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66.7% of robiczech's followers are female and 33.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.20%. The average number of likes per post is 1678 and the average number of comments is 18.

Robiczech loves posting about Surfing, Travel, Adventure.

Check robiczech's audience demography. This analytics report shows robiczech's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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66.7 %
33.3 %


  • Travel & Tourism 78.06 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 60.93 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 50.91 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 50.84 %
  • Sports 49.03 %
  • Music 48.11 %
  • Photography 46.23 %
  • Art & Design 41.56 %
  • Movies and TV 40.34 %
  • Technology & Science 33.61 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 32.31 %


2,840 35

It’s GOOD to be home! I am HAPPY STRONG and HEALTHY as my guru @iceman_hof always saying ❄️👊🏻 My friend’s organized a “welcome back bike trip” for me! We loaded our bikes to the train wagon, we party over night in that train and in the morning we were on the very east side of Slovakia 🇸🇰. We ride through the beautiful Tatry mountains, swimming in the lakes, eating traditional Slovakian food, we wake surf and we were camping in the forest and laughing around the fire 🔥 I was again wild & free! Just me, the road, the bike & the speed, nothing else on my mind! Then back in Czech we ride through the Havirov city and we had one of the best burgers ever 🍔 Respect @jazzclubhavirov !! ...sorry @chefkamu hahah What a treat man! I am so grateful to be back home with my friends & family. I love you all!!! VIDEOS in insta stories #motorcycle #trip #with #best #friends #slovakia #free #life #speed #and #fulltrhrottle and of course @lifeisporno bottle is always with me😜

432 8

Happy 50th Anniversary Earth Day! This pandemic “joke” controlled by “the higher state” or whatever you wanted to call them, should STOP 🛑 ! ******************************************************We can’t crumble under this fear, which was created to get more control over our lives, over our FREEDOM! Good thing is that they cannot control our spirit and mind! We are creating through our thoughts our own UNIVERSE!🌎 The truth & love always win over lie & hatred. ****************************************************** PLEASE LET US “brEAThe” FREE! ****************************************************** The first Earth Day in 1970 mobilized millions of Americans for the protection of the planet. On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans — 10% of the U.S. population at the time — took to the streets, college campuses and hundreds of cities to protest environmental ignorance and demand a new way forward for our planet. The first Earth Day is credited with launching the modern environmental movement and is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event. #earthday2020 #earthday

1,670 6

🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 @iceman_hof ❄️👊🏻❄️ KEEP SHARING with us your wisdom & knowledge that could heal, and I believe it will, the sicken world 🌎 This picture was taken after a long hike from Poland to the summit of “Sněžka”. I have to say, that since I started to practice his WIM HOF METHOD, I feel that I am stronger & happier then ever and I’ll be forever grateful for what you & @enahm_hof did for us. Can’t wait to climb the Kilimanjaro with you in September. Sixty one years old?...easy does it man 🙏🏼❄️🙏🏼 #wimhofmethod #wimhof #happybirthday 📸 @taylorjenson

3,552 19

“I AM ATTRACTION” Like a magnet, what I put out into the world I get back. If I lead with negativity, I receive negativity. If I lead with positivity, I receive positivity. Therefore I choose to lead with POSITIVITY & LOVE. “I AM ATTRACTION” #choose #positivity #choose #love #be #positive 📸 @taylorjenson

2,127 19

This man next to me is “a true American building”🇺🇸😃 His name is @steveweatherford5 and he is my family, my brother from another mother. I don’t know why I have such a strong bond with this man. I just know that whatever happens in our live’s I will always help him with anything if he needed and I feel that he will do the same for me..for us! It was an honour to help him to create his first workshop called “UPGRADE YOUR HUMAN” where we civilised our minds, made the body savage and awaken the spirit! The Wim Hof method was included and awesome holistic food from @chefkamu was magnificent as always! I met familiar faces over there, shoutout to @mitchmathews10 @taylorjenson @humblethepoet and @leahscottie. I met some new inspirational great men and women who inspired me to be better version of myself. Right now, I am editing a video for Steve and I must say that I have so much awesome shots from the workshop that it’s so hard for me to decide what action to roll in🤪 📸: @taylorjenson #upgradeyourhuman #friendship #true #happiness

2,542 54

Přátelé, kamarádi a celý národe 🇨🇿 Napíšu vám sem několik TIPŮ, jak se o sebe postarat v době karantény. DÝCHEJTE! Dýchejte podle Wim hofovi metody abyste posílili svou imunitu. Dýchací cvičení můžete snadno provádět doma pomocí aplikace WIMHOF METHOD, kterou si můžete ZDARMA stáhnout! 1. Wim hofovo dýchací cvičení zvyšuje počet bílých krvinek (jsou to vojáci, kteří vás udržují ve zdraví). 2. Snižíte tak zánětlivé procesy v těle. 3. Zvýšíte si hladinu PH v těle (virům se vyšší PH nelíbí, nemají ho rádi 🤪) Opravdu věřím, že je to jedna z nejlepších praktik, kterou můžete doma okamžitě procvičovat! RELAXUJTE! HLAVNĚ NEPANIKAŘTE! Je vědecky prokázáno, že stres může snížit vaši imunitu, takže se snažte být v klidu (nebo se snažte stres udržet na minimum) ŽIJTE ZDRAVĚ! Pokuste se dostatečně spát a odpočívat, jíst umírněně, zdravě a čistě, zkuste doma více cvičit (schody, jóga, kliky, atd. mnoho videí je online) Zůstaňte pokud možno doma v bezpečí a pokuste se být pozitivní k sobě a ke svému okolí. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 My se s @chefkamu a @ nacházíme v horách v Utahu, ve městečku zvaný Eden a zůstáváme tady v přirodě bez lidí a myslíme na vás všechny, co jste nuceni zůstat doma. S láskou vám posilám tuto fotku od @taylorjenson plnou štěstí a pozitivní emergie🙏🏼💙❄️🙏🏼

1,427 5

Life is a beautiful adventure and I’m just feeling blessed and I’m so humbled for what I’ve got... my love & my friends, healthy’s just a wicked journey man. 🙏🏼On these photographs are my brothers from another... continent🙃 . Still remember the buzz, the energy what we had in Poland! Now I am coming to your home land ... the wild wild west byby, here I come! heh Just can’t wait to meet you all !!❄️👊🏻❄️ @weatherford5 @aubreymarcus @jesseitzler @mikeposner @taylorjenson @mitchmathews10 @lewishowes @humblethepoet @marqbrown and some others for sure! I’ll see ya in 17 hours ✈️ and baby❤️ @chefkamu ❤️Luv ya & see ya in Salt Lake CityYyy #tribe #wimhofwarriors #poland #crew

2,582 32

🇺🇸 (czech below) This experience was super intense to be under the super ice cold water for over 2min!⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ DONT DO THIS AT HOME!!! 🥶THIS EXPERIENCE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WIMHOF METHOD!!! THAT WAS JUST OUR CHALLENGE WITH THE BOYS 🥶 ...thanks to @aubreymarcus who organized this madness 😉My brain was freezing, my whole body inside out too but man, somehow, I really enjoyed it. It was very peaceful down there. All I can heard was my heart beat and encouraging voices from the boys but I felt like the sound of their voices were coming from far far away. I was far out from my body at some point, like I was in another dimension or something, although I still managed to gave them every 15s signal with a little squeeze on their legs. When I heard “2 minutes Robi, 2 minutes” I came back to my body, to my consciousness and at 2:18 I went up. It took me another few seconds before I was really back tho....Thanks to all tribe crew for the support and you @taylorjenson for this intense & beautiful pictures. I love you all! peace ✌🏽 🇨🇿 Být pod ledovou vodou vic jak 2 minut bylo mega intenzivní. V prvni h vyerinach vam zmrzne mozek, cele telo a je to fakt masakr, ale po chvili jsme si to zahadnym zpusobem zacal uzivat a bolest prestala! Pod hladinou jsem slysel pouze tro sveho srdce a povzbuzující hlasy od kluku. Jejich hlasy jsem vsak slysel jako by v dalce, s zvlastni ozvenou a jakoby prodlevou. Mozna to bylo tim, ze jsem asi po 1:15s odletel s tela ven, bezesrandy jsem byl uplne jinde, jakoby v jine dimenzi. Presto, ze jsem byl “jakoby pryc” , jsem kluk daval signal, ze jsem pri vedomi. Mackal jsem jim kazdych 15s nohy aby vedeli, ze ziju.;) Když jsem z dalky uslyšel „2 minuty Robi 2 minuty“, vrátil jsem se, doslova jsem se vrátil ke svému tělu, k svému vědomí. Otevrel jsem pod hladinou oci a koukal jak “vykulenej kapr” co se stalo. 😂 V case 2:18 jsem se vrátil na hladinu. Trvalo mi teda několik sekund, než jsem se opravdu vrátil nebo sois nez mi rozmrzl mozek. Muzete se podivat na video v prispevku. Děkuji vsem klukum za podporu a @taylorjenson za tyhle intenzivní fotky. prace&love #czechiceman #icecoldwater #mindfulness #spirit #true #love

2,244 32

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a honor to introduce you the tribe of iceman warriors. Everyone of these individuals is an incredible human being, super strong, mentally & physically! Everyone managed to get to the top of the summit of Snezka without any major problems! Together we were unstoppable & unbeatable! On the way up, few guys lost their spikes but right away other guy next to him gave him one of his own to support his walk and his grip on the icy snow. Every single one of them already made it, I mean they are very successful hard working man and they are on the top of the food chain so to see them sleeping on the bunk beds and be truly genuine to one another was inspiring in so many ways! I learned so much from you all and you “crazy guys” are forever in my heart ! @weatherford5 @aubreymarcus @jesseitzler @taylorjenson @lewishowes @humblethepoet @thematthewhussey @marqbrown @iceman_hof @mikeposner @mitchmathews10 @daltonmisner @nicksymmonds 🇨🇿 Dámy a pánové, je mi ctí vám představit kmen ledových válečníků. Všichni do jednoho jsou krutý chlápci, super silný a to nejenom fyzicky, ale i mentálně! Společnými silami se každému z nás podařilo bez větších problémů vylézt na vrchol Sněžky! Společně jsme byli nezastavitelní a nepřekonatelní! Nebyla to prdel, teplota kolem -5 a na vrcholu foukal vítr o rychlosti 85km/h. Při výšlapu pár chlapů ztratilo své hroty z bot, ale jako správná lví smečka jsme si hned pomohli. Ten kdo byl nejblíže dal jeden svůj hrot druhému aby mu na ledu klouzala aspoň jen jedna noha!;) Každý z nich je mega úspěšný ve svém oboru a jsou na vrcholu potravinového řetězce! Bylo dost zábavný je pozorovat, jak jsou happy, že spí na palandách pohromadě, prdí si pod nos a vyprávějí si úsměvné historky. Jsem vděčný za tuto zkušenost a za nové přátele. 🙏🏼#wimhoffmethod #theiceman #wolfpack #lococs #friendship


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