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🔹99% coffee, 1% genius. 💯% #traveller 🌍 📍Gibraltar 🇬🇮 🔹🧡 #BodyPositive Creator 💜 🔹read my latest post here 👀 👇🏼
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63.5% of the_flyaway_girl's followers are female and 36.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 777 and the average number of comments is 60.

The_flyaway_girl loves posting about Travel, Photography, Adventure.

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63.5 %
36.5 %


  • Travel & Tourism 95.10 %
  • Photography 82.45 %
  • How-to & Style 81.04 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 66.66 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 47.99 %
  • Technology & Science 41.03 %
  • Art & Design 37.33 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.91 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 31.90 %
  • Luxury Goods 30.97 %
  • Sports 30.78 %
  • Business & Careers 30.37 %
  • Entertainment 30.15 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 30.05 %


480 65

Wales has announced a ‘firebreak’ lockdown for two weeks to strengthen their test and trace system and to try and stem the number of cases. Manchester is going into Tier 3 - the highest tier of the UK’s system - as cases have been increasing massively. As of tomorrow, Gibraltar will have new regulations (although we don’t yet know what they will be). We have reached more than 100 active cases for the first time during this pandemic. ✨ Yes, our increase in cases can be considered to be linked to the increase in testing. However, that isn’t the only reason. More than 700 people are in self-isolation here and 5 people are currently in hospital with COVID-19, with one person in the COVID-19 ICU ward. Our total case number is over 500 now, which is around 1.5% of the population (probably lower than the actual number since not everyone has symptoms or got tested, especially before testing capabilities were improved). ✨ I have been pretty impressed with Gibraltar so far in terms of the reaction to the pandemic. Most people put up with the restrictions, wear masks when they’re supposed to and so on. You get a few in the Facebook groups claiming it’s all a hoax and that masks make things worse (bullsh**) but the majority of people do follow the rules and are sensible. ✨ It’s a struggle to see case numbers rising and yet still see quite a few people go out in big groups, as well as certain places where people go out drinking and socialising not having sufficient social distance measures. The government has been cracking down on this, and hopefully fines are actually given out to the people that deserve them! ✨ However, overall I feel safe here, as much as one can feel safe in current situation. Our hospital is not at capacity and most people are being sensible and responsible. We shall see what tomorrow’s press conference brings 🙏🏼 just please, let Costa stay open? 🤪🤪🤪 What did you miss most during lockdown? What would you miss most if/when your city has another lockdown? Does it seem likely where you are? ✨ 📸 @robert.blackburn from a trip to Los Caños de Meca a few months ago 😍 ✨ #TFGinAndalucia #TFGinSpain #loscañosdemeca #cañosdemeca #andalucia_photos #costadelaluz

821 93

Should we be travelling internationally right now? How can we travel safely and responsibly? Should we call out influencers who promote irresponsible travel and putting themselves and others at risk? ✨ I asked this on stories recently and got some incredibly interesting responses. A travel influencer had shared stories about being refused at a border for not having a recent COVID-19 test and was complaining about it being expensive, all while not wearing a mask. @wandering.jules had shared a story about it which I then reshared, and it was incredibly interesting to see what you thought about the situation and whether influencers should be held responsible for their travel that can then influence others to do the same. ✨ Responses ranged from ‘don’t travel at all’, to ‘only if you’ve had a negative test before travelling’ and ‘as long as you take precautions, isolate and only go to one destination then it’s ok’. ✨ Personally, I think it’s incredibly irresponsible for travel bloggers/influencers to continue to travel as if nothing has changed. To constantly be on the go, travelling through multiple countries and rarely wearing a mask is simply not okay right now. Yes, tourism is important and many countries are suffering from the effects of a lack of tourists, but staying in your local region and exploring there (safely and responsibly, wearing a mask etc) should be the way to travel right now. So, so many people have made incredible sacrifices during this pandemic. So many people have died or lost a loved one. It’s not that hard to limit your travel and to stay put for a while. Yes, we miss travel. But I’d prefer to miss travelling than my recklessness cause any of my friends or family to get sick, or anyone else’s loved ones. This is especially the case when travelling in countries with healthcare systems that aren’t as extensive as the ones in say, the U.K. or Germany. Many people have to travel incredible distances for healthcare or can’t afford it at all. If they get this virus, they might not be able to access any healthcare to overcome it. ✨ We shouldn’t be contributing to that. We need to be responsible. What is your opinion? ✨ #TFGinAndalucia #TFGinSpain

754 52

Happy birthday to the most amazing man 😍 I’m so glad I get to celebrate today with you, and that we can actually go out and celebrate 🎉 it’s been a tough year (and definitely a trial by fire on our relationship 😂) but we made it 💪🏼 I wouldn’t have wanted to be stuck in lockdown with anyone else 🤪 ✨ After only been together for four months, I ended up getting ‘stuck’ in Gibraltar due to the lockdown. I could have gone home to the UK, but if I’d done that I wouldn’t have been able to come back since I don’t have residency in Gibraltar (now working on that 😁). And we didn’t know how long that would last! The two of us (and the cat) somehow survived lockdown in a single room apartment without going insane 😎 ✨ This shot is from we stayed in Marbella with my parents, just a few weeks before the lockdown occurred. The novel coronavirus was known about and we were aware that Andalucía had some cases - I think Marbella had 3 confirmed by that point - but everything was still ‘life as normal’. Who would have thought that I’d then not see my parents for seven months 😱 since then, we have also moved into a new (much bigger 😍) apartment together and are fostering a kitten (hopefully adopting her soon! 🥰). It’s been a crazy 2020 but I wouldn’t have wanted to make my way through this world on fire with anyone else 😘🤪 ✨ Happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend ever 😎 and here’s to many, many celebrations in our future 🥂 HBD @robert.blackburn 😘 ✨ #TFGinAndalucia #TFGinSpain #coupletravels #marbellaspain #puertobanus #coupletravelgoals

714 39

One place I’d never visited before in Barcelona was Montjuïc (pronounced “mont-joo-ik”). If you’re staying in Sants-Montjuïc, like we were for getting the train from Barcelona Sants - it’s a perfect place to visit! ✨ Montjuïc Castle, or Castell de Montjuïc in Catalan, is a military fortress dating back to the mid 17th century. The current structure was built in 1779-1799, though. ✨ This area would have been the moat, but is now dry and planted as a beautiful parterre 😍 you can reach the castle by taking the cable car 🚡 which offers some really spectacular views over Barcelona! 🇪🇸 Un lugar que nunca había visitado antes en Barcelona era Montjuïc. Si te alojas en Sants-Montjuïc, como lo hicimos nosotros para coger el tren de Barcelona Sants, ¡es un lugar perfecto para visitar! ✨ El Castillo de Montjuïc, o Castell de Montjuïc en catalán, es una fortaleza militar que data de mediados del siglo XVII. Sin embargo, la estructura actual fue construida en 1779-1799. ✨ Esta área habría sido el foso, pero ahora está seca y plantada como un hermoso parterre 😍 puedes llegar al castillo tomando el teleférico 🚡 que ofrece unas vistas realmente espectaculares de Barcelona. ✨ Have you visited Barcelona before? ¿Has visitado Barcelona antes? ✨ #TFGinBarcelona #TFGinSpain #barcelona🇪🇸 #montjuic #montjuïc

686 23

One of my new favourite cafes in Estepona 😍 ESPAÑOL ABAJO ⬇️ Flores y Café’ aka flowers and coffee has to be the best combination for a cafe 😁 ✨ SAVE this post for my favourite places for coffee in Estepona 🇪🇸☕️ - Primula: Flores y Café - Etcetera - Honoré - Cafe de Theresa @cafedetheresa - Granier Panadería y Pastelería @pansgranier - Tolone Bar @tolonebar (also you have to try their chai 😋) ✨ This week, I’ve promised myself that I will try and post every single day. I’ve been so frustrated by my reach being so low and my followers never seeing my content but my current goal is to post every single day - 6:30pm CET (time in Spain/Germany etc) so check my feed around that time 😉 - and hopefully reignite the enjoyment that this platform used to give me. I’m also planning on sharing more home and lifestyle content as we work on our new flat, as well as my parents’ new flat in Estepona 😍 exciting times! ✨ How was your weekend? Have you been exploring your local area more recently? 😍 - 🇪🇸 ¡Hola amig@s! Hoy tengo mis cafés favoritos en Estepona para ti 😎 para la próxima semana, publicaré en Instagram cada día (a las 18:30 CET) y intentaré escribir en español tanto como inglés! - Mis lugares favoritos para tomar un café ☕️ en Estepona son: • Prímula Flores y Café • Etcétera Café Bar • Honoré Pastelería • Granier Panadería • Bar Tolone • Café de Theresa - Flores 💐 y café ☕️ son una combinación perfecta 😁 este café es muy precioso y es perfecto por desayunar o almorzar! Mi comida favorita es el croissant con jamón York y queso 😋 - Ojalá es mi español no TAN malo 😝 soy todavía un principiante y necesito aprender y practicar más 😁 cuando cometo errores, por favor corrígeme si tú quieres 🙊 - ¿Cómo estuvo tu fin de semana? ¿Exploraste tu área local? ✨ #TFGinAndalucia #TFGinSpain #estepona #lugareslindos #lugaresmagicos #españaviva #storefrontcollective

786 62

Probably my favourite brunch spot in Barcelona 😍 @the.egglab is the perfect spot for eggs Benedict (plus eggs in any other way you can imagine 😁). Sadly I didn’t get any photos of me WITH the food 🍳 but I did take some of the brunch and I’ll share it on my story 😋 this was taken after I was super full of brunchy goodness and washing it down with a delicious coffee 😁 ✨ Also, BIG NEWS! Not only have Rob and I moved into our new (2-bedroom!) flat in Gibraltar 🇬🇮 but my parents are now renting a flat in Estepona! Since my mum can’t fly for another month due to her accident, I’m currently in Estepona with @theflyawaydad (coincidentally also the photographer for this shot), helping move things in and getting the flat ready 😎 it’s been really fun getting to sort out home items for TWO flats 😝 I’m officially obsessed with interior decor accounts right now 😂 ✨ What have you been up to lately? Did you have a good weekend? 😍 ✨ 📍 The Egg Lab, Barcelona 📸 @theflyawaydad ✨ #TFGinBarcelona #TFGinSpain #bcnfood #bcngourmet #bcnfoodies #bcncollective

972 59

Where have you been travelling lately? 🚌 Have you travelled at all? ✨ When this pandemic began, there was a lot of “I want to go to XYZ when this is all over”. Unfortunately, it looks like ‘this’ won’t be ‘over’ for a pretty long time. Instead, I’ve started looking at it as ‘where can I go now that is safe and responsible’ and ‘where can I visit nearby’. Staycation is the new vacation! ✨ Earlier this month, @robert.blackburn and I went on a trip up to Málaga for the weekend as I had to fly to Barcelona to meet my parents and help them with my luggage, since my mum wasn’t allowed to lift anything thanks to her broken ribs. (Also, flying for the first time in 7 months was WEIRD... and oddly nostalgic?!) ✨ I usually only go up to Málaga to a) fly somewhere else, b) get the train somewhere else, c) go to IKEA 👀 I went the first time about four years ago and loved the city, but I’ve not really been a ‘tourist’ there ever since (as in doing touristy things, like seeing the sights). ✨ This time, Rob and I decided we needed to see a few places we hadn’t yet been to 😍 one place that was on my list was the AC Hotel Málaga Palacio rooftop bar - I’m a HUGE fan of rooftop bars, especially when they have this gorgeous a view 😍 seriously, some of my favourite places in cities are from rooftop cafes and bars! ✨ I highly recommend visiting the rooftop bar at @achotelmalagapalacio for a drink while you’re in the city! Make sure to bring your camera though - I totally forgot mine and I was kicking myself 😂 so iPhone photos it is! ✨ We also had the chance to enjoy drinks with a view with the lovely @swedishnomad and @christineabroad - it felt almost like things were a little more normal, being able to go for drinks! ✨ Where have you been to an amazing rooftop bar? Any favourites? 😍 ✨ #TFGinSpain #malagaspain #rooftopviews #málaga

808 62

POSED vs CANDID - swipe to see! Which one is your favourite? 😁 ✨ A few weeks ago we went on a road trip with friends from my Spanish class - we went to Los Caños de Meca and Zahara de los Atunes, two great spots to visit on the Costa de la Luz. ✨ SAVE this post for road trip inspiration! Our favourite spots to include in a road trip on the Costa de la Luz - the coast stretching from Tarifa up to Huelva - are: • Conil de la Frontera • Los Caños de Meca • Tarifa • Vejer de la Frontera (in the mountains) Other destinations that are on OUR bucket list for this coast are: • Cádiz • Jerez de la Frontera • Chiclana de la Frontera • Bolonia ✨ This stretch of coast is much more underrated than on the other side of Andalucía, the more tourist Costa del Sol. I love that area as well - especially Estepona and Málaga - but the Costa de la Luz has a much more ‘local’ feel, with the majority of tourists generally being from elsewhere in Spain. ✨ While a lot of people can’t travel right now (especially to Spain since you have to quarantine on your return), you can definitely still bookmark spots for the future 😍 so many cities, regions and countries rely on tourism for a significant amount of income and the financial hit over the past months has been MASSIVE. However, even though second waves are hitting places around the world, we know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere and eventually travel will be possible again - maybe not entirely like it was before but it will be possible 🙏🏼 ✨ Also in other news, you’ll be seeing more home content from me now that we have moved into a gorgeous two bedroom flat here in Gibraltar 😍 I can’t wait to properly get round to decorating and making it truly ours 🥰 ✨ What’s new for you? Have you been able to travel internationally or are you mostly staying in your local area? Are you back to work or school? Let me know! ✨ #TFGinAndalucia #TFGinSpain #curvygirlsrock #everybodyisabeachbody #plussizetravel #andaluciaviva

892 83

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BELARUS. 🇧🇾 I have barely seen any coverage of what is going on in #Belarus in the mainstream media currently. I see news about Brexit, coronavirus, the US elections etc but very little coverage of what is going on in Belarus: dictatorship, election fraud, protest, police brutality, torture. 🇧🇾 Firstly, what IS going on in Belarus? Let me know in the comments if you already know about the current situation 💭 Belarus held an election on the 9th August 2020. This is nothing particularly new, since Belarus does indeed hold ‘elections’ every five years. Why do I write elections in quotation marks? Well, they’re far from democratic or fair. - Belarus’ president, Alexander Lukashenko, has been in power since 1994. He has been president longer than I have been ALIVE. He has been re-elected in every single election since 1994. Opposition leaders are often pressured or even detained by the government. This is what happened this year. - The two main opposition leaders, Viktar Babaryka and Siarhei Tsikhanouski, were detained (over likely false charges) and therefore were unable to continue standing in the election. However, the wife of Tsikhanouski, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, announced her intention to run in his place after her husband was arrested. She was harassed by the police throughout the campaign and she actually went into hiding for a period of time leading up to the election. - The election happened. Tsikhanouskaya had incredible support for her election bid with major rallies happening in support for her. However, the official results came out (there are no independent exit polls allowed) saying that Lukashenko had won with ❗️more than 80% ❗️of the vote. - Immediately, allegations of election fraud were made. People had video captured of poll station workers leaving the polling station OUT OF A WINDOW AND DOWN A LADDER carrying bags, assumed to be full of votes for the opposition. - Since then, Tsikhanouskaya fled to Lithuania and, from statements she has made, it seems that the government made threats against her children. - Belarus has had major protests for the past few months... [CONTINUED IN COMMENTS - TW violence, sexual assault]

1,148 112

Life update alert 🚨😝 first things first, I will finally get to see my parents next week for the first time since early March 😱😱 they are coming to stay in Spain for two weeks and visiting us in Gibraltar for a few days as well 😃 ✨ Secondly, the big news 😍 (no, I’m not engaged or pregnant 🤣) We are moving into a new flat here in Gibraltar in only two weeks! Everything is finalised and we will be moving in to our first flat together 😍 obviously I have already been living in Gibraltar with Rob 😁 but this will be one we are moving into together, rather than me just gatecrashing for a hugely extended period in Rob’s studio flat 😝 ✨ I’m so excited for this new flat - it has two bedrooms, one of which we are planning to convert into a home office and gaming room 😃 I’ve been extensively browsing IKEA and local furniture stores’ websites recently and definitely have some plans already 😃 ✨ I’ll be sharing the process of moving in to our new flat, plus showing you how we want to decorate and so on 😍 only two more weeks of studio flat to go and then SPACE 🤣 ✨ PS: this photo is from stunning Vejer de la Frontera, easily one of my favourite places to visit in Andalucía 🥰 📸 @robert.blackburn ✨ #TFGinAndalucia #andaluciaviva #vejerdelafrontera #andalucia_photos #spaintravel

853 60

A few weeks ago we did a mini road trip up to Conil de la Frontera and stopped at the Calas de Roche, or coves of Roche. The beach was absolutely gorgeous and I definitely want to go back and visit more of the beaches around there 😎 keep reading to find out why it’s called Conil de la Frontera 😝⬇️⬇️ ✨ A perfect Costa de la Luz road trip includes Conil de la Frontera, Vejer de la Frontera, Los Caños de Meca, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa. Other destinations that I haven’t yet made it to include Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera and Chiclana de la Frontera 😁 ✨ You also might have noticed that a lot of places end in ‘de la Frontera’ - it’s a pretty common place name in this region! Frontera means ‘frontier’ (border) but we aren’t exactly near any borders here 🧐 the closest border is with Portugal... a full 240+km away. So, how come so many places are named ‘X of the frontier’? Well, it’s not because Spanish cartographers were a bit drunk when naming them, but rather because this WAS a border region a few centuries ago. If we return to the times of the Moors and the Kingdom of Granada, this was indeed the frontier between the Christian Spaniards and the Arab Moors (Moorish Moors?). In the 15th century, these border towns were located right between the Christian and Moorish territories and on the edge of a No Man’s Land (Terra Nullius). It can’t have been the most relaxing place to live at the time 😳😳 essentially, this area was the border (or frontier) between the Christian and Islamic kingdoms for more than two centuries. So if you see places on a map in Andalucía called ‘X de la Frontera’ - now you know why! ✨ Do you know anywhere in other countries with interesting names only explained by looking back at history? Did you know about the ‘de la Frontera’ meaning before? ✨ #TFGinAndalycia #igersandalucia #andalucia_monumental #andalucia_photos #conildelafrontera


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