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Retired Engineer at 33 Full time dad, IF, and ketone lover No DM Getting healthier everyday. 👇Learn more here 🙏
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31.8% of thelawrencetam's followers are female and 68.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.10%. The average number of likes per post is 33 and the average number of comments is 3.

Thelawrencetam loves posting about Shopping.

Check thelawrencetam's audience demography. This analytics report shows thelawrencetam's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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31.8 %
68.2 %


  • Travel & Tourism 61.99 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 60.50 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 55.19 %
  • Movies and TV 48.06 %
  • Business & Careers 44.23 %
  • Music 44.11 %
  • Entertainment 42.82 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.71 %
  • Books and Literature 40.71 %
  • Sports 40.64 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 40.64 %


23 3

Friend had a birthday so we decided to get some prime rib! The new changes for social distancing and mask wearing didn’t take away from the nice environment. Tons of waiters and wait staff getting you salad (vs getting it yourself) and the spacing between tables was more than enough to not feel cramp. #primerib #texassteak #texasateakhouse #steakdinner #primeribdinner #beefitswhatsfordinner #birthdaymeal

55 5

First time back in a restaurant. Got this to start back up to the new normal... It’s called “million dollar bacon 🥓 “ Signature hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne and maple syrup. #baconlovers #hardwoodbacon #smokedbacon #maplebacon #millionsdollarbacon

47 3

Boating life There is something magical to be floating around with musical cranking and not a care in the world. No anxiety to going to work (I own my own business) No worries to making that monthly 🥜 (business running 24/7 globally) No mask 😷 here (we on open water on a 35ft boat with plenty of social space) Say no to problems and yes to building a beautiful life. #jobfree Have a great Sunday! #boatinglife #boatingfun #boatlife⚓️ #searaysundancer #sundayboat #futuresobrightigottawearshades

18 0

Human powered transportation. My kid told me he ranked tennis as one of the sports he really would like to play and make the high school team. (Besides football, basketball, mma). He’s in 8th grade and never really played and forgot a lot of what he learned when we had given him a tennis coach when he was in 2nd grades. So dad gears started turning and I set aside time to train him until we get him another tennis coach. We have been hitting 3-4 times a week (rain and court availability messed us up) and targeting to do 5 times a week. I told him... “we don’t have time to do cardio separately so how about we ride our bike to the tennis court instead”. So I rigged up a bike bracket and bungie corded to the bike. The bike attachment was surprisingly easily to attach and kicking myself for not installing one earlier. Parents: find time to invest into your kids and when they actually mention a passion design a plan and implement it with them. Don’t be the uninvolved parent. Do the parent work. #dadtenniscoach #bikeattachment #tennisbike #settingnewgoals #investinyourkids #tennisballcarrier #settingsportgoals #multiplesportathlete #parentingadvice

13 2

Done son!!! Almost a 69 hrs fast completed. After seeing so much data on why to fast (it’s like rebooting your body like you would reboot your phone/computer) I’ve been sold on doing it for health benefits. Spent 5 hours yesterday cleaning out the garage and cleaning the pool (vacuumed the bottom cause Ally left a bunch of sand from beach volleyball) Other cool benefit was I dropped 5 lbs during that time. A large group that I’m a part of will do the same reboot fast next week. If you would like to be included on message me. #bodyreset #reboot #fastingforhealth #fastingresults #fastingbenefits #60hrketoreboot #fasting60hours

27 0

Having a relaxing day fishing Remember to social distance everyone! #saltwaterfishing #matagorda #matagordatx

21 0

So are eggs that are different color healthier or tastier? #pastureraisedeggs #coloredeggs #groceryshopping2020 #certifiedhumane

32 2

27 years dating More than half of my life I've been hanging out with Jess... it's been awesome and wonderful. Here we are glacier hiking in Iceland 🇮🇸 Vatnajökull National Park (I believe batman begins and Instersteller were filmed here). *Did you know: A glaciar is a river of ice? And if you are wondering.. yes... we have been celebrating our dating and our wedding anniversary.... (9 years dating shouldn't be forgotten🙂) How did we make it this far? Here are some tips: 1) You must be open to discussion. There will be fights and arguments. Everyone cools off and processes things differently. People need to learn how keep their cool so emotion doesn't block out all reason. (ex: We cool down at different rates. I learned to wait until we were both ready to talk ... not just when I was ready) 2) The relationship evolves over time. One can't assume nothing will change. The only constant is change. Learn to adapt over time and be open to learning new ways to grow with your partner. (ex: I paid more attention to oral hygiene. Just because I can't smell my own stank doesn't mean she can't. ) 3) You aren't perfect. Be open to constructive criticism. Sometimes you need to change to make the situation better. (ex: I gave up fantasy football after being the commissioner for over a decade to spend more time with the wife/kids) 4) Words have meaning. I don't allow certain words in our relationship and neither should you. Very early on it became apparent many people and especially on tv/movies people would joke about "divorcing/breaking up" with the other person as a joke. I never joke about that stuff. That's like saying the devil isn't real. We don't joke about things that can plant seeds of doubt. Hopefully these insights are old hat for you but if not.... make it food for thought. Relationships are long term investments. Spend the time necessary to make them better and in term we can make our world better ;) PS. a big bucket list item is going to Australia. Hopefully we can do that soon. PPS. it will be hard to love your spouse if you don't love yourself... make sure to spend some self care time on you so you can love others. #batmanbegins

34 1

Mortal Koronavirus Kombat Special Edition Credit: la_rage #mortalkombat #koronavirüs #coronakombat #maskforall

87 16

Oh my fingers #duracellbatteries #myfingershurt #oldschooltech

57 6

Gloves on, trash gone Getting our kids morning basketball 🏀 exercise in and it looks like a tornado of trash hit the park. ... and someone actually left their Kyrie basketball shoes. Who leaves shoes in the middle of the court? Probably 50 bottles ... Someone drank welches grape juice? That doesn’t seem like a refreshing drink to play 🏀 with. #trashchallenge #trashtag #trashy #staffordtx #poorparenting


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