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Techie💙Event-goer💚Silicon Beach | LA☀️💜 @closetsparkapp💙✨ Major: Entrepreneurship💼 Minor: Philosophy💕 Below are my podcasts, Twitch, YouTube, & blog😎
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16.3% of skylarbjorn's followers are female and 83.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 22.70%. The average number of likes per post is 5984 and the average number of comments is 391.

Skylarbjorn loves posting about Marketing, Travel.

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16.3 %
83.7 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 59.17 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 57.41 %
  • Music 54.66 %
  • Entertainment 52.69 %
  • Movies and TV 49.60 %
  • Photography 49.40 %
  • Books and Literature 43.33 %
  • Business & Careers 42.35 %
  • Travel & Tourism 40.93 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.14 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 38.13 %
  • Technology & Science 35.11 %


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What most Americans don’t realize about cryptocurrency is how much more it is used in other countries.🌎💚✨ For instance, Australia uses Bitcoin in a lot of its stores and even its national post office accepts it. Also, Americans can trust their banks to not steal their money once they put it in, but that is not the case with every country. In some countries, the residents cannot trust their banks since one day the bank could just randomly “lose” their money since the government is more corrupt there. Some people also like to use Bitcoin to send money outside of the country since it is available instantly with no fee. Bitcoin is also finite and it’s estimated that the last one will be mined in 2042, although some people think it will take longer, so this estimate varies. Ethereum is not finite, so once the last Bitcoin is mined the price of Bitcoin is presumed to skyrocket, which cannot happen with Ethereum.💙💫 . . . . #cryptoinvestment #cryptolifestyle #cryptocoins #bitcoingirl #cryptogirl #officedecoration #officelady #officeinteriors #officeinspiration #officechic #officefashion #officegoals #cryptomarket #cryptolife #bitcoininvestment #cryptonews #officedesign #officedecor #officespace #businessowner #entrepreneurmindset #office #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurmotivation #technology #blockchain #blockchainnews #ethereum #altcoin

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A groundbreaking thing has arose in the world of cryptocurrency, which is… staking your crypto to earn compound interest along with the crypto coin going up or down in value. Although, depending on the crypto exchange you use, depends on which coins you can “stake” to earn interest on. You do have to be very careful with which website/exchange you use since exchanges have been hacked in the past, which resulted in people losing all of their crypto. 💙 Currently, I am staking an alt coin, but have thought about staking a stable coin, which is a coin that stays the same price. Although, the compound interest on this stable coin is 2% APY versus much higher rates for other coins. 💚 If you are wondering what exactly “staking” is, it’s a bit to explain. So, in blockchain what people do to validate transactions, in order for the blockchain to be “decentralized”, is by people mining crypto on their computers/nodes by using a software that solves “blocks” of code. Once these “blocks” of code are solved on the blockchain, the miner is rewarded with the crypto coin of that blockchain. So, when people “stake” their coins, they hold (hodl in crypto terms) them which allows these coins to verify crypto transactions in the blockchain network, as people do w/mining. 💜 Also, being able to stake coins instead of mining allows people to save a lot of electricity & money. It’s also extremely hard to mine for Bitcoin since there are massive super computers around the world competing to mine it, & only one computer that solves that single block of code the quickest earns that coin. Although, with staking on an exchange, people receive compound interest instead of the full coin at a time. Some exchanges do randomly give a whole crypto coin along w/regular interest, but this is not common. Supposedly, when staking the Compound crypto coin, sometimes people get a whole coin which is valued over $100 for free, along with the compound interest for staking it. Ps. The exchange I trust the most & have used for 3 years is Coinbase, I have a referral in link my bio that gives you $10 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 in cryptocurrency, I also get $10 in Bitcoin, thank you😄💕

4,599 404

Recently, I have been taking an online California real estate course.🏡🖥✨ One of the main things I learned from this course was the difference between community and separate property. Separate property is the property someone owns before getting married and it cannot be taken away in a divorce. Although, all property bought during marriage becomes community property which is then split/taken in a divorce. So the key is to buy as much property as you can before you get married so you can keep it after a divorce. (At least in California and other applicable states that have community property laws.) Also, if one spouse bought property before the marriage, and put the earned rental income into a joint account with the other spouse, then that rental income becomes split between the two spouses in a divorce. So, you should keep a separate account to collect rental income during marriage if you do not want to lose any of your rental income from getting divorced.🏚 Do you plan on ever owning any rental properties?🤔 Should I write more about what I am learning from the real estate course in upcoming posts?📝✨ . . . . #techgirl #techgirls #balconydesign #balconygoals #realestatequestions #realestategirl #businessgirl #entrepreneurjourney #entrepreneursofinstagram #techies #techworld #techgeek #balconylife #businessmotivation #businessadvice #businessmind #realestateadvice #entrepreneurtip #malibubeach #businesses #techy #realestatetips #realestategoals #balconyview #business #businesswoman #entrepreneur #goals #realestate #realestatelaw

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In this picture, I am holding the Business Model Generation book.🤓📓✨ Have you ever heard of a business model before?🤔 In the past, business plans used to be popular, but now people like to use business models instead. Random fact, I have actually been making business models since high school and would often have to alter them when I pivoted my ideas.🤪😆 This book outlines the “9 building blocks” of the business model. In order, these 9 building blocks are: customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, and cost structure. A customer segment is the type of customer that would be interested in this type of business. A customer can be either or both another business or an everyday individual consumer. Most people today do not know a lot of the B2B (business-to-business) businesses since they mainly only know about the B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses. An example of a business that does both B2B and B2C is Amazon. Most people probably know to go to Amazon to buy products, but they may not know about AWS which stands for “Amazon Web Services” where a bunch of tech companies use Amazon’s tools/services in their products. Value propositions are how the company seeks to solve customer problems and satisfy customer needs. Channels are how these value propositions or solutions to problems are delivered to customers through communications, distribution, and sales Channels. Customer relationships are established and maintained with each Customer Segment. Revenue streams result from value propositions being successfully offered to customers. Basically, the ways that a company makes money, and companies always want multiple revenue streams to have as much profit as possible. Key resources are the assets required to offer and deliver the previously described elements. Key activities are the activities a company does to generate a profit. Key partnerships are the partnerships attained when outsourcing work and acquiring resources outside of the enterprise. Cost structure are all of the costs the company has.🌀 . . . . #techgirl #girlbosslifestyle #girlbossing #girlbossmovement

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Where have you been doing your work during this quarantine?🤔✨ I mainly do work in my room, but sometimes I go to the office in Malibu.🌊 I do enjoy a change of scenery every once in a while, but I also really enjoy saving time by not having to commute to campus or get ready for class. I do feel though that I’ve gotten a bit too used to being at home so I don’t really care to go out at all.😅 Although, I never really went out before the lockdown anyways. Do you feel like you’re getting a little too used to being at home?🤔😅 It might be the classes I’m taking this semester, but I also feel like professors are assigning more work than usual which is taking a lot more time.😭😭😭 I also have quite a bit to work on aside from school and always have something to do outside of classes though.🌎 I also feel that one hour wasted leads to being another one hour further away from my goals.⏳In fact, I always think about that along with how many hours have compounded into days, weeks, and months into being behind on my goals which leads to letting myself down.😔😣 I still face many distractions and get sad for a variety of reasons which slows me down, but my personality type is also the sensitive type. I just remind myself that things could get worse along with a lot more time wasted if I do not be careful. So that is why I am also proud to have never drunk or smoked before in my life because those things can ruin a person’s life in a variety of ways when done in excess. Drinking and smoking also ages you too, so that is another good reason not to do them. Also, not getting enough sleep causes aging on a cellular level too.🌀 . .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #techgirl #corporate #girlboss #bossgirl #techy #laptop #marketing #dev_girls #success #malibuoffice #office #business #businessgirl #hustle #nevergiveup #work #developer #techie #entrepreneur #businessshirt #travel #startup #workinggirl #motivation #office #business #fashion #techpeople #innovation #codingdays

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I have been on and off working on my marketing/launch plan for a while.🧐🌀🍃🍂 I cannot tell if I am making this process more complicated than it is or if all this research is necessary though.🤔 I think the research is probably necessary in order for the launch of my app to be a success. Although through my research, I actually learned a ton of marketing tactics that I would have never thought of before. I feel that people often think that they need to spend thousands of dollars promoting on the mainstream social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and running Google Ads, but that can be extremely expensive. So it is a good thing that there are other tactics to market apps for free or cheaply.🙀 I remember when I took an app marketing course online from Google that the course actually suggested advertising on social media outlets that were not as popular as Facebook because Facebook charges more since it is popular and there is a lot more competition for ad space. I have also been indecisive about when my launch date should be for my app, but now I am thinking of October 15 instead of December 1, but I am still deciding so it may change again. I may also have a virtual launch party for my app too. Would you attend if I held one via Twitch?😄🤔🧐🤨🤪😅👾🤖💙✨ . . . . #techie #techgirl #appdev #developer #girlboss #bossgirl #girlbossaccessory #techy #bossbabe #entrepreneur #hustle #womanboss #businesswoman #office #girlbossnotebook #upcomingapp #table #cuteoutfit #malibuoffice #coworkingspace #businessgrowth #businessmindset #businessgoals #businesstip #businessmarketing #businesslife #businesstips #businessminded #businessopportunity #startup

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Today is my first day of classes for the fall 2020 semester.🍃🍂✨ Even though all of my classes are online, I still decided to get some cute supplies!😄🐈 What kind of office supplies do you have?🤔 Also if you were curious, these are the classes I am taking: managing new ventures, ops/supply chain management analytics, fundamentals of finance, Greece and the modern world, and Sikhism. I have also been posting some Medium blog posts on my Medium account @skylarbjorn if you want to check them out!😄🤪💚✨ I would also love some feedback on them too, thank you!🎀🎉 . . . . #office #officedecor #officedesign #officeinterior #officespace #studydesign #work #malibuoffice #notebooks #notbooks #catsonnotebook #cataccessories #fashionstyle #techgirl #techie #girlboss #lifestyle #bosslady #ladyboss #bossgirl #workinggirl #onatable #work #hustle #workshirt #workhard #developer #collegegirl #collegestudent #zoomuniversity

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What do you guys think about cryptocurrency?🤔💙✨ Recently, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been on the rise which has caused my cryptocurrency portfolio to quadruple. I still remember when Ethereum was around $100 earlier this year, and I thought about buying more but was not sure. Now I have seen that I should have definitely bought more.😅 Although, I still bought Ethereum when it was at the low which still gave me some gains. I am totally the type of person to hodl cryptocurrency and not sell. In fact, I have actually never sold any of the coins I have bought before. I also use a couple different exchanges to buy cryptocurrency such as and, since I also bought some alt coins on (Not one exchange has all of the cryptocurrency coins.) I am not quite too sure, but I believe I bought cryptocurrency for the first time a few years ago. Also, one of my favorite books on the subject was actually an audiobook I listened to for free on YouTube called “Bitcoin the future of the money By Dominic Frisby”. Ps. Not to sound salesy, but I put a link to for $10 in Bitcoin when you use my link😅😆 . . . . #bitcoin #blockchain #business #crypto #cryptocurrency #entrepreneur #invest #investing #investor #lifestyle #stocks #success #trader #trading #wealth #finance #coinbase #hitbtc #techgirl #techie #techblogger #developer #tech #girlboss #bosslady #cryptogains #businesswoman #coins #altcoins #ethereum

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Supposedly, the key to being great at coming up with ideas is by writing 5 down a day.📝 Most of these ideas will probably be bad, but over time some of them will be great. You only need one great idea to make you rich, so the odds will be in your favor through consistency.🌀 Another way people come up with ideas is by finding ways to solve a problem. So the main thought is if you want to make a billion dollars, solve a billion dollar problem. Which idea generation method would you prefer?🤔 House credits to my friend: @frankierozum 🏡✨ . . . . #studio #techgirl #techie #developer #homestudio #careermotivation #codingblog #codinglife #developerdiaries #developerslife #devlife #leadership #programmer #softwareengineering #startupjourney #tech #technology #webdeveloper #womenwhocode #workaholic #hustle #devgirl #businessgirl #bossgirl #girlboss #workinggirl #workingwomen #collegestudent #techblog #blogger

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The moment I realized loneliness was in the mind, was the moment I realized I needed no one.🌀✨ I feel that mainstream media has brainwashed people into seeking unneeded relationships and doing unnecessary things to fit the mainstream standards. When in reality, all a person really needs is him or herself and the ability to be strong enough to not rely on anyone or anything. Constantly, those around you try to persuade you with their agenda, a word here a word there, because they know they can get their agenda in your mind through repetition. You have to know that the thought of something you have never ever considered doing before, which you are now thinking about doing is not your thought, but theirs. This is a way people manipulate others and you have to not let them persuade by constantly reminding yourself of your own values. Most of the time, people seem to want to live in the moment, but this is one of the reasons why I do not live in the moment. Living in the moment can lead to making a permanent decision which you will regret for the rest of your life. Time will pass and that regret will come, then you will be living in that regret for eternity. This leads people to think that I worry a lot, but I am really just looking at the bigger picture and know that these actions to “live in the moment“ will not be good enough to pass the test of time. You are a blank slate when you come into this world, and it is crazy how the things around us mold our perceptions. It makes me wonder if any of our beliefs are really ours or just the beliefs of thousands of people combined. Remember that the moment you have lost control of yourself, is the moment the vast sea of others control you.🌊 Shades and house credits to my friend: @frankierozum 🏡✨ . . . . #dailystoic #mindsetcoaching #mindsetmastery #mindsetofexcellence #mindsetshift #philosophicalquote #philosophicalthoughts #philosophy #philosophyoflife #philosophyquotes #philosophystudent #stoicism #stoicismdaily #stoicmindset #stoicphilosophy #stoicquotes #wisdomquotes #techgirl #techie #entrepreneur #businessgirl #hustle #loneliness #businessmotivation #businessowners #businesspassion #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneu

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❌Never let anyone else define you.❌ Even if it means losing friends, giving up relationships, completely forgetting the past, and giving up so many other things, never let them control who you are. By letting other things/people control you, your own destruction will occur without you even realizing it. 💚 In the past, I have had to walk away from things and have been hurt many times before. Although, after all of this, I realized I was actually happiest alone in pursuit of my goals. At the end of the day, a person could just randomly walk out of your life with no explanation, but your goals will never leave you. 💚 If people will not respect me for my decisions and if it means I have to be single/alone for all of eternity to achieve what I need in life, so be it. I don’t care. Interestingly, I actually took a personality test at my university and the results were that I am the type of person who would rather achieve big goals over having a balanced lifestyle. 💚 From that personality test I also got these results: 1️⃣My top 4 interests from that test were: enterprise control, application of technology, creative production, and influencing others. 2️⃣My top 4 motivators were: power and influence, positioning, autonomy, and prestige. 3️⃣My top skills which were according to the test “significantly more confidence than other business professionals” were: comfort with risk, influence, openness to criticism, organizational priority, motivational ability, and self-control. 💙 🌀From these the top things about me my top job matches were entrepreneurship 96%, investment banking 96%, project management 96%, strategic planning 94%, research and development management 94%, and then management of new product development 93%. 💙 Ps. I am also am an ENFJ according to the 16 personalities test too. Pss. I will NEVER give up on me. At the end of the day, we come into this world and we leave it alone. Psss: I have also realized that people who do wrong never actually think they are the bad person, since no one actually wants to believe he or she did bad. Pssss: I will never let anyone have power over me ever again. House credits to my friend: @frankierozum 🏡

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How do you start your mornings?😄☀️⛅️ I start mine with a morning workout, followed by some yoga, and then breakfast.🍳🥓 After that I then proceed to do my needed tasks for the day and work in 50 minute blocks.🖥⌚️ Also, here are some random facts about sleep: not getting enough deep sleep can lead to Alzheimer’s, people with messed up sleep showed blood levels equal to that of a diabetic after a week. Bad sleep can also cause higher risk of diabetes, depression, heart disease, and stroke.💤 House credits to my friend: @frankierozum 🏡 . . . . #bossbabe #business #businessgirl #businesswoman #happysmile #healthyliving #photooftheday #girlboss #coding #codingdays #codingpics #devlife  #girldeveloper #girlsinstem #girlsintech #programmer #programmerlife #programmingisfun #techgirl #webdev #womenintech #womenwhocode #techie #entrepreneur #streamer #twitchstreamer #entrepreneur #techentrepreneur #girltechboss #techboss


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