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Lover of photography, travel & aviation. Committed to living intentionally & purposefully. From Samar Island, Philippines

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.60%. The average number of likes per post is 180 and the average number of comments is 9.

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141 1

Mahiwaga, pipiliin ka sa araw-araw. 🎵☀️🌊

221 6

Today I learned that our Chinese great grandfather from Amoy (now Xiamen) got separated from his wife and son at the height of the Chinese Civil War. He and his cousin fled to the Philippines and later learned that his family managed to escape to Hong Kong where his wife met an untimely death. A few years after, he remarried in Samar and had my Grandma as his firstborn. Given everything that was told, it is clear that our ancestor was a Nationalist and makes no surprise why I have a strong affinity with Taiwan. Moreover, knowing that we have lost relatives in Hong Kong, I hope that they are doing well in light of the challenges that their people are facing. It might be a cause in vain but I can only imagine how great it would be if we get to find each other in the future.

131 4

Parks are like the lungs of a city and one can easily get an insight on the quality of life of its citizens by visiting one. Taipei has an abundance of them, so many that I would encounter them without intending to pass one by. I said many times before that I prefer living in the countryside than the city but this experience is one of the many things that made me reconsider that position I held on for so many years.

114 5

In times of transitions, all I long for is a glimmer of hope to press on harder and my recent visit to the Beautiful Island led me to experience it in countless ways. It came in the form of genuine kindness, generosity, stories of common aspirations and miseries, companionship and encouragement I received from its people. I will forever be grateful for it.

186 4

Five days into my birth month, I have not been sleeping well as there has been a lot of contemplating on which direction to take for the next several years. I made this self-portrait to serve as a reminder that there will be a bright and beautiful future at the end of the tunnel, the end of years of wandering and searching. For the curious minds, I achieved the shot by using rocks as my tripod and my watch as trigger.

178 12

All these lines... So visually stimulating.

749 43

Today, I got myself a used DSLR camera marking the sunset of my 2-year hiatus from photography. I am excited for the lessons and uncertainties that this new chapter in my journey will bring. Photo shot on #Xiaomi Note 5.

143 9

Chances are, you’ll get lost and rediscover yourself many times in your journey. Through the highs and lows, always strive to let your truth shine through.

243 16

Color my life with the chaos of trouble.

154 8

In any kind of situation I find myself in, I always ask, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Series of images in vivid colors usually follow suit in my mind, some based on logical potential outcomes, some on totally absurd and borderline crazy ideas. By trying my best to be always self-aware, I learned to quickly pull myself back together whenever it happens and remind myself that there really is nothing to fear but fear itself. It then allows me to press on in the face of uncertainty and it was proven again in this extremely challenging week. I am likewise thankful to everyone who helped push me forward. Shot by @clnlkwtsr

230 12

I have always been a fan of the visuals brought about by bad weather.

169 4

This storm, too, shall pass. Let its wrath embolden me, let its power mirror on me as I face more in this ephemeral journey.


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