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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 284 and the average number of comments is 6.

Rosiross loves posting about Art, Design, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel, Technology, Fashion.

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319 4

Don’t worry, flourish 🌸 I wasn’t so sure about the quarantine thingy but it has allow me to meditate, focus on my personal projects and make some time to plan my next 6 months ahead 📌 Here some questions my mentors have been asking me to organise and pivot individually: 👉What have you accomplish so far this year and how do you want to move into 2022? 👉Are you activate toward your goals and how you keep that energy/action going? 👉 Are you really happy on the place you are and doing whatever is that you are doing? 👉 Are you satisfied with your current stage and if so what things would you like to improve by the end of 2021? This year has been the best time to reflect and discover what’s really priority and key for us as individuals and communities. In case you haven’t asked yourself these key questions I invite you today to sit, think and reflect about now and your time ahead. There’s no good weather if you don’t know where you are going 🌈 #saturdayvibes

282 4

8th day of Quarantine and 8 days of food with my friends of @foodpanda_hongkong 🐼 Staying in a hotel selected by the Hong Kong government for my 14 days quarantine have been much easier to carry thanks to Food Panda. You can have all foodies delivered to your door in a blink. Fresh and quick! ⚡️ If you know me you know I love food as much as I love training. I swear will be burning all this fat in 7 days by now 🏃🏼‍♀️ Which is your fave food? 🍕 Italian 🍣 Japanese 🥐 French 🥭 Vietnamese 🌯 Indian 🥯German 🍞 British 🥑Australian *If you guys are quarantining on your way back to #hongkong remember to email the hotels directly as some of them are not accepting delivery regardless of what the Gov website says. Good luck ❤️

249 7

You can imagine all the jokes I made about these flowers 😂 Now seriously, these are called Echiums. A pyramid-shaped inflorescence of red flowers that can grow to a height of 3 metres, making it one of the most striking plants during the flowering season. It blooms after two years and it is a honey producing plant 🍯 Impressive and beautiful to admire😻 Nature is amazing 🌱💗 #tuesdaythoughts

317 14

Dangerous freedom or peaceful slavery, both are challenging. Staying on your comfort zone or stretching your own perception, both are challenging. Receiving a salary or creating your own income, both are challenging. Staying in your city or moving to another country, both are challenging. Being single or having a relationship, both are challenging. Choosing your way or letting others choose for you, both are challenging. Staying with the same knowledge or learning new things, both are challenging. Going one way or another, life will always be challenging and there will always be struggle⚡️ Remember you always have the chance to pick your experiences and struggles. Whatever you choose make sure it will make you happy👊 Choose wisely🕹 #mondaymotivation

280 2

Swipe for views ⏭ Had the opportunity to travel for the first time with @qatarairways 🥰 ✈️ On my first flight there were only 52 people on the plane. They put me with a Chinese crew of 45 male on the second cabin and I wasn’t feeling quite comfortable with them drinking and shouting. I really appreciate the #qatarairways air crew allow me to change cabin and I had almost all first cabin for myself. So could rest in peace. Literally😂💜 📍Doha Airport: working 90% as usual, the airport currently has all temperature and test requirements to be super safe. Most of the flights working as usual and almost all businesses working 24/7. Only residents can get to Qatar tho and the airport is working only for transit. 🚀 Spain: currently Spain is a low risk destination as 50% of the population has taken the first vaccine and 30% has already been fully vaccinated. They require a hotel booked or residence address in advance and the negative Covid test. The plane Barcelona-Tenerife was holy full tho 😂 I really loved seeing Doha from the sky on daylight🥰

276 5

Filmmakers of all genres have long taken advantage of the chameleon-like landscape of the Canary Island, using the dramatic geography to create and recreate other worlds for the cinema screen🤩 Then I just came to discover some of my favourite films have been produced in this moon like sand and stone landscape. Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, Moby Dick, Titan, Bourne 5 and the original Planet Of The Apes in 1968📍 The diversity of its place is so impressive: volcanic, subtropical, urban, coastal, marine…all separated by short distances. This is what makes it possible to recreate many different corners of the world within just a few kilometers🎥📸 What’s more, the skills of local audiovisual companies, the fiscal incentives and benefits for producers, and a warm climate that permits filming outdoors throughout almost the entire year, complement the island’s attractions and make it an ideal backdrop for filming movies 🍿 If you love movie production like me and you are just curious about locations of films to explore, to visit and be inspired by, THIS ONE YOU CAN’T MISS!🌝 #backtobasics

258 9

Be like the water and flow 🤍

350 18

Swipe for giggles ⏭ We made it to Mount Taide 🌋 This volcano is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. Also it’s the third-highest volcano in the world and is described by UNESCO and NASA as Earth's fourth-tallest volcanic structure 🌏✨ Teide was a sacred mountain for the aboriginal Guanches, so it was considered a mythological mountain, as Mount Olympus was to the ancient Greeks 🌞 An astronomical observatory is located on the slopes of the mountain, taking advantage of the good weather, and the altitude, which puts it above most clouds, and promotes stable Astronomical seeing. We couldn’t visit because COVID restrictions. ****sobs dramatically****

249 4

Cat couples always make me feel like real love really exist. Is it just me? 🐱 📍@catstore_catcafe #catsofinstagram

265 13

Going back to the dress-up trend ❣️ If you have liked my outfits in my feed or my stories we are super excited to let you know that you will be able to buy every single item from my feed on my website. Shoes, clothing, bags, swimsuits. Everything💜 Thanks to @rakuten we are able to create new ways to showcase new small brands and big ones. I Will be bringing you more videos too (sorry, I'm such a boomer) 😂 Let me know in the comments if there is any specific range you would like to see. I read you.

249 1

Looks legit to me 👊

251 5

I hope each and every one of you feel motivated to go out & be your absolute best every day. No matter what it is that you want to do in life or what you envision for yourselves, it’s all possible. Sometimes things seem to not go how we planned but little do we know that’s EXACTLY A PART OF THE PLAN! You don’t have to have everything figured out to be, “successful”. Be your best and do what you can with what you have and everything will fall into place. Have an incredible day 🙌🏾🔥❤️ ✨

263 5

Day off 🐉 What is your perfect type of "me time"? Let me know in the comments👇

226 3

I have 99 problems and Coconut Oil from @gettonik has solved 99% of them🐚 As a summer latin girl I believe in the power of coconut oil and raw oils in general💦 These @gettonik Organic Coconut Oil Capsules are a selection of easy-to-take gel capsules filled with pure Coconut Oil, high in saturated fats which delivers a range of health benefits. These pills assist with: ⚡️Improving skin issues ⚡️Hair & nail growth ⚡️Collagen stimulation ⚡️Boosting the immune system ⚡️Reducing inflammation ⚡️Improving digestion & energy PLUS: Organic + Free from gluten, GMO + No preservatives🌱 For the hot summer days I pair them with @osunsparkling Madame Dry Rose Water a gently carbinated natural mineral water infused with crystals and fragrant botanical aromas. Made with medicinal plants such as rose and lavender makes the perfect pair to energize and balance while enjoying a good sun tan🌞💦

238 5

I wish you guys could smell this 😍 Home fragrances are a current trend and I can't get enough of it. By using fragrance in your home, it can help create the perfect ambience and might just be the finishing touch to making your space feel more like yourself. Either you use it for ambiance, mood, healing or me time, there is always a signature fragrance for everyone. And I think we all MUST HAVE our own signature one💡 I didn't had mine before and I think I have find it now! 💘 This one from The Blomstre is called KUNDIMAN, resambling orchid, lily and wood. Perfect for spaces that are minimal, sweet and cozy. If your apartment or flat is small and you want to give a chic sweet vibe without being too strong, this fragrance is THE ONE🐚 Check all the fragrances and candles to personify your space at @theblomstre 💥 Originally handmade in Hong Kong all candles and fragrances from this brand are luxurious and homie. Giving you the feeling of a place that can be high end but also approchable. From gentle to slushy, I am sure you will also find a fragrance that will describe you💎

231 3

There’s just something so sassy and fun about wearing earrings on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the way that they frame the face or highlight the outline of your head, but I think we can all agree that there are so many fun earrings out there to wear and so little time to make it happen💎 🧿 Check out @the_echostudio for some minimal and simplicity jewels that we all should have 😉

268 8

Uplifting every outfit with natural pieces from @the_echostudio ☯️ Handmade pieces for the lovers of minimal ♥️ I really miss date night and dressing up. Am I the only one? 🧐

228 5

I love signature pieces 💎 How about you? 💘 @shopbazaar

265 10

I've been seeing a therapist for a month and a half now (after 3 semi-sessions last year). And contrary to the public belief I DO think everyone would really realign mentally and emotionally if we all went to it💚 Personally, it has done magic for me as I try to establish a set of healthy strategies and better coping mechanisms for things like stress and anxiety. Here some of the things I have learned until now: 👉Celebrate all victories, even if they’re small: If you can’t take time out to enjoy what you’ve done, you’ll lose much of the motivation required to do them in the first place. 👉 Focus on a perfect process and not perfect results: The outcomes will take care of themselves, more often than not. Cheating your way to your goals won’t make you a better person. 👉Movement matters: An object in motion stays in motion, and — if you’re just laying around wallowing in sadness or fear — odds are you’re probably just 30 minutes of exercise away from a better mood (and better health). 👉Learn to transcend your surroundings: You can acknowledge your past, your experiences, and your habits without becoming enslaved by them. What’s happened before and what’s happening now can shape you, but they are not you. 👉Be like Nike: If there’s something you’re thinking about, just do it, before it consumes you.

275 10

If you want to be reborn, let yourself die and kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that I let die. You can reborn yourself too💘 Don't believe in the idea that you can't change, you can't evolve or you can't be a different person tomorrow. You have the right to change, think differently, and re-learn every concept and belief you have built in your life🔥 Stick to what gives you peace. We all can change, un-learn stuff and that doesn’t mean we got to stop living and being happy💚 Don't you agree?

227 3

Restock at @styligator a full line of Snail Mucin products. I AM OBSESSED WITH! 🐌 When it comes to skincare I believe in investment. We have added @mizon_official and this one is just so good. But this snail mucin line I have SPECIALLY picked by the value of mucin as a wonderful ingredient to the skin🔥 Rich in the humectant hyaluronic acid, snail mucin has skin hydrating properties. It also contains high levels of antioxidants which calm inflammation in the skin and promotes healthy collagen production💦 Check it out at @styligator 🐌

234 1

If you open your closet to find that your blazers and heels have been overtaken by sweatpants and slippers, you’re not alone💘 I'm obsessed with stylish footwear to elevate my looks and add a unique touch to every outfit but this and last year I have been wearing sneakers and flats like CRAZY😂 Regardless of your personal style remember that from something plain, a little bit shiny, or a funky design, you can’t go EVER go wrong with statement shoes👡💚 Don't You Agree? 😌

240 1

You were my glass of Prosecco but thank God I drink Pao Tea now💎

272 9

Affirmations for the Divine Feminine: 🌙 I am a creative being 🌙 I am enchanting and magnetic 🌙 I am connected to mother nature 🌙 I nurture myself and others 🌙 I allow myself to feel 🌙 I express my sensuality 🌙 I am guided by my intuition 🌙 I allow myself to receive 🌙 I am a source for divine wisdom 🌙 I flow with the natural cycles of life Which one do you pick today?👇

257 8

The key behind a comfortable and protecting air filter mask lies in all the details that together form the whole final mask. The @airinum Lite Air Mask is built around 3 foundations - protection, comfort, and design📌 All people are unique and so are their facial shapes and size. Differences are for example dependent on age, gender, ethnic backgrounds, and weight. The Lite Air Mask is therefore available in 4 sizes to fit as many people as possible👦👩👨👴👵 The sizing system has been developed using key anthropometric measurements of the human head as well as through testing sessions with large distributions of people with unique facial shapes. The sizing system is divided into Large, Medium, and Small sizes for adults and teenagers, as well as an XS size for kids. Check it out now at @airinum @airinum_hk ⚛️

267 3

My biggest struggle in life will always be that I expect more from myself than just selling aesthetics and being pretty🔥 There are so many causes out there we can join. Circularity, Regeneration, IoT, Robotics. So many ways we can help other people and other communities and the generations to come. I really expect my expertise to go deeper than just beauty and digitalization.⚛️ And I also invite you today to think about which spaces you would like to join in order to improve other people's lives and have a deeper sense of purpose in life. I know this is easier said than done but the meaning of life goes clearer as we discover it. It's ok if you still try to find your purpose, remember always that the gift is the journey🌱

276 10

In these hard times of lockdown and dispair, I have been learning new tools to empower myself. Besides going to therapy to calm my anxiety I have been learning a lot about letting go of things that don't serve my purpose and giving less importance to those things that have none to do with who I want to be in the future. I hope you can use them if you also need them💜 👉 Detachment - releasing all sense of control. Acknowledging that we are not in control of anything but what we choose to think, do & believe gives us a great sense of freedom. 👉Expression - letting emotions flow through the body. Singing & dancing are forms of expression that free us of residual energy trapped in the body. Practice some singing, dancing on your own. 👉 Learn - seeking knowledge. Feeding our minds with content that will help us along our journeys and putting it into practice prevents us from repeating past mistakes. Journal and writing are my faves. 👉Praise - celebrating how far we’ve come. Taking time to appreciate how much we’ve changed for the better and looking forward to what comes next. Meditation of gratitude even at our lowest. Life is happening for us, not to us. Remember that daily💜

250 3

Monday is my favorite day 💜 Which one is yours? #mondaymood

322 9

Happy Mother’s Day to all the super moms out there ❤️ To my angel in the sky and all the amazing moms that fill our lives with love, kindness, faith, support, work ethic and the amazing gift of family 💫 A mom is like a flower, each one is unique 🌸 #happymothersday

234 3

I hope everyone is having a great and productive week💚 What is keeping you motivated today? 🔖

258 7


275 3

Swipe for giggles ▶️ #happymonday ❤️

265 5

Channeling my own @badgalriri🔥

283 9

Breathing fresh with @airinum 🌀 The most dangerous particles in the air are impossible to see with the naked eye. That is why a lot of people don’t know about the health risks associated with bad air🌬 We are at all times exposed to various types of bacteria in the air you breathe. And I do not say it only for the current sitch. Wearing a mask lowers the risk of getting contaminated by pollen, pollution, bacteria, dust and many other microparticles we do not know even exist🦠 For this reason, I rely on my Urban Air which is a great option to be safe and sound out there. The technology is tested at RISE R&D centre in Sweden and is one of the few lifestyle masks in the market that is proven to be similar than N95⚙️ And besides IT LOOKS PRETTY🥰

240 3

Happy Friday my lovelies💚 #mood

255 5

If you’re an eyeshadow lover and love yourself some shimmery finishes, Urban Decay’s Naked palette is a CLASSIC TO OWN!🔥 Every shade is soft, smooth, and richly pigmented–even the mattes. For those with a lot of palettes, it may feel a bit redundant, but I really like the fact that you can have from morning to night shades🍾 A perfect mix of neutrals, smoldering neutrals, and darker, smokier colors. I swear I chase and keep buying this one as is one of the most versatile palettes you can have. I love to carry it for short trips🚀 Once palette for all sitch!🎨 🍦@urbandecaycosmetics

259 6

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? 🔖

295 7

Creativity is such an important part of my life. The opportunity to think and create something that was just an idea in my mind. It can be an outfit, aesthetics, my own perceptions of beauty. Life is an endless creative love affair if you let it be. What makes your heart bloom? ❤️ It's the aesthetics to me.

281 6

Whether it’s fine or costume jewellery, there’s always a sentimental reason behind every piece of jewellery you buy, and I think the same as me you’ll want to wear your favourite pieces forever❤️ Here are some quick and easy tips to take care of your jewellery to prevent tarnishing, scratches and dullness: 👉Keep it away from wood: Avoid leaving your jewellery on chemically treated surfaces or on wood which can stain or speed up the tarnishing process. 👉Keep it in a ziplock bag: Over time, your jewellery comes in contact with moisture and air which causes it to eventually tarnish. Put it in a ziplock bag and squeeze out all the air before sealing. 👉Store your silver with chalk: Chalk absorbs moisture, or if you find that dusty, invest in some dehumidifiers or silica packs. 👉Keep your jewellery dry and away from skin care: Don’t wear your jewellery then apply lotions, perfume or hairspray. Never wear silver jewellery when you go swimming or to the sauna.

272 7

Kind reminder to give a call to everyone you love. And tell them you love or miss them. Life is too short to wait💚 True love is endless calls📞

239 3

This is a reminder to store your fine jewelry away from direct sunlight because some stones can become damaged by prolonged exposure to UV light. Not all fine jewelry needs to be put away. Have a place on your dresser or nightstand where you can keep jewelry you wear every day like your engagement ring or diamond studs. Fine jewelry storage tips: 💍Store fine jewelry in a way that the pieces do not touch each other. 💍Diamonds are capable of scratching other stones and metals. 💍Keep pearls inside a wooden box that has a felt lining. Never store pearls inside a plastic bag or box because plastic can interact with the pearls and cause them to deteriorate. 💍Keep fine jewelry inside a safe or another inconspicuous place. 💎@shopbazaar

251 1

Harnessing the compelling properties in mushrooms and superfoods to awaken the best version of you every morning. Whether you seek a way to boost your mind, body, energy, or immunity, the journey starts with🌱 I love that you can use the @nespresso machine to pop your coffee! These capsules are crafted with unmistakable flair to bring you the perfect espresso at home🌾 Tip: for the hipster in you try it with a dash of Almond Milk🌰

269 1

We have added @somebymi to @styligator ☯️ If you're a K-beauty junkie, you will GO CRAZY about this brand!🙆 Having huge claim by the beauty blogosphere thanks to its gentle yet highly effective products such as AHA-BHA-PHA 30Days challenge that has been already Awarded as one of the most effective skincare regimes in the market and their Yuja Niacin beauty kit, which I am OBSESSED WITH🍟 All kits are available in the shop now! Make sure you get the mini kits before getting the full-size products 💟 Use the code STYLE to get 20% OFF on your first order 🛍️ We ship worldwide 🚨 #stylisquad

248 1

Double Tap If You Agree!❤️

244 3

OMG!👽 I can't believe it's already 2 years since I started my journey in skincare development. I never thought I will actually live in China and much less work in a cosmetic manufacturing company after doing TV & Cinema production and Fashion for so long. But life unfolds in its own ways, you will see it if you keep your eyes on the price⚛️ I will always be so thankful for the time I have invested in Hong Kong learning and helping other people to build their brands and their beauty products. Life's magic if you know where you are going💘

264 6

Doctor: What do you carry in that bag? Me: My vaccine cert 😂 OK! Talking seriously, if you guys know you are healthy and you can get vaccinated, please do so. It is important to keep ourselves safe and keep safe the people around us. 👉If you don't know if you are healthy enough or you suspect that you can have a bad reaction to the vaccine, then do your job and check in with your doctor. I can't stand people telling me "it's because I do not know if I'm healthy enough" WELL KAREN GO TO THE DOCTOR AND DO A CHECK IN🙄 It cost $0.00 to be a decent human being.

262 7

I know it’s tempting to believe that if you do everything perfectly if you please everyone if you never say something awkward or inadequate if your grades are always straight up A’s, and if you meet every single standard out there, you’ll be valid and perfect❣️ But the thing about perfectionism is that it’s dysfunctional⚠️ You work hard, you do your best and even when you achieve the results you aimed for, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough! so you push, you push and you push until it becomes unattainable. Because guess what? pleasing everyone, never making mistakes, and being everything to everyone all the time is unattainable❌ You were not brought into this world for the validation of others, of school, of beauty standards, and family expectations. You were brought into this world to be yourself, without being attached to the strings of perfectionism controlling your every move. Remember that every time you feel like you need to be perfect 💚

292 3

Hello Friend 🍨 Going back to the gym tomorrow but first finishing all the ice cream I got on the fridge cuz I thought my wisdom teeth swelling was going to last longer *insert clown here* Life is good tho!😝

257 3

Perfect Morning ☕️ Staying indoors, reading, waiting 1 hour for my cereal to get soft, trying different flavors of ice cream, waiting for the coffee to get lukewarm, writing. Happy Easter 🐰

236 4

Hello Friend 🍨 I will be filling my feed with icecream creations as it's the only thing I can eat these days! This one is strawberry + coconut milk + avocado 🍓 I did mix it on a blender and put it on the fridge✅ Would you give it a try?

96 4

I constantly talk about how important glowing up & leveling up is. One of the things that have helped me the most is psychology and asking for help⚛️ I have got a lot of help for my life goals like mentors, coaches, and so on, but honestly, the one thing that has helped me the MOST is emotional and spiritual help✅ Once your mind and your soul are balanced everything else falls into place and life unfolds more easily as we lose the need to please others, fill in a box, or regret and we focus more on things like gratitude, commonality, and inner peace🐉 How you feel, you act (read that again) ⚛️

390 1

Easter spells out beauty🐰 The rare beauty of new life🐚 Remember life is essentially spiritual and timeless. And there will always be flowers for those who want to see them🌷 Happy Easter Babes🐉

428 2

🛎️🛎️🛎️PSA🛎️🛎️🛎️ Do not let your hair air dry hunny! Is a total MYTH that air dry is good for your hair! Scientists at GHD have revealed that our hair fibers swell and become weaker when wet, and the longer that swelling goes on, the more pressure it puts on the delicate proteins that keep our hair intact. ✴️DON'T PANIC✴️ Just start adopting a clever blow-dry technique. Here is mine from the one and only @adamreedhair 👉Start by using a scrunching motion when towel drying 👉Spritz your hair with a heat protectant spray to prevent vertical cracks inside the cuticle ❌DO NOT rub the towel across wet hair will cause it to break more easily 👉Start blow-drying your hair on the lowest setting, slowly increasing the heat as the hair becomes drier 👉Finally setting your style using the highest temperature

394 2

The art of journaling⚡️ Keeping a journal helps you create order when your world feels like it's in chaos. You get to know yourself by revealing your most private fears, thoughts, and feelings. Look at your writing time as personal relaxation time. It's a time when you can de-stress and wind down☕️ Try these tips to help you get started with journaling: 👉Try to write every day. Set aside a few minutes every day to write. This will help you to write in your journal regularly. 👉Make it easy. Keep a pen and journal handy at all times. Then when you want to write down your thoughts, you can. 👉Write or draw whatever feels right. Your journal doesn't need to follow any certain structure. It's your own private place to discuss and create whatever you want to express your feelings. 👉Let the words and ideas flow freely. Don't worry about spelling mistakes or what other people might think. Mine is @mymindplanner 🔥

497 6

Double Tap ❤️ if you agree!

477 8

Like many other coffee drinkers, I also used to hold the belief that decaf is not "real coffee". I have come to discover that’s simply not true. There are fantastic decafs in the market. I take mine from @lepainquotidienhk while at work and @coffee_roasters_asia for at-home brewing. Truth is, health-wise decaff works awesomely helping to cause less anxiety/stress/better quality of sleep than drinking classic coffee. Decaf coffee still contains high levels of anti-oxidants that can prevent conditions associated with the aging process and cancer. PLUS has most of the same health benefits as regular coffee, but none of the side effects🛎️ Would you give it a chance?

437 2

24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette from @maybelline accentuates your eyes with multiple look options to add great depth and dimension to eye makeup 👁 Includes 12 expertly cureated shades for custom eye makeup looks, from metallic gold and shimmering nude to gilded smoke and aubergine spark✨ ⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ Swipe to mesmerise in all the colors. Which is your favourite Shimer or No Shimmer?

442 5

Beautiful things don't ask for attention 💎 @shopbazaar

428 2

Don't expect to see growth if you're constantly finding yourself procrastinating. You won't see success and development if you spend too much of your time dreaming of your ideal lifestyle and not taking much action towards becoming the person you want to be! 💟 Ask yourself: WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET THERE. And then GO DO IT.


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