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60.5% of qqkimie's followers are female and 39.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 8.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1031 and the average number of comments is 127.

Qqkimie loves posting about Cooking, Animals & Pets, Architecture, Art, Cars & Motorcycles, Celebrities, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education, Gardening, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Humor, Kids & Parenting, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Game.

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60.5 %
39.5 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 71.41 %
  • Children & Family 53.75 %
  • Travel & Tourism 52.08 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 48.80 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 45.56 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 40.75 %
  • Art & Design 39.31 %
  • Business & Careers 38.46 %
  • Photography 36.21 %
  • Entertainment 34.54 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 31.89 %


615 115

❤ what have u learned in 2020? 🧘‍♀️ have u tried yoga? how did u learn n get to adv level? watch youtube? take class? . 🏡 #OnlineYogaClass @889community . 📸 Mas . 🔖#RobinSharma all change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and so gorgeous at the end . this yr really gets us to review rethink reflect on what really needs to change within our personal lives and within the world as a whole . i was a girly girl, never interested paid attention to things other than fashion beauty homedeco those things, now this yr really opened my eyes my heart to really see and feel all peope all places in our world and trying to change to be more present evolve together with our evolving world . one msg from yesterday toronto blm walk is we are all one person . my bff for decades, my prev landlord of many yrs, my prev and current neighbours, my gf i traveled with to and ppl i met in bahamas yrs ago, my prev and current work neighbrs, are all black, they all made me feel welcomed loved only, they call me sweetheart darling beautiful, they dress their home and themselves classy stylish, having them around feels warm . but this yr taught us still there are shocking negativity exists even in 2020 . we need to love more, learn to work on our #soulset #heartset, overcome negative emotions, only do right thing even when negative emotion flows inside . what i learned since mar this yr, when see hear facing critics, negative emotions come to my chest, so feel the congest the knot the energy inside, pause, give it time, tell myself its ok, i need to look at it from other ppls point of view and change myself to be more considerable do better contribute more, it worked to loosen up emotion only focus on positivity . i almost got run over by a car last mth crossing street, a car in a parking spot started and drove toward me, i thought he would drive slow and wait me finish crossing st, but he speed up and drove pass in front of me, i had to stop walking bc i feel the car scratching my sleeve and still speeding driving, i stand there shocked, i saw him drive by looking ahead instead of me, all i could think is bc i look asian he is angry at this pandemic . ❤ #WeAreOne, #ChooseLove . .

648 0

#BlackOutTuesday . . . @joelosteen John 13:34 - “A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

1,031 134

❤ are u a morning person? do u want to? 🌄 what help u get up early? how do u plan your day? manage your time? . #homequarantine has now relieved to #socialdistancing, places are gradually openning . work meeting now discuss when back to office . i need to get myself ready back to regular 9to5 work time schedule now . these #workfromhome mths, i maybe not the only one did not strictly follow regualr schedule . due to this #pandemic, clients, ourselves, govt all had changes we need to work with, sometimes work feel like doubled due to make adjustmt, also we get distracted easily at home, we may feel swamped overwhelmed catching up with work, bc now we can work anytime at home, sometimes we work till 3am . the reason could be we wanted to get piled up work done now so tmr we can relax and no more pressure facing non stop follow up update request . but the thing is, routine and extra work come everyday, next day we most likely get up late then not able sleep at regular hr . work late night would not be the solution . time mgmt, priority, and get up early is . i have always been struggling get up early . thats how i found out @robinsharma and stefan james by google how to get up early many yrs ago . i remember after found out robin thru his old youtube 5am video, i made the task "comment on his social media post at 5am everyday" to make sure get myself up at 5am! and it worked! i made myself a qualified #5amclub memeber! . now i need help get up early again prepare for back to office bc i tried but still couldnt get up 5am last wk, so many excuses at wake up get up moment . i had #5amclub ebook since feb/19 . 😊 today is the 1st time i read it to the last page, his new book already coming soon . english is my 2nd language, i read very slow, need to read every word instead of words rows . i love read his social media post, email newsletter, love read summary 1,2,3..20! easy and to the point . read book is so not easy and time consuming for me, i never finish read a single english book except school textbook . amazing book teaches wisdom and love, thank u . 20/20/20 my time mgt review time daily! . pics abt feb/19 1st waterbike, didnt know how to breathe or float . .

1,080 135

🙂 tried #PaintNight? InPerson? #VirtualClass? ❤ looking for job or extra income bc career affected by pandemic stayhome #homequarantine? . looking for new things to do at home and more ways to stay connected? . 💞 @YayMaker created solution for us in these unprecedented times . try #VirtualHost for #VirtualEvent become part of #YayMaker online interactive event platform . #ShareTalent & #MakeMoneyOnline . The current climate has made it difficult for many to work . Artists, fitness instructors, teachers, and more have been affected . some finding themselves without a job entirely . ❤ YayMaker now offers a means to earn money and get back to doing what you love, while also connecting with people from the comfort of your home. . Endless opportunities . Are you a . #HomeBaker? #Manicurist? Hairstylist? Plumber? #Knitter? . ur skill set that others are interested in could translate into a fun filled Virtual Event . ur Virtual Events will live on yaymaker #OnlineCalendar for millions to see across the world . events will be promoted to their large database of customers and followers on social media . We can also do the same with our network and social channels for max visibility . 🔖There is really no limit to what can work as a Virtual Event . Some ideas below . we encourage creativity! . Drawing . GameNight . CookingEvent . Fitness . Knitting #SewingClass . Beauty Different hair looks #EverydayMakeUp #SkinCareRoutine #HowToCutHair #AtHomeManicure . Home Organization Strategies Make Your own Disinfectant Gardening . Kids StoryTime Crafts Virtual ScavengerHunt ScienceClass . Learning Play instrument MusicTheory PublicSpeaking WebDesign Photography #DogTrick . 💙 If no supplies at home, try . CanadaArtKits.ca, Local p/u Toronto . @_Dollarama_ @MichaelsStores @Gwartzmans Art Supply @CurrysArtStore @AboveGround.To @Amazon . There is a YayMake in/for u Find ur #VirtualYay . ❤ Virtual Class - Today - Sat May23/20 . #PaintNite Cherry Blossoms Unleash ur inner artist . Music & Comedy Virtual Wizard of Oz Con . Fabrics/Knitting Mixed Colour Chunky Blanket . Baking Crescendo Confections: Biscotti . . . 🎂🌹Happy Birthday to these AmazingWomen @olga22.5 @juliaxovanskaya . .

1,128 144

💕how u find #LocalSmallBiz to support? 😘tried #OnlineFitnessClass #OnlineDanceClass? . been looking for ways to #SupportLocalBusiness during this #covid19 #pandemic #challengingtime . seems not easy for me even before #stayhome #homequarantine i rarely go out eat unless special occassion idk much abt local restaurant i mostly eat #rawveganfood at home i dont cook much tried grocery delivery biz but no luck get timeslot food industry seems not i could help much . just when i had no clue what local biz i can help wed, i received email @mindbody ask support #virtualworkout class . wow just like #lightindarkness i realize i can support #torontofitnessstudio #torontodancestudio . 🔖we dont need to know How we only need to know Why how will come as we try everything looking for solution . i searched my fav #torontodanceschool @stepsdancestudiotoronto . ❤ found out they now started online zoom class . i signed up right away . 1st time tried zoom class . 1st time saw my old time #danceinstructor at her home from my laptop . 1st time dance after last yr appendix surgery . idk why i started crying . #WeAreAllinThisTogether nothing can separate us we will find ways no matter what circumstance . we are all figuring new ways to cope to adapt . we are all trying learning making it work . most instructors are 1st time teach #onlineclass . cant see face, hear voice, screen delay . we dont mind internet issue, it gets better . we are just so happy we can do things together again . ❤ Come Join #VirtualClass www.mindbody.io Build stronger mind body for better tomorrow . #victoriaday #victoriadaylongweekend . i love yoga class bc also teach wisdom . 🔖from my Thu yoga class instructor (1st class, idk how to record audio) . be proud of ourselves today . take care of ourselves so we can better serve others . i found yoga when i felt lost in everything else . i work to be stronger kinder gentler . 🔖#JoelOsteen . make up ur mind that no matter what comes ur way no matter how difficult no matter how unfair u will do more than simply #survive u will #thrive in spite of it . . . #relayforrelief #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalsmallbusiness #stepsdancestudio #menshealth #womenshealth

1,181 132

👩‍💻 U done Tax2019? By yourself? At home? ❤ Tried @TurboTaxCanada New Live Assist & Review Version? . Our tax filing due date has been extended to June 1, 2020 for the 2019 tax year . #TurboTax is here help us get our tax done by due date . This year's #TaxSeason came during this #pandemic #stayhome #homequarantine time . There are so many things we are doing at home for the 1st time currently at this challenging time, and filing tax is one of them . For many of us tax payers, we may have to do our own tax at home by oursleves for the first time . #TurboTaxCanada wants to help us, support us get tax done by ourselves at home . TurboTax has always been Canada's number one #BestSelling #TaxSoftware . It empowers candian tax payers to get our taxes done with any level of help and involvement to file for maximum tax benefit . ❤ TurboTax now has a new #TurboTaxLive Assist and Review Version . with Live #TaxExpert help with #LiveVideoCall . For us to be able to Report, Calculate, and File Tax at home with confidence . Real Tax Expert review live with us together Real Live Expert guide us fill out forms line by line . 💕 We Are #NeverAlone . Do our taxes with 100% confidence knowing a REAL Tax Expert will be By Our Side . #AloneTogether #TurboTaxTogether . TurboTax new Live software makes it so easy for us to file our tax for the 1st time at home alone . TurboTax live experts help reassure us that even at home we have the support we need to file . more time back for ourselves as our tax expert help get our tax done, we can make time take time for other needed things, for people we care and for people need us . 🌹#HappyMothersDay2020 . it feels so relieved and relaxed finally get tax done by the due date . #AuditDefense included to represent tax payer and defend cra in case of audit so no worries for us . Get #QuickBooks #SelfEmployed for free when you file your taxes with TurboTax Live Assist & Review Self Employed version . ❤ Learn more about TurboTax and get connected to a TurboTax Expert through the link in my Bio @qqkimie: bit.ly/3fuUTnl . . . #Ad #Peerturbo3

1,129 139

😘ur breakfast at #HomeQuarantine time? ❤love FruitSpread thickened by ChiaSeeds not #Pectin? . need fruits and seeds w/o line up half an hour outside grocery store? . need nutrin all natural help us improve immune system during #covid19 #pandemic #socialdistance time? . 👍#ChiaFruitSpread of is THE solution @WorldofChiaSpreads WorldofChia.com, Oregan USA . 🔖natural nutrien #ChiaSeeds are superfood rich in Omega3, protein, fiber, minerals and anti-oxidants . 🔖natural thinkener Chia seeds have amazing properties to absorb water and turn into gel-like substance due to the soluble fiber in the seeds . thickens products naturally make spreadable product naturally . ❤ World of Chia Fruit Spread . is the Most Innovative spread . based on chia seeds using only 4 natural ingredients . Truly Revolutionize the way spreadable fruit is made . give us the power of chia in a delicious, naturally tasting & fresh fruit spread . ❤ #WorldofChia Fruit Spread . is the First Innovator . bring All Natural fruit spread into Bakery world . by making it Bake Stable with the latest solution and health innovation . ❤ #ChiaFruitSpreads . are the only artificial-free, bake stable fruit filling . all natural 4 ingredients only: fruit, chia seeds, lime juice and natural sweetener . vegan, gluten free, non gmo, no preservatives . 🔖health benefit . Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory . Improve immune system . lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure . reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many more . absorbed and digested easily results in rapid transport nutrin to cells to regeneration body . Chia seeds oils help absorb vitamins that are fat soluble . help with weight loss, Diebetes . 💕 Brand Mission: . believe innovation is the foundation for success . committed to develop innovative and nutritive products based on chia seeds using all-natural, wholesome ingredients . 😘 Get your own Chia Fruit Spread Today . give all natural, nutritious, delicious, beneficial Chia Fruit Spread to you and your loved ones . show ur love to them during this tough time . link in bio @qqkimie . . . #lifestyleblogger #torontoblogger #fashionblogger #beautyblogger #healthyjam

1,049 130

AD - Its been 6 weeks since we are #stayinghome and #workingfromhome due to this pandemic . One positive side of #HomeQuarantine is that we get to have more time to connect and care for ourselves with skincare . I am so thankful that I can finally share with you this amazing Canadian skincare brand @Jouviance and their incredible NEW ANTI-AGE 3-IN-1 #AntiAging rejuvenating cream . suitable for all skin types even the MOST SENSITIVE just like mine . I have been using it everyday since March and I can safely say that @Jouviance is the absolute solution for all your skincare needs . Loaded with active ingredients such as #peptides, #ceramides and a new type of #HyaluronicAcid, which target all signs of aging deep into the skin . This naturally scented cream will give you a new sensory experience you will love! . You can use it in the morning and at night but also around the eye contour with no irritation or breakout at all! . Visit link bit.ly/Kimiexjouviance to learn more about the product . @jouviance #jouviance #jouvianceinnovates #ProudlyCanadian #buylocal

1,059 112

❤ how u care immune sys at #pandemic 😘 need beneficial water with price of a coffee or bottle water? . 💧@Susosuwater can help us live healthy lifestyle susosuwater.com, based in virginia usa . #Susosuwater: #HydrogenInfused #NaturalMineralWater . made from finest natural #MineralWater from south korea . pressurize and dissolve in millions times more #hydrogen molecule than in regular water . 💦 all natural minerals provide natural elements our body needs, also provide a refreshing crisp clean taste . hydrogen is the smallest molecule it has the ability to go deep inside our cells to remove bad toxins and protect cells . ❤ Susosu #HydrogenWater #BrandMission provide premium highest quality of water with health benefits and preventative care in the long run affordable and accessible . 💎 Health Benefit . #NaturalEnergyBooster: increase #enzymes activity in cells decrease lactic acid build up reduce body fatigue help muscle recovery . Powerful #Antioxidant: reduce oxygen reactive radicals stabilize neutralize free radicals prevent them from swiping electrons from nearby cells protect cells from damaging and aging fountain of #AntiAging . Inflammation Fighter: increase #AntiInflammatory mediator decreases pro inflammatory mediators therefore help our immune system and health . 💙 Package . Material: hydrogen is the smallest molecule it bleeds thru plastic and glass aluminum pouch can keep in all hydrogen and benefits 100% recyclable, BPA Free . Size: hydrogen escapes once the seal open hydrogen water is best consumed within 30min susosu 300ml pouche is perfectly designed perfect serving amt to be consumed in 30min perfect size to take on the go . 😘 get Susosu Water for u and loved ones today help our body fight #covid_19 virus get thru #pandemic2020 healthier stronger . link in bio @qqkimie get 40% off with code QQKIMIE . 💕 take care, i love u all . . . #torontoblogger #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger#beautyblogger

1,064 110

❤how u handle fear #pandemic #covid_19 😘ur new dialy routine #QuarantineAtHome? . 💕 who are the 50 ppl that have had important influence in your life? . 👩‍💻 been working from home 2wks now . i actually enjoy #wfh, still super busy working everyday, plus 2 daily team web meetings, chat with all team members in one chat window all the time, feel even more closer with colleagues . its the fear going out grocery shopping hard to handle . never know if me and stuff bought still safe everytime back from store . i had an experience drowning in gym swimming pool last year, i know how it feel facing the moment not able to breathe facing the moment at the edge of life . this sat, my friend, whom i havent kept in touch for very long time, added me to a group of 21 days challenge of meditation, added me w/o i even know it, from nowhere, but really right when i needed it to fight fear and calm mind . this challenge requires a physical journal book to write down answers to daily task and questions with pen . being a minimalist, i didnt have any paper at home, so i had to go downstairs to the convenience store to buy a notepad for this challenge . after done pmt on the machine at the cashier, i realized i was surrounded closely by 3 ppl waiting for pmt there! and no one wearing mask! . omg so scared! ran away right away lol . this photo was taken with webcam lol sat night when i came back home with the notepad and washed hands 20 sec! . day1 task: write down 50 names that have had important influence in ur life, and must be 50! . first i thought 50 impossible . then i chunk it down to 10 in diff areas of life, it became easy . family . inventors of computer internet socialmedia . self help guru @stefanjames23 @connectToPI @joelosteen @robinsharma @brendonburchard . vegan guru @freeleethebananagirl: so im vegan @durianriders: so i post on socialmedia . career relationship friend . 🍀 no one knows about tmr . scheduled march posts all delayed until i get further notice . i will take this time learn to create content of #homeworkout . plan to learn yoga from youtube . spring still here, new mth in 2d . 😘 take care, love u all . #lifestyleblogger #torontoblogger #lockdown2020

1,046 115

❤#Hairtips for #AntiHairLoss? #ScalpAcne? 😘ur #HairRoutine focus on #ScalpCare? #HairCare? . 🤔definition of Perfect #HairCareProduct? . 🔖what Solution u need in #DailyShampoo? #DeepCleansingShampoo? . Hairloss? Dandruff? Oily? Dry? Itchy? ScalpAcne? . #VolumeHair? DeepCleanse BuildUps? . Safe for Sensive Skin/Eyes? . Nutri for Stronger Hair for #HairStylingTools? . ❤ @AromaseOfficial Scalp Daily/Deep Cleansing Shampoo has everything we look for in HairCareProduct . their #BrandMission is Solving Scalp Problems . #AromaseShampoo = Solutions to ScalpProblems . Scalp is like Soil to our Hair . when Repair/Rejuvenate/Restore scalp to its natural healthy self protective state . our hair can grow Healthier Stronger itself . ❤ Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair, Beautiful Style . all Aromase hair products are #NaturalShampoo . Made from all natural, plant based ingredients . all Treatments come from Herbal Essense . if u have sensitive skin eyes, u'd definitely love Aromase #ShampooHerbal CleansingPower, GentleTouch and . Amazing 7 Features . 1. ph5.5 = skin ideal balanced ph 2. soap free, cleanse gently 3. silicone free, no buildup on scalp/hair 4. sulfate free, no stripping scalp/hair oil, no dryness 5. no chemical preservatives, all fresh, use within 6mths 6. no artificial color, safe for everyone 7. surfactant comes from organic amino acid, apply on dry scalp, close eyes . i'd add 3 more to make it Perfect 10 . 8. smell pure soothing, like in nature/forest/garden 9. safe by all global certificates 10. product lines for all hair needs . ❤ wanna try a variety of AromaseHairCareProduct? . 🤩 Get 10%OFF by Mar.31/20 #NowOrNever Code: 10WELOVEQQ, linkinbio @qqkimie . My fav is Anti Hair Loss Set . 😍 Winner of 2020 #PureBeautyGlobalAwards by @PureBeautyMagazine Best New All Inclusive Hair Product . - Deep Cleansing #ScalpTreatment #PreShampoo 5alpha Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo . - Daily Cleansing Shampoo Anti Hair Loss Essential Shampoo . 😘 check out more info @AromaseOfficial winner of 2020 Most Innovation Brand work with hospitals/clinics always innovate, develop new products solve more scalp problems . 🌹here's to our healthy scalp beautiful hair!

1,073 152

😘 u keep #ValentinesDayCard after vday? 🤔 do u have a solution we can go paperless but do not have to throw greeting cards in the waste with that feeling of sorry and guilty? . 🛀 yes the soultion is @BathBombCards! www.bathbombcards.com . ❤ it is an amazing #greetingcard and #bathbomb come together as one! . bring the bathbomb card to the bathtub with you . let the card melt in your skin while the love msg melt in ur heart! . you will then have the most loving romantic relaxing bath ever! . 🤩 what a fabulous innovative revolutionary creation it is! . brought to us by our very own canadian entrepreneurs from victoria bc since year 2018 . always innovating bringing new ideas to life for us! makes our life more enjoyable! . they have been featured on #cbc #dragonsden show! . you can also find them on #kickstarter . 🤙bathbomb card is the worlds 1st greeting card that fully dissolves in water within 1 minute and is a bathbomb #2in1 . all bathbombcards are . #handmade in canada #allnatural #nontoxic ingridients 100% pure #essentialoils . all packagings are eco friendly . plastic wrap made from plants and compost envolope made from kraft recycle paper . they have all kinds of designs and greeting msgs and scents for all kinds of occasions . 😎 you can also customize the bathbomb greeting cards with personalized photos . to make the bathbomb card even more special and surprising . you can even hide secrete msg and #giftcard inside the bathbomb card . they will only be revealed once the card fully dissolved in water! . 😘 definitely give this most innovative creative #ecofriendly bathbombcard a try . best way to write loving caring greeting msg on a greeting card with the sweetest fun fizzing way to recycle the card afterwards . all pen and pencil are non toxic, easy to write on the bathbomb card just like on normal paper . ❤ get amazing bathbomb greeting cards for your loved ones TODAY . link in bio @qqkimie get 15% off with code QQKIMIE . #bathbombcard can last for over a year when store in a warm dry place . . . #travelblogger #fashionblogger #lifestyleblogger #torontoblogger


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