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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.90%. The average number of likes per post is 271 and the average number of comments is 8.

14.29% of the followers that engaged with prssvasilina regularly are from United States, followed by Russian Federation at 9.52% and Italy at 9.52%. In summary, the top 5 countries of prssvasilina's posts engager are coming from United States, Russian Federation, Italy, United Kingdom, France.

Prssvasilina loves posting about Art, Celebrities, Design, Education, Film, Music & Books, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Photography, Fashion.

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  • United States 14.29 %
  • Russian Federation 9.52 %
  • Italy 9.52 %
  • United Kingdom 6.35 %
  • France 4.76 %



136 12

My archive is ready to be posted🐆

115 5

Just think about me every time you see a reindeer 😘 🦌 ... and cookies😋 HUGE cookies

113 4

...But Heaven only knows that packages and bows can never heal a hurting human soul

105 6

As children we believe the grandest sight to see was something lovely wrapped beneath the tree ...

124 7

One minute

130 18

More pink for sure 💖💖💖 And again Thursdays lose their excitement ..... after five months... let’s enjoy the one next week as if it was the last one 💔 JUST A PAUSE

117 9

Strawberry smoothie please 🍓🌸

154 16

Pink is always a good idea💖🎀

73 12

Twinning with my fav giirl😍👯‍♀️ Since now you can officially call me ‘Russian Airport Lady’ 😂 Usually I just post something without caption or with a quote from a song but let’s finally write a post 😂😂 In my perfect plan I could go to D’s concert in the UK or somewhere else in Europe but borders are closed so only au and nz get that opportunity.. I was so upset when I knew that and out of despair even started googling tickets to Australia trying to work something out (nothing genius came to my mind) and I gave up. Started living my life again dreaming about better days and opportunities 😂 After my first live with this absolute star I was begging life for the second chance cuz it was kinda embarrassing 🤣 But who knew it would happen that soon!!!! (Several hundred times more and I’ll do great I promise😄) Forever grateful❤️ like name me any other celebrity who would talk for more than SIX HOURS to like 100 people. Lots of love and admiration❤️❤️❤️ after all these hours and lots of beautiful stories how can you not feel yourself as a part of something big and very important 🌏 believe me now we are stuck together 😂 It’s only a beginning of our journey 😍 more beautiful moments and pictures to coooome Thank you for bringing lots of light inspiration and the best people to my life ❤️ you all own a huge part of heart babies 🥺 can’t wait to meet you all one day🥰🥰 And one day we’ll tell our grandchildren those were the best days of our lives🌟 Ps Still scared to know my timetable for Thursdays 🤭 (It all could be written better but I lost my sweet mood watching funny vids so it took lots of effort not to write something funny😂)

111 20

Mi manchi 🥺❤️

102 11

Just call and I’ll sing Memory for you love ❤️🐱 the memory is fading Well I could be in a musical theatre ... if I could sing😂

136 9


112 7

And if I only could I’d make a deal with God✨

156 7

Just let it be ≥😌 happy new year 🎊

190 14

163 3

Daily portion of sun kisses 💋

139 7

Leave something to remember 🌹

168 5

When a new day begins dare to smile gratefully🥰

148 8

See! That’s my new the most favorite city😍

161 2

And today in the evening we’ve finally met

188 6

Ti amo❤️🇮🇹

144 7

133 0

This magic of perfect light tho

138 7

Se la vista di cieli azzurri ti riempie di gioia, se le cose semplici della natura hanno un messaggio che tu comprendi, rallegrati, perché la tua anima è viva

130 8

Dreams come true😌❤️

152 5

Less than two weeks left🥰🤐

154 7

Choosing the worst weather for going somewhere is definitely one of my talents😂

241 0

Dreams. Goals. Plans. Countdown begins😈🤩🙊 Trying not to let the wind steal my hat🙆🏼‍♀️

127 0

Birthday girl🙈🤩 boosting energy at the place of peace tranquility and happiness 😌 ready for the next 80 years 💯

162 2

Feels like I’ve lived here for weeks 🌳🌸 if only people knew a little bit of Russian or English... life would be much easier😂

203 9

183 6

Field of ☀️

163 2

Sky is on fire🔥 Recently found that photos look absolutely different on different phones. For example I can edit photo on my iPad and then send it to the phone and photos on these two devices wont look the same☹️ that’s a pity cuz not all of you can see my pictures the way I want you to see

196 3

Recharging ☀️🔋

206 1

*To someone it’s just water To me it’s where I regain my sanity* Thanks god I didn’t fall into water😂 Please teach me how to swim🙄 even taking that picture I had a million thoughts like ‘so beautiful view.. I love water so much... but what if I fall... will someone save me.. or not..’

218 5

The wind of change blows straight to the face of time Like a stormwind that will ring The freedom bell for peace of mind🌬

336 10

Since today is my last day with blonde hair I thought it was good idea to start posting pictures with it😁💁🏼‍♀️

246 7

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 It’s on - time to make the magic happen🔮✨

208 2

This time let it be just words from a beautiful song which water makes me think about❤️ Una voz antigua de viento y de sal te requiebra el alma y la está llevando y te vas hacia allá como en sueños

346 2

Usually when I go somewhere I have million photos (as my friend says ‘100 pictures of the same thing’) but this time I can hardly find even 3 🤷🏼‍♀️ but well let all those gorgeous landscapes and memories be kept in my head only..... next time I’ll get more! And let’s add the only two words I learnt there😂😂 Perunapiirakka and lihapiirakka 😄 other words were just impossible even to read🤣

282 3

So tired of uni already🤦🏼‍♀️ in future I could be a professional eater sleeper and series watcher😣

335 19


304 15

Krasnoyarsk-Omsk-Chelyabinsk-Naberezhnye Chelny-Kazan-Nizhny Novgorod-Saint Petersburg couple years ago i couldn’t even imagine traveling around my own country I was so sure its completely boring and all Russian cities are the same comparing to European ones for example buuuuut there are couple amazing cities that EVERY Russian(maybe not only Russian tho😄) should visit at least once and Kazan is definitely one of those😍 the city that makes you fall in love from the very beginning ❤️ that feeling when even in the corner of the city buildings look so beautiful and clean and in general like all the citizens in Kazan take care a lot of its appearance🦄 architecture is incredible can’t even describe how much! 😍😭 so next pictures will be from Kazan😂 there are places where you can walk all day long without taking photos because they don’t impress you at all... but in others you take like thousands in a day trying to save that beauty and atmosphere not only in memory but in photos also✨

359 5


407 25

483 18

519 6

Almost the end of March but still as snowy as in December!!!❄️

550 8

If I don’t post this pic today I will never post it😂 #autumnvibes

542 15

MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄💫🎊 🎼I feel it in my fingers, 🎼I feel it in my toes, 🎼Christmas is all around me, 🎼and so the feeling grows 🎼It's written in the wind, 🎼It's everywhere I go, 🎼So if you really love Christmas, 🎼C'mon and let it snow

509 0

😍❤️ #впитережить

546 1

My soul wants to fly away Riding on a brilliant ray To a land of oblivion Where Im known by no one Just live my life in peace No one to hurt no one to please Away from the complexities That this life brings to its crease But then I think why run away The road does get rough in its way But it also streteches out in a straight road It may be long but you do reach your abode As long as you dont hurt anyone knowingly Absorb the ride, its highs and lows in totality Pain is a part of the road and will make you realize Feel it, endure it and it will help you rise #впитережить

508 8

When it’s windy and cold but you keep standing on the colonnade of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral being struck with a beauty of Saint Petersburg 😍 #впитережить

592 3

No mood for posting photos .... #впитережить

609 7

Black Friday is an awesome event BUT it makes you buy so many things you don’t need. You see suede trousers with 40% off and being like ‘oh my god! They are so cheap now! I’ve always dreamt about something like that! I have to buy it!’ And more and more similar examples. But then when you come home you realize that you don’t have a top which matches your new trousers or vice versa blouse that doesn’t look well with any of your skirts! That’s so terrible feeling! Any way you save a lot😂 and have to go shopping again next day🙊 🛍SHOPAHOLIC GIIRRRRRRL🛍 By the way Saint Petersburg is full of fantastic doors☃️

650 4

There's no place I'd rather be #впитережить

514 3

When you wake up at 1 pm because of the cold wind (opened window)..... For me Starbucks was the first thing to think about☕️ This autumn design was super cute but new one for Christmas isn’t worse it gives so much of holiday atmosphere🎄 #впитережить

625 8

Started drinking coffee a bit after moving here.... don’t like coffee but drink 😂 what’s wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️ #впитережить

709 16


413 2

Когда мерещится чугунная ограда И пробегающих трамваев огоньки, И запах листьев из ночного сада, И темный блеск встревоженной реки, И теплое осеннее ненастье На мостовой средь искристых камней – Мне кажется, что нет иного счастья, Чем помнить город юности моей. Мне кажется… Нет, я уверен в этом! Что тщетны грани верст и грани лет, Что улица, увенчанная светом, Рождает мой давнишний силуэт. Что тень моя видна на серых зданьях, Мой след блестит на искристых камнях. Как город жив в моих воспоминаньях, Так тень моя жива в его тенях! #впитережить

516 8

Soon as a student I won't be able to afford going to cafes and restaurants 😄😔 no entertainment 🙅🏼


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