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Maltese 🇲🇹 but #Faroeislands is my playground 🎥📸🇫🇴 📩 🗺️Malta itinerary is now live!👇
Faroe Islands

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.26%. The average number of likes per post is 1089 and the average number of comments is 41.

7.75% of the followers that engaged with saviourmifsud regularly are from United States, followed by Norway at 7.75% and Italy at 6.98%. In summary, the top 5 countries of saviourmifsud's posts engager are coming from United States, Norway, Italy, Canada, Germany.

Saviourmifsud loves posting about Nature, Travel, Photography, Product Showcase, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture.

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  • United States 7.75 %
  • Norway 7.75 %
  • Italy 6.98 %
  • Canada 6.2 %
  • Germany 6.2 %



4,577 136

April has been a month full of beautiful memories. The month started with a 2 days intensive photo tour. On our second day we started our tour at the village of Saksun. It was a windy morning with strong gust winds. We had our tripod out to take some long-exposure photography. It was challenging, to say the least, but in the end, we managed to capture a few sharp images. The highlight of this trip at Saksun was definitely to geese that came to say hi 😁 I think they thought that we had food for them. Once they saw that they were not going to get anything from us, they just turned around and went to eat more grass 😄 These shots are captured on a Canon M5 camera and Sigma lens 10-20mm. #roamthefaroeislands

824 33

We had a blast at the small island comino on our last visit. There is so much to see, especially at the blue lagoon area and we also did a walk to the tower close by. If you do this walk in summer time make sure to take with you some water. When we did it, it was around 35 degrees and we drank water all the time! . . . . . . . . . . #malta #visitmalta #lovemalta #enjoymalta #bluegrotto #livetotravel #traveltheglobe #maltagozo #borntotravel #seetheword #speechlessplaces #travellushes #travelphotography #sightseeing #traveltogether #worldexplorer #travelvibes #travelcommunity #lonelyplanet #cominoisland #nakedplanet #roam #roammalta #bestcitybreaks #ourdailyplanet #natgeotravel #travelgram #instapassport #bbctravel #wonderlust

2,307 85

Today I’m going to take you to Saksun. 10 different images from different seasons. Some of them are captured while on guided tour and some while on a photo tour. From soaking wet tours to amazing sunsets and everything in between. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. You will like this place now matter what! Just stay on the road and don't step on the grass 🙈 Have a nice weekend everyone! #roamthefaroeislands

180 6

Trøllkonufingur (The Witches Finger) is a spectacular cliff to not miss visiting once you visit the Faroe Islands. Just 30 minutes away from the airport 😉 #roamthefaroeislands

485 23

Taken it all in, the last rays of the day 🌅Sunset from Mount Klakkur. It’s not so often that you manage to see the sun going down on the horizon as it is almost always cloudy 😅 #roamthefaroeislands

1,363 50

The picture square village of Tjørnuvík lit up by the sun. This village is also nicknamed the surfer's paradise as it is the perfect spot to surf! 🏄‍♂️ #roamthefaroeislands

610 32

The icons of the Faroe Islands in one picture on a beautiful summer evening.✨ #roamthefaroeislands

1,171 29

Hiking to Drangarnir is a challenge, but on a sunny day, it’s like you’re walking to heaven. The views, many kinds of birds, sheep and if you’re lucky you can even see seals close to the sea shore. I guided @axdoan out to the Sea stacks and he was mind blown by the beauty and scale of this place. We took many pictures and once he was satisfied we headed back. I do this hike many times a year and every time I come out here I find a new thing or angle to photograph. The second picture is one of my all-time favorites. You can see the bird looks like he is admiring the view of Drangarnir and if you look at the sea stack you’ll see a person standing and looking and the sea stack as well. You also get a sense of scale in all the images. I highly recommend this hike if you’re coming to visit the islands ✌️ #roamthefaroeislands

802 13

Evening mission to catch the last light. I met a few locals on the way, but there was this sheep that just kept on staring at me since she so me and on my way back to the car 😄 The light was stunning and it made the landscape look even more beautiful with the early spring colors 👌 #roamthefaroeislands

1,089 51

Saviour, which is your favorite island in the Faroe Islands and why? I get this question a lot and my answer is still the same. Vágar island is my favorite island of the 18 islands that there are here. The simple reason is that there are just so many great locations there and I have so much more to discover. #roamthefaroeislands

923 23

Sailing into the weekend like ⛵ #roamthefaroeislands

1,308 66

Mid-Summer Sunset at its best 🌼☀️🌅🌱 Would you stay in this cabin? ✨ #roamthefaroeislands

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