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Eileen Reader, children's book curator + collector, and mom to two very book-hungry caterpillars 📚🐛🐛 Sharing #picturebook gems #FromOurShelf on IGTV 📺
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75.4% of picturethisbook's followers are female and 24.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 119 and the average number of comments is 9.

Picturethisbook loves posting about Moms, Children, Design.

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  • Children & Family 76.64 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 73.09 %
  • Art & Design 68.96 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 66.45 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 43.97 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 43.70 %
  • Entertainment 38.52 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.69 %
  • Travel & Tourism 34.95 %
  • Home & Garden 34.87 %
  • Books and Literature 34.01 %
  • Sports 31.92 %


56 2

We’re celebrating Children’s Day here in Singapore and this brilliant vignette from Red Panda and Moon Bear is what every kid needs to see and know by heart 💥🙌 . I love the sibling and familial relationships portrayed in this fantastic graphic novel, as well as how @jarodrosello skilfully sneaks in invaluable messages like this one for kids to digest as they devour the wacky adventures of Red Panda and Moon Bear.👏 Can’t wait for book two! . . . #redpandaandmoonbear #jarodrosello #topshelfproductions #kidpotential #kidscandoanything #kidlit #kidsgraphicnovels #kidsbooks #kidsbookstagram #ptgraphicnovels #picturethisbook

86 0

📖🐛💛 Every book for everyworm. . #ptbooksinbooks #janetahlberg #wormbook #bookworm #bookworms #booklove #kidlitart #picturethisbook

122 4

Happy Mid-Autumn! 🌝| How cool are these vintage picturebook #endpapers? . #sonialevitin #ptbookendpapers #kidlit #kidlitart #picturebooks #kidsbook #vintagekidsbooks #picturethisbook

73 10

Echoes 🎵 📖| Read these two magical — and coincidentally music-related — #middlegrade novels back to back, and thought they compared and contrasted nicely (not to mention how good they look together!): 💜@pammunozryan’s masterfully conducted, heart-stopping epic-fairytale orchestra of a novel that traverses centuries will leave its audience rapt and demanding multiple encores. 🎹 vs. 💙@wolk.lauren’s heart-tugging slow burner that’s as rewarding as a solitary scenic hike that teaches many lessons and gives you plenty to ponder about, while enjoying the birdsong and all the pleasures (and enduring the pitfalls) of being so close to nature.⛰ And, just like an echo, these stories will reverberate long after you’ve finished the books. . “No matter how much sadness there is in life, there are equal amounts of maybe-things’ll-get-better-someday-soon.” “Everybody has a heart. Sometimes you gotta work hard to find it.” — Pam Muñoz Ryan, Echo . “The brain’s like the world. Every part of it has a way of doing things. But you won’t know what you know until you know it.” “Doing one thing was doing everything.” — Lauren Wolk, Echo Mountain . I would love to know your thoughts if you’ve read either or both of these novels — and if you have not, I highly recommend that you do! 📖 . . . #middlegradetwinning #echo #pammunozryan #echomountain #laurenwolk #mglit #middlegradebooks #mgbooks #mgbookstagram #kidlit #ptmiddlegradebks #ptbooksiread2020 #picturethisbook

106 4

By some miracle we’ve waded across almost three-quarters of this muddy, uncertain quagmire otherwise known as 2020 — not that it really matters when time itself feels as nebulous as the ocean, with days blending like droplets, one into the next, as if we’re in an unending waking dream. Oh, what wouldn’t we all give to be able to travel in time like Baguette, the intrepid feline pictured here, back to when we trusted that the world was truly our oyster? 🗺 p.s. Swipe to see the cover of this puntastic and catventurous spin on the legend of Atlantis that was translated from Russian by #JaneBugaeva and published by @nyrbooks. This was one of our literary escapes during lockdown back in May, which seems so long ago, yet oddly also like it was just yesterday. 🤷‍♀️🕰🗓🐈 . . . #kidlitcaturday #kidlitart #kidlit #illustratedcats #chapterbook #readaloud #catlantis #annastarobinets #andrzejklimowski #nyrbclassics #picturethisbook

121 4

Yesterday was Queen of Mystery Agatha Christie’s birthday, so a “tongue-jinglingly chocolaty” cake seemed to be in order — BUT since it went missing, we have something even better: a fun cake mystery! 🍰 . While no letters were harmed, there is a devious food thief at large in this wildly entertaining and original alphabet book. Of course, solving the mystery is really as easy as ABC — a piece of cake, if you will — for savvy, sleuthy readers, but the real fun is in tagging along on the meandering investigation with a dodgy narrator, hilarious distractions, red herrings, convenient scapegoats (/pig) and witty asides and dialogue, as well as anticipating the next alphabetical surprise and wacky twist in the tale conjured up by @eoinmclaughlin and brilliantly illustrated by @marcboutavant. Believe me (not Bear!), this is one Awesomely Bonkers-Creative picturebook treat you don’t want to miss. 🐻🔎 . #thecaseofthemissingcake #eoinmclaughlin #marcboutavant #kidlit #kidsbook #kidlitart #alphabetbook #picturebooks #picturethisbook

185 34

(Well, two Saturdays ago anyhow.) 📖☕️ This book got me out of a long reading slump and I just loved the clever way it was structured, almost like a puzzle — not to mention the fascinating characters and their backstories, and how beautifully E.L. Konigsburg brought the seemingly disparate pieces (and characters) together. Have you read this well-deserving #NewberyMedal book?🏅 . #theviewfromsaturday #elkonigsburg #middlegrade #mglit #kidlit #newbery #ptbooksireadin2020 #ptmiddlegradebks #picturethisbook

78 1

Since I’d put together a bookish portrait of her brother (scroll two posts back to see), I thought it’d be interesting to get my 8yo to do a bookish self-portrait, with some of her favourite recent reads — and her picks, a mix of #middlegrade novels and #graphicnovels, were dead on! . Featured: 🌟🎨The Makers Club by Reimena Yee @reimenayee and Tintin Pantoja @tintinpantoja 🌟🔎The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg @elizabetheulberg 🌟🎙Stand Up, Yumi Chung! by Jessica Kim @jesskimwrites (my son also adored this one!) 🌟💜The Charming Life of Izzy Malone by Jenny Lundquist @jenny_lundquist 🌟🐶Aster and the Accidental Magic by Thom Pico @thompico and Karensac @mllekarensac . Perhaps we really are what we (love to) read! What would you pick for your bookish self-portrait? 🤔📚 . . . #themakersclub #reimenayee #tintinpantoja #thegreatshelbyholmes #elizabetheulberg #standupyumichung #jessicakim #jennylundquist #thecharminglifeofizzymalone #thompico #asterandtheaccidentalmagic #karensac #kidlit #picturethisbook

149 10

Still, life — or, perhaps, real life. 📚🥣☕️⚓️🏠 . Doesn’t this #illustratedshelfie by the wonderful Barbara Cooney seem to perfectly capture this season of our lives? . #ptbooksinbooks #barbaracooney #kidlitart #kidlit #kidsbook #illustration #bookshelfie #picturebook #picturethisbook

124 11

You can tell a lot about someone by what they enjoy reading (or if they read at all), so instead of a long post about the kid who stoically celebrated his decade milestone during lockdown back in April, this is a snapshot of him via the last five #middlegrade novels he devoured and absolutely loved — which says pretty much the same thing. And I think I like what I see. 👦🏻📚💕 . Five 5🌟 recommendations: • The Usual Suspects by @mauricebroaddus • Clean Getaway by @nicstone • The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City by @jodi_kendall • Wink by @robbtopp • Tight by @torreymaldonado . #boysread #boyswhoread #thisisten #kidlit #mglit #torreymaldonado #theusualsuspects #mauricebroaddus #cleangetaway #nicstone #jodiekendall #theunlikelystoryofapiginthecity #robharrell #diversebooks #kidreview #ptmiddlegradebks #picturethisbook

141 6

I stumbled upon the pink paperback copy of The Book of Witches exactly four years ago today without realising that it was one of my childhood favourites, nor that it was, in fact, the author’s birthday. Long story short, this accidental rediscovery marked the start of a search that finally concluded last year — also sometime in August! — with our hard-found copy of A Book of Marvels and Magic, thus completing our precious collection of Ruth Manning-Sanders’s wonderful and life-changing “A Book Of _____” folk and fairy tales, all beautifully illustrated by the inimitable Robin Jacques. Was it book serendipity, or was there some real magic at play? I guess I’ll never know... ✨#Augustismagic . p.s. Two titles in the collection are not pictured because they’re sadly missing their dust jackets. . Happy birthday to the magical Ruth Manning-Sanders who would have turned 134 today! 🎂 . #ruthmanningsanders #authorbirthday #abookof #picturethisbook

259 65

✨BOOK GIVEAWAY AHEAD! ✨ How do you feel about popular classic chapter books like Beverly Cleary’s Ramona the Pest getting multiple makeovers (swipe to see) over the years? While my preference is for the original artwork (Louis Darling’s, in this case) to be retained, I do appreciate publishers doing what they can to help these classics attract new generations of readers. . Sadly, #chapterbook illustrators don’t seem to get enough recognition for the work they do in designing the covers and/or the interior art — even though the illustrations in chapter books are often integral to the hard-to-pin-down “feel” as well as world-building of the book, and help readers to better grasp the essence of the book characters. . All this to say, I’m so thrilled that @chroniclebooks is celebrating 65 years of the irrepressible Ramona series with a new book: THE ART OF RAMONA QUIMBY by @helloannakatz — out in two weeks! — that shines a spotlight on the wonderful artists who have brought Ramona’s adventures to life over the years for many generations of readers: Louis Darling, Joanne Scribner (swipe to see our collection of her gorgeous vintage Dell Yearling covers!), Alan Tiegreen, Tracy Dockray and Jacqueline Rogers (who also contributed essays to the book). A must-read for Ramona and Beverly Cleary fans. . 📖 U.S. GIVEAWAY 📖 Thanks to @chroniclebooks, we have a beautiful hardback copy of THE ART OF RAMONA QUIMBY to give away to one lucky Ramona fan residing in the U.S. — sorry, international fans! To stand a chance to win: 1) Follow @picturethisbook; 2) Like this post; 3) Comment with your favourite Ramona the Pest cover out of the seven pictured — swipe to see the edition I read as a child from @puffinbooksuk, featuring a compilation of #LouisDarling’s interior art and bubble lettering! 4) For an extra entry, tag a friend who’ll be keen to win this book too. 👯‍♀️ . Entries close on Tuesday 18/8 and the winner will be notified via DM. Good luck! . #theartoframonaquimby #chroniclebooks #bookgiveaway #annakatz #anniebarrows #jacquelinerogers #alantiegreen #tracydockray #joannescribner #classicchapterbooks #kidlitart #kidlit #picturethisbook


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