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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 1041 and the average number of comments is 29.

7.1% of the followers that engaged with thepartyingtraveler regularly are from Italy, followed by Australia at 6.45% and United States at 5.16%. In summary, the top 5 countries of thepartyingtraveler's posts engager are coming from Italy, Australia, United States, Japan, Guatemala.

Thepartyingtraveler loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Architecture, Photography, Technology.

Check thepartyingtraveler's audience demography. This analytics report shows thepartyingtraveler's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Italy 7.1 %
  • Australia 6.45 %
  • United States 5.16 %
  • Japan 4.52 %
  • Guatemala 3.87 %


770 13

A little throwback from adventuring in Patagonia 🏔 Been seven months now since having to frantically work my way home from the remote southern tips of the globe, and the longest consecutive time I’ve been in the same country since like 2013 😂 truly unprecedented times

1,328 20

On this latest road trip, I met up with some friends I met in Peru to explore... Peru? If you couldn’t tell by my stories, I am constantly missing the land of alpacas, and the Eastern Sierras of California were *almost* enough to convince me I was back up high in the Andes Mountains 🏔 So much so that I was back to shamelessly rocking the poncho all the time. No alpacas though 🥺 Coulda stayed here forever til the wildfires smoked us out 😅

1,029 29

road tripping through the magic of Southern Utah 🚗 looks like we’ve got a lot of new faces around here, prob from my TikTok of Zion National Park as seen through my dirty car window that somehow popped off 😂 first of all, welcome and how do you do, fellow #teens? Second, yeah, Zion is very much a real place and I didn’t just post a video of Radiator Springs from Cars, although my little red car is in fact named Lightning McQueen 🤔🤔 stoked to have you all along, especially as we gear up for a new adventure starting in like a week!! but for now I have made it back home after the last 3 months on the road and blissfully back to sleeping 17 hours a day ☺️

821 16

fall scenes in Colorado 🍂 been a while since I’ve stuck around for autumn in the U.S. and damnnnnn is it giving me new life 🔥 crisp weather, changing colors, and an abundance of post-hike breweries is making Colorado the ideallll spot for some fall adventures 🏔

1,342 45

End of the road ✌🏽 my aimlessly indefinite road trip around the U.S. is coming to its close after two months. It’s been one of my shortest trips since I started traveling full-time over four years ago, but somehow felt like the longest and most draining at the same time. I’m used to wandering the world aimlessly, but admittedly am still struggling to navigate my way through this pandemic, both travel-wise and personally. Definitely been a much tougher year than I’ve been letting on, and y’all can probably imagine that 2020 hasn’t been the best year to have your heart, passion, and livelihood so intertwined with travel, especially international backpacker travel 🙃 Sorry I haven’t been posting much, my head & heart are just not into social media at all right now. Still trying to find joy in each day and still eternally chasing the sun tho, as you can see ☀️ hope y’all are hanging in there 💞

1,001 19

Bryce Canyon more like ~nice~ canyon am I right? that is all, thank u for coming to my Ted Talk on writing winning Instagram captions

924 31

spent the last few blissful days of year 25 in the mountains with some new & old friends, chasing sunrises and sunsets, and getting stinky and injured ☺️ pretty good microcosm of my year in general, but hey, it’s been one of the best yet all things considered 🤷🏽‍♀️ Cheers to 26, or 25 (2.0) as I propose that all of us coronavirus pandemic bdays get a re-do when this is all done (or maybe I’m just in denial that I’m getting too old for this insta handle 😉)

821 23

love how creative they were naming the national parks. Anyway, this land of canyons is called Canyonlands and it is prettayyy dope 🔥

921 24

crazy how nature do that 🤔 had to revisit one of my fav spots in the U.S. for a little golden hour adventure 🔥 straight up feels like another world out here

1,092 31

yeeeshhh 🔥 just one of the many breathtaking views up at Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain NP, maybe my new favorite hike I’ve done in Colorado 🏔 what other dope hikes should I check out while I’m bouncing around here in CO?!

1,559 47

those of y’all that live near the mountains during lockdowns are really living your best lives huh? not jealous tho 🙃 I’ll be joining y’all soon enough 🏔

1,126 43

hostel appreciation post 🍻 if we’ve met at a hostel, name drop them below 👇🏽 I know a lot of businesses are struggling right now but damn, seeing some of my favorite hostels shut down has been hitting especially hard. I stayed at my first hostel four years ago solely with the intention of saving money and haven’t looked back since. The lifelong friends and memories more than make up for any sacrifices in comfort. I mean, you’re telling me I can pay $10 a night for a bed and it comes with an unlimited supply of friends from all over the world? hell yeah. Hostels have made travel more welcoming and accessible to people of all backgrounds. And damn, pre-COVID, the hostel industry and backpacking community was straight up booming. It’ll take years to bounce back from the irreparable damage. I saw an initiative recently called @adoptahostel, a way to help struggling hostels by purchasing gift cards for future bookings. I’ve worked with countless hostels throughout the years, and it always stood out to me that the owners, workers, and volunteers always shared the same passion for travel and sought to foster that through their welcoming communities. I know a lot of people and businesses are struggling right now, but if you want to keep travel accessible and affordable to people of all backgrounds in the future, we gotta save the hostels y’all! Support a hostel if ya can 🌏


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