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Runner. Climber. Adventurer. With @salomon and @clifbar I support climate justice and public land preservation with @protectourwinters
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20.5% of thatdakotajones's followers are female and 79.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 631 and the average number of comments is 22.

Thatdakotajones loves posting about Mountain, Adventure, Bikes.

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20.5 %
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  • Travel & Tourism 87.29 %
  • Sports 77.20 %
  • Photography 43.96 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 41.55 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 40.74 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 40.27 %
  • Business & Careers 39.62 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.12 %
  • Art & Design 32.75 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.55 %
  • Music 31.87 %


498 7

It's about time to start training again. I think I'd like to run @hardrock100run next year, but the chances of getting in are slim. So maybe I should try to race my way into @wser ? I won a spot at Western twice before, but my schedule didn't allow me to race it. Then I tried to win a spot in 2019 - twice - and failed both times. Should I give it another shot, or try for some other events? . I have lots of ideas. There's so much fun stuff to do! Of course, Covid might still derail everything, but having a goal is still worthwhile. Furthermore, the environmental impacts of my travels and adventures are a constant consideration. How do you decide which goals to pursue and how to fit them in with your values?

509 7

This is the most important thing I'll do all year. There is nothing more important than being part of the democratic process. I urge you to vote as soon as you can, then make sure your vote is counted. Regardless of who you vote for, please make sure the country's choices are accurately represented. . No matter who wins, I commit to spending the next four years (and many more after) fighting for just action on climate change. There is no time to waste, the future is at stake. But still, no action I take will have more consequence than putting this one envelope in the mail. Please vote. Make your voice heard. . And if you're curious about how to vote for the climate, @pow_action_fund has a Voter Guidebook giving details on which candidates are best. Check out the link in my bio. . @protectourwinters #outdoorstate

184 3

Tomorrow night I'll be joining @williamsformontana and @conrad_anker to talk about Montana issues like public lands, energy infratructure, cool outdoor adventures, and more! @mikefootemt and @outsidehilary will be there too. Anyone can - and should! - join, but you gotta register first. Link in my bio to register. See you there!

272 15

This is why I run for @clifbar - or, this would be enough of a reason on its own. They're making a massive effort to reduce the waste involved in their product and to cause collateral good things to happen along the way. 100% of their packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025! This is huge! . In addition, they support organizations like @protectourwinters , provide relief to areas impacted by extreme weather events with their Second Responder Fund, and pay each of their (hundreds of) employees to volunteer for several days each year supporting their communities. They also make good bars, blocks, gels, granola, drink mixes, and more! . Thank you, Clif Bar, for leading the way again! I'm proud to partner with you for ten years this fall!

686 7

@jasnduck used to race bikes in Europe. So yesterday when he called me and said, "hey Dakota, wanna go mountain bike 55 miles and 6800ft of climbing with me?" I told him, "Jason, I am an endurance athlete with over a decade of experience training and racing. Since the most biking I did this summer was to the grocery store, my answer is...yes, of course I would like to do that with you." . I'll be spending tomorrow on the couch. But it was soooooo worth it. #fall #spooky #theleavestheyareachanging @clifbar @skratchlabs @salomon_australia

670 50

In 2006 my dad printed bumper stickers that said "I support President Bush 100%" He put them all over and proudly engaged in heated conversations with anyone who disagreed. I was a teenager and couldn't care less about politics. But my dad had a huge influence on me and many of his conservative values are still important to me. . This may seem at odds with what I often post. I hate that climate action has to be a choice between Democrat or Republican. This is an issue that transcends all party politics and should be acted on immediately for the good of everyone. But it has been politicized and I feel forced into a box of "Democrat" that I don't feel wholly comfortable with. Nevertheless, taking climate action in 2020 means voting for Biden and Harris. . What sucks the most is that the current Republican party is not true to Republican values. The powers-that-be in the GOP have opted to support a demagogue instead of maintaining their morals, with the result that Donald Trump has skewed party politics toward racism, sexism, ignorance, and fear-mongering. This is not the party my dad supported. It's not the party that respectable Republicans like John McCain wanted. The Republican party doesn't have to be Trumpism, but that's what it is today. This is not, of course, to say that the Democratic party is free of scandal. . There's hope, though. Former Republican congressman Carlos Curbelo started the Congressional Climate Caucus and Mitt Romney voted to impeach Trump. I hope that if we can vote Trump out this fall, politics might return to a more beneficial back-and-forth between the two parties. . I come from a place of great privilege. I won't be guilty for that. Instead, I'll try to pass this privilege and my opportunities to others. Voting for Biden-Harris means voting for the climate, for women, for people of color, for common human decency. I wouldn't have chosen Biden but he's what we have and he (with Kamala Harris' serious help) can help lead us into a better future. Please vote this fall, and please vote for Biden-Harris. I think even my dad would have done that too. #outdoorstate @protectourwinters

836 23

If you're injured, take heart. Due to injuries, I missed 6 months of running in 2019, 6 months in 2017, 3 months in 2016, and basically the entire 2015 season. Earlier this year, as I built up slowly to running, I had to stop multiple times and go into bike-mode to protect joints and tendons. Everyone's injuries and paths are different, but YOU CAN come back from this. Be patient, be strong, be as positive as you can as often as possible. . I ran the IMTUF 100 pain-free last weekend. I felt consistent and strong and capable. It was the best I've felt physically in years. Many times in the past, in the depth of injuries, I seriously questioned whether or not I'd ever run well again. My whole outlook changed over time, so that "running well" now means healthy and consistently more than quickly. But I kept trying, kept stretching, doing strength, riding the bike, trusting my body to recover. And it did. . Injuries are brutal, but you can do this. You'll run well again too someday, whatever that means for you. Stay strong.

1,256 55

Running 100 miles is a very strange and difficult thing to do. But we are probably strange and difficult people, aren't we? I recently watched the show The Good Place (which is awesome) and while running last weekend I thought for a long time about what heaven would look like for me. I decided I'd like to be outside a lot/most of the time, I'd like to have close friends and family, I'd like to have enough solitude, I'd want lots of uncertainty and struggle and maybe even occasional fear to overcome, because the overcoming is where true happiness often is (for me), and I'd want big distances to explore and deep mysteries to wonder about and well-told stories to help me understand my place. And most of all, it couldn't really be eternal, because the looming reality of death gives a lot of life its meaning. After a long time pondering this I realized that I would just want heaven to look exactly like what my life is right now. I'm already here. So that's pretty cool. When I started to fall apart about mile 65 and wondered if this was the place where (as happened in all my previous 100s) I would start a continual downward spiral into physical misery, I had to accept that this was exactly the kind of struggle and uncertainty I just used to define my own heaven. It's the good kind, the voluntary kind. I'm not worried about paying rent or feeding my children or watching my home burn. I signed up to do a very strange and difficult thing because...I could, I guess. An hour or two (and lots of food) later, as I climbed into the night with @richardalexlockwood I realized I felt a lot better. More than that - I was happy. I was (am) so young and strong and motivated and it's fucking awesome. I'm so grateful. Rich dropped me on the descent but I lucked out and managed to catch him on the last climb and just barely hold him off to the finish. I took second in 21:12, and Rich was maybe ten minutes back. Most impressively, @jasonschlarb ran A WHOLE HOUR faster than us. I don't know how he did it, but it was a hell of an effort and he deserves a lot of credit. So thankful for these opportunities and for the amazing event they held at IMTUF. It's the perfect race. Go run it!

2,171 95

I'm 29 years old. I have attempted six 100-mile races and finished three. My first 100 was ten years ago, when I ran the Bear 100 in Utah and only finished because @mexifast talked philosophy to me all night. My friend @iandbuck was my crew and we slept in my truck at the start line. I was 19 years old and just going for it to see what would happen. Since then I've been given unbelievable opportunities to travel the world for this sport and I'm happy to say that my progression has, 10 years on, led me back to where I started. I'm sleeping in the same truck at the start line tonight. This sport has taught me that I am not important, and that I can find immense satisfaction in continually gaining perspective on my insignificance through long efforts in big and wild places. I'm going to run 100 miles tomorrow at IMTUF 100 and I have no idea how it's going to go and I can't wait to try. See you out there! @salomonrunning @clifbar

676 21

Our common ground is the land beneath our feet. This is my country and it's yours and our future depends on the choices we make right now. Not everyone agrees on politics but we can agree that the outdoors are where we are best, and the American landscape is what makes our country unique. It has been a difficult year for many reasons, and there are many challenges ahead. But if we choose Biden this November, we'll be prepared to address those challenges. . While all the noise and confusion swirls, I try to remember that this is a country that allows for improvement and growth. There are shameful parts of our history, but I am a good person and so are you. We will learn from the past to create a better future. . The #outdoorstate is much stronger than any so-called battleground state. We are 50 million strong, north to south and coast to coast. We will remove ignorance and fear. We will reinstate science and compassion. Make a plan to vote with @protectourwinters and they'll give you all the info you need on your state's rules. They'll even send you a free ballot, with postage to mail it in when you're ready. . I took this photo on American soil, that is still home to the Apsáalooke and Siksikaitsitapi. . #commonground #makeadamnplan

717 25

One of my main reference points for running fitness is how quickly I recover from workouts. Under a reasonable training load, I should get more tired with more training but still be able to push until the end of the training period, usually 3-ish weeks. On Saturday morning I woke up in a sleeping bag in the dirt and got up to find that 40 miles with a pack the previous day hadn't had a noticeable effect on my energy. I felt ready for 40 more! . This felt positive because I'm planning to run the IMTUF 100-mile in Idaho on Sept. 12. It'll be my first race since April 2019 and my first attempt at this distance in 6 years. I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited. This summer has re-inspired my simple delight in long days running through big mountains, and my lack of s regimented training schedule has made me probably less fast but more happy. And since I'm not really trying to go fast at this race (I just want the practice and the challenge), being happy is more important than any amount of training. . I still like training hard, though. Maybe next year I'll do some fast racing again. Any suggestions? . @salomonrunning @clifbar


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