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26.9% of smpetersonphotography's followers are female and 73.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.40%. The average number of likes per post is 803 and the average number of comments is 25.

Smpetersonphotography loves posting about Photography, Travel, Landscaping.

Check smpetersonphotography's audience demography. This analytics report shows smpetersonphotography's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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26.9 %
73.1 %


  • Photography 92.35 %
  • Travel & Tourism 89.05 %
  • Art & Design 65.05 %
  • Technology & Science 44.04 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.67 %
  • Home & Garden 37.95 %
  • Sports 36.75 %
  • Luxury Goods 33.22 %
  • Entertainment 32.93 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 32.88 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.58 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 31.34 %
  • Books and Literature 31.26 %
  • Movies and TV 31.07 %


218 16

Dignity Statue, South Dakota She stands 55 foot tall and gazes across the Missouri River and represents the Lakota and Dakota people. The statue was a $1 million gift from Norm and Eunabel McKie of Rapid City to all people of South Dakota. One of the most beautiful statues I've ever seen. On the night my wife and I decided to drive 7 hours one way to finally see this statue in person the radar was looking better and better with each mile. The lightning was abundant and often. We sat out all night and watched the storm. This image is a stack of some of the lightning I shot that night. If I stacked every shot from that night into the image the sky would just be white there was so much lightning so I selected the bolts that evenly covered the sky. All of the lightning strikes are where they appeared in the sky and I did not move any of them.

670 18

Terry's Hoodoo's My artistic version of the comet. These hoodoo's are in Wyoming and a local Photographer @terryj.lane showed me this unique geological feature found in the great Cowboy State. One of my favorite spots local to the Casper, WY area. NEOWISE was fun to see, harder to shoot then I thought it was gonna be . Focusing on the comet seemed difficult but I think the speed of it had a lot to do with those think most of us wished that it came and went faster then it did . I ended up using my tracker to shoot the sky. Special thanks to Megan for the some composition ideas with this one.

484 13

Mcdonalds has nothing on this golden arch. This arch is fairly easy to reach and mostly isolated as we didn't see too many signs of tracks or people out here. Not the easiest thing to find in the dark but an easy hike in or out if you know where you're going.

912 28

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers who are out there making a difference! I wonder how many years ago this tree was alive and standing proud? This is an image from last year I just don't get around to posting much anymore due to the social media algorithms. I still go out and sit under the stars I just don't spend alot of time on social media keeping the algorithm gods happy as much as I used to.

474 2

Middle of nowhere, California Running around in the most unpleasant natural growing plant on the planet. The true nemesis of the human race from the beginning of time. Fun to photograph, but I'd prefer being in a full suit of armor before I visit them again:) Few things look as good backlit as these needles so it makes it all risk worth while.

973 43

In the middle of the Badlands of New Mexico you can find a place that is out of this world, a place people would think another planet would look like. Some of most incredible sandstone formations I've ever seen. I could never get bored here, I true paradise for snakes and photographers

592 9

Shot this last Milkyway season in Wyoming, located somewhat near the center of the state. I went out with some friends for a great night chasing the stars. After I shot this image, I made my way up the large hill everybody was shooting on, and knowing they were shooting in the direction I was coming from I kept my headlight off to not ruin any of their images as I made my way closer to them. Using a tiny little light to see (not much brighter then a lighter would be) I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake at 2am. Not gonna lie, I nearly had a heart attack. I yelled for "rattlesnake!" and the 4 on the hill came down to see it. We all looked at it for awhile, let the snake continue on it's way and went back to shooting the stars. Fun times had by all

1,928 87

This years color change wasn't everything I hoped for but I did still get some shots of it before retreating back to the desert. I've always enjoyed abstract images of fall color but this is definitely one of my favorites I've ever made. I love these kinds of images because they are a great reminder that art has no rules and can be as artist as the photographer wants to make them.

1,119 48

White Pocket, Arizona With endless locations and amazing places to shoot in Arizona, White Pocket is one of my favorites. Endless compositions and some of the most unique patterns I've ever seen make White a place I'll visit as often as I can for years to come. This image was shot out on a photo tour tour with friends @derrick_snider_imagery, @debheyerphoto, @markbonamephotography and @ezumphoto. We had a great trip and photography is always a great excuse for friends to get together for a road trip. Canon 5DSR, Sigma 14 1.8, F 11, ISO 100. @canonusa @sigmaphoto

1,288 34

I can't believe it's already been 2 years since I shot this, without a doubt the coolest thing I've ever seen with my own eyes! If I had billions of dollars I'd never miss one on this planet ever again. No distance would be to far, I always go to see a full eclipse of the sun.

712 14

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming Out with friends Mark Boname and Ron Hayes chasing some Astro photography on Friday night. The struggle was real with the insane horde of relentless mosquitoes. It was hot an humid but we where forced to wear as clothes as we had to cover as much of our skin as possible for protection. They didn't even let up a bit after sunset and into the early morning hours. Gave me a nightmare from all the ear buzzing! We had great conditions early in the night but we were shut down when a fast moving cloud system moved over our location and sent us home for the night. Fun times with good friends! Please feel to share:)

799 17

Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA I think it's safe to say you have a tough argument on your hands if you ever told a Wyominite that the Tetons weren't one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world! I traveled most of the country and too many other countries in the world for photography but the Tetons are still my favorite mountain range I've ever seen! This image was a true test in patience as Mark Boname and I sat here nearly all day waiting for clouds to break from the peaks. Lucky for us the clouds just happened to clear shortly before Sunset, and we couldn't have hoped for a better show when it did. Canon 5DSR, 24-105mm @ 65mm, F9, ISO 100, Focus Stacked with multiple shots to cover the dynamic range.


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