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“Ride your life with a slice of glamour” 🐴 #EquestrianLifestyle #MadeInItaly 🛍 #TacchiacavalloFoulard #Amazon ✉️

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.90%. The average number of likes per post is 98 and the average number of comments is 12.

25.6% of the followers that engaged with tacchiacavallo regularly are from Italy, followed by United States at 10.4% and Australia at 7.2%. In summary, the top 5 countries of tacchiacavallo's posts engager are coming from Italy, United States, Australia, France, Canada.

Tacchiacavallo loves posting about Celebrities.

Check tacchiacavallo's audience demography. This analytics report shows tacchiacavallo's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Italy 25.6 %
  • United States 10.4 %
  • Australia 7.2 %
  • France 6.4 %
  • Canada 5.6 %


74 1

Mane care, don’t care. • The ironic lenses of @graymalin celebrates the beauty of #IcelandicHorses’ long flowing manes. • Working with a local hairstylist and trained horse farmer in Southwestern Iceland, Gray created a whimsical series of portraits of the native horses captured with an unexpected #EquestrianHairstyle. • From the braided beauty to the mane attraction, “each horse was styled in distinctive hairstyles that allowed each animal their own unique personality” said the photographer in his behind the scene. • I say we all need a bit of horsey fun in our daily life, especially on Friday :) • Enjoy the weekend #HorseLovers! #HorsePortrait #GrayMalin #HorseMane #EquestrianInspiration

90 7

Riding to victory. Like a diva! • Congratulations to @jessicaspringsteen for winning the first #LGCTGrandPrix of her equestrian career, in the Saint-Tropez leg of the #LonginesGlobalChampionsTour. A big success and award for all of her team, gained by over a second against the competition. Well done. I am sure it’s just the first of many others to come. • I am super happy for her. We now have another #horsewoman qualified for this season's final #LGCTSuperGrandPrix in Prague 💪🏻✌🏻Swipe left to see her interview and the first celebration from her team after the victory. Very funny. Very horsewoman :) • #JessicaSpringsteen #EquestrianWomen #EquestrianWomenRock #WomenPower #LGCTStTropez #LGCT2019

77 3

Equestrian-inspired watches + horse-printed dresses • My memory this weekend went to the #LonginesGlobalChampionsTour of Rome, my hometown leg of the circuit. Last year I wore my favorite #LonginesWatch from the #LonginesEquestrianCollection and an amazing dress designed by @atticandbarn_official, covered by horses in full swing, in a riot of colours and contrasts. I loved so much their winter collection that I wore also another dress, always inspired by the most famous British #EquestrianStyle (swipe left). • I am in Dublin, still waiting for the document of Stella so, basically, I can’t go outside Ireland. Bureaucracy efficiency :( • At least, the pleasant side of being in maternity leave is that you have time to enjoy your passions. I spent the weekend following the #LGCTRome competitions online, and I am happy now to follow the runways of the NY Fashion Week. Points of view! • Happy Monday Horse Lovers. 📷 Thanks to #BenedettaCavalliPhotography #LGCTRoma #LGCTRome2019 #AtticAndBarn #Longines #LovingDublin #DublinLifestyle

59 2

In honour of the Era-Defining work of iconic photographer #PeterLindbergh, always pushing for change 💔 • Here’s the March 1990 #BritishVogue Cover, with fashion model Helena Christensen and the beauty of a #whitehorse across the sands captured by the lens of Lindbergh. • He was famous for his black and white cinematic portraits of women, that go beyond the beauty of his subjects to reveal an inner truth, ushering in a new fashion imagery season. “If photographers are responsible for creating or reflecting an image of women in society, then, I must say, there is only one way for the future, and this is to define women as strong and independent. This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection” - Lindbergh. • (Fashion) photographers are the new painters. • RIP @therealpeterlindbergh 🙏🏻 #PeterLindberghPhotography

54 4

Dazzle yourself with the perfect birthday cake • I couldn't think of a more aptly cake to celebrate the first month anniversary of my little #horselover. • This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser #equestriancake design for any horse jumping enthusiast, prepared with love by the incredible chefs from RDS Hospitality @withtaste_dublin at the #DublinHorseShow • Happy anniversary Stella! • #EquestrianInspiration #AnniversaryCelebrations #EquestrianCakeDesign #HorseCakes

109 9

Believe in your dreams little girl. • The #DublinHorseShow is just around the corner, I would love to join the event but breast feeding is still quite challenging for me and Stella, and the changing weather does not help. I prefer to enjoy the experience next year, and dreaming of what it looks like. • Yesterday, I went out for a walk and I have seen lots of beautiful and elegant women dressed with hats and fascinators for the #LadiesDay competition. Today is the #Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup of Ireland day, the most important class of the event and key for the qualification of the Italian team: @lorenzodl87 @massimogrossato @emilio_bicocchi @paolopaini69 @piergiorgiobucci @ducciobartalucciofficial. Forza #TeamItalia 💪🏻 • @dublinhorseshow is like a dream for equestrian enthusiasts. A celebration of Ireland's affinity with the horse: from the best show horses to the best international show jumpers. I love this event. I have so many nice memories of when I used to come 15 years ago, during summer break from university. It has been my highlight of the ‘Irish season’ for many years before I started working ‘seriously’ in the financial services industry. • I know you will ask... The cushion behind is an art piece from amazing #EquestrianArtist and #HorseWoman Caroline Towning @carolinetowningart. Just perfect for the mood!

230 92

Blessed with the ride of a lifetime 💫Stella 17.07.19 💫 • Mom for the second time, I have been pretty busy to welcome my beautiful baby girl into our family and to adjust to life as a mother of two. • I deeply enjoyed this first week together. From the very first moment I saw her, as soon as she was born, to the first naps and smiles, and our first walk out at the park. • Everything at the hospital went well, I felt like at home. Irish people are very warm, indeed they are horsey people :) Even though the #NationalMaternityHospital of Dublin has a great nationality representation. In the last pic you can see the nationality of mothers (113, in blue) and of staff (36, in yellow) from 2003 to 2008, already a decade ago. Guess nowadays. • Fun fact about the Holles Street hospital: famous actor and horse lover #LiamNeeson had his first child here while shooting a film in Dublin in 1995. I feel myself in his wife shoes, delivering in a new country to follow my husband. Well, this is as well a ride of a lifetime :) • Wish you all a very nice weekend, my dear Horse Lovers!

54 3

Dublin murals • This is the huge #horsemural I found out while walking in a little street close to my flat. You can’t imagine my surprise when I first saw it. Could I live in a better neighborhood? • I moved from Italy to Ireland only one month ago for my maternity leave and, of course, this makes everything here even more incredible. As John Lennon said “There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be” :) • Countdown for my due date has started. Wish you all a lovely week my dear #HorseLovers • #DublinMurals #HorseMurals #DublinStreetArt #EquineArt

85 1

Happy Father’s Day! • Places you go, celebrations you enjoy :) • Today in #Ireland ☘️ is celebrated #FathersDay. So I want to take the chance to post some pictures of our last trips together as a family and remember to my beloved husband the great father he is already. • I am happy to enlarge our family and to “ride” the world with this man. Love you, my amazing #HorseLover❤️ • #DiscoveringIreland #LovingDublin #DiscoverDublin #Dublin #TravellingLovers

110 21

“A good mood like is LIKE A BALLOON” 🎈🤰🏻 • My #bigbelly - as my son calls it - is getting bigger and bigger every day, and with the last month of pregnancy ahead I am starting to feel a bit #likeaballon. But you know what, I like it :) • Above all, I like to be hugged by my little man. His tenderness and happiness give me hope for when he will see the newborn baby 😬 • I will try to do my best to cope with jealousy and new ways to ask for attention, confident of the empathy and the non verbal language skills I developed as #equestrianwoman, thanks to our horse friends. Horses are masters of communication! • Dear moms, equestrian and not, feel free to share any precious tips or valuable experience you had! • #9monthspregnant #momoftwo #equestrianmom #momofaboy💙

104 5

Blend who you are into the work you do • The art of #braiding. Seen from outside, it seems such an easy and straightforward gesture. But no matter how great the talent or efforts, creating beauty until the very smallest detail of a tiny #braidmane takes time. And like all beautiful things do not happen overnight. I think is this indeed that makes it the creative experience that it is! • I discovered @braidcreative made by two lovely sisters passioned about branding and design. I love the way they help you to “connect the dots and braid the different aspects of your brand to get to the heart of what you want to say”. I love to be inspired by other passioned women. I wonder what brought them to name their agency #Braid. It’s genial :) • Enjoy the Sunday my dear horse lovers and happy braiding! 📷 The shot is from amazing horsewoman and photographer @jessik_r

213 59

Mom to mom talk 💕🤰🏻 • A new special journey is about to begin and I needed to unplug from the blog and socials to immerse myself in such an incredible and unexpected joy, that literally took all of my energies over the past few months! • It is true that, busy making plans or not, life is happening, anyhow no matter what. So I am happy to finally share the news and post some pic of my big belly! • Thanks to #miasuki for the encouraging t-shirt “Brave Young Heart” • #waitingforyou #momtobe2 #equestrianmom #tacchiacavallofamily #tacchiacavallo


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