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53.1% of stevebruno's followers are female and 46.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 8.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1348 and the average number of comments is 43.

Stevebruno loves posting about Photography, Adventure, Travel.

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53.1 %
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  • Photography 69.61 %
  • Travel & Tourism 66.88 %
  • Art & Design 51.29 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 46.32 %
  • Entertainment 44.96 %
  • Sports 41.03 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.82 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 38.18 %
  • Technology & Science 36.91 %
  • Movies and TV 36.39 %
  • Books and Literature 33.20 %


716 9

Sometimes you have to travel hours or days for a photographic oportunity, and other times they can be found right in your own backyard. This fox was relaxing in a field of dandelions one morning behind my house. I was able to lay flat in the grass and get a few shots before he moved on to another location. I've never seen a fox in this area before, perhaps the lack of recent human activity gave it the boldness to venture into our subdivision. Let me know in the comments below if YOU had any special animal encounter since the shutdown! . . . #redfox #fox #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #sharecangeo #backyardphotograpy #splendid_animals #earthcapture #covid19 #pandemic

1,494 40

I had another opportunity to see comet Neowise this week, and was able to get this capture. After doing more research I found that comets are often referred to as "cosmic snowballs," since they are made of ice, as well as rock and dust. The amount of water on Neowise is estimated to be the equivalent of 13 million Olympic sized swimming pools according to Emily Kramer, a science team co-investigator for NASA's Jet Propulsion Labratory. Comets orbit the sun, and slowly drift closer into its gravitational pull. As they move closer they heat up, giving them their iconic tail. The comet us currently traveling about 231,000 km/h and is approximately 111 million km from Earth. [ Note: this is a composite of two shots ] . . . #neowise #neowisecomet #astrophotography #astronomy #nightphotography #comet #nightsky #earthcapture

976 26

It's hard enough for me to wrap my mind around the sheer size and complexity of our planet, let alone comprehend that earth is just one tiny celestial body in The Milky Way galaxy. Made up of an estimated half trillion stars, it has a diameter that stretches hundreds of millions of light years across! Another way to visualize its scale is to picture our earth as it rotates around our sun. The journey of a full rotation happens once per year. Similarly, our solar system rotates around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, but on a time scale of once every 230 million years; all the while traveling at a blistering speed of 720,000 km/h! As if that wasn't enough to make our heads explode, our galaxy, this incomprehensibly large army of coordinated masses circling in unison, is just one of an estimated 2 trillion galaxies in the known universe. I find it fascinating that the universe just seems to grow exponentially with our ability to observe it. . . . #milkyway #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astronomy #nightphotography #nightsky #canada #earthcapture #cangeo

1,633 79

With ideal clear skies and minimal moon light pollution, I couldn't resist heading up north for a chance to photograph the now famous Neowise comet. I was surprised to find other observers camped out beside their cars along the sides of the small country roads we passed. It's amazing to think that for some of these observers, this is the first comet they have ever seen! After finding a dark quiet spot, and setting up my tripod, it was just a matter of waiting. It took awhile for the sky to darken enough to see the comet, but by about 11pm it was visible in the sky to the naked eye. There aren't many things as inspiring as a comet with it's massive tail stretching across the sky! The tail is actually made up of gas and dust particles and like most comets, it actually has 2 tails, one of plasma, made of ionized gas, and a dust tail made of small solid particles (which always points away from the sun). You can see the smaller tail faintly to the left of the larger one. The last time I saw a comet was comet Hale-bopp in 1997, named after the astronomer that discovered it. The comet measured a massive 40-80 km across and remained visible in the sky for a staggering 18 months! Neowise, on the other hand, was named after the telescope used when it was discovered on March 27, 2020. It's a much smaller comet at approximately 5km across and will only be visible for about 70 days. All in all, it was an awesome experience: 3 satellites spotted, a few fireflies, the milky way, and of course the comet Neowise comet! . . . #neowise #neowisecomet #astrophotography #astronomy #nightphotography #comet #nightsky

1,103 26

It's been an interesting last few months to say the least. As with most things, my photography outings were (and for the most part still are) put on hold. While I really missed the feeling of getting up before sunrise, grabbing an early morning coffee before jumping on the highway to head north for a few hours, experiencing the beauty of the morning sunrise secluded somewhere remote with only the sounds of the wind, water, and wildlife; I have been given the invaluable gift of being able to watch my little girl transition from a new born to a crawling, laughing baby, seeing every step along the way. I am definitely still looking for the day when can plan more trips to see and capture amazing sights in nature. I made this composite of a bald eagle in flight while at #loessbluffsnationalwildliferefuge late last year and havent had a chance to lost it yet. I hope you enjoy it. How have you been coping with being cooped up in your homes? I must confess, on more than one occasion I have camped out in my backyard photographing the neighborhood squirrels, robin's, finches and sparrows :) . . #birdsofinstagram #wildlifephotography #earthcapture #baldeagle #loessbluffsnationalwildliferefuge #earthcapture #birdphotography #quarentine #splendid_animals

1,167 60

Instagram is an amazing way to share our photography with many people around the world, and I have been having a blast over the last few years doing it. But, one thing I have noticed is that certain photos "perform" better than others, not because they are inherently more artistic or capture a mood better, but simply because they work better in the constraints of a mobile social media feed. Typically close up sharp/detailed animal portraits get the most likes and shares. It is tough for lower contrast subtle shots of an animal in an environment to compete. This is especially true for horizontal photos which have less screen real-estate on a vertical phone. This early morning Bald Eagle photo breaks all of the rules for an instagram worthy shot, but I wanted to post it anyways because to me, it perfectly captures a mood and reminds me of what it felt like to get up early and search for these incredible predators, and to me that's what makes a good photograph. While this photo not get a lot of traction on social media, I think it could do well in other mediums, particularly print on some nice matte paper. In fact I might do just that :) Let me know in the comments below if there was a photo you took that you really liked but didn't post on social media because you thought it wouldnt perform well. I'd encourage you to post it anyways, and tag me, I'd love to check it out! . . . #birdsofinstagram #wildlifephotography #earthcapture #fog #baldeagle #loessbluffsnationalwildliferefuge #cooltones #earthcapture #birdphotography

923 17

I took a little break from Instagram, but I'm back now and going to finish posting the remaining captures I took at #loessbluffsnationalwildliferefuge. When I first arrived at the refuge, there was a thick blanket of fog covering the whole area. In the background I could hear birds in the distance, but the thick fog was hiding them from view. These two ducks were some of the first birds I saw that day. It's a little more abstract than my usual photos, but I think it perfectly captures the peaceful atmosphere of that morning. #birdsofinstagram #ducks #dawn #wildlifephotography #birdphotography #earthcapture

828 9

Someone was hiding :)

2,310 101

There is just something about an owls stare that is adorable and at the same time intimidating. This Northern Hawk Owl had no issues with us photographers watching it fly from tree to tree while hunting. It even flew in our direction a number of times. In this instance it landed on a tree quite close to us and stared our way for a good 15 seconds before finding a more secluded perch further in the marsh. Side note: I dont always throw in this notice, but I think it is important to say once in a while: I shoot with a 600mm lens. In addition, many of my shots for instagram are heavily cropped in, so it can give the appearance of being much closer to the owl than I was. If you are shooting birds with a 200 or even 300mm lens you shouldnt expect to be getting full frame images. It's always important to first respect the bird you are photographing by giving it space. Also on another side note: I have also been experimenting with new software to further enhance details in blurry or heavily cropped photos. It's a sharpening program from #topazlabs, and have been pretty happy with the trial version so far. I might get myself a copy. We'll see, I need to do more testing (not a paid ad, just wanted to mention it in case anyone else might he interested). Anyways, back to the owl. When you look at their feather patterns up close you can see lots of interesting and distinct sections, particularly outlining the facial disks. It is such a beautiful bird. I also love how birds, and owls in particular, seem to almost swallow up the perch they are standing on with their feathers. . . #northernhawkowl #owls #birdsofprey #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #raptors #splendid_animals #wildlife #animalbehavior #nature #composite #earthcapture #sharecangeo

2,281 100

One of the most incredible moments, not only of my time spent with this bird, but of all my bird encounters from the last year or so, happened while the group of photographers and I watched as this owl was perched on a tree about 100 feet from us. All of a sudden it quickly flew in our direction, then did something I'll never forget. It hovered almost perfectly still for what seemed like an eternity, in front of us while looking at the ground. I held my finger on the shutter, taking bursts after bursts of shots (as did the other photographers). After probably 10 seconds the owl dove into the grass, and flew off with a vole in its talons. We were just all silent for a good 5 seconds after that and just looked at each other in disbelieve at what we had just witnessed before our eyes. Not only was this the first time I saw this beautiful owl, but I also got to see this incredible behavior first hand. Truly awe inspiring! I created this composite from 4 of the hover frames. I moved each of the framed to be stacked vertically above each other. I hope you enjoy, and have a great rest of the weekend! 👍🏻 . . #northernhawkowl #owls #birdsofprey #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #raptors #splendid_animals #wildlife #animalbehavior #nature #composite #earthcapture #sharecangeo

1,481 40

The Northern Hawk Owl gets its name from the fact that unlike most owls that are nocturnal, it hunts primarily during the daytime. It has quite an assortment of food items on its menu, ranging from smaller birds to rodents, and even small mammals! It was definitely exciting to watch this owl hunt for a vole right in front of my eyes. When I captures this photo, he had just landed at the very top of this short tree. It was amazing to watch as he stretched his neck in and out in order to balance in the blowing wind. We could see him staring intensely below, looking for any subtle sound beneath the snow, or movement that would give away the location of a potential prey animal. Once the animal was detected, he plunged into the snow & grass to capture it! . . #northernhawkowl #owls #birdsofprey #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #raptors #splendid_animals #wildlife

1,585 31

Bird photography is usually a solo sport, but every once in a while a rare visitor arrives that attracts the attention of photographers and bird watchers from far and wide. This Northern Hawk Owl, a species of bird usually found further North in the boreal forest, decided to spend this winter in a small Southern Ontario town. I was one of the photographers that enjoyed this crow-sized owl's visit. Fortunately this owl displayed very little concern for the photographers excited for a chance to photograph it, and routinly would hunt for rodents right in front of us. I'll be releasing a series of posts over the next week or so, showing more of the encounters I had with this owl, and what I learned about its normally solitary life. . . #hawkowl #birdsofig #birds #wildlifephotography #animalfacts #loessbluffsnationalwildliferefuge #elite_raptors #owls #raptors


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