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46.3% of paulszyarto's followers are female and 53.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.40%. The average number of likes per post is 509 and the average number of comments is 3.

Paulszyarto loves posting about Entrepreneur, Coaching, Fitness.

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46.3 %
53.7 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 66.75 %
  • Business & Careers 46.59 %
  • Music 46.40 %
  • Entertainment 43.01 %
  • Photography 42.74 %
  • Movies and TV 40.91 %
  • Travel & Tourism 38.24 %
  • Art & Design 37.36 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 37.16 %
  • Luxury Goods 34.88 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 34.29 %
  • Books and Literature 32.87 %
  • Sports 32.84 %


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99.9% of the hacks on social media have no education yet they claim to have the ability to teach you things schools don’t teach, they have no experience working with large successful companies, yet they can show you how they all succeed. These hacks are learning on the job. They get on stage, say the word FUCK 3000 times, they say things that sound good to people with no knowledge of the truth, the mindless pay them, and like them. These hacks have accumulated millions of dollars feeding everyone bullshit. Do your research before you like and send these idiots your hard earned money hoping you make it one day. There is only 1 way to build success. Work your ass off and surround yourself with people that have actually done it. #bullshit #hacks #fake #fakefriends #fakementors #research #find #truth #success #hardwork #learn #mentor #mentorship #motivated #motivate #watch #sundayfunday #follow

202 1

In yesterday's post, we talked about the fact that no one knows everything, and it's super important to build a team that fills the gaps in your weaknesses, especially when building and growing a business. Now, here's a question I get asked often: "What's more important, Loyalty or Competency?" This is a great question, and 20 years ago, I would have immediately answered Competency. My philosophy was that people with Ivy League grade competencies would automatically be loyal, but that was not the case. I got burned the most in my business and personal life who are highly educated. I won't mention names, but a business partner's lack of loyalty nearly cost me millions in a Tech Company we both worked at. I have learned it's almost impossible to teach loyalty, but you can teach nearly anyone Ivy League Competencies. Be careful who you trust, and in my experience, I'll always choose loyalty over current competencies. To learn more, listen to my podcast, or to work with me, click the link in my bio #business #entrepreneur #growyourbusiness #businesscoaching #smallbusinesscoach #entrepreneurofinstagram #startingabusiness #mentorclub #millionairementor #businessdevelopment #wealth #mentor #oxford #entrepreneurmindset #businesscoach #businessstrategy #businessadvice #businessideas #businessgoals #entrepreneurslife #businessconsulting #entrepreneurship #ceo #beyourownboss #motivation #startup #ceomindset #success #hustle #dreambig

472 1

What is the definition of frustrated? Its a feeling or expressing distress and annoyance, primarily because of the inability to change or achieve something. Why be frustrated? Create a plan and execute the plan. It's that simple. No matter what, get it done. Once you're done, evaluate the process, make adjustments, and plan for the next set of tasks. The only way to succeed is to progress. Once you learn to remove emotion from your workload, you will become highly successful and efficient. Then you can reap the rewards of your hard work! To learn more, listen to my podcast, or to work with me, click the link in my bio #business #entrepreneur #growyourbusiness #businesscoaching #smallbusinesscoach #entrepreneurofinstagram #startingabusiness #mentorclub #millionairementor #businessdevelopment #wealth #mentor #oxford #entrepreneurmindset #businesscoach #businessstrategy #businessadvice #businessideas #businessgoals #entrepreneurslife #businessconsulting #entrepreneurship #ceo #beyourownboss #motivation #startup #ceomindset #success #hustle #dreambig

434 1

If we break down the number of productive hours in a day, most people will answer they have no time! Their schedule is fully booked, and they can't add any more value or impact. Frequently, when we break down their days, we will find at least 4 hours of non-productive time that is not being utilized to generate impact. Now, I know your answer, "that's time with my family or relaxing!" I can't sacrifice that. And I agree, but that's not what I am talking about. If we subtract 8 hours of sleep plus 4 hours with family and friends, we have 12 remaining hours. Another 8 hours for work, plus another 1 hour for a typical commute and 1 hour to get ready in the morning… What does that leave us with? 2 hours… If we plan our day accordingly each morning based on a specific task list hour by hour, we will also gain back another 2 hours lost by removing time focused on tasks that don't drive impact. And you will see by leveraging time blocking, daily planning by impact hour, and impact sprinting (see my previous posts), we will gain back another 2-3 hours. Yes, you read that correctly! We can take at least 6+ hours a day due to ineffective planning and failed time optimization. So add two hours for personal care and four hours towards your professional or business goals. To learn more, listen to my podcast, or to work with me, click the link in my bio #business #entrepreneur #growyourbusiness #businesscoaching #smallbusinesscoach #entrepreneurofinstagram #startingabusiness #mentorclub #millionairementor #businessdevelopment #wealth #mentor #oxford #entrepreneurmindset #businesscoach #businessstrategy #businessadvice #businessideas #businessgoals #entrepreneurslife #businessconsulting #entrepreneurship #ceo #beyourownboss #motivation #startup #ceomindset #success #hustle #dreambig

414 3

I have been very successful in life, but that was not by luck or chance. I have started hundreds of business ventures, with some making me incredibly wealthy. You see, that's where most mentors and these "insta-famous" influencers will stop and let you think every idea they have is pure brilliance, the proverbial "next sliced bread." The truth of the matter, shit happens. Ventures will fail. You will lose money. Investors will be pissed. This is life. It's also not an excuse to give up or start feeling bad for yourself. Remember, if being a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR was easy, EVERYONE WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL. Everyone wants to say I am a highly successful entrepreneur, but no one wants to be up till 4 am preparing a slide deck for a 6 am meeting. No one wants to work on holidays or while on vacation when things go wrong, and everything is falling apart. That relentless drive and no quit focus through the bad times is what separates wannabe entrepreneurs and TRUE ENTREPRENEURS. Most people will quit when failure happens, and 99% will move onto their "next great idea." But nothing changes, that venture will fail too. If you want to succeed, quit making excuses when failure happens, toughen up, embrace the suck, and let’s get to work.

423 3

Everyone has heard Newton's first law of physics: "An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." But how does this apply to workouts and business? It's quite simple; aggressive physical exercises stimulate the mind. Yes, there is a physiological response to an exercise, but more importantly, it helps relieve stress, which will allow you to focus on your Impact Sprints and develops the "One More Rep" mentality. No matter how challenging or how heavy the current weight is and you want to quit, your body has one more rep. It's your mind that wants to quit. Also, there is no set time to do your workouts. I typically workout when my body tells me I need to. Either it will be a complicated project, and I need a clear mind to find the proper solution, or it's to blow off some steam. I'll often use a very aggressive workout before a major client meeting or proposal to come into "Game Day" in peak mental and physical shape. I am here to win, and you should be showing up every day to do the same. To learn more, listen to my podcast, or to work with me, click the link in my bio #business #entrepreneur #growyourbusiness #businesscoaching #smallbusinesscoach #entrepreneurofinstagram #startingabusiness #mentorclub #millionairementor #businessdevelopment #wealth #mentor #oxford #entrepreneurmindset #businesscoach #businessstrategy #businessadvice #businessideas #businessgoals #entrepreneurslife #businessconsulting #entrepreneurship #ceo #beyourownboss #motivation #startup #ceomindset #success #hustle #dreambig


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