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Commercial and portrait photographer | craftsman | thrifter | student of metaphysics | #cincinnati Earrings and textile artist @__luucid__
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.30%. The average number of likes per post is 105 and the average number of comments is 5.

57.14% of the followers that engaged with thegutsandglory regularly are from United States, followed by Brazil at 9.52% and Italy at 6.35%. In summary, the top 5 countries of thegutsandglory's posts engager are coming from United States, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico.

Thegutsandglory loves posting about Design, Hair & Beauty, Fashion.

Check thegutsandglory's audience demography. This analytics report shows thegutsandglory's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 57.14 %
  • Brazil 9.52 %
  • Italy 6.35 %
  • United Kingdom 4.76 %
  • Mexico 3.17 %


98 3

Some more new work for @ittybittytittygoods . . . #cincyphotographer #cincinnatiphotographer #nkyphotographer #orange #sushitime🍣 #cincyartist #cincinnati #cincinnatiart #denverphotographer

109 26

The end of packing, I'm incredibly tired, already missing pals, feeling like I didn't get enough lasts in. It all still hasn't really set in. I'm due to leave earlier now(Monday). But I'll be back end of April to get some photo and friend time in. . . Words do not express the joy in my heart that living in Denver gave to me. I have made so many wonderful friends here that I cherish. That honestly is what hurts the most. .. . But driving/walking through the city today reminded me why I'm ready to leave and move on. This city is growing too fast for me, I absolutely loathe driving here because people aren't the best at it and they arent very nice when they do. And everytime I hop on a train there's always a man to say something rude to me. . . It's funny because as much as I want to follow through with this decision I still question it everyday. It's teaching me that you can feel duality of being sure but uncertain at the same time. It's weird. . . But wish me luck y'all. Onto the next adventure.

94 8

A nice sunlit photo of the back of the rug. Loving the orange more and more as I fill in. . . #cincinnati #cincinnatiartist #cincinnatirug #cincinnatitextileartist #textileart #tuftinggun #rugtufting #rugtufter #rugmaker #cincinnatiart

76 4

Progress. Will post a less crappy photo eventually.

119 9

Hey y'all . Here giving an update. We move from Denver to Cincinnati on March 23rd. Ive still been have abdominal pain but my tests have been coming up negative. So that's a positive. I've been packing/binging I am jazz and 90 day fiance. Also I'm thinking this is going to become an art page. . . Would love to hang with you Cincy peeps. Write a comment or send me a DM if y'all are interested in meeting up or doing a photoshoot. . . Also. Y'all need to jump on these @ftgreenebar beanies. I'm probably going to be getting a cobalt one before my move. . . #cincinnati #cincy #cincygram #cincyartist

104 7

Take a peek at @ittybittytittygoods . . Model . @aalexaanddraa . Styling . @shaylapreeshl . Assist . @nipsyyy1 . . #fuschia #pink #photogram #ittybittytittycommittee #fun #bright #selflove #denver

139 13

New work for @ittybittytittygoods . Models . @katelyn_hansen @aalexaanddraa . Styling @shaylapreeshl . . #tulle #bright #colorful #fun #pink #orange #photooftheday #commercialphotography

135 42

Hey y'all, making this post since we're getting closer to closing. I'm moving back to Cincinnati! We move the third week of March. So nervous but excited for what's to come. What I'll miss most about Denver is all the connections I've made and the most incredible friendships that have come out of our decade here. Y'all really made me feel so grounded and loved. . I'll be doing some clothing sales here in the next couple weeks to help pay for some moving costs so keep your eyes peeled. . . Unfortunately we can't do any going away parties with covid but I'll be doing some small get togethers with some pals over the next month. Let's get our hangs in before I'm out.

115 9

Today's progess

100 7

Progress is being made

124 27

I've been tufting.

114 4

Link in my bio for my interview with @florafaunazine . Photo by @rochaflip Art direction by @carleeah . #denverart #denverartist #clayart #polymerclay #polymerclayartist #earrings #earringsoftheday

46 3

Sample sale is on over at @__luucid__

60 5

Googley a still life

69 1

If you want to change something it is within your power to do so. I know motivation can be hard, I struggled with it for years. Still do. Overcoming certain thoughts in your head can be hard as hell. I found that when I was most able to change is when knowing I could no longer continue to live a certain way. A good example for me, I smoked weed for nearly 15 years of my life solid. Smoking began making me severly anxious. Even though I still wanted to smoke, I stopped. I Tried to adjust my lifestyle to new habits. God all of this sound like stupid self help bull. I get not wanting to change. It's safe. But safe tends to go away when we do certain habits for too long. Like getting high everyday was fun as hell, I would numb out hard. But then smoking immediately started to give me panic attacks Everytime without fail. I had to stop if I wanted my poor little rabbit heart to stop pittering so hard. I needed to stop being so damn paronoid all the time, assuming people were against me. When in reality I was the only one holding myself back. All I'm saying is that you can do whatever you truly set your mind to. You are capable of change. You are worthy of it. . . Zodiac shoot with . Model . @toluwaob . Art direction . @l_e_nor . Photographer . @thegutsandglory . #zodiac #action #denverastrology #astrology #astrologyportraits

145 6

Virgo sun, gemini moon, pisces rising . . Art direction. @l_e_nor . Model . @toluwaob . Grip/assist . @nipsyyy1 . Photo . @thegutsandglory .

77 1

ScorpioxAries @islandbruja the most sweet, intuitive soul. Comes at you with a fierce loving. Fire in their heart and holds the best interest of all. Wants us to celebrate ourselves even the parts of us we don't hold dear. Alondras hugs are otherworldly, giving you peace with in yourself. Give yourself some insight and give her a follow.

63 3

From the cover shoot for @florafaunazine recent release! . Art director . @carleeah . Model . @mariabcronin . Photo by me . #denverphotographer #denverzine #redlight #twilightzone #vintagestyle #red #steel #photooftheday #photogram #nightshoot #wherewillthislead #florafauna

114 20

Over here healing slowly. Been taking a break from Instagram. Taking walks everyday, meditating, doing things that make me happy. Ulcers have made me have to change the way I live my life for the time being. It's made me look at how I handle my stress(not well I might add). Ive had some very shitty things happen consecutively and my body just couldn't handle it. I gotta realize I can't always just keep going without self care. I can't just allow my body to be in a state of constant anxiety. I gotta be in it for the long haul. Y'all take care of yourselves, and breathe consciously.

93 3

Last share preview of the second zodiac shoot until I can get some more edits under my belt. . . @toluwaob earth goddess, lover of beauty and knowledge, shapeshifter and look chameleon. Protector and nurturer. #virgosun #geminimoon #piscesrising #cancermars #libravenus . . Art director/stylist . @l_e_nor . Grip . @nipsyyy1 . Snaps . @thegutsandglory . . #astroportrait #astrophotography #healerswanted #healer #metaphysical #cosmic #astrology

141 11

Zodiac shoot 2! Couldn't think of a better way to send this beautiful soul off to the next part of their journey! Congrats on your next phase @toluwaob . Sun . Virgo Moon. Gemini. Rising . Pisces . . Art direction/stylist . @l_e_nor . Grip . @nipsyyy1 . Snap . @thegutsandglory . . #zodiac #astrology #astro #virgo #gemini #pisces #astroportrait #motherly #loving #protective #chameleon #astroworld

61 1


50 1

Luxe . @toluwaob . @hill_daws . @thegutsandglory . #luxe #luxurious #rich #melanin #gorgeous #portrait #photooftheday #photo #heaven #spirituality #style #nails #turqoise #fit #bejeweled

149 1

Found on @the.goth.chola

35 0

Found on @mia.mingus

55 1

From @breastfeedingcenter

107 0

By @miamartin2

64 3

@florafaunazine has dropped. Have you peeked it yet? . @mariabcronin . @carleeah . @thegutsandglory . #vibrant #colorful #lighting #creepy #discover #discoverunder5k #photooftheday #photography #zine #zineart #photoshoot #discoverportrait

63 0

Rp @itsecogal

65 0

By @soyouwanttotalkabout . I've had a fluid life. I've been shuffled in between lower and middle class a lot of my life. We had good times and we have struggled. But, I've been pulled over several times as a teen and been let go by the police. I've done stupid things I should've been arrested for and haven't been. I've gotten arrested for something stupid and did literally only 3 hours of jail time. That's fucking privilege. I've not had to suffer because the color of my skin. Maybe because of my class, but not my skin color. I've not had to worry about dying when I'm being pulled over. I've not had to worry about dying in custody. We must understand that. That white privilege is one of many things we benefit from in systemic racism. No one is trying to tell you you havent had to suffer. It's just that your skin color hasn't been the cause of your suffering

1,112 15

I found myself in this situation talking to a white male engineer aquaintence on Facebook. I used the phrase "where it may be scientifically right it's emotionally wrong" he laughed at me and said that not even a thing. Look, being a white male who's college educated doesn't make you emotionally intelligent. And being devoid of anything but logic is a privilege. You haven't had to suffer to aquire empathy. Info by

95 1


157 3

Rp from @onemedical

89 7

Realized I never posted this beautiful shot of @toluwaob . @thegutsandglory . @hill_daws

70 4

@islandbruja . . @l_e_nor . @thegutsandglory

72 1

Info from @theslacktivists . . . . . . #timetorise #sundayfunday #gospursgp #puppiesofinstagram #learning #letsgobluejays #canucks #patlafrieda #nba #engineering #lol #crossfit #Milehighbasketball #borntobaseball #bettycrocker #lakeshow #riotfest #togetherwe #trollz #Yacht #Baptists #Officer #Kag2020 #USNavy #msm #Serve #Kag #amazing #family #motivation

214 5

Taking it back to basics with this one. If I hear this word come out your mouth you are getting the lecture. Rp @mengwe . . Pardon the tags below. It's to get the people who need to see this to the post. . #Skol #furryartwork #life #crossfit #mood #griezmann #walmart #chopon #collegestudent #students #raidernation #panerabread #letsgopens #dota #bestie #LABleedsBlue #makeupforever #Pandemic #connecticutmuffin #birthday #Protestants #federalist #republican #maganight #secondamendment #Maga2020 #potus #follow4follow #f4f #swag

57 2


37 0


64 0


40 1

@islandbruja . @thegutsandglory . @l_e_nor

12,303 23

I've noticed that any negative comments being posted on this have only been from white men. Check yourselves. You all obviously need to be doing some internal work . . . . #comfy #butter #highschool #flames #patriots #bollywood #viral #giantspride #letsgopens #arsenewenger #epl #riotfest #JNJ #f150 #dinnerwithfriends #studyabroad #pjs #comeonourboys #flyeaglesfly #dryagedbeef #sorosfundedriots #Soldier #Protestants #Maga #USArmy #trumpsupporters #istandwithtucker #instamood #fashion #me

32 0


73 0

@islandbruja . @thegutsandglory . @l_e_nor

32 3


31 0


45 0

Rp @audkal

70 10

This shoot with @ojudia has always been one of my favorites. . #photographysouls #portrait #agameofportraits #portraits_ig #theportraitpr0ject #discoverportrait

80 0

Rp from @venetialamanna

58 0

Rp from @blaabad

25 6

Credit playamufasa | this is a time for us to literally be putting our money where our mouth is.

76 3

@twentytwodegreesltd . @thegutsandglory . @l_e_nor

38 0

@topochicousa sponsor us? . @islandbruja . @thegutsandglory . @l_e_nor

468 1

23 0

Rp @uncharteddopeness

53 4

@desiredadmired . . @thegutsandglory . @vcardd . @shaylapreeshl . . #denverphotographer #brightphoto #stripes #blue #photographer #ysl

31 0

Rp @kinsalehues

65 0

Rp from @musocore please feel free to add your own search terms in the comments

14 0

Rp @unshelteredphx this applies to Phoenix but you can also follow these guidelines living in other cities


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