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Foster based charity in GTA. We rescue dogs + find them loving homes 🐶

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64.2% of saveourscruff's followers are female and 35.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 937 and the average number of comments is 15.

Saveourscruff loves posting about Pets, Dogs.

Check saveourscruff's audience demography. This analytics report shows saveourscruff's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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64.2 %
35.8 %


  • Art & Design 59.58 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 53.39 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 49.99 %
  • Entertainment 49.69 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 44.16 %
  • Pets 42.95 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.46 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.49 %
  • Home & Garden 37.28 %
  • Business & Careers 35.67 %
  • Children & Family 34.06 %


862 12

SHEYLA l F | 2 Y | 37 lbs | Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Mix | Needs proper intros | Medium-high energy | Some exposure to dogs | No exposure to children | Not cat tested Heya, it’s SHEYLA! She’s got spunk, she’s got style, and all she wants to do is make her new fam smile! From Mexico, this gal is currently residing in Kitchener and you betcha she’s looking for her dream home. We love her for you if you’re a more active family that can encourage boundaries and continue progressing her doggie manners. She loves getting treats for a job well done! With the right humans, we know that she could be your best gal pal. This girl is always ready to play and loves chewing on her Kong. If you’re looking to join in on the fun, you can’t go wrong with a good old game of tug of war. You’ll soon find out that SHEYLA is good at chasing her tail. Like, Olympic gold medalist kinda’ good. It’s good to know your strengths! Weaknesses you ask? Well, you can likely expect to work with SHEYLA on calming exercises as she shows a prey drive becoming vocal when catching sight of squirrels. She’s also pretty into chasing the neighbourhood cat when she gets the chance so it’d be best to monitor her if she meets any with you. When SHEYLA isn’t busy working on training games with her humans she loves meeting other dogs while going for walks and will continue to work on leash training with her new fam. She’s eager to check on all the things all the time and can become distracted when she comes into close contact with other humans because she’s just SO EXCITED. This might just mean providing some supervision while she’s meeting little ones during a proper introduction. Working with this gal on her downtime will likely work wonders. SHEYLA is always excited to welcome her humans’ home as she 100% supports your busy lifestyle. She’ll be even more excited to meet you as her potential furever family. Want to say heya to SHEYLA? Apply to adopt today! #sheyla # novascotiaduck-tollingretrievermix #soscruffy #saveourscruff #adoptme #rescue #instadog

635 6

What to be the change? Listen up! . If a dog rescue issue catches your eye, we need your help before you share it with us. . Think.. . Can I, the person sharing this post with SOS, do anything to help the cause? . If I’m sharing a dog in need overseas, can I foster, , fly, sponsor, or adopt it? If it’s a lost dog, can I go out to search or poster for it? If it’s a dog that needs to be surrendered locally, am I willing to bring this dog into my home? Can I sponsor its rehab? Foster? Support? . If no, please consider — who will stand up? Because many people will have to. . It’s easy to share a post, a story, a local or global issue, but it’s not so easy to find people willing to share the responsibility. . Please take into consideration the needs of an organization before giving more responsibility to one. Know that it takes a lot of time + resources to take on current plans, let alone what feels like demands from the community. It doesn’t feel right for “supporters” to expect organizations to be able to take on new responsibilities without support in doing so. . SOS constantly runs close to capacity. We try our best to keep space for things that come up in our global community. But we need everyone to recognize that we are not a “fix” to the dog problem, we are a resource. It takes you, to stand up and be the change. We were developed and are now run by citizens like you, who have decided to take Action. . We ask you to be willing to take the same Action when passing on responsibility to an organization. That if you have a suggestion for us or for another organization, that you also provide insight as to how you are prepared to support. Because we are a community and we are in this together. . This is the biggest lesson we have learned starting an organization, and we vow to be a leader in supporting other organizations to be their best self, through actionable efforts and shared responsibility. . If anything, please build awareness for your local organizations so they can find those willing to take Action with them. And at the same time, not asking too much of an organization. Please be kind and consider what time you ask of them. . We love you, we need you.

1,067 6

Alonso enjoying his first fall in his adoptive home 🍂 #scrufflife . Thanks @thedoggoprojectmexico for trusting us with his second chance 💕

1,046 17

Did someone say sweater weather?! 🍂 #scrufflife

1,481 42

TOFU l F | 1.5 Y | 13 lbs | Terrier mix | High energy | Needs proper intros | Some exposure to dogs | Good exposure to children | Cat tested | LOVES fetch Meet TOFU! A glowing source of positivity, this gal is available for adoption! TOFU is looking for a patient and confident fam who can work with her on becoming more comfortable in new situations and who would be totally into playing fetch with her whether inside or out. Ball really is life for this one. From Manitoba, TOFU spends lots of time with kids in her foster’s home and does well meeting such little humans at her own pace approaching first. She’s affectionate and enjoys being around her people though before a proper introduction she can be nervous. We get it. First impressions are a big deal. TOFU is a superstar on leash, following her leader politely on walks, which she likes to go for at least a few times during the day. After a proper introduction and time to get to know each other, TOFU would do well with another doggy bud to hang out and socialize with in the ‘hood as she loves to play chase and has an endless amount of energy. She definitely shows some interest in small critters tending to bark and chase, which could be something to work on by introducing calming exercises. These exercises may also help when it’s time for her humans to leave for work in the morning. Your neighbours will totally thank you! With cats, TOFU is simply curious and likes to sniff and play with them. She’s working on her confidence with loud, sudden noises and with you, as her advocate, we know she’ll be strutting her stuff in no time! Apply to adopt TOFU today! #tofu #terriermix #soscruffy #Newmarket #saveourscruff #ballislife #adoptme #adopt #terrier #terrierrescue #smalldogsofinstagram

1,045 5

Face of adoption #scrufflife

737 19

(1/3) Dog overpopulation and dog homelessness is a complicated issue. Imagine. You open a dog rescue because you can no longer deal with passing by sick, abandoned, hurt, starving dogs. You get your rescue centre open and start being able to take in dogs. You pick them up, aid them and adopt them out. Amazing you think. . Then, people start hearing of your centre. They start bringing dogs they no longer want or find abandoned, hurt or starving dogs that need support. Of course you take them in, how could you not? . But then you find out that it’s not fixing the problem.. people just use you as a way out, to get rid of dogs that they don’t want to properly care for. You’re overrun and you have to start denying dogs. But if you deny dogs, people abandon them when you’re not around. They throw them over your fence or tie them to your house. . Over and over again you tell yourself to not have this many dogs. That having a big number of dogs to yourself is too taxing. That it doesn’t give each dog the attention they need. And it tires you. Frustrates you to the point of being irritable with the dogs. To not put thoughtfulness into their rehabilitation. You don’t have enough time in the day for not only supporting them fully but also for yourself.. not like that’s a priority anymore. . But if you say no — they die on the streets. But if you say yes — they bark so loud you have to worry the neighbours might hurt them. What do you do? Well; that’s the scenario similar to many of our rescue partners.

460 5

(2/3) As I sit and write this from my hammock at Moringas Mission in Dominican Republic, I have 30 dogs to tend to, 3 cats, 7 chickens and 1 goat. I just finished my breakfast shift giving the best I could give today, trying to be someone I respect, someone who’s able to do the work I wish to see in the world. But it’s taxing. This role is 24/7. Dealing with this many personalities, this many temperaments in a small space — it’s never ending. I’m constantly doing what I can to better these dogs chances of success in Ontario while at the same time trying to fit into a community that has to be along for the ride — understandably irritated by the noise coming from my efforts. It’s a balance. . Not only that but I’m a human. I have good, better and worse days. Sometimes the heat bothers me, sometimes I’m all smiles. Sometimes I feel sick, weak, like I’ve abandoned myself to care for these abandoned animals but the work has to get done all the same. Mind you, this is just from a week experience. . During my moments outside of the the centre I drive past dogs in not ideal conditions. Laying in the middle of the road, without stable meals, without vetting, without a lot of things. When I open my perspective I can say the same for the people, living in less then ideal circumstances. And the environment, also less then ideal, suffering from everything as a whole. At least, that’s what I see. . Dog overpopulation and homelessness is a complicated issue. The root generally doesn’t start or end with dogs. . We at SOS are constantly putting ourselves in new spaces to gain insights to grow our perspectives of how to combat dog issues. We proudly view the “dog problem” from different perspectives and do our best to grow into and allow for new spaces, to help us improve the health of not only dogs but of our planet. Because everything is related.

1,503 25

(3/3) Today, it’s taking in a dog from the community as a few men decided to catch her, seeing she was pregnant, knowing it wasn’t good for her to birth the pups on the street. They had a safe place to bring her at M.M and we wanted to reassure them that their measures were noticed and that we could support them. Does it fix everything? No. Do they understand we are overrun? No. Are we going to sleep tonight knowing that our 30 dogs are making it known there’s a new kid in town? No. Does it show compassion to the efforts of the community. We hope so. It’s a step. I have no idea what the future holds for her, and the potential of her pups but i have to respect that I am unable to take on the role of her care long term as I head back to Burlington in a few days. That will be in someone else’s hands so I have to leave without judgment knowing that the efforts provided will be the best they can be with the scenario available. And that doesn’t include me physically but I can do what I can to support from Canada. And that’s not a broken promise. But for now, I’ll focus on aiding her for the few days I can. . We, this world, we are a giant community. And finding balance is our goal. For ourselves, for living creatures around us and for our planet. Although the issues at hand are complicated, we think the fix is simple. . Be kind. Take responsibility. Take the action you want to see in the world.

509 3

ALONDRA l F | 1 Y | 47 lbs | Boxer Mix | High energy | Gal pal | Needs proper intros to dogs | Some exposure to children & dogs | No cats, please! Taking a cue from Cyndi Lauper, ALONDRA shows us that girls just want to have fun! From Mexico, ALONDRA is living with her foster family in Orangeville and is SO excited to meet you! She’s über affectionate, curious, and wicked smart. She LOVES being one of the gals and in on whatever shenanigans her humans are up to. ALONDRA is looking for an active furever home that is eager to go for regular walks and maybe even for a run here and there with her. She’d love to play her little heart out all day if she could! This girl knows when it’s time to chill out though and is content to settle for a nap or chew on her bone while her humans are otherwise occupied. ALONDRA LOVES playing with children and impressing them with how fast she can run. She does best with older children who can respect her space as she does tend to jump up. Meeting adult humans is no biggie for this gal, she happily accepts treats and is always ready for some fun. ALONDRA can show some aggression when meeting new larger dogs and does well with correction from her humans before any reaction. Creating a space where she has proper introductions with other dogs is necessary so that she feels secure. ALONDRA would do best in a home with no cats and she might even enjoy hanging out with a smaller dog if you or one of your neighbours have one! She’s currently working calming exercises and leash etiquette with her fosters and is accustomed to using a prong collar. Lastly, while she’d love to hang out in a yard if you have one it should be fenced in as she’s a bit of an escape artist. Wanna have some lighthearted fun with this one? Apply to adopt ALONDRA today! Girls just wanna have fun (they just wanna, they just wanna). #alondra #boxermix #soscruffy #saveourscruff #adoptme #galpal #orangeville #girlsjustwannahavefun #dogsofinstagram

1,552 67

DAIZY | Adult | Chihuahua Mix | 2 years | 9 lbs | Low-Medium Energy | Social and friendly | Good exposure to dogs | Limited exposure to cat | No signs of prey drive | Some exposure to kids | Arriving TOMORROW (Oct 1) | Looking for a Foster-to-Adopt Meet Daisy, this happy go lucky girl is coming to Canada TOMORROW! This peanut will steal your heart in an instant. She loves to cuddle and nap, and is quite social with people and dogs - DAIZY even gives other dogs kisses! She is confident in new environments, but is also an independent woman and doesn’t mind hanging on her own. She has experience with a crate, but may need some more crate training. She has a mellow demeanour, but has had limited exposure to new things and needs a confident leader to help DAIZY to keep being the easy breezy cool girl she is. She will need house training and work on basic commands - so far she has done well on leash. If you are interested in applying to Foster-to-Adopt or looking for more information about our program head to our website and click apply to adopt 😊 She is going into temporary foster care until we can find her a lovely FTA! That means, you go through the adoption process and then pick up DAIZY for a 2 week trial! Visit to apply! #saveourscruff #rescue #dominicanrepublic #MADdog #potcake #mutt #chihuahua #adopt #foster #fostertoadopt #SOS #adoptdontshop #adoptme #toronto


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