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30.0% of rubylaw's followers are female and 70.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.00%. The average number of likes per post is 791 and the average number of comments is 16.

Rubylaw loves posting about Modeling, Photography, Publishing.

Check rubylaw's audience demography. This analytics report shows rubylaw's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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30.0 %
70.0 %


  • Photography 86.31 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 78.21 %
  • Art & Design 58.42 %
  • Travel & Tourism 51.62 %
  • Books and Literature 45.98 %
  • Movies and TV 44.11 %
  • Technology & Science 42.41 %
  • Business & Careers 40.15 %
  • How-to & Style 34.31 %


310 8

I’m really missing Hawaii so so much. There was a time I thought I was gonna settle and just shoot weddings in paradise. I thought about it. As I get older I become more sensitive with motion sickness. A bunch of local friends in Hawaii once took me out fishing, they wanted to show me sharks. They took me out on a speedboat, 15 mins later they had to send me back before I lose myself in the deep blue. If you put me on a little boat I might just puke my gut out, but if you put me on a little boat with a camera, I might puke but at least it will be enjoyable. 🐋

382 13

New work for @viviennetam on @voguerunway 🥡🥢 shot at @mo_hkg with @isabellezty ... the only thing missing was some dim sum and bao. // @jingerzhanger @marinafairfax

1,898 35

誰是Ruby Law? 我係一個攝影師。攝影以前係興趣,五年前誤打誤撞入左行。讀書時大學主修Marketing,同攝影大䌫都扯唔埋,而喺工作上就邊試邊學,做下做下就識架啦。有好多人問我點樣可以將自己喜歡做嘅事變成事業?每個人都有自己獨特嘅專長,但就唔係每人都有勇氣去追夢。只要放膽想像自由你先會擁有。要記住關關難但關關都會過。 Hi it’s me, wearing @adidashk for their women social campaign. To keep it real, I took some snaps while my photographer shot me. Who wants to see what my snaps look like? 😬 @adidashk #adidashk Photo by @ctkkit

837 7

This was the most difficult shot from our shoot, I had a hard time directing those ultra long legs with high high heels. 🥢🥡 We ran into all kinds of trouble because of corona third wave was hitting hard - brands and talent cancelling last minute, had to cut down crew size, nail salons were closed, talent showed up with short hair 👦🏻 ... you name it. Swipe to see the team, with the most amazing styling hair and makeup 🥟 @leonastea @tashaling @kolen128 @deepmakeup @mo_hkg

1,314 20

Swipe to see behind the scenes of how we created this oriental princess 🥢🥡 Creative @leonastea Styling @tashaling & the loveliest hair and makeup @kolen128 @deepmakeup #忘了愛

494 15

New story for @scmp_style 🥡🥢 Our oriental express ride for a day with creative: @leonastea styling: @tashaling assisted by @aangelaleung hair: @kolen128 makeup: @deepmakeup model: @primomodel at the Mandarin Suite @mo_hkg

707 15

A few days ago my old Airbnb host from Pacific Palisades sent me a very heart warming message to check how I am. He said I’m one of his favourite guests despite me losing the house key. When I stayed at his guest house we used to sit at the front yard and we would talk about everything. Art, politics, family... He lost his wife a while back, and years later he has been trying hard to find love again. He is a writer, and in his message he told me that he has moved to his wife’s hometown and write about their tragic love story. I think that’s the most romantic thing I’ve heard in a while.

1,476 15

Happy Birthday @misselvani ♥️ We can’t wait to meet the baby!

1,191 46

I haven’t posted photo here for almost a month, how are you peeps? I never liked it when people ask me how I am, I thought it was such an odd and insincere question. I don’t really like to share everything that’s going on in my life with anyone, but if I just say I’m ok or fine then I sound vague, you know what I mean? But ever since this whole virus thing happened, I’ve been writing ‘how are you’ a lot, mostly to clients and people in the industry. Just because I really feel that everyone needs a little bit more love during this difficult time. Anyway, the reason why I haven’t been updating much is because I feel a little lazy, that’s all, no excuse. Also the first time in months I thought about where do I want to go when this whole shit show is over. I didn’t miss travelling, I think I’ve overdone it last year, but now I’m starting to think what’s next. So how are you?

752 11

This is one of my favourite shots from the new @prestigehk story. Swipe left to see how everyone watched my back getting toasted. 🥓 Creative Direction @jingerzhanger Styling @justinelee425 assisted by Angela Leung Hair & Makeup @karenpaint assisted by Cindy Lai, Shiela Ko Casting & Production @marinafairfax Model @mikawysocki @elite_asia Yacht @simpsonmarine @asiayachtlife

382 7

My legs are still peeling from this shoot. Such rookie mistake for not putting on enough sunscreen. 🧜🏽‍♀️ Latest story for @prestigehk July issue out today - Creative Direction @jingerzhanger / Styling @justinelee425 / Hair & Makeup @karenpaint & team / Casting & Production @marinafairfax / Model @mikawysocki @elite_asia / Yacht @simpsonmarine @asiayachtlife

366 13

The world has changed a lot since I last updated my Instagram. Sometimes I think about what else I can do when the world doesn’t need so many photographers. How many people are spending $25 to buy a goldfish because they actually like the fish, or they buy it because it brings them hope?


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