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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.10%. The average number of likes per post is 100 and the average number of comments is 6.

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92 3

#blacklivesmatter White people it is time for us to stop being silent. It is time for us to listen, to educate ourselves and to raise our voices for those in need. It is time for us to do better! ✊🏾 To show my support towards the #blacklivesmatter movement, I'm releasing this set of bookmarks, all proceeds from which will be donated to organizations like the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the Black Visions Collections that strive for the rights of people of colour. Like with my other charity bookmarks, to promote their sale even more, I am offering a free bookmark of your choice with any order from my shop that includes this set! Just make sure to tell me which bookmark you'd like in the notes at checkout and you're good to go! I understand that not all of you are able to order, but please consider sharing these with your followers! It will be a huge help! Let's all work together to break the silence and support this cause! It's the least we can do from the safety of our homes! And thank you so so much to everyone for any support in advance! ❤

82 1

Hello my lovelies and happy 1st of June! 😊 Today I wanted to give you all a quick reminder that my charity bookmarks are still available on my shop and I will keep donating all funds raised from them to various organizations! My offer of a free bookmark with any of these that you order also still stands, so please consider ordering one of these! It will be very much appreciated! 😘 For those of you who want to know, here's a breakdown of where the proceeds are going: 💚 Proceeds from the Panda bookmark will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) 💙 Proceeds from the dolphin bookmark will go to The Ocean Cleanup 💚 And proceeds from the koala and kangaroo set will be donated to WIRES (an Australian wildlife rescue service) I also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ordered or shared these in the past for your support! You guys are truly the best! ❤

106 9

Happy Saturday my lovelies! 😘 Dropping by real quick to let you know that a limited stock of reading journals is now up on my shop! These will ship towards the end of the month and you can check my highlights to see what they look like if you're interested in ordering! 😊 For those of you who pre-ordered the journal, pre-orders will ship by the end of the week and I can't wait for you to start receiving these! 🤗 Gorgeous photo by my rep @bookellenic! ❤

112 5

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? Today I want to share a couple of updates about the reading journals! I had a couple printed to make sure the quality is as I wanted it and I picked them up yesterday and I am so excited about how they turned out! 😍 As you can see they are spiral bound and for this first print run I have included space for nine months instead of twelve since we are currently halfway through the year (I will of course update them for a full year when the time comes). I have also shared a quick flip through of the pages on my stories which you can also find on my highlights! 😊 These are anticipated to he ready to ship at the beginning of June and because a few of you have asked I will have them available to order again next week! I'll let you know of the exact date on my stories! Thank you so much for all the interest you've shown so far! 😘

103 7

Hello all and Happy Monday! 😊 Some Disney love for you today! I am a huge lover of Disney and as you may have noticed I have a pretty large collection of Disney bookmarks up on my shop! 💖 Aaand I may or not be working on a couple more! But shh! It's a secret for now! 😉 I also wanted to share a quick update on the Disney boxes! I'm still waiting for one of the items to arrive (sadly there have been many delays with shipping because of the virus) but boxes will leave as soon as I have it and I'm really hoping that will be soon! I will keep you all updated of course but if you've ordered a Disney box thank you so so much for the patience! 💕 Photo by @lunireads 💖

103 7

Hello my lovelies! How are you all doing this week? 💕 I'm super excited to announce that all open orders have been shipped and are on their way to you (save for the orders placed for the reading journals) and that the shop is again open with regular shipping times! So happy for things to be slowly getting back to normal! 😊 I've also added international tracked shipping as a shipping upgrade and you can now choose it instead of the regular one at checkout! It's a bit more expensive of course but I would totally recommend it to make sure your package are getting to you safely especially with the current shipping situation! 😉 Beautiful photo by @smexinerd 💖

97 1

Hello all! I hope you are doing well! 💙 So sorry for my inactivity here, I've been taking advantage of the situation to focus on reading and writing before I return to work! But I've also been working on some shop stuff and today I have good news! 😊 Our government announced that shops will be reopening this Monday so hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be able to ship all your orders by next week! I'm very excited to get your bookmarks to you and will of course share more updates later this week! 😘 Reminder that the reading journals will be shipping later on in the beginning of June along with any bookmarks you've ordered along with them! They will be up for pre-order only until this Friday so hurry up if you want to grab one! And again a huge thanks for all your support and patience these past few weeks! It truly means the world to me! ❤ 📷 Photo by @bookishfairies

120 5

To all my fellow Shadowhuntes I am super excited to present my new set inspired by Chain of Gold! Many of you asked for Chain of Gold bookmarks last month and I am happy to finally deliver! 😊 These four are inspired by Cordelia, James, Lucie and Matthew accordingly and for now are only available as set but I am also offering a free bonus bookmark featuring a quote by the one and only Magnus Bane to the first 20 people who order it! 😉 Because a few of you have asked me, I'm going to break down how I chose all the elements for these: ❤ For Cordelia I chose a sword for Cortana, a couple of runes and a flowery design. Her bookmark also matches the cover of Chain of Gold in colour! 💛 For James I went with the parabatai rune, his favourite weapon (throwing knives), his favourite animal (wolf) and of course books and a gold colour to match his eyes. 💙 For Lucie I used a book and a pen (since she's a writer), her favourite animal the sparrow, some flowers and a nice blue colour. 💚 And for Matthew I chose his favourite weapon which is a rapier, the Fairchild family symbol and again the parabatai rune along with the angelic one! I really really hope you guys will love these as much as I do and I'm also planning on making more CoG character bookmarks in the future! 😘

86 1

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well and safe! 😊 Popping in today to give you a small update of what is currently going on with the shop: 💙 My country is still on lockdown so all open orders are still on hold and will ship as soon as it becomes possible! I'll also be including extra bookmarks and stickers in those orders as a thank you for the patience! 😘 💙 Shop is open normally right now but I've increased my processing time to 4-6 weeks just to be safe and I've also discounted everything as a thank you for supporting my shop during this time! Your orders are very much appreciated as I currently have no income so thank you so so much to anyone who orders! ❤ 💙 I am also offering free shipping on all orders of 10€ or more at this moment! You can get it with the code FREESHIPPING at checkout! 💙 Also an update on the Disney boxes (because I forgot to mention them): I am still waiting on a few of the items which have been delayed due to the situation but I'm hoping I will be able to ship them in May! 💙 And another reminder that my reading journal is now up for pre-order at a discounted price and that if you pre-order you will be getting two free bookmarks as a pre-order gift. I've shared some journal sneak peeks that you can find in my highlights! 😉 Thanks to @leahluna6 for the lovely photo! 😘

95 15

Hello all and happy Wednesday! I hope you're all doing well! 💕 Today I'm super excited to present my latest project which is a reading journal! I have wanted to design one for a while now and I finally found the time to work on it now that I'm staying at home! 😊 My reading journal is designed to help you keep track of your reading life and will include pages for monthly TBR, wishlists, book reviews, wrap ups, favourite reads and more! There will be several different designs for the pages to keep things interesting and you can swipe to see one of them as a sneak peek! I will share more of the designs soon so keep an eye out! 😉 Reading journals are up for PRE ORDER RIGHT NOW at a discounted price of 10€ and all pre-orders will also come with an exclusive set of two bookmarks as a free pre-order gift! 💕 Right now I am aiming to ship these towards the end of May/beginning of June provided that things will stabilize until then which I'm really hoping for! I can't wait to share more about this and I hope you guys are as excited as I am! 😊

84 8

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and safe and staying at home during this difficult time! 💙 I have something exciting to share with you today and I really hope it will lift your spirits a bit! As you all know, I am currently unable to ship physical orders because my print shop is closed due to the situation. So I've decided to add a few printable ones to the shop that you guys can download, print and colour at home! 😊 You can swipe to see all the designs available! Printables are only 1€ and if you buy one if them you will be getting the last floral art print (pictured on the last slide) for free! So with whichever design you buy, you will be getting two printables for the price of one! 😘 I'll also be hosting a colouring competition for those of you who buy any of these to give you guys more incentive! One winner will be chosen at random and for the other one I'll be choosing my favourite coloured bookmark/print! Both winner will be able to choose ten bookmarks of their choice from the shop to receive when I am able to ship orders again! All you have to do to participate is print one of these, colour it and post it on your feed or story using the hashtag #strangethecolouring so I can see it! 😉 Thank you so so much to everyone for all the support! ❤

158 4

Reveal number 7! I saved the one I'm most excited about for last! Super happy to introduce to you my customizable "Favourite Reads" and "Fictional Destinations" bookmarks! 😁 What does customizable mean? That you can add your own favourites to them! I've used mine as an example of how these will look filled! Here's some more info about these: 💛 There's space for 12 fictional destinations and 17 books but of course you don't have to fill them all. You can choose any number of places or books you'd like and I will add them for you using various fonts! 💛 Because these are basically customs, they will be priced as customs at 2.50€ instead of 2.20€. 💛 There will be a limited amount available so if you're interested make sure to grab them fast! 💛 These will also be available as blanks in case you want to fill them yourselves! I will add those listings tomorrow because I forgot today! 😂 These are AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW along with all other new designs! I hope you guys love these as much as I do! 😊


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