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Protection Specialist assigned to @farrukoofficial #carbonfibermusic Twitter/SC: protection305 Email: Tel. 1786-443-4444
Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala la Nueva

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.80%. The average number of likes per post is 136 and the average number of comments is 11.

35.23% of the followers that engaged with protection305 regularly are from United States, followed by Puerto Rico at 5.68% and Guatemala at 5.68%. In summary, the top 5 countries of protection305's posts engager are coming from United States, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia.

Protection305 loves posting about Humor, Film, Music & Books, Celebrities.

Check protection305's audience demography. This analytics report shows protection305's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 35.23 %
  • Puerto Rico 5.68 %
  • Guatemala 5.68 %
  • Venezuela 5.68 %
  • Colombia 4.55 %


216 20

Today Ofc AJ Johnson you take your final ride your final 06 your job is done here on earth, may you S.I.P and joined the rest or brothers and sisters standing guard at the gates of heaven. We got from here #tilvalhalla

124 8

You must be able to do stand and do what needs to be done without showing your teeth. #missioncompleted #protect1 #miami #myketowers #mylifeforyourlife #wolfgang #protectornation #guardiansofthenight #gorillaunit #wedothiseveryday

78 2

This is a day that will be imbedded in our minds and hearts for infinity. On this day the world was crippled and brought to it's knees in a matter of minutes, immediately our instructor blew the whistle and asked to join him in a prayer. The men and women #firstresponders #fdny #nypd and all the innocent lives who are not with us today do to this tragedy may you all continue to R.I.P to those that made it out please continue to fight I know it still hurts, also to those who where sent in the name of the greater good to seek the people responsible that never returned you are not forgotten #twintowers #sept11 #september11 #thinbluelinefamily #winning #standtogether #redwhiteandblue #flyhigh #neverforget #0911 #bluelinestrong #redlinestrong

49 3

Sleep Tight America #wegotyoucovered A quick break into the nights tour of duty, 1 doesn't do for a pat on the back or recognition you do because that's what the description of task calls for. #stmichael protect us all from evil #wegotyou #donotfear #iconicsmokers #ajfernandezcigars #drewestatecigars #sleeptightamerica

155 3

#HappyBirthday to #Sweetwater Commissioner Marco Villanueva and @northmiami_brando this picture was taken while giving away to the elderly community of the city. #wedothiseveryday #miami #marcovillanueva

247 41

Happy 14th Birthday to my little princess Bri Bri I pray that the good lord watches and protects you when the day that I can't, I pray that you continue to smile even when you feel down, I pray that you always keep your head up high. Never fear evil and know that God's angels and warriors will always be near to protect you. #HappyBirthday #myprincess #happy14thbirthday

70 4

I don't expect those who sleep and wake up underneath this blanket of freedom to understand, many of you are misguided as well. We live in a world that has walls and those walls have to be guarded by men and women with guts/ big guns. When you threaten to bring harm and fear into the lives of the weak and unprotected people you will be rattling a cage of sleeping warriors who will not stand and watch. #guardiansofthenight #warriors #protect1 #mylifeforyourlife #wolfpack #nofear #zerotolerance #beastmode #enough #erasehate #olglory #istandfortheflag

250 2

Happy Birthday @millycfm #carbonfibermusic youngest keep working buddy #hardworkpaysoffs #millycfm #happybirthday #felizcumpleaños #2020

95 9

I have been through hell on these streets of #miami and many more other places since I'm #worldwide, I lost friends doing the job, went after some real bad mf in you places will only hear on TV, I been shot at, fought for the life of my partners and my self on many occasions, it doesn't make me a badass but it does give the right to say what I have to say because I can. You want to damage sh*t do it to your house, you want to burn sh*t burn your car or house, you want to deface sh*t spray paint your families place #beautifulcity #miami #cityofmiami #fedup #differentview #icanbackitup #wolfpack

144 34

I am a protector of all human life, I am the warrior God sent to stand and protect you from evil. You may not know me, want me even don't like me that's not my problem or yours I do what I am trained to do and then some. If I must take someones life or lose my life in the process for you then so be it just make sure my kids, family, friends and people I hold close to my heart know that I love them. Let's not forget how human life works you don't matter to a person better yet anyone unless you have something to offer. The attack on the innocent, the vandalism, burning, destroying businesses, first responders vehicles they use to help you or your family. I am behind the badge as well expect I don't follow rules so yes I'm a renegade a good guy hunting the bad and the attack on law enforcement looks real for that we will stand in front of them firm and ready #wolfpack #guardiansofthenight #protect1 #mylifeforyourlife #zerotolerance #manhunters #wehavethesolution #enough #alllivesmatter #protectionspecialist #nofear #urbantactics #protecttheunprotected #protectandserve

153 7

The man with the vision Happy Birthday my brother @frankmiamiofficial may God continue to bless and watch over your family. Thank you for the continued trust. #HappyBirthday #frankmiami #dadecounty #protect1 #carbonfibermusic

71 13

More blood will be shed the question is what are you gonna do, If you ask me the way I see it you all are making it worse making yourselves look like animals that was let out of the zoo. It will be a matter of time until your family member or friend gets hurt now what because only people to help save can't do their jobs. A lot of you people don't have what it takes to see this has gone too far do would other people do fight your fight stand your ground but don't destroy shit #minnesota you have lost control of yourselves and your city #excuses #zerotolerance you all act like you care but I'm sure non of you helping the family cope with loss of #georgefloyd this things your stole and places you burned the police car windows and tires you damaged I just want to know where does that help the family. #yournotoutforjustice #neverscared #youroutforyourselves #isaywhatyouscaredtosay #newyork #losangeles #monkeyseemonkeydo


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