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The visual diary of Sibulelo Manamatela; a mother/ poet/ food lover/ sentimental human being, sharing our everyday moments.
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.70%. The average number of likes per post is 977 and the average number of comments is 34.

40% of the followers that engaged with sibsmans regularly are from South Africa, followed by United States at 22.86% and United Kingdom at 8.57%. In summary, the top 5 countries of sibsmans's posts engager are coming from South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Botswana, Switzerland.

Sibsmans loves posting about Celebrities.

Check sibsmans's audience demography. This analytics report shows sibsmans's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • South Africa 40 %
  • United States 22.86 %
  • United Kingdom 8.57 %
  • Botswana 5.71 %
  • Switzerland 5.71 %


763 22

This month is #breastcancerawarenessmonth and the @theinfluencermarketingagency has teamed up with some local brands to raise awareness about the illness. . Although I believe it is ideal to have a professional do a check up on your breasts; there are self examinations that we can all do at home. The first step is to be familiar with your breasts so that you are able to pick up any changes that happen as early as possible. Some of the things to look out for are visual lumps, skin and texture changes and changes in nipple shape or abnormal discharge. Please do some research on how to conduct a self-examination and always, always see a doctor if something doesn’t feel right. . . The boobie t-shirt I am wearing is part of @copymagic_sa’s efforts in raising #breastcancerawareness. SWIPE >> to see what else came in @theinfluencermarketingagency’s ‘PINK DROP’. flowers: bleached Pampass, bunny tails, dyed fynbos- @lovelaughproteas Madame macarons- @madamemacaronsa Black garlic grinder & Himalayan salt tin- @funky_ouma Kimo scrunchie- @kimoscrunchies Key ring- @artesenseonline ORA stacking bracelets- Gift tags- @macaroon_me Blueberry booster collagen- @the_harvest_table Oh So Heavenly hand scrub & cream- @ohsoheavenlysa Luxe leather earrings- @luxe_leatherearrings Bianca Warren pink designer mask- @biancawarrensa Personalised Macaroon Flamingo case- @macaroon_me Sandals- @blueberryblushza . @theinfluencermarketingagency is doing a giveaway of the box on their page so head over there to stand a chance to win a box just like mine. But more importantly, take care of yourselves; know your boobies and spread awareness about breast cancer to all the women you know! ✨

609 13

Which profession did you want to pursue growing up? We go through so many dreams throughout our lives and it’s so important to keep generating new ones. I have aspired to be a doctor, an actress, a singer, a politician, a chartered accountant and basically everything else there is- except law.💀 . I still think I’m going to flow into different careers because that’s the type of person I am and I’ve also seen how easily my mom has switched from one thing to another by keeping a common thread and always learning. She’s 50-something right now and she’s currently a student. There is no finish line. There’s always room to grow and more things to experience. . I like to remind myself this when thinking about how to nurture my children’s talents and interests. Yes encourage what they love but also enrich their lives in every possible way. Expose them to music, sports and everything else under the sun. In the end, you won’t get to decide what they end up as but you can help them become rounded human beings who can have multiple areas of interest and accomplishment. We can make their lives easier by giving them options. How do you nurture your children’s talents? Outfits: @cottononkids #CottonOnKidsCrew #CottonOnKids

210 9

What’s for dinner? We’re having pork bangers & spinach pasta for supper. Anyone who is the cook in their family will understand the main perk of the position: you get to make whatever you want to eat and everyone else has to go along with it! 😉☺️

572 22

I hope everyone has a had a great and restful weekend. Swipe to see this gem of a tweet I came across that perfectly describes how life feels sometimes. Add to that ‘while working on raising humans’ for some of us- it can feel like a mountain. So I hope you got to slow down and just breathe this weekend. . Before starting off a new week can we practice gratitude together and comment with something we’re grateful for? (Nothing is too small!) . I’ll start: I’m grateful for the opportunities that have been flowing my way. I’m attracting a lot of goodness in my life and I affirm that I deserve it and more is yet to come. ✨

1,123 28

When they said ‘it will end in tears’, they were talking about kids playing together. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Okay not always but this morning it ended with Mangi crying because he wanted Kukhanya to hold him. 🥺

760 26

Do you think you are your kids favorite person? Mangi loves me. I have no doubts about that but I’m convinced that I’m not his favorite. He said ‘Baba’ for a solid month before he ever said ‘Mama’. Every time he sees or hears his dad he just blurts it out-even over the phone. 😭🥺 He’d only ever say mama when he was about to cry and wanted me to take him up until recently. His entire face lights up every time he sees his dada, I’m so convinced he’s going to be a #daddysboy! I think I might be Kukhanya’s favorite though so that’s fair right? 😂 Outfit: @cottononkids #CottonOnKidsCrew #CottonOnKids

2,211 211

The mother’s existence outside of #motherhood is highly controversial. As soon as you’re pregnant, people (& sometimes yourself) treat you and your body as if it exists solely for the baby/babies. The thing is; women live whole and full lives before having a child and that doesn’t become undone because we have chosen to have a baby. . This particularly affects women’s careers, social life and our sexuality. After having a baby people expect you to live just for that. You’re criticized for spending too much time working or going out too much. And you can’t be comfortable in your sexuality and be a mom! No that’s just awful. Like- how dare you be sexy PUBLICLY when you’re someone’s mother!!! . Sometimes we give into that because it is exhausting to constantly be shamed about EVERYTHING but honestly that’s a fast-track to unhappiness. Suppressing different parts of ourselves to keep up some imaginary mould of how a mother is meant to look and behave is the worst thing we could do to ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with taking time out to focus on your kids but it is SO important to continue nurturing the wonderful person you were before having your little humans. Do the things that you love, take care of yourself and express yourself however you see fit!

1,228 29

Some time ago I had a conversation with @blackmomchronicles_sa, @pin_dee and @aleciahuntley and one the things that stayed with me after that conversation was how important community is in the motherhood journey. Multiple helping hands make life so much easier and that extends to online relations as well. Being able to talk and share information with other moms helps a lot. Everyone offers their own experience, insight and perspective and that will always help in making more informed decisions for yourself and your children. Finding people you have things in common with is also a great joy. Thank you for being here. I enjoy this space so so much. ♥️ You can still watch that conversation (+ many more insightful videos) on @blackmomchronicles_sa’s YouTube page!

682 22

Do you ever feel like kids weaponize their smiles and cuteness? What I need to know is how can I be stern when their unleashing all their charm? Smiling with glowing eyes and all their teeth? I FEEL PLEASANTLY ATTACKED and these kids know my weaknesses. 🥺 . Pjs are from @cottononkids and they have so many cute options to pick from. ✨ #CottonOnKids @CottonOnKidsCrew

5,789 129

We call this co-sleeping on the internet but all my life I’ve known it as just sleeping (with a baby). All I ever saw growing up were moms sleeping with their babies. It was normal and I believe that it still is. I only questioned whether or not I should sleep with my babies because of articles and people online talking about the ‘risks’ of co-sleeping. I am not saying they were/are not valid concerns but I am saying that it was never a thing I thought about before reading about it. But even after that, with new information, I couldn’t connect to the idea of my baby sleeping far from me, especially in the first few months of their life when they wake up and need me more often then not. But more importantly; I enjoy seeing his smiling face every morning - he always wakes up happy if he finds me near him. A beautiful start makes every day a little brighter. . What are your thoughts on co-sleeping?

811 6

Sunday morning ☁️🌧 // food +family 😍♥️

1,005 31

When you want your toddler to settle down as in yesterday! The first time we went to their gran’s house in Mpumalanga after Khanya was born, their aunt said forget the baby carrier and use a towel and I’ve never looked back since. Kukhanya used to be restless in the carrier and so we didn’t use it much. But now he asks me to put him on my back with a towel and sometimes he asks me to add a blanket on top. Do what works best for you! 💕


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