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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 2130 and the average number of comments is 23.

33.93% of the followers that engaged with status_single_101 regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 8.93% and Indonesia at 7.14%. In summary, the top 5 countries of status_single_101's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, United Kingdom.

Status_single_101 loves posting about Hair & Beauty, Humor, Travel, Fashion.

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  • United States 33.93 %
  • Canada 8.93 %
  • Indonesia 7.14 %
  • Italy 3.57 %
  • United Kingdom 3.57 %


2,476 29

Bby, if you don’t start prioritising yourself how do you expect someone else is ever going to? Despite that sounding depressing af, there is a lot of truth to it. Let’s not get caught up in over complicating things. Life gets busy, sure, & things happen, sure. But it’s what you (or they) do after the fact that matters. Prioritisation doesn’t necessarily mean every second of every day, but it does mean consistency. Pay attention to the consistency of those who you are consistently loving. Let’s not overcomplicate things boo & look at the facts, no matter how hard they might be to swallow from time-to-time. I say all of this with love & definitely don’t mean for it to hit a nerve with anyone. If it does though, maybe you should be asking yourself why? What’s the trigger there? Is it just a difference in perspective, or are there some excuses you’ve been confusing with reasons for someone (or you) not prioritising someone? Just sayin’ Ily Ang Xo

1,991 29

Yessssss bby. Time to stop prioritising people who aren’t prioritising you. Remember these words - “if they wanted to, they would” This goes for friends, family, lovers. It’s all the same message boo. People prioritise what is important to them, just like you do. Ily Ang #doubleminutedating #statussingle101 #ss101 #dating #singleaf #lovelifehacks #lovelife #single

4,356 21

Bby, if you’ve been going through some break up struggles lately, I hope this is your morning to wake up & feel like you again. 🙏🏽 #breakup #statussingle101 #ss101 #dating #love #singleaf

2,786 15

Mic drop 🎤 ❣️ Forgive yourself for letting yourself be hurt by someone else. ❣️ Forgive yourself for the actions you took to possibly propagate relationship issues & add or cause the loss of someone from your life. ❣️Your closure & your moving on starts with your forgiveness & the forgiveness to yourself & the acceptance of what part you may have played. ❣️Forgive yourself bby, you deserve to have all of the love imaginable. So, if you’re going through some seriously lousy shit. This one is for you. You are loved, you are appreciated & you are understood. Just because you decided to make a shit decision (or 2) doesn’t mean you deserve to be tortured for it. Love yourself boo, it all starts with you.

964 5

Choose who you want to represent, know yourself & be aware of your shit. It’s the only way to get to a better, more accepting & happier place boo. Self love doesn’t start with a face mask (although it makes us feel nice 😉) it starts with the hard questions & getting to know yourself. 💛

1,819 11

It’s ok to be lost sometimes, to be confused, to feel as though the whole ‘it is what it is’ is more of a bs thing we tell ourselves rather than an actual solution to our feelings. So, if you’re having a day today, this one is for you. Just have a day, not a good day, not a bad day, just a day. It’s ok to feel helpless, confused, frustrated & lost at times. Give yourself the understanding & the space to find your way again. Ily, Ang 💕💕💕💕

2,748 17

This is wayyyyyyy easier said than done. Nevertheless it’s important af to protect ourselves with toxicity; whether it’s lovers, ex’s, friends or just some competitive assface who wants to mess up your happy place. It’s your job to take the steps you can to protect yourself & appreciate why it’s having an impact on you. Our triggers are our biggest & most important things to know about ourselves (in my opinion); so spend some time getting to know you bby. For those of you who have reached out, apologies again, I’m trying to ensure I get back to each & every one of you ASAP. Thank you for your patience cherubs. Ily Ang Xo #dating #statussingle101 #ss101 #doubleminutedating #lovelife #singleaf #heartbreak

4,173 26

Hello cherubs, I have been overwhelmed with messages from you amazing foxes. Please know, I’m not ignoring you, ily all immensely & I’m getting through each DM one at a time. Apologies for taking so long to get back to each of you. Sending out so much love with all that you’re going through at the moment. Ily Ang

3,771 22

If you’re feeling like your life is slowing falling into a giant hole of doom because you’re newly single, check out my IG TV. I have some tips for you that will, hopefully, remind you how much of an f’ing Fox you are & how you should keep steppin’ boo. It’s in my IG Story & in the IG TV section. See you there & just remember, no matter how isolating it feels with what you’re going through, you’re not alone on this journey. Ily. Ang #statussingle101 #ss101 #doubleminutedating #strongwomen #dating #breakup #singleaf

2,485 18

Keep stepping boo. #loveyourself #selflove #statussingle101 #ss101 #doubleminutedating #singleaf #byefelicia

4,111 27

The house . . .

300 115

Share some love with your fav spew buddy. #drinkup

2,252 5

Including how you feel about yourself. Alarmingly the @thebodyshop ‘s self love report indicated 6 of 10 people wish they had more self respect. So, let’s all spend a little more time this next week getting to know ourselves, love ourselves & respect ourselves. 💙💙💙💙

852 17

FR, I asked them & this was def not why they brought you into the world.

85 22

Come on fellas I want to hear it. #popcornsout 🍿

3,009 87

Just sayin’

2,475 18

We’re leaving the dumbs dumbs in 2020 & coming out of lockdown smarter, wiser & not willing to put up with bs. Can I get an amen?

1,227 15

Yesss bby get it!

669 2

Choose yourself, your mental health, your happiness, your peace. Choose it every single day, because if you don’t choose you boo, you can’t expect anyone else to. It all starts with how much we value & respect ourselves, our self love. So, choose today to start there. 🤍

2,356 6


3,562 18

Boundaries baby, boundaries.

4,931 39

Can’t relate, anyone who tries to break me I throw in the bin - & boo, you should be doing the same. #loveyourselfenoughtosaybyebitch

4,603 28

Don’t get it confused. Consistency & purposefulness > everything else. Just don’t get caught up in a cycle of taking, taking, taking either - it’s give & take. What I was trying to say with this post was, choose someone who chooses you DAILY. Not someone who settles with you daily, weekly or when they feel like it. Know the difference & if you pay attention, people reveal themselves in all of their actions. 💙

5,570 56

This one goes out to all of the puppers & their pupper parents - you are appreciated. 🐶

3,120 27

There are good guys out there; just not the demon who’s making you cry & sticking his willy in other sweet buns - he needs to be thrown in the bin.

1,684 9

Preach 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

2,648 9

Do it for your future self; so that your future self doesn’t have to & can instead focus on fun things, like being happy af.

831 11

Patiently waiting for the “iTs Not a PyraMID scHEme”

2,660 18

A friendly reminder.

3,055 12

It doesn’t matter if it’s friend, family, or lovers. If someone is impacting your mental health, your emotional stability & your happiness, it’s time to take the steps you need to remove yourself from the situation & set boundaries for yourself. 🤍 It’s never easy, particularly around this time of the year, but just remember if these people really cared about you they would celebrate yours boundaries, not try to make you feel gaslighted or guilty for setting them in the first place. Love yourself enough to take the steps to protect yourself boo. 🤍 For anyone who is going through this, please know you’re not alone. From someone who has had to deal with tumultuous extended family environments, I get it & it’s not easy. So, I’m sending you some love & strength to help you get through the 1st steps of boundary setting. Ily.

2,096 14

Keep steppin boo

2,733 17

People choose to be who they are, or choose not to get therapy or help to fix things about themselves that are causing them unhappiness & toxic coping mechanisms. Taking responsibility; it’s not a popular opinion but we choose to create or stay unhappy. Not an easy pill to swallow but it doesn’t make it untrue. In life, we all have choices - choices to be kind, faithful, generous, open minded. So, if someone is showing you something that you feel is toxic to you, choose another path boo. If 2020 has taught you nothing else, let it be to prioritise yourself, your mental health & your happiness. There’s no time for bs, seriously. Ily 💙

2,686 17

Or some other B or C Grade Hallmark version of him.

2,088 9

There’s no better time than now for you to start recognising your value boo. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you, this one is all on you xo

1,596 9

Use your time purposefully boo.

3,286 11

This one goes out to all of you. Ily 🙌🏽

1,425 11


2,236 16

From someone who is nowhere near a gardener (me), I do however, know 1 thing - if you water & take care of anything it’ll grow. So, here’s to taking care of yourself, because you need the opportunity to grow just like everything else does lover. ❤️

1,186 14

Don’t forget while you’re stressing over COVID, the holidays, family or whatever other not-so-niceties you’re being hit with to not fall off the rails completely. Your mental health is really the only thing you need going into 2021. Despite 2020 trying to rob us of what sanity we may have had; try to make sure this holiday season you are putting into place boundaries, time to rest & recoup from family & friends, & basically just you time. Ily. 🤍🤗

3,078 27


1,545 9

This goes for friends, lovers & pretty much anyone who you thought fell into your ride-or-die category. The thing is, they chose to die (hopefully not literally) but disappear from your life in whatever way they did. That’s a direct choice they made & whether you like t or not they thought the relationship you had wasn’t worth maintaining, fixing or keeping. Sometimes the loss we feel is truly because it feels like someone died; other times, it triggers abandonment issues, maladaptive attachment habits we have developed over the years, or something else. The thing is boo, it’s ok to mourn them. Let yourself feel it, grieve, but remember to keep yourself whole at the same time & not linger for too long on something or someone you have no control over. Always remember that people prioritise what is important to them - you do exactly the same in your life. Sending you all so much of my love, particularly this time of year when the sting of these sorts of shituationships seems to be a little more painful than usual. 🤍🤍🤍🤍

2,741 28

I said what I said. #issajokeusesomeofyouressentialoilstocalmtfdown Pc: @dj_fattony_

2,038 20

Don’t lose hope or the courage to try again. If you are lacking a little hope at the moment, I will hold the fort & hope for you just for a smidge until you’re on your way again. Deal?

1,245 2

We can be our worst critics, & what can amplify that is when someone else criticises us for something we’re already insecure, or sensitive about. Here’s the thing, you know you, truly & you are the only one who sees every side, good & less desirable. Your opinion of yourself matters more than anyone else’s. If you are insecure about something work towards fixing it or reducing whatever it is (believe me, I feel how hard this can be) but I believe in you. Now, it’s your turn to believe in you boo. Ily

2,150 9

You are not an option, you are the only choice. It is high time you started acting like it you incredible creature. **this works regardless of gender identity btw**

2,742 29

Get some boundaries baby, boundaries.

1,650 6

Shoutout to any of you who have been through, are going through or about to go through this. You are stronger & more resilient than you give yourself credit for. Ily

3,048 64

This is a little late; however, if anyone could be so kindly as to give me an update on Kevin or Aunt Sheryl, I’d be forever in your debt. 😂


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