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31.8% of thomas_k's followers are female and 68.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 11131 and the average number of comments is 293.

Thomas_k loves posting about Photography.

Check thomas_k's audience demography. This analytics report shows thomas_k's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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31.8 %
68.2 %


  • Photography 87.11 %
  • Travel & Tourism 85.99 %
  • Technology & Science 60.23 %
  • Art & Design 48.54 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 39.44 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 34.00 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.30 %
  • Business & Careers 31.20 %
  • Books and Literature 30.20 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 29.98 %
  • Luxury Goods 29.73 %
  • Movies and TV 29.67 %


6,963 192

the memories remain 6:30 am, Bosphorus, somewhere in between of Asia and Europe. #istanbul

10,527 320

sunset sessions despite climbing up on this rooftop several times before, it is still just as amazing to see the sun setting over Istanbul’s domes and minarets from above. can’t wait to be back to this city very soon. and as always I’d love to know which shot you would pick, 1 or 2? #istanbul

10,374 289

moments that last forever let’s say you arrived at the brand new Istanbul Airport and you have a connecting flight ahead... @turkishairlines now offers free Istanbul city tours for all transiting passengers with a connection time of between 6 and 24 hours. not only a great way to discover this unforgettable city, but also a chance to connect with like-minded travelers from all over the globe. #istanbul #touristanbul #widenyourworld

9,080 187

Peek through the curtains: A fresh interpretation of a shot of one of my favorite places in Berlin. I won’t reveal the exact location, but I go there every year just to enjoy the view. Hope you enjoy it, too. This month, I’m shooting the world around me through objects and other interesting textures, in partnership with @samsungmobile. #withgalaxy Anzeige

14,529 334

the present and the past certainly the richest in history, the most fascinating and characteristic of all Istanbul districts. Balat is all of that and so much more. #istanbul

18,074 488

history lessons in the streets of Istanbul at dawn. despite arriving here super late yesterday and only sleeping for a few hours, I just had to get out before sunrise to have the city for myself. pulsating with history at every step, Istanbul was conquered, fought over and rebuilt many times over the centuries. one of the most fascinating places I ever got to visit. #istanbul

11,971 341

no slowing down i kept returning to this place during the last few weeks, always unhappy with the shot I previously got. either the sky looked super boring or the birds would decide not to show up, I just couldn’t get it right. headed to Istanbul tomorrow so I‘m even more happy to cross this shot off my list finally. here‘s a little series with some previous attempts and different angles. let me know which shot you‘d pick, from 1 to 6. #berlin

10,755 263

This is Berlin’s most photographed landmark. How can you give it a new, fresh spin? For me, the Brandenburger Tor is at its most majestic at dawn, in solitude, with zero people around. I shot it through this bullet hole in shattered glass to add a visual story – an edge. This month, I’m shooting the world around me through objects and other interesting textures, in partnership with @samsungmobile. #withgalaxy Anzeige

8,680 232

This has got to be one of the toughest places that I’ve taken photos at so far. Not because it was particularly hard to photograph, but because people wouldn’t let us into the building while the light kept getting worse. I guess the residents were tired of some other photographers trying to lock this shot down before me. But we made it! At the end, we left with a pretty decent shot. Persistence always wins. This month, I’m shooting the world around me through objects and other interesting textures, in partnership with @samsungmobile. #withgalaxy Anzeige

8,292 276

can’t get over you from yesterdays morning mission with probably the most epic sunrise of the last few weeks. same spot, same light but quite a different mood depending on the edit. let me know which mood you prefer... 1,2 or 3? #berlin

17,780 524

dreams from the past ever since I started working as a photographer, Istanbul has been one of the cities I visited the most. it is the most inspiring one for sure and I can’t wait to be back next week to work on some new projects. here are a few pictures from my last visit back in December. 1, 2 or 3 which one would you pick? #istanbul

9,320 186

Taking a peek at the sun rising behind Oberbaumbrücke through the „curtains“ of some construction site. I used to do stuff like this all the time: Climb up onto the metal bars of the scaffold, find my way through a labyrinth of construction material, not knowing where I’d get out and then, finally, turning my head towards a view as breathtaking as this one here. After a phase of doing this a lot, I moved on to different subjects, but when the opportunity presented itself again a few days ago, I went for it and loved it. Can’t say I didn’t feel a tiny bit nostalgic about the old days and might go back for more... This month, I’m shooting the world around me through objects and other interesting textures, in partnership with @samsungmobile. #withgalaxy Anzeige


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