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72.3% of shub_sg's followers are female and 27.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 933 and the average number of comments is 131.

Shub_sg loves posting about Moms, Fashion, Technology, Travel, Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Kids & Parenting, Humor, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Gardening, Film, Music & Books, Education, DIY & Crafts, Design, Celebrities, Cars & Motorcycles, Art, Architecture, Animals & Pets, Cooking.

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72.3 %
27.7 %


  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 80.10 %
  • Children & Family 79.79 %
  • How-to & Style 62.96 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 62.06 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 53.02 %
  • Art & Design 47.43 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 37.94 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.90 %
  • Entertainment 33.00 %
  • Home & Garden 32.70 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 32.21 %
  • Business & Careers 31.89 %


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🍕🍕Exact same location of our Home Pizza Party @ Our cozy area but at Two different times - Once we ordered it for lunch and then AGAIN we ordered it for next day’s dinner!!! Why? Of course because we loved @canadianpizzasg ‘s new 🍃Plant-based Meatless Masak Merah pizza made with @quornsg meat free protein so much 🍃 😋 What my tastebuds liked about this 🍕? 🍅Its rich delectable sweet and tangy tomato sauce 🌶That subtle heat from the chilies 🥥Complete with creamy coconut milk The amalgamation of these ingredients creates a super delish variation of the traditional #ayammesakmerah and will be tempting for vegetarians like me and even meat lovers will relish it. 💚Sides like Southern Fried Bites and Meat Free Balls are fun eats especially for kids. 🇸🇬 This National Day, let’s celebrate different cultures of Singapore and fusion of them with sustainable food. Don’t miss the promos on their website! Stay safe and enjoy good food. . . . @canadianpizzasg @quornsg #masaktoperfection #meatfree241 #241quorn . . #rainbowdiaries #sgfoodies #sgfood #sgfoodspotting #singaporeinsiders #meatfree #cleaneats #vegetarianrecipes #sustainability #sustainableliving #greenlifestyle #gogreen #greeninfluencer #ecoinfluencer #foodstagram #sgfitfam #bhfyp♥️ #livelifecolorfully #bethankfuleveryday #goodfoodgoodmood #sg56 #singapore🇸🇬 #singaporenationalday #ndp2021

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I believe that my helper auntie needs weekely off because that gives her an opportunity to spend time with her friends and get refreshed while we can spend exclusive time with kids. But in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, I get quite worried whenever she goes out with her friends. It’s a risk to my family! 🦠 Thankfully I recently found HL Assurance thar can cover my helper for Covid-19. It even has coverage for Covid-19 on FDW home leave and stay home notice. Very cool indeed! 👍🏻 I’m definitely considering this maid insurance especially with their $50 voucher. ➡️ Find out more here: #HLAssurance #sp . . #rainbowdiaries #bhfyp #sgig #igsg #sgbloggers #insurance #staysafe #covid_19 #pandemic #endemic #sgmoms #sggirls #sgfamily #playyourpart #fdw #partipost #playyourpart #instasg #singaporeinsiders #topblogger

1,300 150

🦷Odontophobia – dental fear, dental anxiety. #mustread #savepost So many people in my close and extended circle have tremendous fear of dental treatments. Since the age of 5, I have been such a regular at the dentist clinic. Started off with fillings and extraction of milk teeth and all these years, you name it and I have mostly done it - root canal, crowns, bridges, wisdom tooth surgery and even dental implants!! 😭 Well, all this “rich” experience of dental treatments definitely qualifies me to share some surefire tips and tricks to ease the dental anxiety you might have! 🦷Visit your dentist twice a year. My regular visits to dentists have helped me save some of my pearlies. 🦷Follow consistent and strict Oral health regimen. Brush, Floss, Mouthwash. 🦷In case your teeth need urgent attention, discuss options with your dentist. There is no need to feel scared or ashamed. 🦷During treatment, those lights, drills and needles indeed look overwhelming and you’ll probably have a feeling to run away but keep calm, take a deep breath and tell yourself that it’s for your own health. Hold clinic assistant’s hand (Not dentist’s 🥶😱) and believe me it really makes things easier. 🦷Anticipation of pain is worse than actual pain – most important point to remember!!! Once the gums are numb, you DO NOT feel any pain. 🦷Take your post-treatment medication and rest very well. 🦷The medicines, the technology and the expertise of dentists is so advanced and we should trust it completely. Once we do that, we are ready for our dental treatments. 🦷Have a hearty chat with your friends and family before treatment. That’s the best mood booster! 🦷Distract yourself! Example: when I did this complicated dental implant, I imagined myself chilling on the snow mountains. 🦷 Don’t get into #informationoverload . It will do more harm than good. 💋Ask Me Anything about it and I’ll be more than happy to cheer you up too. 😍🤗 Read more about my dental and other experiences on . . #rainbowdiaries #tipsandtricks #agonyaunt #askmeanything #dentaltreatment #oralhealth #igsg #sgig #instadaily #viral #viralpost #honestreview #experiencesnotthings

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😘 The best way to unwind and feel good instantly is to play with your little people 🥰 Shrihaan and me had such a super slimy, gooey, sparkly, glittery time while making our slime popsicle 🍭 No weird smell, complicated process with this slime kit by @Elmerssg. Non-toxic, safe and washable too. The slime turned out to be perfect 👍🏻 🎉What I loved the most about it? Sparkle it brought in Shri’s big eyes and smile on my face. ❇️Not only he but even I spent lot of time on this kit. True mood lifter! #sp #elmersglue #elmersgluesg #diyslimekit #slime #elmerssingapore #elmerssg . . . . #rainbowdiaries #slime #slimetime #diykids #diymama #diykit #sgkids #sgmommies #sggirls #sgig #igsg #instakids #cutekidsclub #sonshine💙 #viralpost #trending #kidsactivities #sgkidsactivities #artykids

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I bought this dress mainly because it goes well with my beautiful mask from @meetEnro 😄✨ Finding the best mask is not that easy and I get maskne and allergic reaction if it doesn’t suit me. As a full time office going mom, I have to wear mask at least 9 hours a day you know ☹️ Seriously super happy with my splurge on Enro website because I am loving these masks very very much. What’s so special about them? EVERYTHING! 🌬First of all, I can breathe so much better with Enro. No more huffing and puffing! Comfortable, lightweight and I don’t feel suffocated at all. 🦠Enro has PM0.1 filter for the best filtration. 🥰More than 70 designs to choose from and you will be spoilt for choices. 👍🏻6 sizes to choose from. I am getting for my kids and hubby too. 💚Sustainable and lasts through at least 100 washes ☀️It comes with SPF 50 🚢 FREE shipping for orders of 4 or more masks. 🏷 Use my code <SHUB> for 15% off Check out Enro mask beauties guys and gals 💜 You can thank me later 😄 . . #sp #meetenro #enrofacemasks #stylishmasks #everydaymasks #machinewashablemasks #familymasks #perfectfit #sustainable . . #rainbowdiaries #greenfashion #sgfashionistas #sgfashionweekly #sgfashionblogger #ecoinfluencer #greeninfluencer #ecofriendlyliving #greenlifestyle #maskon #p2ha #covid19

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👁👁Looking into the unknown and trying to guess when all this will finally really completely truly be over!!! 📝As Singapore goes back to more Covid restrictions to curb the spread, here are 10 things that we all can do. No big words, no technical jargon, Just some tips! 💪🏻 🟡Get Fully Vaccinated. It definitely gives some peace of mind. 🟡Follow all the protocols stringently - rules are to be followed you see. Not just for us but for everyone. 🟡Don’t leave your guard and mask down. Small mistake, big problem! 🟡Spend time with your family and stay at home as much as you can. 🟡Keep relations with your extended family strong via virtual methods. Call, Video call, WhatsApp them everyday if possible. 🟡Monitor your and your loved ones’ health carefully. 🟡Ensure you acknowledge your own feelings and observe your loved ones’ behaviour too. 🟡Express! Have open and hearty discussions about pain points like anxiety, mental health, spam, scam and just about anything and everything. 🟡Eat good food - nutritious, tasty and in adequate quantity. 🟡Move - with WFH / Hybrid working, our routines are messed up and that’s why we have to walk/exercise/swim and remain flexible. ❓What else you are doing to keep sane among all the madness? Do share! 👗 @marksandspencer_sg 😷 @airmaskmy 📸 @apple #iphone12promax This is a #tb pic and Mask was momentarily off to take the pic. . . . . . . #rainbowdiaries #sgig #igsg #keyopinionleader #instasg #p2ha #covid21 #wfh #hybridworking #staysafe #takecare #itsnotover #pandemic #endemic #vaccinationdone✔️ #pfizerbiontech #singaporeinsiders #sginsiders #sgbloggers #ftwm #fulltimeworkingmom #thisissingapore #singaporelife #topblogger #globalinfluencer #indianinfluencer #sggirls #sgfashion

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Personally, I would like to see this book-lover Shrihaan much more than gamer-boy Shrihaan especially now when as a society we are witnessing game violence turning to real life violence and mental health issues surging due to excessive usage of gadgets among kids. 📝Technology is a good friend of ours but remember books are the best friends!!! 🤗Sharing with you our latest haul of books from @sgbookdeals and also sharing about their sale below. 🌐Head to 📚 From 22 Jul to 25 Jul for 22% OFF all books with min. $70 spend 📚 Receive a complimentary gift while stocks last! 📚 Over 20,000 titles on sale up to 90% discount! 📚 A wide selection of books ranging from toddlers, children, teens, fiction to business and self-help. . . . . @sgbookdeals #sgbookmarket #sgbookdeals #booksale #bookmarket #rainbowdiaries #bookstagram #bookrecommendation #bookreviewer #productreviewer #sgkids #sgig #igsg #instabooks #sgbloggers #sgbooks #staysafe #takecare #countyourblessings #bethankfuleveryday #begratefulforwhatyouhave #livelifecolorfully

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OFF! Active Sweat Resistant Insect Repellent is my go to product whenever my hubby and me go for our regular night walks post dinner. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ We stay near the park and reservoir and due to dense greenery there are lot of insects that bite or might bite on the way. OFF! Active repels mosquitoes, ticks etc. and can be used over clothes also. The best thing I felt was that it works for long duration even if we are sweating & does not even feel sticky. Do try if you haven’t yet 👍 . #baygonsg #sp . . #rainbowdiaries #mozziewipeout #dengue #mosquito #cockroaches #baygon #trusted #keepclean #globalinfluencer #mombloggersclub #sgig #igsg #covid #instasg #safetyfirst #sghomes #sgfamily #stayhealthy #bethankfuleveryday #countyourblessings #beyou #doyou #momlife #momlifebelike #domesticgoddess #ftwm

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Bye bye mozzies 🦟❌ Don’t trouble us in the night from now on. Baygon Liquid Electric Repeller is a very practical, effective solution to protect our family against mosquitoes. It’s like having a small electric diffuser that quietly works its way to keep mozzies at bay to protect our family every night, all nights. What I really enjoy is that the liquid electric repeller offers 30 nights of protection against mosquitoes and there is no need to change the refill any night in between. #baygonsg #sp . #rainbowdiaries #mozziewipeout #dengue #mosquito #cockroaches #baygon #trusted #keepclean #globalinfluencer #mombloggersclub #sgig #igsg #covid #instasg #safetyfirst #sghomes #sgfamily #stayhealthy #bethankfuleveryday #countyourblessings #beyou #doyou #momlife #momlifebelike #domesticgoddess #ftwm

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CLOSED!!! Winners declared on IG stories 😘{Giveaway alert} It takes a lot to shine without makeup; you need courage, confidence and a good skincare 😘 As you know I use minimal or no makeup because honestly I never manage to get time for it with 13464899 things planned one after the other. Another important reason is - I feel if your skin is good, you don’t need much makeup. That’s why I spend time in quality skincare, facials and I loveee to review these treatments on my feed and on #rainbowdiaries site. 💖This time around, I am happy to have explored Korea’s famous Super Lifting Program that contains 12 patented polypeptides and extracts from the Oriental raisin tree, Herb green no. 8 (extracted from 8 different herbs), organic White Peony extract, Lotus Root extract and Peach Leaf extract 🌈 Does it actually give lifting effect to your face? My video is all for you to see. Before and After Difference is loud and clear 👍🏻 Super convenient to use! Just add Super Lifting Polymer to Super Lifting Pack container. Shake it and apply that gel on your face with the brush provided. Wait for 30 mins and wash it off. Apply anti-wrinkle cream that comes with Super Lifting Program. Swipe and watch the video! I have 3 sets of Super Lifting Polymer + Super Lifting Pack to giveaway. 💋Follow me and @superliftingprogramsg 💋Like and save the post 💋Comment on why you want to win and tag a friend (More comment = More entries !) 💋Bonus: Share to story for additional entry Giveaway ends on 23.07.2021. Open for all Singapore residents. Not associated with Instagram in any which way. ➡️Head to: and check it out. You could get $10 off 1 box of SLP with <GSS10> at $289 (U.P $299) . . #superliftingprogram #sp #sggiveaway #sgig #igsg #instasg #beautyjunkie #sggirls #instabeauty #rainbowdiaries #sgcontest #giveawaysg #beautifulskin #skincare #glowup #bodyconfidence #beautybloggerlife #yummymummy #momlifeisthebestlife #beyourownkindofbeautiful #nomakeupselfie #viral #trending #viralvideos #viralposts

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🕹For all parents who have game-loving kids🕹 Do you know Gaming Addiction is officially recognized by @who as a Mental Health Condition? We have a Gamer Boy at home and following these practices to ensure that Game love doesn’t become obsession! 🔴Minimize Gaming time - We allow total gaming time of 2-3 hours and only on weekends. 🔴We don’t buy new games just like that. If he wants some latest game, he has to earn it or special occasion like his birthday should be there. 🔴His Dad or Sister gives him company when he plays games. Either they sit with him or they together play #multiplayer games. 🔴Age appropriate Games only - it’s much necessary that parents carefully read more about the games their kids play. 🔴No games that promote direct / indirect violence, racism and other bad habits should be bought for kids. 🔴Always be on alert mode! If you notice any changes in kids behaviour or energy levels or focus or eye health then immediately get it resolved / corrected. ➡️Mums and Dads, any tips and tricks you have? Please share with me too. 🌈 👔👕🩳Btw, Shrihaan chose to wear this cool shirt and shorts from @poney_singapore even at home because he loves the Color and he finds the material too comfy 😄😍 Check my IG stories for some more T-shirts and shorts that we got from Online Shopping at 🛒🛒 Lots of deals and Prompt delivery! . . @poney_singapore #poneysg #kidsfashion #sp #rainbowdiaries #kids #igkids #sgkids #coolkids #sgkidsfashion #igsg #sgig #instasg #viral #trending #viralposts #singaporeinsiders

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Wiping out them all!! 👋 Singapore is reeling from the impact of the situation we are in but at the same time existing threats like Dengue are still peaking and we have to be on constant alert! 🚨🚨🚨 For my family, I trust Baygon Double Nozzle aerosol to combat mozzies effectively. Baygon Aerosol is something that even my parents used to use and now the Double Nozzle is a new cap technology which provides fast and wide spread for better protection against not only mosquitoes but even ants and roaches. 🦟🐜❌❌ Let’s keep our home and kids safe from all nasties! 💪🏻 #baygonsg #sp . . #rainbowdiaries #mozziewipeout #dengue #mosquito #cockroaches #baygon #trusted #keepclean #globalinfluencer #mombloggersclub #sgig #igsg #covid #instasg #safetyfirst #sghomes #sgfamily #stayhealthy #bethankfuleveryday #countyourblessings #beyou #doyou #momlife #momlifebelike #domesticgoddess #ftwm

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As a mom, all I think is how to get the best for my family while saving our hard-earned bucks 😄 Going on an online shopping spree to stock up my home essentials because 11.07.2021 is almost here which is going to be Reckitt Benckiser’s Super Brands Day on Shopee!! 🏷🏷 We use so many products of their brands whether it’s Dettol, Air Wick or Harpic, Vanish, Lysol, Mortein for laundry, cleaning, disinfecting and keeping home free of nasties. I am just waiting for 11.07.2021 because who doesn’t want to grab super discounts and huge variety of products? Don’t miss 70% off with deals on Dettol, Air Wick and more. 🛒🛒🛒 Oh, there’s even Spin and Win where you can get coins and win $100 protection kit. Catch Hourly flash deals too!✨✨ #superbrandday #shopeesg #airwick #protectionstartswithin #fortifyyourfamily #sp #rainbowdiaries #shoptillyoudrop #onlineshopping #comfortzone # #shopping #shopaholic #igsg #sgig #singaporeinsiders #sginstagram #sginstashop #topblogger #browngirlbloggers #indianbloggers #globalinfluencer #sgclean #sanitize #cleanclean #spree #viral #trendingnow #sale

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Now that the country is reopening progressively, it’s time to resume my self-care activities safely but surely and that’s why I visited Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic for InstaGlow Laser and Miracle C Executive Medi Facial 👸 🔵While InstaGlow Laser works in deeper & superficial layers of the skin, Miracle C Executive Medi Facial cleanses out the impurity from the skin. 📸The result of this combination, you can see in this fresh-face pic that I took just after the session. Clean, clear and brightened skin! 🧖‍♀️The treatment was quick and perfectly suitable for busy moms like me. No side effects at all even for my sensitive skin. ✅This Express Facial consisting of InstaGlow Laser and Miracle C Executive Medi Facial helps to reduce pigmentation, to defend against ageing and UV damage. 😷I found their outlet clean and safe. Service was excellent. 👍🏻This treatment is perfect for pamper-me-time and for special occasions. ✨Plan your visit to Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic for a new look✨ #eevamedicalaesthicclinic #eevamedifacial #eevalaser #beautygram #skincare #facialtreatment #partipost #sp #dermagoldsg #dgofacial #eevamedicalaestheticclinic

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I am always apprehensive to experiment with nails because frequent use of nail colors and chemicals that goes with it can ruin the health of nails and make them dull and brittle. But now no more worries with @sallyhansensg Good.Kind.Pure collection of Nail Polishes and Nail treatments. 💅 This clean beauty is natural, plant-based and 100% vegan - color and even the bristles. No nasties. I also used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails treatment as a base coat to protect nails from chipping, splitting and cracking and gives natural shine. 💫 So easy to apply and comes in 12 rich, earthy colors. Look absolutely beautiful 💅 Something that office-going moms like me will love. My nails are definitely thanking me now-a-days! 💕 #sp #sallyhansen #plantbased #vegan #goodkindpure . . #rainbowdiaries #greenlifestyle #sustainability #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #gogreen #livelifelove #igsg #sgig #singaporeinsiders #partipost #sustainablebeauty #greeninfluencer #ecoinfluencer #nailtreatment #beautyinsider #beautyinspo #sustainablymade #greenbeauty #greenbeautycommunity

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Adding spice to our life with Jollibee’s new Spicy Zero Beef Burger 🍔 🌶 Jollibee’s Spicy Zero Beef Burger is made using HARVEST GOURMET ® and how it tastes? Super yummy! I love the taste and freshness that it comes with. My recommendation? You guys should try it out too. 🙌🏻 Spicy Zero Beef Burger is available at all Jollibee outlets and on delivery platform. 🚚 🎁Giveaway Alert🍔 Jollibee is running a social media contest from 6-20 July and people who buy the burger and post a picture of it with the hashtag #jollibeespicyzerobeef stand a chance to win super attractive prizes from PARKROYAL on Beach Road 🔴First Prize: 1 Night Stay in PARKROYAL Club Deluxe Room with breakfast for two 🔴Second Prize: 1 Night Stay in Deluxe Room with Breakfast for two 🔴Third Prize: $200 dining vouchers from GINGER ***Winners will be chosen via a lucky draw and the brand’s decision will be final. Winner will be announced on Jollibee’s page on 23rd and the collection of the prizes will be at Jollibee. Do participate and have a jolly good time! 🎉 @nestleprofessionalsg #jollibeespicyzerobeef #harvestgourmetsingapore #sp . . . #rainbowdiaries #plantbased #flexitarian #burgers #burgerlover #burgerlife #jollibee #jollibeesg #sgfoodies #meatless #sgig #igsg #instasg #instafood #sgeats #sgcontest #sggiveaway #giveawaysg #singaporeinsiders #sgfoodspotting

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Every kid is an artist! Do you agree too? 🎨🖌 We have always believed that in kids’ world, there is nothing conventional and everything is possible. That’s why I love these “characters” our bunny boy drew for his own comics 😘 Shri has given each of them a different name and unique personality. We have got @myfirst.official myFirst Sketch Book for Shrihaan that let’s him express his techno-creativity freely.👍🏻 🎨 Draw 📝 Make notes ✏️ Doodle ❌ Erase ✅ Save #️⃣ Digitize and Share with myFirst Sketch Book app 💚Go paperless ❓❓❓ How do you nurture creativity of your kids? Please share some tips too. . . #letthembelittle #rainbowdiaries #myfirstofficial #gadgetreview #productreviewer #letthemplay #youcandoit #kidsimagination #sgkids #sgmoms #sgparents #sggirls #sginsta #sgig #igsg #kidstagram #talentedkids #eesh_shri #myboy #parentingtips #instasg #kidsofinstagram #sgmodels #sgmodelsandtalents

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What a gorgeous mess multitasking moms are!! 🤪✨ I was just back from office and had all these things lined up: 🚿shower, 🧑‍🍳cooking, 💬chitchat with kids, ✍️writing on, 🧴product review for Instagram campaign among other ♾♾♾ tasks. But paused and silently captured a quick #selfie with boys 😹 One was working from home and other was e-learning. By the way, finally found equally worthy phone case from @casetify for my @apple #iphone12promax 👍🏻 Sturdy, super unique and eyeballs-grabbing!!! Worth the price? Absolutely 💯 Check my #igstories to See my another #casetify #personalized leather phone case that has our initials on it. Get yours from Casetify website. . . #rainbowdiaries #multitaskingmom #sgmoms #sgparents #sgbloggersunited #contentcreators #sgig #igsg #shotoniphone #cando #ftwm #sginfluencers #sggirls #40sstyle #livelifecolorfully #lifeinsquares #bethankfuleveryday #begratefuleveryday #CasetifySEA #getkobe #casetify #personalized #casetifycase #celebratingsgwomen #makethenorm

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#wfhlife 😛Super happy with my #WFH self because not only I took a shower before hitting the keyboard 😝 but also managed to nail perfect WFH ootd!!! I mean TOP part of it 💪🏻Bottom is no-idea-what-kind-of-shorts. ⤵️⤵️If I am looking presentable and good then the credit goes to: 🌸Floral Round Neck Puff Sleeve Top from Summer 21 collection of @marksandspencer_sg ⏱beautiful @4bwatches_official watch “Diamonds in the Hand” from Black by Blue Brave. Use my code "SHUB_SG" on and get 40% off till end of June. After that till end of August, it will be 20% off. 🔆Natural light that I get in our patio 📱@apple #iphone12promax that captures cool clicks with minimal efforts ❓❓🙋🏻‍♀️Do you really wear bottoms/decent bottoms when you work from home? Tell tell ... 🤥 #marksandspencersg #rainbowdiaries #ootd #potd #sgfashionfix #wfhfashion #lookgoodfeelgood #watchesofinstagram #watchfam #sgfashionistas #sggirls #sginstababes #coolmama #yummymummys #browngirlswhoblog #hazeleyes

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Featured in the photo: 2 people whose only objective is to annoy each other and thereby annoy parents 😈😈 Also, the ONLY parenting hack that works in ALL such situations: 🌬🌬🌬🌬 Mom yelling - “STOP immediately and Listen to your mom because mom is always RIGHT” 🧐 . . #rainbowdiaries #parentinghacks #sgparents #moms #dads #parentsofinstagram #siblings #eesh_shri #momoftwo #sgig #igsg #igers #sgigers #sggirls #sginstababes #sginstamommies

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🍇My love for California raisins dates back to my childhood when grandma used to use raisins in so many dishes - sweet and savory both. Decided to rekindle my affair with raisins and churned out this quick but very special and delish - California Raisins & Watermelon Smoothie! 💪🏻I always prefer to have California raisins as an afternoon snack since it's a healthy option that tastes great naturally. They come in different varieties and pack sizes making it easy-to-carry in my office bag. Kids love it too so I have also used them for my baking experiments and even for cooking traditional delights like Biryani. ☀️During this summer, I wanted to try something different and that's why this smoothie. Recipe: #swiperight 📌Cut watermelon in big cubes 📌Add milk, watermelon and California raisins to the blender / juicer 📌Blend smooth or coarse as per your liking 📌Garnish with raisins and watermelon pieces 5. Enjoy! ♻️No sugar added. Watermelon is known for its hydrating properties and California Raisins may relieve constipation and they are a good source of nutrients. ⤵️⤵️Head to California Raisins website at for amazing recipes. I'm going to try California Raisins Pudding, Jerome Alpine Granola, California Raisins Couscous with vegetables and so on. Mouth-watering!!! ℹ️Want more info about California Raisins? Check this site: They are available at all the major supermarkets. @phoonhuat @coldstoragesg @fairpricesg @shengsiongsupermarket_official @primesupermarketsg . . #californiaraisins #sp #rainbowdiaries #sgig #igsg #sgfoodies #singaporefood #singaporeinsiders #sgfoodspotting #viralpost #recipecreator #trending #explorerpage #healthylifestyle #greeninfluencer #ecoinfluencer #goodfoodgoodmood #foodstagram #sgfoodsteps #singaporeexpatwives #sggirls #sgparents #sginstamommies #sghomecooks #singaporefood #gourmetathome #recipealert #homecooking #dessert #smoothies

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🔥Hot head needs 🆒 shampoo! Jokes apart but my seemingly thick mane does have its underlying issues like oily scalp and dandruff. Came across this K-beauty @TSShampoosg and for last few days, I am using TS Cool shampoo. Very happy with the results because my scalp feels refreshed and no dandruff spotted too. 😇 No sulfate, no parabens and TS Shampoo has pleasant mint scent. Power packed with Essential oils and other natural ingredients. 🍃 📣Stay tuned to their @Lazada_sg LIVE on 22nd June 9pm. More information on TS Shampoo Lazada on this link👇🏼 #premiumshampoo #tstrillion #scalpcare #TSShampoo #sp . . #rainbowdiaries #sgbeautyblogger #haircare #haircareroutine #haircaretips #beautytips #sgbeauty #beautyjunkie #potd #igsg #sgig #viral #trending #explorepage #viralpost #sgfashionistas #sggirls #sgmommies #sgparentbloggers

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👀What did I learn from browsing through other people’s Instagram?👀 #everyonedoesit 📜Scrolling through Instagram posts can be interesting fun and learn session. At the same time it can give you a complex leaving you dissatisfied about your own life. Let’s be honest here and accept that this happens with many of us. Nothing wrong! it’s quite a natural behaviour in my opinion. 👿Trouble starts when you start to get more interested in others’ Online life than your own Real Life. 🤷‍♀️ 🏁🏁Some first hand tips and tricks to remain sane while having fun on @instagram or for that matter on any Social media. 📝 Enjoy, Appreciate other’s good content. 📝 Learn from the good content shared by others - Example: if you see a different angle of camera doing wonders or an edit that does the magic. Learn from it and try to incorporate that in your content. #dontcopy 📝 There’s a difference in Copy-Paste and Getting inspired. We all know that difference deep down in our mind. #beoriginal 📝 You can’t judge anyone based on their Social media content. People who don’t post much probably are doing much bigger and better things offline. OR people who post happy, beautiful pics might be going through lots of challenges. 📝 Don’t compare - once you get into it, there’s going to be a personal downfall. Why this person looks so beautiful and why I can’t or how this person can afford costly stuff and why I can’t etc. Only one thing to remember - Everyone gets or will get what’s rightfully theirs sooner or later. 😘 📝 Don’t take it too seriously - Social Media is a double-edged sword. We better use it positively. Let’s always remember that it’s not necessary to take Social Media that seriously to the level it hampers your physical and mental well-being. 🤝What lessons you have learnt from your social media experience? Care to share? . #stayhappy😊 #rainbowdiaries #positiveinfluencer #stayhappyandhealthy #nocomparison #everyoneisunique #beyourownkindofbeautiful #beyourownbrand #sgmoms #socialmediatips #tipsandtricks #sgparentbloggers #igsg #sgig #sgkids #cutekidsofinstagram #siblings

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📝Something that we always knew got re-emphasized with the pandemic! Life is fickle and anything can happen anytime no matter how healthy you are. I had one such scare last year and had to undergo a day surgery procedure. 🩺Whether you have to visit doctors as outpatient or have to stay in hospital, alongside the mental and physical stress, one more aspect that’s daunting is the burden of medical bills. How unfortunate is the scenario when the bills are skyrocketing and you can’t compromise about the health either! To be honest, I have been quite a noob when it comes to matters like Insurance but with the prevailing circumstances, it’s always the best to prepared for unforeseen as much as you can. That’s why I recently got in touch with Prudential and learnt more about their hospitalisation plan - PruShield Premier with PruExtra Premier CoPay Rider. PruShield Premier is a complete plan that gives up to 95% Coverage for: 🔴Inpatient treatment 🔴Day surgery 🔴Pre and Post hospital treatment up to 180 days and 365 days respectively. 🔴Outpatient treatment for Cancer and Dialysis ➡️PruExtra Premier CoPay Rider covers A&E Ambulance Fee, Immediate Family Member’s Accommodation with Child, Post-Hospitalisation Follow-up TCM, A&E Outpatient Treatment, Special Appliances and Prosthesis 👍🏻The premiums for PruShield Premier are payable conveniently with MediSave. I think that this plan is something we should consider for the entire family and even our parents. Coming from Prudential, it’s definitely highly trustworthy for me. 😇Gift of peace of mind is the best gift in this uncertainty and I have applied for my policy already. Oh by the way, the entire process is done via video call with the friendly consultant and it’s so quick and convenient from the comfort of your home. Love the way Junqian & Jasmine explained it so clearly. 💝🎁Currently there is 20% off annual fees when there are no claims made and Sign up bonus of 20% off first year discount on Main Plan + Rider till 30 Jun 2021! 🔐Head to or click on the link in bio to find more. . . #hospitalisationpolicy #sp #rainbowdiaries #covidsecure #sgig #igsg #sgfamily #sgparents #sggirls

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🍊Learning conversational mandarin with @lingoace_global . Shrihaan has many Chinese friends and though they often communicate in English, he is always curious to know the meaning of words and sentences that friends speak in mandarin. We heard about @lingoace_global from some of our friends and decided to enrol Shrihaan for a trial. . 🎈The E-learning interface is straightforward and Shrihaan could login on his own. 🎈Teacher was very good. She made Shrihaan comfortable and at the end of the class Shrihaan was already speaking a few sentences in mandarin. 🎈 The curriculum is engaging and interactive. It motivates kids to do better. 🎈 As a parent, I love the safety of learning from the comfort of our home especially during pandemic. . You can check out LingoAce too! Just head to and register for a trial class! . . . #lingoacechinese #onlinechinese #lingoaceOH #lingoace华文欢乐一日游 #lingoacejuneoh . #rainbowdiaries #singaporeinsiders #sgparents #sgkids #igdaily #cutekidsofinstagram #sgmodelsandtalents #schoolkids #igsg #sgig #sp

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🪴🍀I give my little garden a lot of TLC and that's why my gardening tools, grass sheets, planters, fertilizers all have be always in stock at home. Came across @mrdiy.singapore Spend & Win Contest and participated immediately because I get gardening tools, home related utilities and so many other things from Mr. DIY anyways. MR.DIY Spend & Win Contest is happening now till 30th June to celebrate opening of 1,500 stores Across Asia. Simple steps to participate and you can win prizes worth more than $5,500!!! 🤔 How to participate? Follow these 3 simple steps 👉Step 1: Purchase a minimum of $20 of MR.DIY products in a single receipt 👉Step 2: Scan QR code or visit to answer ONE simple question and fill in your details 👉Step 3: Submit your entry form and stand a chance to win lucrative prizes! 💛 Gentle Reminder: Please keep the original receipt as proof of purchase ⏰ Contest ends on 30th June 2021 Terms & Conditions apply. Refer to for more details. . . #MRDIY #Alwayslowprices #MRDIYContest #SpendAndwin #1500StoresCelebration @mrdiy.singapore #rainbowdiaries #homedecor #greenlifestyle #greeninfluencer #ecoinfluencer #bethankfuleveryday #gooddeals #sgcontests #shopnow #viralpost #sgig #igsg #browngirlmagic #sggirls #sgladies #sgmummyblogger #diyhomedecor #diyprojects

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💪🏻When Staying Home is Staying Safe, we better rock it! Though it's not straightforward and easy to sail through WFH routine, my Iced Americano with NESCAFÉ GOLD powers me for it so that I can put across my best during online meetings. ☕️ 💖After work, it's time to catch up with loved ones who are overseas and whom I haven't met for almost 1.5-2 years :( Ice Au Lait brewed from NESCAFÉ GOLD gives me that much needed vibrant energy to bridge the physical distance with our chirpy talks. ☕️☕️Loving this mate of mine - NESCAFÉ GOLD - which is always there to boost the mood and crack the deals. What's your #NESCAFELiveYourMoment? ➡️➡️Stand a chance to win a NESCAFÉ Hamper worth more than $80!⬅️⬅️ All you have to do is: 📌Share a picture/video of your favourite NESCAFÉ GOLD recipe and how it helps you power through the season 🔖Tag @nescafe_sg #NESCAFELiveYourMoment 🗓Contest ends 30 Jun 2021. Winners will be notified by @nescafe_sg via DM. Good luck! . . #nescafeliveyourmoment #nescafegold #sp . #rainbowdiaries #nescafe #coffeelover #coffeetime #coffeegram #caffeinedaily #singaporeinsiders #sgparentbloggers #sgfoodies #sgfoodstagram #drinkmenu #icedamericano #americano

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#tipsandtricks How to be a Silly Mom? 🤪 Well, this comes naturally to me but lemme elaborate how you can indulge in super silly things and how your kids love all the goofiness you bring to the table. 😂😘 😛Don’t be a serious, strict mom 24x7 365! It’s boring not only for kids but even for all others in the family and most importantly it will take a toll on you too. Shed away that Avtar at least for some hours in a week. 😛Act blur - kids super love the fact that their parents are slow or don’t know trends 😾and that boosts their mood so much. 😛Be unpredictable - Sing some song loudly or suddenly do some dance steps in the middle of nowhere and there you have kids ROFLing. 😛Energetic Games like Hide n Seek, Marco Polo, Tagging work so well. You can play them indoors also. [take care of safety please at all times]. 😛Be dramatic - kids love when you act like a Disney villain or recite famous dialogs. One thing that I do is to translate English dialogs in pure Hindi while watching movies. It’s weirdly satisfying fun for all the involved parties. 😛Cook together with kids - OMG! This one is another favourite activity and kids can improvise (and ruin) recipes so much. 😛Water - best way to do nonsense is water play. Splash-water-on-each-other never ever goes wrong. [take care of safety at all times] 😛Be creative and ditch the usual plays - Painting, drawing, Building blocks we all have done soooooo many times. Think out of the box or just play the same play in a different way. Example: I play Lego with them and make something weird. My Legofans do it fast and much better than me and laugh out loud looking at my “creations”. ➡️➡️Try my tips and get silly!! It’s insane fun. After all, we all need a stress buster, good laughter anytime every time 👍🏻👍🏻 #positivevibes 👚👕Shrihaan and me in @uniqlosg AIRism UV Cut Mesh Long Sleeve Full-zip hoodies 💖 #originalcontentonly #rainbowdiaries #firsthandexperience #viralpost #contentcreator #trending #sgkol #singaporeinsiders #mynameismama #sgparentbloggers

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🎁Father’s Day Gift Idea💝 Flowers to brighten up the day of our Dad 😘 📣📣A big shoutout to - One of the BEST fresh flower arrangement I have ever received...I mean people at are so thoughtful that they built the theme of our site RainbowDiaries 🌈🌈 into this “Bicycle with Me” arrangement without even we telling them. The flowers were so fresh and such a beautiful creation. 🌹🌸🌺🌷🌻🌼💐 🌈Love such creative and intelligent surprises by brands don’t we? Florists at seem to be the people working from their heart for their customers 🌹💐 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦It’s that time of the year again where we must take time to appreciate our Dad. We have lot to say when it comes to Mother’s Day but I think Fathers are equally amazing. #fathersday2021 #cantthankenough 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 📌Also, I feel that during this tough time of #covid, we all must support small businesses and local brands wholeheartedly 🤗 and buy from them. #supportlocalsg #supportlocalbusiness ➡️➡️Head to and browse their awesome collection. ⬅️⬅️ . . #igiftsg #rainbowdiaries #FlowersDelivery #Gift #GiftIdeas #iGiftSG #PerfectGift #PerfectGiftIdea #giftsforher #giftsforhim #flowershopsg #onlineflowers #sgonlineflowershop #surprisegift #singaporeflorist #flowershop #roses #creativegiftsidea #creativegift #livelifecolorfully

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CLOSED {GIVEAWAY Alert} Science Made Super Fun with @stemwerkz 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 STEM and STEAM are buzzwords and we keep hearing them every now and then. As you know, STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Add A for Arts to STEM and you get STEAM. 🧬 If STEM / STEAM is incorporated well in our kids education, the benefits go a long way helping in kids’ school / university and beyond. But we must start early and that’s where we decided to review STEMWerkz which makes Science and other concepts very fun for kids. 🧪What is STEMWerkz? STEMWerkz is essentially an app that provides an online learning environment to deliver STEM / STEAM based educational resources to children. It’s a great combination of STEM pedagogy, technology, and instructional design. Game based learning interface and other edutaining methods to master Science concepts is what we love the most about STEMwerkz. Read more about it on #rainbowdiariesdotcom #ontheblog 👩‍💻 🧾STEMWerkz subscription is suitable for all students whether studying in local or international schools. 🧫🔭🔬⚗️🧬 Join the GIVEAWAY and Two lucky winners will win 1-year STEMWerkz subscription for their kids. Simple steps to win: 👍🏻Like and save this post 🤗Follow @shub_sg and @stemwerkz and tag as many friends as you want. One tag per comment. 🧪Lemme know what your child will love the most about STEMWerkz? Giveaway ends on 15th June 2021. Not associated with Instagram in any which ways. Open for Singapore residents only. . . . ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 7-day FREE TRIAL is available and you shouldn’t miss it. Get it NOW! Use our Promo code SHUB30 which will entitle you all to a discount of 30% for the 1st 3 months subscription. Sign Up at ⬆️⬆️⬆️ 🏖🏖🏖 Also check out their Nature and Her Friends: holiday camp running from 14 to 18 June 2021. . . . #stemwerkz #sp #HBL #homebasedlearning #education #STEM #learningthroughplay #learningathome #covid_19 #sgkids #sggiveaway #sgcontest #sggigexclusivegiveaways #sggiveawayig

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🧀Celebrating World Cheese Day that falls tomorrow with our cheesy-licious No-bake Lemon Cheesecake 🧀🍋 How does it taste?? Well, let the picture speak for itself 😋 and yes, kids can make on their own with a little help from you. Wanna try the recipe? It’s super duper easy and here are the steps: 🔴Ingredients: 4-5 lemons 7 grams of gelatine 250 grams cream cheese 50 grams sugar 160 grams whipping cream Few drops of food color (light orange) 🔴Preparation: #swiperight 1. Add 7 grams of gelatin and 40 ml of water. Mix and keep aside for 15 mins. 2. Cut lemons and squeeze to extract juice. 3. Add cream cheese to another bowl, smooth it. 4. Add sugar and whisk until sugar is dissolved. 5. Add lemon juice to the gelatin-water mix in step 1 and bring it to a simmer on a low flame. 6. Add the mixture after cooling off to the cheese mixture. 7. Now add whipping cream and keep whisking nicely. 8. Add a drop or 2 of food color to the mix. 9. Whisk it for a while and then pour into moulds. 10. Keep it in the freezer for 4 hours. 11. Take it out of the moulds, add some cool cake toppers and ready to nom-nom. Do try!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 There are lotsa fun-filled activities Cartoon Network is bringing us - cheese-themed recipes, Tom and Jerry’s Cheese Day WhatsApp sticker pack, special Instagram filter and so on. ➡️➡️Head to ⬅️⬅️ Cartoon Network streams on @starhub CH 316 and @singtel TV 226. Keep watching and keep enjoying with your little Tom and Jerry 😸🐭 . #cartoonnetworkasia #worldcheeseday #warnermedia #cartoonnetwork #tomandjerry #cheeselovers #sghomecooking #saycheese #singaporeinsiders #sgfoodies #dessertsg #sgkids #littlechefs

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{Giveaway and Lucky Draw Alert} Boy, stoppp!!! How much time you are playing games and how you are sitting? Girl, enough la!!! Too much time you are browsing through that app! Common conversations in your home too? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Screentime is a double-edged sword. With WFH and HBL becoming a new normal, their screen-time especially the mindless one worries me a lot. On top of it, both my kids are myopic. 🤓🤓 Do you know on an average kids between 11-14 years old spend 9 hrs a day on gadgets? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thankfully there is planoApp. With features and alerts that track and correct face-to-screen distance, spectacle compliance, ambient light detection and so on, Plano helps kids and parents immensely to have a happy screentime. 🏆There are rewards for kids for good digital behaviour and with their points they can redeem exciting outdoor activities on planoShop. 📌My tips that you should try too on your planoApp:📌 Remote Lock - if too much time is being spent on gadgets then instantly lock their device. No need to yell any more. 😂 Track Posture - incorrect posture triggers an alert! 🛍Giveaway and Lucky Draw💝 🔵2 winners will win 1 book each from Plano Adventures book series 🔵3 participants get to win an item worth $100 each on planoShop for their kids. 1️⃣Like the post and share on your stories with tag @planoapp 2️⃣Follow @planoapp and @shub_sg 3️⃣Tell me in comments why you think Plano will help you or your child in their eye care journey *Giveaway ends on 5th June. Download planoApp now and make screentime happy and healthy. 👉🏻 Or scan the QR code. . . #plano #planoApp #planoShop #sp #rainbowdiaries

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Love for our kids is a common thread that binds us all💖 #sgparents ✅Re-realized this while hosting webinars in Singapore Parenting Festival proudly presented by @theasianparent and @mediacorp 💡 While interacting with the experts, I had my one eye on the chat window and Q&A box and there were so many amazing questions, concerns, interaction that audience had about their kids. 🤗Heartening to see that all parents have this ultimate goal to give the best to their kids no matter how much work, how many hardships and hurdles mom n dad have to face. It’s also reassuring to see that somewhere down the line, our voices are different yet same. Such discussion forums online or offline are very important and that’s the best aspect of being a part of #parentingcommunity and #parentingblogger 💪🏻For now, it’s time to continue immersing in WFH and June school holidays for all #sgparents so all the best 😜 👗 this beautiful floral number is from @marksandspencer_sg ‘s #mothersdaycollection . . . . . #sgparentingfestival2021 #singaporeparentingfestival #sgparents #sgkids #rainbowdiaries #lifelonglearning #hostclub #webinar #stayhomestaysafe #wfh #wfhlife #hybridlearning #livesession #clozette #clozetteco

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CLOSED{GIVEAWAY Alert} Most of 2020 and now 2021, we have been working from home and / or working from office and Hybrid Mode is full on! Honestly, it has impacted our daily routine and sleep patterns to a great extent and if your mattress is not great then all the best! 🙄 We moved home just before Covid mayhem started and literally got whatever mattresses we could for our beds. 🤷‍♀️ For kids, we made a right choice but our Master bedroom mattress ruined our backs and sleep quite badly. 🥺 We were looking for a comforting and perfect mattress for last few days and came across Emma Original Mattress while searching on Internet. We liked what we saw and got it for our home. So happy that this time our choice is amazing and we are really truly happy with our Emma Original Mattress. 💖 🤗Gifting one of our lucky #instafamily mattress and thereby a Good Night’s Sleep 🤗 Simple steps to win: 🟡Like and Save this post and tag as many friends as you want. One tag per comment. 🟡Follow and @shub_sg 🟡Comment on -> and leave your Instagram ID #ontheblog #rainbowdiariesdotcom The giftaway is running on our FB page too RainbowDiaries Singapore. Maximize your chances by participating from IG and FB both. 😇 . . 📝This giftaway is not associated with Instagram in any ways. Open for Singapore residents only. Please ensure that your IG account is public. Giftaway ends on 5th June 2021. . . 🏷My promo code RAINBOW10 will give you 10% off on all purchases too. . . #emmasleep #emmamattress #awardwinning #madeingermany #emmaoriginal #10yearwarranty #goodnight #goodnightsleep #rainbowdiaries #top10bloggers #viralpost #trendingnow #singaporeinsiders #sginstababes #goodsleep #rainbowdiaries_giveaway

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😋Drooling over these delights? But can't dine-in at least for some more days! 🎉Thankfully, we can still visit Qi – House of Sichuan at Marina Bay Financial Centre for take-away with a 25% Discount on selected a la carte menu items or get these fiery delights home delivered via ➡️➡️You’ll get a straight 30% exclusive discount with my promo code: SHUB30⬅️⬅️ Do you know? 🔥🔥The fiery Qi – House of Sichuan in Hong Kong has been awarded One-Michelin-Star 💫for four consecutive years since 2016. I personally love its modern interpretation of traditional and authentic Sichuan cuisine. Located conveniently in the CBD, Qi – House of Sichuan has won way to many hearts through our tummy! 🌶🌶Want to know their secret ingredient? Traditional chili and peppers imported from Sichuan, as well as ginger and garlic…All ingredients are specially imported from Sichuan.🇨🇳 Featured in this post are their signature dishes: 💥Chili Oil Wontons (vegetarian option available) 💥Mapo Tofu (vegetarian option available) 💥Braised Garoupa Fish Fillet in Chili Oil Soup 💥Sauteed String Beans with Minced Pork (vegetarian option available) 💥Sugar Glazed Ginger Scallion Beef By the way, those of you who are vegetarians, fret not! Qi – House of Sichuan has amazing range of dishes for vegetarians like me too. 🌱 In this tough time, let’s wholeheartedly support our F&B and let the good food make everything good. 📍Qi – House of Sichuan 8A Marina Boulevard #02-01, Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984. Opening Hours (now till 13 June 2021): 10:00am - 4pm, 5pm - 9:00pm [For takeaway] 📍Delivery available at: (30% Discount with Promo code: SHUB30) Phone: +65 6634 8277 Email: [email protected] . . #qihouseofsichuan #sp #qihouseofsichuansg #bythebay #mblm #sichuanfood #vegetarian #michelinstarrestaurant #szechuancuisine #sichuanfood #vegetarianoptions . . #sgfoodies #sgfoodstagram #singaporeinsiders #sgeats #supportlocalsg #supportlocal #supportfnbsg #fnbsg #sgfoodspotting #foodisfuel #rainbowdiaries

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💋Smooth as silk! Got to know about @alexandrcoskincare when I attended their skin consultation at OG Orchard. Have started using it for my skin and it’s working beautifully. To be honest, with the mask constantly on during office hours, my skin has suffered a lot and I needed a good anti oxidant and something that could restore and reactivate the skin 's elasticity. Alexandr Co products do exactly what I was looking for! ✅ What I love about Alexandr Co products is the fact that they are made in Japan and the quality is top-notch. Their proprietary Silk Sericin complex packs so much power when it comes to anti ageing properties. After using their eye cream, moisturiser and face wash, my skin feels plumper and well hydrated. Great fragrance and convenient packaging too. If you are considering gentle, effective anti-ageing skincare, this one is definitely recommended. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #sp #chrysalissilktreasures #japaneseskincare #beauty #madeinjapan #antiageing #rainbowdiaries

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👩‍💻Whoa!! Last 2 nights gave me such a staggering learning experience. I mean you don’t get to host virtual events involving a few hundreds of super duper active audience and expert speakers everyday 🤗 #viralcontent #trending I’m quite a pro when it comes to handling online events and apps like zoom, Webex, teams etc. thanks to my IT job. But things are at a totally different high in Singapore Parenting Festival presented proudly by @theasianparent and @mediacorp . I was quite jittery before the webinars actually and the reminder on my @apple watch made me even more 😅 #butterfliesinthestomach There’s so much to learn from the people behind these big brands 🙏🏻and absolutely loved working on my strengths and ironing out my weaknesses while hosting these 2 webinars. Thanks so much for having me! I am always looking for opportunities that challenge me to learn, unlearn and relearn. For me, that’s the best thing about being a content creator and human. 💖 If we at all have to find positive in this negative #covid19 situation then it has to be - how technology makes you push the boundaries and strive for the best. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Singapore Parenting Festival runs till 23.5.2021. Visit for amazing content, exciting contests and a grand sale! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🛍 . . #sgparentingfestival2021 #singaporeparentingfestival #sgparents #sgkids #rainbowdiaries #lifelonglearning #hostclub #webinar #stayhomestaysafe #wfh #wfhlife #hybridlearning #livesession #clozette #clozetteco

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Current Fantasy: Dining In freely, no mask anywhere in sight and soaking in fresh air. Current Reality: completely opposite of fantasy 😶 but hoping the gap between them is bridged sooner than later🤞🏻#goodvibes #thinkgood 🙃🙃Meanwhile, again parents Working from Home and Kids doing Home Based Learning kinda days have started. All the best to all 😅 Let’s keep praying harder for everyone’s health, healing and happiness 🙏🏻 Needless to say that this is a #throwbackpic 😂 . . . #covidtimes #covid21 #waitingongod #mondaymood #waitingwaitingwaiting #heal #rainbowdiaries #sgfoodies #singaporeinsiders #wfh #wfhlife #wfhmom #homebasedlearning #sgkids #sgparents #clozette #clozetteco #starclozetter

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Dark days will be bright, end of the tunnel there is light 🌤 Trying to soothe my overworked mind by taking a stroll with my Son-shine 🤗 Past few days were daunting and it made us re-realize that nothing is permanent and beyond-imagination-things are more common than we think. There’s very less we can control and we should be always aware of this fact at all times! Whoever has family and friends in India will resonate with my thoughts. Many #indiansinsingapore are going through this extreme trauma of virtually witnessing loved ones falling sick, struggling for treatment and the worst of all - losing their battle with cruel Covid :( #staystrongindia #prayforindia 🇸🇬At the same time, feeling concerned about #covid19 situation in Singapore and fingers crossed that it will be under control soonest. 🤞🏻 #sgunited #togetherstronger Stay safe, stay home as much as possible once again 🤗 Let’s all be grateful for what we have and be humble 🙏🏻 👕👚Shrihaan and me in @uniqlosg ‘s upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection launching on May 24. Love its theme of “Connect with friends through clothing” Disclaimer: There was no one around us when this pic was taken and masks were off momentarily for photo taking. . . #gocoronago #covid21 #whenwillthisend #staysafe #playyourpart #sgclean #supportlocalsg #supportlocal #vocalforlocal #uniqlosg #animalcrossingnewhorizons #nitendo

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💙💎 Pampering our car with @embiome_official Embiome Eco Coating Kit and keeping it clean, sanitized and fresh! 🚙 I just hate any type of uncleanliness or odour in the car and that’s why got this multi-purpose kit. 🔵Sanitizer - Removes the parasitic bad odor germs. 🔴Deodorizer - Coats the surfaces with odorless and harmless beneficial germs to keep the indoor air of the car clean. 🟢Air Freshener - Spray to maintain an even more pleasant car environment. The products are colourless and odourless and most importantly safe for kids and pets too. Our car time has become more fun with our @embiome_official kit 💓🎉 @embiomeint #embiome #embiomesg #sgclean #sanitiser #clean #safe #alcoholfree #rainbowdiaries #kidfriendly #kidsafe #covidfree #antigerms #sgcars #sgfaves #sgig #igsg #sp

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CLOSED{Home Decor Giveaway Alert} This pic is loud and clear to know who is a poser and who actually does the work?!😂 🎉Anyways, who wants to win amazing canvas prints 110$ to adorn your walls from @canvasconquest ? 🎁 We got a few for our home and love how they gave instant facelift to our walls and home 🏠 Absolutely gorgeous and such a great quality 💓 Simple steps to win: 🎨 Follow @shub_sg 🎨 Like and Save this post 🎨 Tag as many friends as you want in below comments. One tag per comment please. ***Giveaway ends on 20.5.2021 and it’s not associated with Instagram in any which ways. Open for Singapore residents only. . . . . #homedecorideas #rainbowdiaries #canvasprints #landscapes #skylines #sghomes #sggiveawayigexclusive #sgcontests #sggiveaways #giveawaysg #homeishere #homesweethome🏡 #bethankfuleveryday #gratefulheart💕 #switchon

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Channelling my inner domestic Goddess while making bed 💓 What motivated me were these premium Cressent Dale Bamboo Sheets from @epitexhome_sg 🛌 ❤️So soft, silky and perfect for a Good night’s sleep! This Premium collection is made from 100% bamboo fiber with 1200 thread count sateen weave. 💚Eco-friendly natural fiber and biodegradable. 💛Naturally breathable and Naturally deodorising - keeping your skin comfortable and the sheets fresh and hygienic. 💙Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial and anti-fungal, Thermo regulating 🧡Stain-resistant, Long-lasting and remains as is even after many washes. 🌙🌙Don’t miss additional 15% off! Epitex is having special promotion for Ramadan from now till 16th May. Get a FREE $5 voucher with my link here: 🌙🌙 . . #epitexhome #sghomes #sghomestyling #sghomedecor #sgcondo #homesweethome🏡 #ramadan2021 #ramadanspecial #indianinfluencer #globalinfluencer #loveit #viralposts #trendingnow #explorerpage #hypoallergenic #ecofriendly #biodegradable #antibacterial #antifungal #greeninfluencer

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☕️ Getting refreshed in just 50 cents! Yes, you heard it right. Everyone’s favourite Hot Teh / Kopi is now available for $0.50 at over 90 NTUC Foodfare and Kopitiam outlets islandwide. That means more reasons to enjoy delish Kaya Toast + Hot Teh / Kopi combo anytime every time ☕️ I have been a regular drinker of Kopitiam kopi just like millions in Singapore. This special Kopitiam blend of coffee beans always tastes perfect 👌🏻 and why not? It’s made by 4th generation roasters and have been around for more than 80 years. The coffee beans are a special Kopitiam blend, and enjoyed & loved by millions of Singaporeans and many generations in Singapore. The taste, scent and brewing process that has been perfected over 30 years and that’s why Hot Kopi / Teh never fails to uplift your mood 💪🏻 🎉 NTUC is celebrating its 60th anniversary and its social enterprises have released many awesome deals for NTUC union members. Don’t miss! $0.50 hot Kopi / Teh is available till 12th June 2021. For more info, go to the link in my bio. . . . @ntuc_foodfare @KopitiamFoodfare #sp #ntuc60 #mfwa . . #rainbowdiaries #sgfoodies #sgheritage #supportlocalsg #supportlocal #kopi #teh #sgfoodstagram #sgfoodsteps #singaporeinsiders


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