everyone told him he was crazy and doubted him. He didn't doubt. Think about all the advances in EVERY aspect of the world we have today. At some point, the motherfuckers that made that happen were DOUBTED by most. They however, NEVER DOUBTED themselves. The doubt other people have about what you want to accomplish should burn a fire so bright under your ass to prove them wrong and take your place alongside everyone in history who never let doubt stray them from success. Are you scared about what you want to do? Good, that means its important to you and that you accomplish it. Now get up off your fucking ass, DO THE FUCKING WORK, and make all these dreams and aspirations a reality. You know whats the difference between you and all the people listed previously? Not a fucking thing. You're flesh and blood and have a will of determination just like you do. They didn't quit, they didn't doubt, and they didn't fear falling short. They believed, they knew they would do everything needed to be successful. THEY'RE JUST LIKE YOU. You want an example you can relate to? EVERYONE doubted this facility could make it. EVERYONE doubted it could thrive with all the shit I say and how I say it. 2+ years and 2 expansions the fuck we are. I never doubted. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

238 19

Community. Many people seriously take for granted the power a sense of community has. It can literally make or break, which is why I worked so fucking hard to establish a sense of it here. If you think being part of a tight-knit community is trivial, pay close attention to the world around you and watch who's making it and who's falling behind and remember...wolves hunt in packs and even an alpha male lion is no match for a pack of hyenas. Championship sports teams have a HUGE sense of community. Mediocre teams don't. Successful businesses have a tight-knit community. Failing businesses don't. Our country was HUGELY successful back in the day. Why? Were were united as one. Look how broken and ass backwards everything is today. BECAUSE WE'RE ALL SO FUCKING DIVIDED. Division and separation lengthens and obstructs the path to success. How many success stories have you seen at Corporate Fitness Facilities? That's because there is ZERO sense of community. Pay your monthly dues, come workout on your own, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Fuck that. We're better than that here. Look at what all the members here are doing. It's because these motherfuckers have come together as an ARMY to support and push each other. All of the energy, motivation, and focus are magnified by 100 when you have people around pushing the fuck outta you. Keep downplaying the environment you put yourself in so you can stop wondering why you keep falling short of your goals. Be a part of something bigger, something like-minded, and watch yourself achieve the unthinkable. #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore

196 16

Well after the puppy crisis and some computer issues, we're back to our regularly scheduled program. I don't get much down time to look back at all the shit I've gone through, both personally and in regards to opening/running the facility, but when I do, I think about all the people that said this wouldn't work or it couldn't be done. I'm not just talking about the type of facility this is, I'm talking about EVERYTHING I do at Valhalla. The first two free guest passes, free holidays, free member appreciation events, etc. Regardless who the fuck said what, 405+ members later and after expanding twice, this place is still here. It got done. Whats the point? You know what is special about me and what I did? Not a fucking thing. You know what my "super power" is? I don't quit, regardless how large the odds are stacked against me. And you know what the coolest part is? Guess who else has this "super power?" EACH AND EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU! When you wanna make something happen, regardless how many doubting, short-sighted motherfuckers tell you you can't, smirk back at them and say "watch motherfucker." This is one of the founding principles I've tried to cultivate here. I don't give a shit how many times you've fallen short of your goals. HERE, you're gonna have the tools, the support, and the environment to accomplish any and every thing you want.

137 1

I know this is pretty much heresy here, but since they were on the list to add and I found them for pretty much nothing, I jumped on the opportunity. For the cardio buffs at Valhalla, I have two new toys for you guys to play with. Grabbed an arc trainer and lateral elliptical for you guys. If you haven't used these before, I HIGHLY suggest you do as they will kick your sweet little ass! Only have three more cardio pieces left to get but probably won't be until I have all of the equipment I want to purchase first. Don't ask because I'm not revealing whats to come because one of the pieces will be the only one in the state so its staying hush hush. The goal is to continually improve and expand and both will abso-fucking-lutely continue to happen. Keep following the journey because it's been 2 years and I'm just getting started motherfuckers! #hardcore #hardcoregym #valhalla #viking #heathen #barbarian #trainforvalhalla #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #fitness #physique #ifbb #npc #dtfw #myJM #fuckaverage #discipline #determination #dedication #tribementality #huntforhardcore


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