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36.2% of sarahmaduck's followers are female and 63.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 352 and the average number of comments is 11.

35.53% of the followers that engaged with sarahmaduck regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 28.95% and Australia at 3.95%. In summary, the top 5 countries of sarahmaduck's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom.

Sarahmaduck loves posting about Fitness, Coaching, Training, Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education, Humor.

Check sarahmaduck's audience demography. This analytics report shows sarahmaduck's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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36.2 %
63.8 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 87.78 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 68.71 %
  • Sports 48.93 %
  • Books and Literature 39.93 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.40 %
  • Business & Careers 34.08 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.90 %
  • Entertainment 33.10 %
  • Art & Design 32.97 %
  • Music 32.30 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 32.16 %


  • United States 35.53 %
  • Canada 28.95 %
  • Australia 3.95 %
  • Italy 2.63 %
  • United Kingdom 2.63 %


413 8

I’m so pumped! Just picked up my new skin care products from @midwestlasercentre ! I love this line by @alumiermd ! My girls at Midwest Laser Centre came up with a plan to help me work on some of the issues/complaints I had about my skin. They custom selected products from this line that will help my skin be what I want it to be!. . 🙋🏻‍♀️Who wants to see what’s in the bag!?🙋🏻‍♀️. . ⬇️Comment below⬇️ if you want me to show you the products that were selected for me and how they work!😘. . 💝Consults are free @midwestlasercentre so get booked in with my team today to discuss your goals! ⬆️CLICK the link in my bio to book in today!. . . . . . #yxeinjectors #midwestlasercentre #yxe #saskatoon #sasklife #yxelife #yxebeauty #yxespa #warman #martensville #yxelocal

433 11

So Orlando bought me a DNA kit from @23andme and I am BEYOND fascinated by the results!! My family and I are Ukrainians with strong traditions from our home country. Everything from the food we eat, the language that still lives on in our homes, our holidays and our traditions 🇺🇦. My parents and grandparents have always told me stories of where my great grandparents came from. We know the cities and the regions in Ukraine that they lived, the stories of the circumstances of why they fled Ukraine to come to Canada and we even still have the farmhouse standing that they built when they first arrived in Saskatchewan. . What fascinated me the most about my DNA test was that all the stories I’ve been told about what areas my family is from were confirmed and mapped out on my test!! My grandparents spoke about how their parents left because of the war in Ukraine and because of the war, the boarders continued to change between Poland and Ukraine. To see the map that @23andme provided me showing me what regions I am from and having it match the stories that have been passed down to me was very emotional for me. I can see the region on the map highlighted for me where my family lived which, because of the many boarder changes during the war, is still Poland to this day. . I am so forever grateful that my great grandparents made the hard choices they did to come here for me. I was lucky enough to know 2 of my great grandparents and I am even named after one of them. My Babka Anna🥰🇺🇦 (Sarah Ann). . . . #ukrainiangirl #ukrainiancanadian #proudukrainian #yxe #saskatoon #yxelocal #saskatchewan #23andme #yxeliving #yxelife

280 2

Happy Monday!!😀 Monday’s are about starting fresh and being excited for the week ahead and everything you’re going to accomplish. . I know for a lot of people, Monday is the day they want to make changes for their health and wellness but often times the business of the day takes over and yet another week goes by with no real changes for the better. If this is you and you’ve been procrastinating getting signed up for that fall gym membership then let me help push you in the right direction!. . This is the last week that you can get signed up for our Fall 21 Day Transformation Challenge! This is 21 days of coaching, meal planning, great workouts and accountability to help you transform your healthy habits and ultimately your lifestyle! If you’ve had troubles getting started before, then let this fall challenge be the push to make some sustainable healthy changes!. . ➡️To get signed up for the Fall 21 Day Transformation Challenge CLICK the link in my BIO!. . . . . #warman #martensville #yxe #saskatoon #anytimefitnesssaskatoon #yxeliving #yxefitness #saskatooning #yxelocal #saskfit #yxepersonaltrainer

186 12

K so I switched skin care lines because I was having troubles with my skin. So many factors can play a part in the health of our skin so I was having troubles pinpointing what the issue was. I’ve been going to @midwestlasercentre for almost 10 years now and they are my go-to’s when I notice something change in my skin that needs addressing. What I love about my team at Midwest is that when it comes to addressing my skin issues they outlined a plan for me from the ground up. They mapped out a plan that included products to improve the health of my skin daily from their Alumier line as well as treatments for my skin strategically placed over the next few months to help my skin throughout the winter. . The products that they chose for me from their Alumier line were customers selections based on the issues my skin was having. I love that this line has the ability to be customized towards everyone’s skin goals. . ⭐️If you’re struggling to find a skin care line that actually works then ⬆️CLICK the link in my bio⬆️ to book a FREE consult with my team at @midwestlasercentre ! My girls will take care of you!. . . . . . #yxeinjectors #midwestlasercentre #yxe #saskatoon #yxebeauty #saskatooning #yxelocal #yxelife #yxeskin #saskbeauty

244 9

🚨Guys! There’s only 11 days left until the 21 day transformation starts!!! 🚨 . . During the 3 weeks of the challenge you will get:. . 💥meal prep guide with an e-recipe book. 💥24/7 gym access. 💥daily motivation from a coach. 💥access to the Anytime app. 💥group training sessions & more!. . . ✳️ALSO! The grand prize is an Emsculpt and Coolsculpting package from Midwest laser centre, valued at over $3500‼️. . ⬆️CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO SIGN UP!⬆️. . ⭐️The 21 Day Transformation Challenge is available for both members and non-members!!⭐️. . . . . #yxe #saskatoon #saskfit #anytimefitnesssaskatoon #purpleprideyxe #warman #martensville #yxeliving #yxelife #yxelocal

374 4

➡️Anytime Corporate Rates⬅️. ❓Who qualifies for corporate rates?. ❓What companies/businesses/work places are we currently offering corporate rates to?. ❓How can I get corporate rates set up for my place of work?. . All great questions! And all questions I have answers for!😀🤙🏼. . Here’s just a few of the places that have corporate rates:. ▪️Police▪️Fire▪️EMS▪️Military▪️Teachers▪️Health Region▪️Nutrien. . We have also partnered with local businesses and here are just a few of them from our list:. ▪️Midwest Laser Centre ▪️The Canadian Brewhouse▪️Rock Creek▪️Foundation Chiropractic. . ❗️We also have an Anytime Fitness ambassador program! If you love Anytime Fitness and would like to be part of our ambassador team, DM me and I can give you all the details!💜😀. . So guys, for a complete list of our corporate partnerships, to find out if you qualify for our special corporate rates, to set up corporate rates for your work place OR to inquire about our ambassador program you can either:. ➡️DM me OR. ➡️Email: . . . #yxe #yxefit #yxefitness #saskfit #saskatoon #saskatooning #yxelocal #yxelife #purpleprideyxe #anytimefitnesssaskatoon #warman #martensville

868 52

Good morning!! 3 things I’m pumped about today:. . First of all, I’ve been working hard trying to get in all my Team workouts and I’ve been seeing a difference in my core😀💪🏼. Come try them with me!! You will love them! DM me and I’ll hook you up! . Second thing I’m pumped about is that since my Thermage @Midwest lasercentre @yxe_injectors and my new skin care products I’ve been using, Ive been loving my face even more lately without makeup! I feel like it just glows!🙅🏻‍♀️💄😄. Wanna know more about what they prescribed me for my skin?? ⬇️Comment below if you’d like me to show you my skin care products!!⬇️ . And thirdly to top everything off I have a kick ass tan going on by @skynsunlessyxe that compliments my gym results and my fresh skin! Check out my highlights on my profile and there is a swipe up link to book a tan with my girl!🤗. . Taking care of yourself and feeling good is so important! I believe that everyone should have things that they do for themselves that make them feel good. I wanna know a bit more about you guys! ⬇️Comment below some of the things you like to do to feel your best!⬇️. . . . . #yxe #saskatoon #saskfit #midwestlasercentre #yxeinjectors #saskatoonsbesttan #saskatooning #yxelife #anytimefitnesssaskatoon #purpleprideyxe #yxelocal

193 6

For me, health and wellness is about taking care of every area of my ‘self’ and not just working out. 💪🏼💄💅🥗🧘🏻‍♀️Skin care is one area that I have focused on since I was about 10 years old! Seems early to be thinking about skin care right? Well my grandmother had a skin care routine that inspired me. She would wake up and go to sleep by first washing her face and applying her cream. I admired her so much that I did it right along with her beside in her bathroom on my sleepovers at her place. I took this routine home with me and realized that this made me feel good to start and end my day with this simple act of self care. . Today I continue with my self care with the help of @midwestlasercentre . They have been with me over the last 10 years helping me to take care of my skin the way my grandmother taught me:) They listen to what my concerns and goals are and they guide me with their professional recommendations from the products I use on my face morning and night to the skin care treatments I use to keep my skin healthy. . In this pic I’m just getting ready to do one of my favourite treatments called Thermage! This is something I do yearly as a part of my plan at Midwest Laster Centre. Here are some of the benefits:. . ➡️Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that can smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance. . ➡️non-invasive, no cutting, no needles. . ➡️Treats wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body. . Consults are FREE at Midwest Laser so book in to find out if Thermage is for you or DM them for more info!. 🌎🌎 💚@midwesterlasercentre @yxe_injectors @enhancedbyholly . . . . #midwestlasercentre #yxeinjectors #yxe #saskatoon #yxelocal #yxeskincare #yxeliving #saskatooning

667 32

🍭Does being fit and looking your best mean giving up the foods and treats you like forever??🍭. . Guys, I’ve had so many people over the years say to me things like ‘You look great, I just like food too much so I could never eat like you.’ or if they see me eating something naughty people have said ‘How can you eat like that and stay in shape?? If I ate that I would gain so much weight!’. . Let me address both of those statements. First of all, when someone says they couldn’t ‘eat like me’ I know that they must be thinking I am ‘dieting’ alllll the time! 👉🏼FACT👈🏼 I have not been following any sort of meal plan or diet for 3 years since my last competition. In fact, I also workout about 2-3 times per week, not 6-7 like when I was competing. I know that for a lot of people who have health, fitness and weight loss goals, when they see someone that they deem to be ‘in shape’ they often think that this person must be eating lettuce all day and working out hours a day. . I want to also address this statement: ‘If I ate that I would gain so much weight!’ Listen people!! You DO NOT get ‘fat’ from having pizza and beer! If I had pizza and beer everyday then maybe that would be a different story. . I am always open and transparent about my own lifestyle, fitness and food choices because I want people to understand that getting the results you want does not require you to make sacrifices that will make you miserable. You don’t have to give up your favourite foods forever. You can get in shape and stay in shape and still go enjoy your favourite treats! Of course when I was competing I follow a strict diet to get my contest results. But what I want everyone to understand is that you can still teach your goals and enjoy your life and not be on a diet and be miserable in exchange for results. . ➡️Do you have goals this fall??⬅️. . ✳️WE ARE ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!✳️. Let us help you reach your fitness goals and learn how to maintain your results and still live life enjoying the foods and activities you love!! DM me to get started or with any questions you have about my services!!🤗. . . . #yxe #saskatoon #saskfit #yxelocal #warman #martensville #yxeeats #yxehair #yxelife

635 16

The secret to ‘getting fit’ and staying fit or achieving the body you want isn’t found in the right diet or the right workout plan. So many people search high and low and try everything under the sun and wonder why they don’t get the results they’re looking for. The reason is because anything done with the underlying feeling of not loving yourself will always fail. Sounds silly but listen. If you changed your priority to ‘self-love’ then all of your choices will reflect this. Eating healthy won’t feel like a punishment, but a reward. Exercise won’t feel like torture, and instead will feel like therapy. You will stop saying ‘I’ll dress nice and wear makeup when I reach my goal or when I look the way I want...’ and you’ll start wearing makeup and dressing the way you want because it makes you FEEL good and because you deserve it. Too many of us deny ourselves self-love because we tell ourselves we aren’t worthy of it until we ‘look’ the way we want. . My point? You MUST change your daily goal to ‘today I will do everything I can to show myself love’ and anything that has ever been your goal will start to take shape. . ➡️Let this season be the season where you approach your goals with a different mind set. Want help? DM me and let’s talk about how we can get you where you want to be inside and out💗. . . . . #yxe #saskatoon #warman #martensville #saskatooning #saskfit #yxelocal #cactusclubyxe #yxelife #fashionnova #yxehair #yxenails #bebe

93 0

😀NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!!😀. . Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to get into a healthy routine for the fall!! Our coaches at Anytime Fitness are ready for ya!!😀💪🏼. . We have spots available to take clients in:. . ➡️Private one-on-one. ➡️Semi private small group. ➡️Team Training. . If you have a lot going on this fall and fitness is the last thing you want to worry about, THEN LEAVE IT TO US! We will find the service that best suits your goals and your budget! And speaking of budget....❓Did you know that Anytime Fitness has the very BEST PRICES on all their training services❓We also offer 12 personal training sessions on ALL BASIC memberships!!. . ‼️Listen, don’t wait to inquire about training with us, fall is our busiest season and our coaches FILL UP FAST! If you want help getting into a fitness routine DM me and let’s get you started!!. . . . #saskatoon #yxe #saskatooning #anytimefitnesssaskatoon #warman #martensville #yxelocal #yxelife #saskfit


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