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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.10%. The average number of likes per post is 394 and the average number of comments is 77.

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297 91

When I started this journey of content creation/ blogging 8 months ago with 400 followers, I had no idea that getting paid for this was a thing. I just knew that God put it on my heart to start sharing my story with other people. And to tell the truth I didn't want to do it and I kept putting it off for about 4 months because it scared me to death. I'm not the type of person that likes to be at the center of attention, and I absolutely hate for people to feel sorry for or have pity on me. So when God put it on my heart to share my story of PPA AND PPD I actually thought I could tell our great and all mightly God NO.(please don't judge me😔) I had just given birth to my 3rd baby and after having the worst pregnancy and birth experience, I was also running my own event planning business which is very stressful, l was trying to fake being strong for my husband and our two girls, and on top of that God wanted me to start sharing my experience with strangers! What if no one liked me or even cared about what I had to say? Needless to say, I'm faithful to my God and I gave it. I started taking my blogging/content creation journey serious about 6 months ago and God has showed up and show out y’all. I have gained over 5000 followers that are always engaging and encouraging me. I’ve met and befriended some amazing and talented like-minded women who are super supportive! I’ve had a few brands reach out to collab, but most importantly I've had countless women messaging me, telling me how much sharing my story has helped them!❤️ Sorry for this long post, but again God put this on my heart to share this morning. If there is anything you feel God has but on your heart to do, please just do it! He makes no mistakes! I was very afraid to embark on this journey but in doing so, no only am I helping other ladies by sharing my experience, I'm also doing God's work❤️

327 65

Ladies, don't let society put you in a box or stop you from chasing your dreams. I don't care if it's an oversaturated field and one million people are doing it. They aren’t doing it like you. The most important thing in life is to be happy. Focus on whatever brings you joy and makes your heart smile, and let go of everything else. ❤️

425 108

Feeding a family of five can get expensive especially if your family is anything like mine and loves to eat.😩 #ontheblog today I break down how I set a budget, meal plan and grocery shop for my family of five every month. The link is in my bio. Do you plan your family's meals or do you wait until the day of to see what you want to eat? I do both, I plan our meals and sometimes I switch it up at the last minute.😜

365 69

The best piece of advice I have ever received was: Start right where you are. Sometimes we feel like we have to have everything perfect before we can start working on our dream. Or that's what we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about waiting to start something. “Oh it's a pandemic, I have to wait”, or “my babies are young and they need me right now”, or my favorite “it's the weekend, I’ll start on Monday”. NO start now, today, with what you have. You only have now because you never know what tomorrow will hold. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you are happy and living the life you want to live. What's the best piece of advice you have received?

380 101

If 2020 has taught me anything it’ll be to stay out my feelings because there's no money in there. The beginning of the year was very hard for me emotionally, so I started blogging about my ppd and ppa, and that helped me feel better. But not only did it help me, but it also helped other women going through the same thing. So I started creating content on IG and along the way I have met some very strong, smart, & supportive women. And we have developed a sisterhood. The other day I hit a goal of mine, and my sisterhood of ladies were in my messages just hyping me up with encouragement and support to the point I was actually crying to my husband because I knew they were genuinely happy for me.❤️(I'm a crybaby y’all, I can't help it😩) So going forward I’d like everyone to find “your people” and encourage and support them, and don't focus on the ones that don't add value to your life. Whose apart of your sisterhood? Tag someone to just let them know that you value their friendship and appreciate all the love & support they give you! Mine will be in the comments also❤️

362 39

Every week I use three different planners to schedule my entire.🗓 I have a planner for family life, work life, and my personal goals. In my family planner I plan things like, * Doctor appointments * My cleaning schedule * Meal plans * Etc In my work planner I plan things like, * Consultations * Events * Brand campaigns * Etc In my personal goals planner I plan, * My workout schedule * Me time * Monthly goals * Etc On my blog, I break down how I use each planner weekly. Yes, having three planners is time-consuming but it keeps things in order for myself, my family, and my business. Click the link in my bio to see how I plan using all three planners weekly.🖤 (be sure to save for later)

383 81

This time last year I was in a completely different space. Two days after Christmas last year, I was actually thinking about admitting myself into the hospital. That’s how bad my postpartum anxiety was. Although I was speaking with my therapist weekly and taking my meds daily, I was still in a horrible space and I couldn’t even enjoy my new baby. If you have ever battled with PPA or PPD then you know how bad it can get. I'm so happy to say exactly one year later, I'm about 80% back to my old self but I still have my days where that other 20% takes over. I’ve had several women message me about PPA or PPD and I'm always happy to listen or give advice. If you are going through this and just need someone to talk to, please message me. On my blog, I wrote about my experience with PPA and the things I did to help myself get back some normalcy in my life. That link is in my bio. Please know you are not alone❤️

444 81

Although Christmas is my favorite holiday, it’s also very stressful so I’m glad it’s over! I am debating on taking my Christmas decor down tomorrow or waiting until New Year’s Eve. And please don’t judge me, I have two toddlers and a 7 month old Rottweiler.😩 When do you usually put your Christmas decor away?

513 56

You never really notice how you act as a person until you have TWO little people that acts just like you. I think they actually study me because when I tell you they have my WHOLE personality. 🤦🏽‍♀️ l really had to change some of my ways because things that I thought were ”cute” before I had kids, were not things that I wanted to see my girls doing. I’m not perfect but to them I am and that has made me have to make a lot of difficult changes to my personality and mentality. I am determined to break the cycle. If you know then you know. Sometimes I look at them and just think, they're worth it all. I don’t know how something I never thought l wanted turned out to be exactly what I needed.

292 61

As most of you know I am on a postpartum mission to get my hair back healthy. I suffered really bad postpartum shedding after I had my son, but with the help of this @kerotinhaircare micro-needling device and this intensive hair growth drops, my hair is almost 100% back to normal. I love the intensive hair growth drops because it is a lightweight, leave-in serum that nourishes hair follicles with essential nutrients to support the growth of healthier hair. First I apply two drops of serum directly to my scalp and then roll the needling device over the serum to boost absorption. Head over to @kerotinhaircare to order your products, and if you use my code simplydiesha15, you will receive 15% off! Yes to healthy hair!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #postpartumshedding #healthyhair #postpartumhairloss #blackgirljoy #blackinfluencers #Momofthree #melaninbloggers #browngirlswhoblog #momstyleblogger #momgoals #blackfamilies #blackmomblogger #modernmom #blackinfluencer #fashionandlifestyle #mombloggers #chicagoblogger #momgoals #momtruth #CandidMotherhood #hotmessmom #factsaboutme

434 74

I'm 18 months in and still can't believe I have a son! When I first found out I was having a boy, I didn't think I would bond with him. I had spent the last 12 years being a girl mom, I didn't think I would know how to be a good mom to a boy. BUT then he arrived 🥰 I can't even begin to find the words to express how much I am in love with this little person. Our bond is so special and he put all my fears to rest. He brings our lives so much joy and happiness! I thank God every day for him! This mother-son bond is amazing and I’m so happy God saw fit to make me is mom. (y’all please pray for me that I don't spoil this boy to much🤗) Motherhood is so amazing and it brings out strengths we didn't know we had. What has motherhood brought out of you that you didn't know you had?


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