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Photographer and Director Worldwide - Athletes and Top Models
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29.4% of samrobles's followers are female and 70.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.60%. The average number of likes per post is 566 and the average number of comments is 9.

Samrobles loves posting about Music, Soccer, Basketball.

Check samrobles's audience demography. This analytics report shows samrobles's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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29.4 %
70.6 %


  • Photography 85.36 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 73.24 %
  • Art & Design 47.81 %
  • Books and Literature 46.76 %
  • Movies and TV 46.60 %
  • Business & Careers 39.96 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.29 %
  • Sports 36.20 %
  • Music 33.42 %


622 2

“Being resilient is what keepa me alive.” ⚡️ @douglascosta ⚡️ 📸 @samrobles #DouglasCosta #BayernMunich #⚡️

606 5

B O B B Y @roberto_firmino 📸 @samrobles #BobbyFirmino #🇧🇷 #LiverpoolFC

436 8

"Football gives meaning to your life. I really believe this. But your life, your history, your essence, also gives meaning to your football. I am going to talk about some things that I almost never discuss. I need to tell you a story that shaped everything that I am. It happened before I was even born." ✍️ @ericcantona 📸 @samrobles #EricCantona #Cantona

450 7

“There’s a video out there, somewhere, of my first ever football match. Literally first ever match. I was six years old. I was playing for a team called the Woburn Lions, which is the village just over from mine outside of Milton Keynes. We had purple and light blue kits. Kind of awful looking things if I remember correctly. Mine was a few sizes too big because it had been handed down from an age group a few above ours. I was wearing shin pads that cost four pound that my dad and I had gone to buy together. I remember that day … he got me black boots, too. He always said, ‘Only black boots until you can afford your own.’ We were playing a team called Green Lyef. I think I scored five goals. Me and my best mate at the time both did really well that day. We hadn’t ever had a practice or organised kick about — it was just pure football and pure mayhem. Shin kicking. Jersey tugging. Falling. Probably tears. And my mate’s dad taped the whole thing on a camcorder. I didn’t actually see it until six years later when I was a bit older.” @benchilwell 📸 @samrobles for @playerstribunefootball #BenChilwell #Chelsea #PremierLeague #debut

920 13

“Yesterday I revolted. I was punished with red because I wanted to hit someone who offended me. I thought I could not leave without doing something because ai realized that those in charge would not do anything. Did not notice or ignored the fact. During the game I wanted to answer as always. Playing football. The facts show that I did not succeed. I revolted... In our sport, aggressions, insults, swearing are part of the game, of the dispute, you can’t be affectionate, I understand this guy partly. All is a part of the game. But racism and intolerance are unacceptable. I am black, son of black, grandson and great grandson of black also. I’m proud and I do not see myself as different from anyone. Yesterday I wanted those in charge of the game(referees, assistants) to position themselves impartially and understand that there is no longer such a place for a prejudiced attitude. Reflecting and seeing all the manifestation that happened, I’m saddened by the feeling of hatred that can provoke when in the heat of the moment we snap. Should I have ignored it? I don’t know yet... Today, with a cool head, I say yes, but in due course my companions and I asked the referees for help, and we were ignored. That’s the point!” Neymar Jr. via @neymarjr 📸 @samrobles #racismoNAO #NOtoRacism #NeymarJr

365 4

⚡️ P A R A B É N S ⚡️ @douglascosta 📸 @samrobles for @playerstribunefootball #HappyBday #Parabens #DC #DouglasCosta #⚡️⚡️

1,209 11

“I guess I’m a bit of a different kind of person, in that way, expressing myself mostly through football. But that’s my story. Thanks for letting me tell it. Thanks for letting me talk.” @kevindebruyne 📸 @samrobles #KDB #kevindebruyne #mancity #LetMeTalk

577 14

✨✨🏆✨✨ Congrats @kevindebruyne! PFA Players’ Player of the Year 2020 📸 @samrobles #kevindebruyne #PFA #Players #Player #2020 #🏆

1,139 8

🔵🔴 “Barca gave me everything and I gave it everything.” “It’s the club of my life, I have made my life here.” @leomessi 📸 @samrobles #Messi #10 #Barca Messi via Goal

225 7

✨🍃✨🍃✨🍃✨ @isabelagrutman 📸 @samrobles 💄 @babimoura_beauty

275 9

Respeita as Minas! Documentary coming out today @corinthiansfutebolfeminino and @playerstribunefootball 📸 @samrobles 🖋 @mbelteky #FutebolFeminino #CorinthiansFeminino #RespeitaasMinas #Documentary

260 15

"I have played in stadiums where a dog would come on the pitch in the middle of the game, and the referee had to stop the game to take the dog out. I have played on pitches that were half grass, half clay, and only mud at the end. I have been through so many things but I am very proud of them because it played a big role in my improvement as a player and for the women's game as well." . "Já joguei em estádio que entrava cachorro no meio do campo e o juiz tinha que parar a partida. Já joguei em campos que metade era grama, metade era terra e no final era só lama. Já passei por diversas coisas assim, mas tenho muito orgulho disso porque serviu para o meu crescimento. Foi em prol de deixar algo positivo para o futebol feminino." 📸 @samrobles for @playerstribunefootball #WomensFootball #FutebolFeminino #Corinthians #Feminino #Documentary #ComingSoon #Grazi


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