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38.7% of's followers are female and 61.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.10%. The average number of likes per post is 62 and the average number of comments is 1. loves posting about Food, Chef.

Check's audience demography. This analytics report shows's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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38.7 %
61.3 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 61.88 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 60.67 %
  • Travel & Tourism 57.96 %
  • Art & Design 53.04 %
  • Sports 48.32 %
  • Business & Careers 48.32 %
  • Entertainment 48.32 %
  • Children & Family 43.23 %
  • Technology & Science 43.00 %
  • Pets 40.87 %
  • How-to & Style 40.71 %
  • Movies and TV 31.61 %


5 0

GHK Flexi Plan 2021 – Drive Now & Pay Next Year! All GHK models: Mitsubishi, Perodua, Jeep and MG are now at 3.75% promotion rate. Purchase now until December 31, 2020 and stand a chance to win lucky draw cash prizes worth $15,000! Visit GHK Motors Beribi showroom or contact them for more details. @mitsubishimotors_brunei Terms and conditions apply. #TheBruneianNews

25 0

ICYMI: For Agus Muslim, CEO of Nextacloud Technologies, one of the factors that moved him to develop the app was his best friend’s thalassemia diagnosis. “He needs to have a consistent blood transfusion and there was one time when the bloodstock was low, he was not able to get his treatment,” he said. “Our aim with the app is to merely connect blood donors to blood donation centres and drives, easing the process of donation which in turn mitigates the shortage of bloodstock,” he added. Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

81 0

REUTERS When Ashgan al-Abhar’s wheelchair-using friend said she dreamed of wearing a dress that did not obstruct her mobility, she decided to launch a clothing brand for people with disabilities and those of short stature. Earlier this year she started “Metfasal Leek” – Arabic for “Tailored for you” – a clothing line that she says is the first of its kind in Egypt. Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

33 1

🔸Bloodkad: the mobile app designed for a cause🔸 The idea behind ‘Bloodkad’, a digital platform streamlining blood donations, came about when four friends brainstormed for a solution to tackle blood donation problems and mitigate blood shortages in the country. It was during the AITI CODE OFF Challenge Hackathon in 2015 that they identified the need to create an ecosystem that connects blood donors and blood donation campaigns. “It is not just about the problem but how to make it (blood donation) more efficient and make more people donate,” said the co-founder and director of Nextacloud Technologies, Hakim Yakob. Full story at our Weekly 111. To read more stories, click on the LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

72 0

Datastream Digital (DST) @dstbn reached another significant milestone with the launch of InnoConnect, a digital highway that enables local developers to share their work and help connect systems that can benefit Bruneians. Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

131 0

Gleneagles JPMC (GJPMC) recently commissioned the new Philips Azurion Bi-plane Angiography System, an advanced multi-disciplinary platform for image-guided therapy that has reduced radiation doses for an improved quality of care. @gleneagles_brunei Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

53 1

REUTERS Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plans to launch its electric Jaguar I-PACE sedan in India early next year, the automaker’s country head told Reuters on Thursday, as governments across the world push for more clean-energy vehicles. The British luxury carmaker owned by India’s Tata Motors also plans to launch plug-in hybrid versions of its vehicles in coming months, including the Land Rover Defender sport-utility vehicle (SUV), JLR India’s Rohit Suri said. Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

87 0

The Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) along with the banks in Brunei signed the AMBD Islamic Bills (AMBD I-Bills), an initiative aimed to support the effective and efficient liquidity for financial institutions across the sultanate.  The introduction of the AMBD I-Bills, according to AMBD Managing Director, represent one of the central bank’s efforts in creating conditions that are conducive to the development of better and more efficient money market instruments in Brunei Darussalam. @autoriti_monetari Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

60 0

The Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC) on Tuesday announced the launch of the Cyber Security Brunei (CSB) website, the national cybersecurity agency formed to ensure a more secure and resilient cyber ecosystem in the country. The MTIC Minister shared that the has been operational since August 1, serving as an agency that monitors and coordinates national efforts in addressing cyber security threats as well as cyber crimes. Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

108 0

REUTERS Thailand has agreed to manufacture and supply AstraZeneca Plc’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine in the southeast Asian country and other nations in the region, the British and Thai governments said on Monday. Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews

93 1

REUTERS Thein Khin, 100, tested positive for COVID-19 and was kept in an isolation centre last month when the virus spread among four generations of her family, but was asymptomatic and said she was more worried about her grandchildren. “I felt nothing. I was eating well, showering myself and walking as normal,” she said at her home in Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, surrounded by small children. “If I suffered from this virus, I would be lying and moaning on the bed. But I am strong, walking around. I felt nothing.” Full story at LINK IN BIO. #TheBruneianNews


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