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I love coffee, yogurt popsicles, books, and timeless furniture. Email me at .

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65.7% of ricaperalejo's followers are female and 34.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 5527 and the average number of comments is 66.

Ricaperalejo loves posting about Moms.

Check ricaperalejo's audience demography. This analytics report shows ricaperalejo's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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65.7 %
34.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 64.63 %
  • Travel & Tourism 48.79 %
  • Art & Design 43.11 %
  • Entertainment 42.41 %
  • Children & Family 41.69 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 41.34 %
  • Photography 36.28 %
  • Music 33.93 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.85 %
  • Business & Careers 33.59 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 33.44 %
  • Home & Garden 31.98 %
  • Sports 31.91 %


1,225 30

Ph: Can we play Scrabble? . . Mama: Sure. But I will only play with you if you promise me one thing. . . Ph: What? . . Mama: That you will play Scrabble with me always. Even when you are old na. . . Ph: Okay. . . Mama: This is my absolutest favorite game. I played this all day and all night with your Tita Jo-ann. ❤️ . . Missed you today @madrilejosjoann. One of my fondest memories in my early 20’s was that we played this in my van to pass the time, waiting until they call me on the set for my part. Thank you for staying with me and giving me quality for work for my mind during those years! Love you. ❤️❤️❤️ . . PS: Try Scrabble with your early readers and spellers. (You don’t have to buy the board. Have any scrabble game and then just give one point per letter. Don’t follow scoring for adults just about yet.) Such a good game to model spelling, vocab, math, AND startegy 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 . . #mamastories

4,606 35

Happy happy happy Sunday 💛 #mamawonders

2,776 61

I was completely thrown off by the turn of events. One day, I see a nappy that showed signs of dehydration. I put everything together as I stared at the pink dot. Yeah, he hasn’t been eating and sleeping and playing well. The boy was hungry. 😫😫😫 As we assessed, we really have no clue which came first — him weaning or my supply going down? (Or just regulated? And gets impatient at the slow let down?) There is no telling. I am still in the process of finding answers. 😔 . . I am heartbroken as I breastfed my first for two years. Nursing is one of the best feelings in the world for me so I really would rather not stop it. Which is why I went to @theparentingemporium yesterday to look for answers and help. I got flanges for my pump. A hands-free pumping bra and tried the SNS (supplemental nursing system) device to get Manu to latch on me longer. 😭 . . Please pray for us? I really am in faith that he will come back to the breast. Not only bec it is enjoyable for me, but breastmilk really customizes to baby’s needs. We get that fr dIrect feeding only. No pump will ever be able to do that. 😫😫😫 . . In the meantime, I am trying to build my stash. I have some fr my oversupply in the earlier months. I am talking to three possible breastmilk donors,in case it runs out before I am able to have enough. And I am trying out one galactagogue at a time to boost the milk. . . But I need baby to latch. This is my utmost prayer. That he will go back. Please, Lord, for his own good. 🙌🏻 . . Pray with me? 🌿 . . PS: People helping me here include Maricel of Parenting Emporium, @nursejoycemartinez,&@herrer4s. I cannot thank you guys enough for showing me the different possibilities, AND for comforting my broken heart. It’s so hard to be a mom in that sense. You cannot allow yourself to be too broken, lest supply inhibits itself because of cortisol&blocks the necessary hormones to make more milk. . . PS: Someone did say that our 2nd one, he feels, is going to be different. In almost every way, Manu is indeed so different from Kuya. He is so independent. Does not like to be swaddled, not sling or carrier, wants to fall asleep on his own&does not use me to get drowsy. 😱

4,737 47

Swipe left to see us unbox Manu’s Leaf Grow from @nunaph! 🌿🌿🌿 This has been on my wishlist as it grows with the baby. It grows up to 120lbs!!! Actually, kaya niya ako 🤣❤️ And guess who enjoys it the most??? It’s my five-year-old 😁 swipe left to see us unbox and use it in three levels: baby, young child, and momma.👌🏻 BEST OF ALL IS THAT IT’s SOOOO PRETTY. It fits our living room in such a beautiful way.🌿 . . This is available in different baby stores. Go check @nunaph to see where they have stocks! 🌨 . . #mamafinds #mamawonders

7,359 177

The heavens must have heard me. If you saw my youtube yearender review of makeup and some skin care products last December, you would’ve heard me mention that my facial wash is the regular Safeguard soap bar 😂 seriously tho, I do that because it makes my skin feel so clean. And so... I am just so thrilled to announce that, first, I AM ONE OF THE 1ST FEW PEOPLE to get their hands on this Safeguard Natural Detox series. (Hindi naman po nagyayabang. Kilig lang haha) It’s their latest product that is going to be released in the market super soon! Second thing that excites me is that this product is 95% natural, and concentrates on the declogging of our pores from the air pollution it encounters. This is really why I used Safeguard even for my face before — kasi I really feel the declogging action. It always feel clear and light after every wash. Something that I do get with this series +++ they made it with lots of natural ingredients makes me love it extra haha. 💁🏻‍♀️ Third thing that excites me is that it’s a soap bar and it is so friendly for travels. I can carry it around without being scared that it has leaked in my bag or something.👌🏻 . . So anyway, if you guys wanna try it, there is an exclusive Lazada launch on October 8 and so maybe you can already add to cart right now ( http://bit.ly/SafeguardxRica )so you can make sure they don’t run out ok ✌🏻🤣🤪 . . BTW: there are three different choices, pomegranate (in photo), tea tree and charcoal. Swipe left to see them all! . . #SkinSetFree #SafeguardNaturalDetox #mamafinds

13,601 151

We rode a tricycle today and it made my sons so very happy. I will say it again and again. It does not take much to keep our children happy. I may not have all the toys or materials recommended online for them, but they have me. I am irreplaceable in their lives and so I must be there. And I am just so grateful that I turned out to have a life with which I can choose to make family my priority. I started working at 12 and though that was oddly young, it eventually gave me the benefit of being able to choose to not work outside of my home during the most wonderful times of motherhood.❤️ . . I know it isn’t the case for everyone and I am sorry for the mothers who have to work even when they want to stay home with their kids. I also know of moms who need to work as a way of caring for their own hearts and spirits, and can balance this and motherhood so well that one does not steal from the other. We have different ways and situations and preferences. But if we love the kids, we love the kids. And that’s a great thing to be united about.❤️🌿 . . #mamawonders

17,588 257

“You can do it, Mama!” . “Energeeeeee....” (He was “transferring energy” to me at some point through his hands 😂😂😂 so cute) . . “Where’s Manu?” . . This guy waited so long. This guy stayed positive the entire time. This guy was right there in the room when Manu came out. (Tulog nga lang 😂😂😂 ) BUT THE POINT IS THAT HE WAS THERE. And that was also why I wanted to labor in our home, so my son can see how God designed the woman’s body and the miracle of life without any interruptions.❤️ . . The video of Manu’s birth is up if you haven’t seen it. The link is in my profile. The rest of the details were blogged on everydayanewpage.com 👌🏻 . . For those of you who have left me messages through IG and youtube even when I have disabled the comments on the video itself, please know that I am reading them all. I just cannot answer all. But I am so encouraged by the way it is touching your life. Even single women are messaging me saying they now know how much their moms have gone thru for them and naiiyak ako sa thought that it added gratitude in your heart for your mommies 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 THANK YOU LORD FOR USING THIS STORY!!! . . TRIVIA. I was not supposed to have any video or photo at all. The only person I asked to cover the birth in photos was not around on the day I started my labor. But...for some reason, I got stellar footages by @kairadetita @mmmeldel and photos by @neski. Haha! Bigla akong nagka-full prod team 😂😭😂😭😂 LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU. . . #mamawonders . . PS: gusto ko na manganak ulit! 😁😁😁

2,861 38

Sharing with you all one of my winter essentials. (It is important to talk about this especially if you were one of those people who bought the super sale tickets to Japan for December, haha!) Swipe to see what I mean. 👌🏻 . Thanks @uniqlophofficial for innovating fall/winter wear for us. Gone are those days when thermals+coats/jackets make you look like a baloon or inflatable pool.😂 . Guys, congrats also on your flagship store’s first anniversary 🇯🇵🇵🇭 . #mamawanders #mamawears #mamafinds #uniqlofallwinterph #lifewear . On me: mock neck shirt, ultra light down jacket and wide curve jeans 🍙🍢🍡🍚

6,037 66

Let me confess that while we have no winter in the Philippines, I find Uniqlo’s fall and winter essentials super useful and stylish for 1) whenever I have to travel to cold countries or 2) whenever I have to be in super cold halls for workshops and trainings! 😁 I have kept many of my heat tech tops through the years, and I continue to add every time they have something new in the store because they are particularly useful AND stylish for me 👌🏻 On me: Ultra warm crew neck heattech top in white, jersey curved pants and swipe to see my forever fave: ultra light down jacket! (So so so useful that my old ones are pagod na pagod na from all my travels 😂 ) #uniqlofallwinterph #uniqloph #lifewear @uniqlophofficial

1,626 17

An appreciation post for our @looping.philippines squizz stroller. The clip on and off bassinet or carry-cot was such a great feature for Manu’s first two months. Right when he turned three months though, we took it out and he is enjoying the basic frame of the stroller which has a full recline feature. Even when Philip was much younger I already knew the full recline feature of strollers are really of value! Super helpful for preserving naps and I think it is generally more given to freedom of movement than travel systems that have the car seat as the main seat for the baby. 👌🏻 Other things I love about this model is that it has a bag and can fold up nicely that fits stowage bins in aircrafts, a hood that you can zip out completely so baby can see everything as he looks up or baby can have more ventilation on hot days. The only thing one might find to be a hassle is it isn’t as light as you’d like it to be. (Although lighter than travel systems naman...) But this is also why it felt sturdy even when I pushed the stroller on uneven paths and sand. I think there really is no way to get everything you need in one stroller so you choose which one is of greater value to you out of all your preferences and go for the pram that best represents that. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻Now tell me, what is your favorite stroller and why? #mamafinds #mamawanders #mamawonders You can also find this at @thenest_attachmentparentinghub !

6,967 16

More of my photos from @sweet.escape are up on my stories here and also on @yourdailymama. Also, I was asked by some people why I let Manu go naked many times and I answer its benefits under my momma account.🌿 I super believe in it as Philip was super swaddled while Manu isn’t and there really is a big difference in the discovery of their bodies and their ability to manage them. Motor skills seem to develop faster for my second one because of this. However I feel like he has shorter naps and a more broken sleep at night because of this also 😂😂😂 oh well, a matter of choice! . . Anyway, key in MRSBO when you book Sweet Escape and have a $50 off and additional 30 photos! 📸👌🏻 . . #mamawanders


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