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Aquarian by heart,wanderer,ex journalism student @Hk university . For prints or collaboration #seewithsonalid3

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1289 and the average number of comments is 75.

67.72% of the followers that engaged with sonalid3 regularly are from India, followed by United States at 3.94% and Germany at 2.36%. In summary, the top 5 countries of sonalid3's posts engager are coming from India, United States, Germany, Singapore, Thailand.

Sonalid3 loves posting about Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture, Travel.

Check sonalid3's audience demography. This analytics report shows sonalid3's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • India 67.72 %
  • United States 3.94 %
  • Germany 2.36 %
  • Singapore 2.36 %
  • Thailand 2.36 %


1,631 71

Even a small amount of light can change the way u feel about darkness ... beautiful morning light in the alleys and oh so gorgeous by lanes of Varanasi ... she looked at the sun that had just risen .. peeked out of her door and instantly felt like someone walked from the darkness to light making the meaning of light fit in perfectly like it does to our lives ... swipe and listen to something I wrote when I was editing this image .. a translated of the image in words !

1,545 64

If we prayed as much as we complained we would have a lot more people praying and a lot less complaining ... some images are close to ur heart and the old man in this image certainly is for me .. I don’t know him personally but in the last 4 years on every single trip I have met this pandit ji and his every gracious smile melts my heart ... I wonder how he must be going in these unprecedented times and I think every time I look at old images and the people u have met and interacted with , if they would be doing ok ... I hope he’s safe and I certainly pray that I get to see the next time I visit my soul city ... going through images now have a different meaning to it ... there was always an emotional connect but it’s just got deeper knowing I might never see these ppl again for a long time .

1,503 80

If you only pray when you are in trouble you’re in trouble —— sometimes it takes darkness to aprreciate light ... amidst the worse humanitarian crisis people who never gave importance to prayers and gratitude and faith now realise how the world can turn around in a matter of few days and how things change .. but then I often ask god what about those people who always believed in you , who were always grateful , who always practised what being a good human being .. why punish those people in this manner ? When will the darkness end. When will see light .. prayers hold the answers as always

1,577 58

Holding on to faith and clinging on to hope - in difficult times there comes a sudden clarity sometimes .. a clarity of the power of the unknown ... the power of faith and hope .. the real faces of people who wore masks in ur life get revealed .. the masks now fallen gives u a peek into the reality .. a reality we never wanted to see ... but then again there is always that light , that glimmering light in the dark and that light is faith and hope .. together we cling to this light and pray.

2,298 83

“You don’t know how difficult the path is u Until u have walked it “ for the tribes of Chattisgarh like this woman who lived in the jungles for most of Their lives a home provided by the government to bring them back to civilisation was probably the hardest thing to do .. this woman was above 90 years old and was the oldest around the neighbourhood .. she probably spent most of her life waking from jungle to jungle with a few clothes to cover her body ... a few essentials for her kids and they travelled in bunches .. during the day they would hunt , eat what was hunted and night they would make a safe haven for themselves around there .. the government realised how unsafe it was for them and how almost extinct animals were being hunted by them and in exchange brought them to villages nearby with homes and some basic requirements provided ... I wonder how hard must have been to switch from a life of almost what we saw in the jungle book ... she was calm and composed didn’t underatand my language , couldn’t hear very well either .. but was aware of what was happening .. the neighbours explained to her about my visit but then again that Didn’t interest her much ! It’s funny how when u have nuthing u can be happy with everything ! And despite having everything u can be happy with nuthing. Thank u @unexploredbastar for taking me around and showing me a side of life I never knew existed

2,020 63

In darkness we see the clearest .. in darkness we feel the closest ... these images are from tht ramnaami tribe of Chattisgarh .. in the dimmest Of light he read the holy book , the other members of the tribe chanted ram ram while he read . A peaceful ambience it was ! I have written something in Hindi and posted it in my story I hope u go thru it ‘ and let me know if u liked it ‘ it did relate somewhat to these images !


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