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🇧🇧 🩰Dancer 💪🏾NASM Personal Trainer🏋🏾‍♀️~ LIU-BK Alum 👩🏾‍🎓Athletic Training Student💪🏾 Pilates Instructor @jaemckinzie_fitness. Reiki Level 1&2

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.90%. The average number of likes per post is 67 and the average number of comments is 3.

57.41% of the followers that engaged with the_evolution_of_jae regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 11.11% and Uruguay at 7.41%. In summary, the top 4 countries of the_evolution_of_jae's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Ghana.

The_evolution_of_jae loves posting about Fashion, Art, Celebrities, Film, Music & Books.

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  • United States 57.41 %
  • United Kingdom 11.11 %
  • Uruguay 7.41 %
  • Ghana 1.85 %


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My little sister Madison holds a special place in my heart. She keeps me on my toes and I love how much she loves her body at such a young age. She reminds me of myself. The youth are the future and it’s so exciting when you can see someone’s potential right in front of you. As a dancer & trainer I pride myself in being able to offer the best to my clients. I want people to move better and if I can inspire 1 dancer a day and educate them on the importance of training their body the healthy way.... Then I’ve served my purpose and done my job. I’m so excited to introduce a Dancer Based Training program in 2021 where you’ll get 1:1 attention FMS Assessments Dance based assessments Strength & Flexibility Training Pilates Programming specifically tailored for your body AND So much more!!! Stay tuned for more details to come.

133 14

during some of the wildest times I’ve always returned home. 🥀 Recently, I’ve began delving into my own creative practice. It’s such an interesting journey and I’m excited to create again. Stay tuned... 🎞 🎥

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🩰 As a Dancer and Certified Personal Trainer specializing in working with dancers.I think it’s important to know why you need Cross Training? and the importance of adding cross training in to your repertoire of things to keep your body strong and healthy. 🩰Many dancers are afraid that they will bulk up due to strength training but that’s not exactly so! The ratio of weight to the number of repetitions will alleviate that concern. 🩰Our bodies need cross training to support the physical demands of dance. Almost every other athlete whether a basketball player or runner cross trains to support athletic performance. 🩰Dancers should be doing the same! 🩰Dancers need strength, agility, and endurance to get through some of the choreographic demands being asked of them. 💪🏾I’m not talking about swipe workouts, im talking about training specifically for YOUR body. 💪🏾Resistance training whether with Thera Bands or Weights will not only help build strength but, also help with injury prevention. You’ll also feel pretty bad ass! 💪🏾Not only will the benefits gradually change your body in a beautiful way but the concepts learned will also flow into your dancing. You’ll notice that you may be able to hold a sustained pose longer or you notice your petit allegro is better. 🩰Proper coaching and guidance can not only foster artistic growth but transform how you approach movement in your every day life whether on stage, in studio, or at the gym. 💪🏾 i am a Pilates instructor who believes in the method. I can say, utilizing both Pilates & Cross training changed my body drastically. I’ve seen how, with proper coaching and training clients noticed a difference in there dancing and could trust their body. 💪🏾I will always go back to the foundation. Functional Movement and Strength training will always be important. Dance specific classes are great, they do help with turnout and focus specifically on what the dancer needs BUT strength training is just as important. 🩰You need to train instead of working out and I guarantee you that’s when you’ll begin to see the results !

72 2

It’s something about those yellow 🍁 📸 by @jnaeelizabeth #autumnvibes🍁 #autumn #fallinnyc🍁 #mamaearth

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Open Leg Rocker is one of my absolute favorites in the Intermediate Series. You actually use your Abdominal Muscles as your Engine and your Breaks. That’s also my favorite cue. 😉 It forces you to actively engage each layer of the abdominal wall all the while finding control AND balance at the end. I remember when I first tried it, and I laughed and thought OMG THIS IS INSANE! 🤣 SO HARD, SO CHALLENGING, yet SO rewarding. Come try it with me! Stay tuned for more Pilates Classes and Tips. Have you taken a Pilates Class Yet? What’s your favorite exercise?

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How’s your Body feeling Today? That’s the first question I ask any client I’m working with. It’s actually one of the first questions I ask myself the moment I roll out of bed. 🛏 Do you Check in? I mean really Check in with your body before lifting or any movement practice? Do you set Intentions with your body? I tend to talk about the body as if it’s a separate entity. It’s your vessel, a lot of times we get so caught up in what we want to do that we forget that our body has a say as well. We don’t always listen to the signals our body sends us and that’s when Injury happens. As a Dancer, my body is my instrument and tool that I use to express myself and do what I love todo. I’ve got one body, unlike a cellist or painter they can purchase there instrument over and over again. This made me hone in even more on the importance of training properly and taking care of my body even more than the average person. My question to you today is how are you caring for your body today??

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I started out training people two years ago as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Lucky for me, I was able to receive my Certification while in College. Not only did I take classes that helped prepare me but I had to implement everything I learned in lecture in practical sessions in the Gym. Learning how to lift properly and focusing on verbal cuing so I didn’t have to necessarily pick up a weight to guide someone through a specific exercise. Developing the eye, while people watching to assess and find imbalances. Developing Case Studies for dancers and developing a specialized program for that specific clients body. That Program made me the trainer I am today. I believe it separates me from many. I focus on functionality and building my client up from the ground up. Pilates is a sub speciality for me and I love it because it’s changed not only my body but I’ve rehabilitated so many injuries in pilates. It’s a challenging workout but your body responds differently then it would after a HIIT class. The combination of Pilates & Strength Training is the perfect relationship to build a client up. There’s an emphasis on alignment, precision, flow, concentration all the things you need when strength training. I believe in being more then 1 dimensional, working in more than one plane of motion, and more importantly developing new Neurological pathways. If interested come train with me! 💪🏾

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I’ve got one Question Did you Sweat Today? Did you Move your Body? Find 15 minutes out of your day to dedicate to your body. Follow my Fitness Page for Personal Training & Wellness Tips and Group Virtual Classes Teaching tomorrow at 2PM Pilates Mat @jaemckinzie_fitness


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