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@SeaLegacy co-founder. @NatGeo contributor. @SonyAlpha Artisan. The only official account for Paul Nicklen. Please report imposters. Thank you. 🙏💙
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59.0% of paulnicklen's followers are female and 41.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 113667 and the average number of comments is 673.

Paulnicklen loves posting about Photography.

Check paulnicklen's audience demography. This analytics report shows paulnicklen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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59.0 %
41.0 %


  • Travel & Tourism 63.84 %
  • Photography 61.82 %
  • Art & Design 44.55 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 41.51 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.74 %
  • Technology & Science 35.98 %
  • Sports 35.82 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.11 %
  • Entertainment 34.50 %
  • Business & Careers 34.27 %
  • Home & Garden 33.57 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 33.47 %
  • Pets 32.25 %


69,169 362

It is very surreal to be working in the warm, crystal clear waters of The Bahamas after a lifetime spent weathering the conditions of our planet's polar regions. Conservation does not have a fixed address – everywhere we go, @sealegacy is forming new partnerships that will play a key role in amplifying our collective voice. The snow and the ice is where I grew up and where I belong, but I will gladly travel to any corner of the world if it will help us effect real change. #sealegacy1 #bahamas #conservation #climatechange #nofixedaddress

89,858 697

@mitty. You are the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s keep exploring this great planet while fighting for her daily. I am at your service. #love #respect #gratitude

96,833 336

Please visit the link in my bio to see 'Eternal Cascade' and other limited edition prints. // There is an ironic beauty in the collapse of our global climate. To me, this waterfall represents our species' failure to act in the face of the single greatest threat we have ever encountered. But amidst the Arctic's deafening silence, the sound of meltwater rushing from this void in the ice filled me with serenity. The outcome of this journey is up to us – if we could each take just one step to reduce our impact today, however big or small, we would very quickly find our planet on the path to recovery. I am so grateful to have you along for this conservation journey. Please stay tuned for many exciting developments to come. #fineart #limitededition #ice #water #waterfall #svalbard #norway #arctic #globalwarming #climatechange #conservation #journey #onamission #gratitude

93,043 422

Please visit the link in my bio to see 'Polar Plunge' and other limited edition prints. // With leopard seals and other predators constantly patrolling the cold Antarctic waters below, it takes incredible courage for these Adelie and chinstrap penguins to abandon the icy sanctuary of their rookery. But they have no choice, as they must bring back bellies full of krill for their hungry chicks. The very idea of putting life on the line for a meal seems unimaginable for our species, but I find it is an interesting exercise to picture myself on the edge of that cliff, about to dive in. It reminds me that so many of the things holding us back in life are, perhaps, not truly as scary as they could be. #fineart #limitededition #penguin #adelie #chinstrap #falklands #falklandislands #antarctica #rookery #courage #risk #reward #facingourfears

88,824 297

Please visit the link in my bio to see 'The Quest' and other limited edition prints. // When you spend enough time immersed in the world of another species, you start to see them as individuals with routines and habits just like us. They yawn and stretch when they wake up. They groom, they play, they eat, they explore. They have families and relationships. They look for somewhere comfortable to fall asleep at night. They do what they need to survive in a world that is rapidly changing around them. At the end of any assignment, the everyday moments usually end up being my favorite images because they remind me how much we have in common with the animals who share our planet. If my photography can help us see a little bit of ourselves in a polar bear, a leopard seal, or a humpback whale, maybe we will be inspired to fight that much harder against climate change. #fineart #limitededition #bear #polarbear #svalbard #norway #climatechange #individuals #routines #habits #morealikethandifferent

95,236 519

It is a special moment when a waddle of 3-foot tall king penguins hovers over you, assessing their surroundings before heading to sea – certainly well worth a day spent laying in the muck on the shores of South Georgia, Antarctica. I do not want my photography and films to become a record of species and habitats we have lost, but rather a reminder of who and what we still have time to fight for. I was thrilled to see so many of you speak out on yesterday's post in support of permanently banning further oil exploration in our oceans. Please follow @sealegacy to hear updates as we continue to tackle this issue, and discover ways you can get involved by visiting @onlyone. It is good to have you at our side as we continue our conservation mission. #SayNoToOilDrilling #TurningTheTide #penguin #kingpenguin #southgeorgia #antarctica #conservation #climatechange #thefuture #gratitude

65,234 270

I will never forget the remarkable experience of swimming amongst this pod of over a thousand Pacific white-sided dolphins just 80 miles (130 km) off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Playful, gregarious, intelligent, and incredibly athletic, their muscular forms zipped through the swirling emerald water like torpedoes. It was a true privilege to explore the wonders of our ocean alongside such friendly, inviting mammals. On assignment for @natgeo and @sealegacy with @mitty, @aprilbencze, and @oren.lawson. #dolphin #pacificwhitesideddolphin #BC #canada #beauty #nature #explore #privilege #gratitude

202,475 1,206

#fineart // 'Together' //  My freediving ability pales in comparison to many of my peers, and I pushed myself to my personal limits to capture this moment of a humpback whale and her beautiful calf in Tonga. Once I got to 40 feet deep, I inched towards them until I saw a slight twitch in the mother's pectoral flipper. She might simply have been repositioning herself, but she might also have been expressing her idea of a safe distance. The respect I have for animals is immense, so I decided to err on the side of caution and let myself drift gently to the surface, relieved to take a breath of air. When I finally glanced at my LCD screen, I knew I had captured something I would be proud to see live on forever as a fine art print. I am incredibly critical of my work, but this is one I can honestly say I truly appreciate. Shot on assignment for @sealegacy with @scott.portelli under Special Interaction Permit (Regulation 13) from the Ministry of Tonga. // To inquire about this piece or view my entire fine art catalog, please visit the link in my bio. #fineart #limitededition #whale #humpback #tonga #mother #calf #love #gratitude


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