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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.80%. The average number of likes per post is 37 and the average number of comments is 14.

30.77% of the followers that engaged with straightuponline regularly are from United Kingdom, followed by Ghana at 17.95% and Nigeria at 6.41%. In summary, the top 5 countries of straightuponline's posts engager are coming from United Kingdom, Ghana, Nigeria, France, Barbados.

Straightuponline loves posting about Celebrities, Health & Fitness.

Check straightuponline's audience demography. This analytics report shows straightuponline's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United Kingdom 30.77 %
  • Ghana 17.95 %
  • Nigeria 6.41 %
  • France 5.13 %
  • Barbados 5.13 %


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SWIPE>>>>>>> Buchi Emecheta Often referred to as the first successful black female novelist living in Britain in the 1960s, Buchi drew on her experiences as a single mother, an immigrant and life as a woman both growing up in Nigeria and as a settler in the UK. Her grandmother inspired her love for storytelling and her first novel was born out of her frustrations in her marriage. Buchi was a mother of 5 by the time she was 22 and upon moving to London with her husband while he pursued his studies, she made the decision to flee from her abusive relationship and raise their children single-handedly. She found employment as an assistant librarian at the British museum and continued with her writing, writing several novels from the female perspective. On me of her most acclaimed books entitled “The Joys of Motherhood”, discusses the validation of women solely through the successes of their children. She described herself not as a feminist but working towards “....the liberation of women. My books are about survival, just like my own life”. Later in life she became a visiting professor at many universities in various countries including the US and back in her homeland of Nigeria. Buchi Emecheta died in London on 25th January 2017 after suffering from a stroke some years prior. #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast #blackhistorymonth

148 24

Ep.2 #patternupfortheculture OUT NOW!! Available on Apple & Spotify Link in our bio Go have a listen!!! 📸 @kimberleylwilliams #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast #blackhistorymonth #blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence

39 72

#StraightTalking with StraightUp Online 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Should your friends support your business endeavours?? Let’s discuss................ Comment below #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast #straightalking # #dilemma

17 0

EP.1 WE ARE BACKKK!!!! Link in our bio #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast #thestraightup5

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SWIPE>>>>>>>> Olive Morris Founding member of one of the most important black feminist organisations of the 1970s, OWAAD, Olive Morris was a Jamaican-born activist who was truly revered amongst her peers. Enduring brutal police violence as a teenager, Olive was politically active before she was a legal adult. She joined the Black Panthers Youth branch as a teen and went on to fight racism and police brutality in Brixton for almost a decade. Following the Panthers’ demise, Olive established the Brixton Black Women’s Group, a collective of radical feminist black women who took action on issues which specifically affected black women, such as immigration and family planning and founded the Brixton Black Women’s Centre in Stockwell Green. Prominent in the black squatting movement, Olive was responsible for securing some of the most crucial spaces for the black power movement including, the offices of the journal Race Today and of the Brixton Black Women’s Group. Still today on Brixton Hill, you can find the Olive Morris House, a building owned by Lambeth Council, which was constructed in 1986 a few years after her untimely death. She was only 27. #blackhistorymonth #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast

30 95

#StraightTalking with StraightUp Online PLEASE HELP! *Lodger or Lover???* I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months and things have been going well; until now! He recently let me know that he is currently (and has been) living with the mother of his young child (former partner) whilst they co-parent. When I asked for further explanation he simply responded “How do I explain to my child that I’m throwing their mum out?!” and then tried to convince me to accept this. Just to give some context, it’s his place and she lives there according to him! I really like him and I’ve invested so much time into us but I’m not sure about this arrangement 🥴 Is this the norm? Am I being ridiculous because I don’t have kids of my own? Should I continue pursuing this or is he lying to me? Do you think there’s more to the story? I’m lost💔 Your views, help and advice would be much appreciated xoxo Please leave your comments #straighttalking #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast #dilemma

97 14

StraightUp Online S2 Ep.1 is out now! Available on Apple & Spotify. Click the link in the bio...🎧 Tell a friend, to tell a friend. Like, Share, Comment & Save...😉 📸 by @kimberleylwilliams ❤️ #podcast#podcasting#femalepodcasters#topics#discussions#blackwomeninbusiness#africancaribbeanwomen#london#essex#podlife2020#london#greenwich#photoshoot#makeup#mua#stylist#women#friends#sistersquad#womeninbusiness#lifeofapodcaster#apple#spotify

40 7

SWIPE >>>>> Mia Mottley Mia Mottley is the current Prime Minister of Barbados. She was born in 1965 and went to school in Barbados before attending LSE and graduated from LSE in 1986.  On her return to Barbados she entered politics and she became Minister of Education, at the young age of 29.  She later became Attorney General and was the first woman to hold the position.  On 24 May 2018, the Barbados Labour Parrty (BLP) won the country’s general elections and she became Prime Minister. In 2019 she went on a trip to Ghana to bring home the remains of the ancestors who were slaves in Barbados and has now made it her duty to announce that by next year 2021 it intends to remove the queen as its head of state and become a republic although we gained our independence in 1966. A Bajan queen like our @mizzcollins 🇧🇧 #blackhistorymonth #straightuponline #straightuponlinepodcast

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