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Pleasure Is Our Fuel, Not A Reward. 💕She/Temptress 💍@remixyourstyle’s Wife🌸 🎥 SAG/AFTRA 📧
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71.4% of rashidakhanbeymiller's followers are female and 28.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.40%. The average number of likes per post is 180 and the average number of comments is 4.

Rashidakhanbeymiller loves posting about Modeling, Music, Soul.

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71.4 %
28.6 %


  • Children & Family 82.33 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 61.61 %
  • Entertainment 60.17 %


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Why do we need to (re)connect to the body? . 👉🏾To come back to a sense of grounding in the body. 👉🏾To move stagnant energy through the body. 👉🏾To cultivate emotional awareness. 👉🏾To improve clarity and decision making skills. 👉🏾To prioritize our aliveness + wellness. . Learn more @themessymovementlab

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A little #inspiration for you today👇🏾 Don't stop, pop that cat Mmm, mmm, just like that Mmm, mmm, shake that shit (Bow, bow, bow) Hmm, hmm, work it, bitch🎶 -Megan Thee Stallion Y’all know how I feel about Megan 🍯💦💦💰💰💰👑💦😈 . . Bodysuit: @shopbabes✨

625 5

How do you plan to reconnect to your body this week? Here are three simple tips from @themessymovementlab👇🏾 . 1. Soundscape your way to sleep every night. Light rain, ocean waves rolling, affirmations. Give your brain a clear shift that the day has ended. . 2. Take five extra minutes each day this week and slow crawl yourself out of the bed. Maybe you do a few light stretches you know as you wake up or just use the extra time to cuddle or think about something other than work. . 3. Find a short block of time where you can be alone and use it to do something that makes you feel good in your body. Eat ice cream! Listen to music. Journal. Call a friend. It’s up to you. . Even if you only make space for one of the three tips above this week you will feel a significant difference in your body. . Need a self-care plan to support your day to day thriving? We’ve got you covered. Head to the link in our bio to become a member of The Messy Movement Lab and gain access to our game changing sensual self-care solutions. Our curriculum is designed to support you in: 1. Feeling connected to your body. 2. Deactivating those stress signals that keep you wound up and tired. 3. Rewriting the story you have in relationship to pleasure. 4. Reclaiming your sexual sovereignty from systemic harm that works to silence, shrink and control you. 5. Learn practical tools to help you step into your confidence and stand in your authority in your body and life. . Head to the link in bio to join us today. . . . Photo by: @janettecasolary

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All this month in @themessymovementlab we are deep diving into conversations about self-intimacy as the catalyst for confidence, self-assurance, stress relief and boundary setting. I wanted to share a few tips with you as we begin this exploration and invite you to join me on this mini sojourn. . ✨Here are five things that I want you to know about self-intimacy.✨ . Self-intimacy allows me to build a relationship to my desires, needs and challenges through frequent exploration and conversation. . Self-intimacy allows me to spend time exploring my body as a conversation so I am better able to communicate my needs in shared intimate settings. . Self-Intimacy reminds me that my pleasure first belongs to me. . Self-intimacy reminds me that I am allowed to experience ecstasy and deep pleasure in my body regardless of my relationship status. . Self-intimacy reminds me that I get to write the rules and challenge old narratives that no longer fit my life. . Which one of these do you want to grow into over the next six months? It's okay if you said more than one. Write down whichever ones resonate most with you in your journal and bring it to class with you this week. . ​Over the next month in The Messy Movement Lab I’ll be taking members on an introductory journey into self-intimacy as a sensual self-care practice. Through daily reflections and prompts and a series of online group classes you will find that sense of realignment and reawakening you've been craving. . ✨The fall into self-intimacy challenge is designed to support you in: ✨Feeling more connected to your body. ✨Building trust with your erotic body. ✨Challenging old stories of sexual shame. ✨Get clear about what you want and desire. ✨Putting an end of running on a tank of fumes. ✨Making pleasure fit into the messy parts of life. ✨Reclaiming the story around our sexuality. . Ready to explore and make pleasure a priority in your life? Join @themessymovementlab today. Link in bio. ​

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Become a member of @themessymovementlab. An online dance + wellness studio with a focus on sensual self-care for feminine spectrum people. Link in bio to enroll today. . I began building @themessymovementlab (online sensual self-care education studio) in 2017 while I was on the first year of touring as an independent teacher. The point was to teach my clients how to access their self nourishment practices no matter where they were, no matter how much space they had, no matter the limited amount of time and no matter the interruptions that may come. . Literally Messy Movement is the act of finding space for ourselves in the midst of the often “messiness” of life. Self-care and #reclaimingyoursexy doesn’t always (if ever) look like the perfectly curated Instagram photos you might often see under hashtag self care. We can’t let lack of staging, lack of space or even lack of time stop us from slowing down to recharge our mind, body and spirit. If you’re ready to find some simple practices to help you come back home to the body, reconnect to a sense of pleasure in the midst of it all I want you to join me for the Messy Movement Lab Monthly Membership. . Your Monthly Membership includes: . •Monthly Sensuality Coaching Designed to Give You the Freedom to Release the Lies of Social Conditioning, Reconnect with Your Body and Revel in Unrelenting Pleasure. . •Monthly Messy Movement Signature Series Class designed room help you reconnect to your body, learn the foundation tools of the practice and gain hands on small group support. . •Monthly Pre-Recorded, Thought-Provoking Video Lessons Developed to Give You the Freedom to Own and Release Your Shit. . •Over 10+ Monthly Live Drop-In Movement Classes Online to keep you accountable and fresh in showing up for your self-care practice. . •Quarterly Pleasure Strategy Intensives to investigate, strategy and plan how you want to care for yourself over the next 30/60/90 days. . and more... . ​Link in bio to enroll today. ​Access self-care anywhere.

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Waking up next to you everyday is truly the greatest blessing. I love you immensely. You go above and beyond for our fam everyday. You are so kind, encouraging to everyone around you, passionate, generous, sexy as hell, incredibly brilliant and always willing to learn more. I love that about you and so much more. Thank you for making even the regular days hella special. Happy Sweetest Day, Big Papa. . . . Photo: @janettecasolary #queerandmarried #themillers #rashiandmiller

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while the table provide ancestral space how you gon verenate Spirit yet forget you are Earth . . . Campaign: @thetemptressboudoir Model: @rashidakhanbeymiller Photo: @janettecasolary Storytelling: @sayitwithsex Dress: @fashionnovacurve

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