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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.60%. The average number of likes per post is 56 and the average number of comments is 6.

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82 3

Hey there! Just stop for a second and think about your year in your garden. Do you feel like a failure? Or do you feel like you're starting to get the hang of this gardening thing? I bet that even if you feel like you did everything wrong, you still succeeded at something this year. Maybe it's growing a vegetable you finally mastered, finally keeping that pot of petunias alive, or forgetting to water substantially less than you usually do. Whatever it is, I'd love to hear about it! And has this blog/account helped you at all on your journey?⁠ 🥕⁠ If you're wondering, getting through this gardening season with an infant and not a lot of extra help was a huge accomplishment for me. Sure, more stuff hit the compost bin than I care to admit, but I'm still pretty freaking proud of everything I managed to grow.⁠ 🥕⁠ #gardenersofig #gardenersofinstagram #gardenlife #gardenlifestyle #mygarden #gardenharvest #newbiegardener #gardenblogger #urbangarden #urbangardener #raisedbedgarden #squarefootgarden #raisedgardenbeds #verticalgardening

44 12

I can barely keep up with my ripening tomatoes, and if I'm honest, I'm a bit sick of making tomato sauce. I know I'll thank myself over the winter, but until then, I'm whipping up this super-simple 4 ingredient tart. All you need is: ⁠ ⁠ 4-6 ripe tomatoes⁠ 1 package boursin cheese (2 if you make this on a cookie sheet)⁠ melted butter⁠ Phyllo pastry⁠ ⁠ Cut the pastry to the size of your pan. spread butter between the layers of pastry. Spread room temperature boursin cheese on top. Place sliced tomatoes. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees. Top with salt pepper, basil, and chives if desired and enjoy!⁠ ⁠ #tomatotart #tomatorecipes #gardenrecipes #gardenharvest #tomatoharvest #heirloomtomatoes #rainbowtomatos #fouringredientrecipe

45 2

Have you have a PSL (or two or three?) yet this season? It's officially pumpkin season, but pumpkin is one of those vegetables that's nice in theory, but easy to fall into a rut with. Or even do nothing at all with it because where do you even start?⁠ 🎃⁠ If grabbing a Pumpkin Spice Latte is the only thing you can think of to use up your pumpkins, @wellnessbykristen & I are here to the rescue! Next week we'll be hosting a 3 day series giving you fun recipe ideas, growing tips, decorating ideas, and more. Keep your eyes peeled next Monday in both our feed and stories for more pumpkin goodness!⁠ 🎃⁠ 📸by ⁠ #pumpkinlove #pumpkinlover #pumpkinrecipes #pumkinspice #minipumpkins #beyondpumpkinspice #fallrecipes #seasonalrecipes #gardeningtips #gardeningideas #gardenlifestyle #urbanhomestead #useitup #eatwhatyougrow⁠ ⁠

69 5

The hardest part of seed saving is knowing the different stages the flower goes through before they release their seeds, and waiting long enough for them to dry out!!! I’m taking away the confusion with my new seed saving booklet I’m writing. If you want to save money on your flower garden next year by saving seeds, DM me so I can let you know as soon as it’s released! 💐 #seedsaving #flowerseeds #cutflowers #cutflowergarden #seasonalflowers #gardening #gardentips #gardenhacks

54 4

We escaped the freezing temps and snow for one more day! I was so happy this morning when I looked out the window and saw that everything was still blooming. Has frost hit you yet where you live? 🍂 #falldays #dahlias #dahliaseason #growingdahlias #sweaterweather #fallgardening #gardenlifestyle #seasonalflowers #cutflowers #cutflowergarden

56 3

Somehow I missed the memo that it was national daughter day, so better late than never. My daughter is such an incredible gift. She’s my garden buddy and Velcro baby and I love her to bits. I had given up hope that I would ever have her, almost lost her, and am so glad she’s here. Love you my sweet little Bitty. ❤️ (Short for Itty Bittty) 🥰 #nationaldaughtersday #nationaldaughterday #mybabylove

57 3

See you next time, beautiful dahlias. If you haven’t already, make sure you label your dahlias before the frost, then head on over to the blog for tips on how to keep your tubers in good condition over the winter. 💐 #dahlias #dahliaflower #ayearinflowers #ayearinflowerszone3 #rsblooms #rslove #slowflowers #seasonalflowers #gardenersofig #gardenersofinstagram #flowersoftheweek Most of these gorgeous dahlias were grown by @citygirlflowerfarm I don’t have nearly enough tubers to do this yet....but I’ll get there!!!

44 15

The frost is coming in just a few days and there’s so much to do! Consider this your cheat sheet to being prepared in the garden. 🍂 #winteriscoming #gardenprep #gardeningtips #gardeningideas #fallgardening #fallcleanup #gardennewbie

56 6

Only two more days to prepare before the first frost hits...and maybe snow on Friday!! I’m answering your questions and bringing you along with me as I get prepared. Are there any questions you’re hoping I’ll answer before the first fall frost hits? 🌻 Part of my preparations including setting aside heads of this gorgeous sunflower for seed saving. Whenever I see them in my garden, the first thing that comes to mind is to say, hello ladies! Is that strange? 🌻 #sunflowers #sunflowers🌻 #hellofall #flowergarden #flowergardens #flowergardening #seedsaving #fallgardenprep

43 15

Happy first day of Fall! To celebrate, @maybelle_farm and @shifting_roots are teaming up to give you this gorgeous farm-fresh giveaway! All you have to do is: 🍂Follow @shifting_roots and @maybelle_farm 🍂Like this post 🍂tag a friend (or more) who would love decorating with these flowers and pumpkins. Winner will be announced Tuesday at noon, must be able to pick up in Saskatoon. This contest is in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Instagram. Good luck! 🎃 #shoplocalyxe #shoplocalsaskatoon #saskatooning #yxeliving #saskatoon #exploresask #farmfresh #pumpkinlove

36 2

Doesn’t this little vignette just scream Fall? Be watching tomorrow for your chance to win a pumpkin from @maybelle_farm and a little something from me. Erin has these gorgeous pumpkins for sale for the next two weeks. #yxe and area DM her for prices and details. (P.S. the mini pumpkins are mine, I just used them for the picture.) 🎃 Head over to my IG stories for some of the different varieties she has available. 🎃 #freeproducts #pumpkinpatch #pumpkinseason #pumpkinlove #yxegardens #shoplocalyxe

97 2

Only two more days of summer are left and I’m leisurely soaking them up. While on one hand fall is a time of new beginnings—hello school year!! It’s also a big time of reflection in the garden. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I all accomplished, but simultaneously about what I just couldn’t manage. I want so badly to do it all and write it all, but sometimes I burn myself out. Yesterday before I took a breather at @citygirlflowerfarm , I was chastising myself about how I made three batches of sauerkraut and did something wrong on every single one. Or how many of my vegetables have ended up in the compost because I didn’t get to them in time. But that’s life, right? Especially with a new baby!! I’ll still be doing stuff in the garden this weekend, but I’m resolving to be gentle with myself and just be grateful for what I can get done, instead of what I can’t. Can you relate? 💐 #gardentalk #gardenersofig #gardenersofinstagram #dahlias #dahlialove #rainbowofmygarden #rsblooms #rslove #growfloret #week38flowers #ayearinflowerszone3 #ayearinflowers #weekendwithtextures #thesehappysquares


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