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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 14.20%. The average number of likes per post is 244 and the average number of comments is 12.

22.34% of the followers that engaged with projectbahamamama regularly are from United States, followed by Italy at 6.38% and Germany at 5.32%. In summary, the top 5 countries of projectbahamamama's posts engager are coming from United States, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Canada.

Projectbahamamama loves posting about Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Architecture.

Check projectbahamamama's audience demography. This analytics report shows projectbahamamama's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 22.34 %
  • Italy 6.38 %
  • Germany 5.32 %
  • Mexico 5.32 %
  • Canada 4.26 %


136 5

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. If anyone needs a last minute meaningful gift for their Mama please message me and I can deliver. Delivery only available in Nassau. This Mama is adorned in Empress Quaranqueen Bouganvilea straight from the backyard.

174 5

Dear Bahama Mama Community, Since the launch of Bahama Mama in June 2018, things have been going well! I have received a lot of questions from many people saying.. "what about the men...." I was hesitant at first as I wanted to just focus on the strong matriarchs that may not get as much recognition but after some thought, I think it fair to see the other side of the story! So, am getting started on the men! I would love some help from the Bahama Mama community to find incredible men, characters and interesting patriarchs in the whole of the Bahamas. I am looking for: -Men above 65 years of age, from any island of the Bahamas, with an interesting story! Characters, fathers, kind men, humorous men, well known or not known at all All suggestions are valid. Although all men may not be chosen for the final book. If possible could you send me an inbox with the name of the person, the island they live on and a person to contact in order to meet them. Thank you for your help! Pass this message on to your family members! @projectbahamapapa

281 25

Pleased to announce, she is available on Amazon. So you can read some wisdom anywhere in the world and don’t have to carry her in your suitcase. See Link in Bio and get a copy!

198 4

Easter weekend beach reads. #bahamamama coffeetablebooks #photography #bahamas #islandlife #islandliving #wisdom #life #stories #photo #bahamas #people #meet #understand #beach #ocean #island #easter #barefoot

216 9

What could be better than to learn from your mama? Mother’s Day is coming soon! to reserve a copy for your mama! #bahamamama #islandlife #islandliving #coffeetablebook #itsbetterinthebahamas #love #wisdom #learn #teach #live #laugh #jump #ocean #photo

158 1

Bahama Mama sitting pretty in time for bougainvillea season. #bahamamama #books #wisdom #beauty #photography #truth #storytelling #stories #interviews #life #people #strongwomen

274 15

Bahama Mama just chilling on the dock in the Exumas. Ready for orders on amazon soon... On sale at the following locations: -The Island Store, Lyford Cay -The Cove Boutique -Albany Emporium -Oasis Furniture, Sandyport -Bahama Art and Handicraft, Shirley Street -The Linen Shop, Downtown -The Seventeen Shop, Nassau -The Abaco Inn, Hope Town, Abaco -Firefly Sunset Resort, Hope Town Abaco -Island Treasures, Marsh Harbour, Abaco -Kamalame Cay Boutique, Andros -Dake’s Shop, Harbour Island -Princess Street Art Gallery, Harbour Island -Staniel Cay Yacht Club -Sandpiper, Georgetown Exuma

293 15

Bahama Mama rolls out to Abaco. Just chillin in the turquoise at Treasure Cay Beach. Thanks to Joanne Feinstein from @abacobuzz and the Treasure Sands Club @treasuresandsclub artists @kimrody @ithaliajohnson and exceptional food from Kay @smoothekay30 Grateful to be part of the second Women in the Arts event touring the bahamas and taking it by storm. #islandliving #bahamamama #womeninthearts #bahamas

243 13

Bahama Mama Brunch @campoair. Spreading the wisdom of our strong Bahamian women to South America. Thank you to @heidilender and her team of kickass and strong creative women for creating the most elegant and harmonious space where you preserved something old and made it something new. Thank you @vika_esquivel for the incredible food and @rinconverdejoseignacio for the tropical smoothies and @lolo_cavalli for creating an incredible ambiance for the day. Bahama Mama book is available for purchase @ #campocanteen and @sentido_joseignacio #wisdom #harmony #strongwomen #creativity #style #garzon #joseignacio #bahamas

296 15

Bahama Mama is here @kalik242 #bahamas #islandlife #coffeetablebook

399 45

Pleased to announce the arrival of Bahama Mama: Portraits and Wisdom from the Mothers of Bahamian Society. Learn about our country through the eyes and words of the Bahamas’ matriarchs. For orders: Please join us at the opening @nagb242 on Thursday, 28th June. 6:30-9pm

298 11

"Da teacher said don't make no noise.. When you go with God and put your confidence in him, he gonna fix it for you. I gone to sleep and da spirit of God send one man in my sleep, seven signature sharp and flat. I did love a flat, it was a lot easier, but a sharp was a serious ting. I like da flat and he teach me in my sleep ya know? And right now I got it since I was a young girl. I was a musician. I played in church. The man of God give me that. When I woke up I had it all. God give me that. I didn't learn it day by day, God gave me that." Quenelle Viola Cunningham 91 Years Old Cabbage Hill, Crooked Island @projectbahamamama #bahamas #wise #wisdom #islandlife #woman #strong #music #musician #life #passion #gift #faith


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