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🦘Heavy Metal Advocate🇦🇺 🌟sharing and appreciating bands, merch and music🌟 Repping @viciousinstinctrecords 🤘 Bargain code SHELL15 for 15% off 💀

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 33.80%. The average number of likes per post is 2192 and the average number of comments is 50.

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88 10

You’ve heard me bang on about how amazing the merch from @viciousinstinctrecords is, know’s the time for you legends to find out for yourself. I am proud to be officially representing VI and you can use my discount code SHELL15 when checking out and receive 15% off your entire order. With affordable shipping and your money back if you’re not completely satisfied with your merch what do you have to lose?! You can only use the code once so make it worth your while kids. They’re based in Australia ...

4,759 64

Looking for something to turn up the vibes at your next beach party? This Stillbirth shirt is sure to turn it up to 11! Chuck on their new album ‘Strain Of Gods’ and it will be one hell of a time. You can pick up a heap of Strain Of Gods album art merch at @viciousinstinctrecords including tees and tanks 💪 #stillbirthparty #viciousinstinctrecords #bandmerch #bandtank #merch #merchcollection #metalchick #metal #brutalmetal #deathmetal #metalcore #deathcore #deathcoreband #partytee #partytime #met...

1,259 28

I loved my black Waking The Cadaver t-shirt so much I just had to grab the white one as well. There’s also a sick long sleeve all available from @viciousinstinctrecords head over and grab some goodies🤘🤘#viciousinstinctrecords #merch #wakingthecadaver #metalmerch #merchstore #merchdesign #bandmerch #metaltee #metalshirt #bandtshirt #shirtoftheday #metalchick #metalheadgirl #metalfamily #instametal #deathmetal #brutalmetal #metalheadsunite @uniqueleaderrecords #uniqueleaderrecords

3,618 61

Let’s take a journey back to 2016 and give Shadow Of Intent’s first album ‘Primordial’ a listen then work your way through their discography and discover what a remarkable band they are. It’s a bold and difficult thing to change your sound and direction with each album release but they’ve managed to really pull it off in my opinion. Their latest release ‘Elegy’ took a direction which was completely unexpected but an absolute delight. A bunch of talented young chaps indeed. What’s your favourite ...

3,312 68

@vulvodyniaslam added an element of fun to their latest album release to create hype which was absolutely genius. They created a quest to find Bob the Butcher and he made an appearance on various metal albums to get the rest of the metal community involved and spread the word. What an idea and amazing artwork as always. Thanks to my pals at @indiemerchstore for this ripper shirt and make sure you check out Vulvodynia’s latest album ‘Praenuntius Infiniti’ has to be my favourite release from these...

1,234 38

I’ve met some amazing people on this platform and one of those legends, my Merchaneering buddy @agey_rad somehow knew that I love band merch 😏 and gifted me this @devangelic.official tee for my Birthday and @viciousinstinctrecords has done it again with a super comfy shirt with sleeve and back print (slide across to check it out) which I can’t get enough of. If you’re a fan of death metal so thick you can carve it then check out Devangelic’s latest album which was released in 2020 ‘Ersetu’. I li...

2,481 65

My dudes, how damn sweet is this Archspire t-shirt from @indiemerchstore?! I haven’t showcased it in this pic but it also glows in the dark! It’s the little things in life that bring me joy 😅 I grabbed this to celebrate how wonderful their new album is. Many I’ve spoken to agree that ‘Bleed The Future’ is an absolutely triumphant release so make sure you give it a spin kids. Without sounding like a crazy cat lady, how cute is my little fluff ball Aya (curled up next to me)😻 @archspireofficial #a...

2,187 62

Still buzzing from the show on Saturday night. It was like riding a bike, a bit wobbly at first but then I was firing at all cylinders. I was so wrapped after the show that I had to buy a t-shirt to commemorate the end of an over 2 year live music drought. I’m ready to face the sea of live shows I have ahead of me, bring it on 2022!! I realise my page has taken a bit of a punk turn but don’t fret, metal tees will return shortly 😊#liveshowsareback #imbackbaby #bandmerch #bandtee #bandtshirt #merc...

1,827 54

Today is a very important day people! I am attending my first live show since the pandemic began! I thought this day would never come but here we are, ready to get rowdy at @thechatslovebeer. I hope I still remember what to do 😬 #firstshow2022 #thechats #livemusic #cantwait #punkrock #aussierock #aussiepunk #mosh #rockout #jamout #frenzalrhomb #birdattack #redhair #musicislife #melbournemusicscene #bandmerch #punkrocker #punkchick #gettingrowdy #backinbusiness #werebackbaby #liveatyourlocal

2,415 34

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year. It’s an absolute scorcher here in Melbourne today, 37 degrees isn’t a bad way to end a remarkable year of outstanding metal music releases and merch purchases. Can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring. @nightshiftmerch #nightshiftmerch #metal #metalhead #merch #merchcollector #metalchick #metalfamily #happynewyear #scorcher #stinker #sunsoutgunsout #hotashell #metalmusic #greatyearofmusic #melbournesummer #summerheat #metalgirlsofinstagram #metalgirlsdo...

2,118 52

Talk about a statement tee! This Waking The Cadaver t-shirt from @viciousinstinctrecords is sure to catch some eyes! It seemed a shame to take my scissors to it but I couldn’t let this sit in the cupboard all summer, it needs to be out and about in the summer sun. Top quality merch once again from the legends at VI ❤️ Also if you haven’t checked out WTC new album ‘Authority Through Intimidation’ it’s an absolute banger with a lot of good feedback so far. I personally thoroughly enjoy it. @waking...

1,468 40

Re posting an old pic because Infant Annihilator are still one of my favourite bands and this t-shirt is still in my top 10, it definitely has some shock value about it, need to choose my occasion when I wear this eyebrow raiser. If you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t listened to them yet, drop what you’re doing immediately and use any means possible to chuck on their album The Battle Of The Yaldabaoth! Can’t believe it was dropped in 2019, feels like it was just yesterday 🥰 #infantannihila...

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