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NOTE: I am not Patrick, nor do i claim to be him. ✌🏼FIND THE OFFICIAL PATRICK WILSON HERE: @thereelpatrickwilson ⬅️ ⠀⠀⠀[ FANPAGE ] ⠀⠀ᴇsᴛ ✩ 21092013. ⠀
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50.0% of patrickwilson73's followers are female and 50.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 18.20%. The average number of likes per post is 10872 and the average number of comments is 164.

Patrickwilson73 loves posting about Actors, Modeling.

Check patrickwilson73's audience demography. This analytics report shows patrickwilson73's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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50.0 %
50.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 59.60 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 54.78 %
  • Art & Design 52.41 %
  • Travel & Tourism 47.56 %
  • Photography 47.52 %
  • Music 46.16 %
  • Pets 45.02 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 40.91 %
  • Sports 40.47 %
  • Books and Literature 39.50 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 39.50 %
  • Movies and TV 36.95 %


7,697 86

⚠️IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BELOW⚠️ Everyone, for those of you who have asked me time and time again, what Patrick’s real Instagram is... & I disappointingly break your hearts by telling you that he only has Twitter (if you don’t follow him already on Twitter, it’s @ patrickwilson73)... Do not fret... I CAN NOW EXCITEDLY TELL YOU... HE HAS FINALLY JOINED OUR WORLD OF INSTAGRAM 🙏🏼😱& it’s still not this page (just messing). Jokes aside, YOU ALL CAN NOW FIND THE OFFICIAL PATRICK WILSON OVER HERE @thereelpatrickwilson ⬅️⬅️⬅️ — For those asking or going to ask, this has been verified by @verafarmiga even though the page does not have a verification badge. Also, Patrick verified it on his Twitter ( - anyway, i thank all almost 70k of you for following this page, & y’all now can finally follow the real MVP @thereelpatrickwilson 😅😂 - Lastly, another thank you to all who commented earlier their thoughts on Annabelle 3. I will be reading through them 😊

15,895 201

| 11/07/2019 • has anyone seen ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ yet? If so, ✍🏼 comment down below, your thoughts on the movie 😃 (📸 @mckennagraceful) — I finally got around to seeing Annabelle Comes Home, & here are a few thoughts (⚠️SPOILERS-ISH AHEAD WARNING⚠️): - First of all, I genuinely think this Annabelle is the best one of the trilogy (& I don’t think this is the best one just because Patrick, Vera (cameo) & Mckenna are in it 😂) - I found it to be genuinely creepy & intense. I haven’t seen a recent horror movie in a while that was even somewhat intense. My friend who doesn’t usually find scary movies creepy, actually thought the same. On a side note: during one of the scary moments she was hiding behind her water bottle & then hit her nose with it when she got scared 😂 - I’ll admit the one scene that especially got me was the scene with Daniela in the artefact room, when she plays the piano. That room is just plain creepy, regardless. - One can truly appreciate a horror movie, when the actors are pretty good, in my opinion, i didn’t find any of the actors to be overly bad (including the actor chickens, lol!!). McKenna is wonderful as usual. - Yes, there has to be an annoying character, who’s always doing the opposite of what should be done. But, I guess without that character, there wouldn’t be a movie then?!? - Good balance of lightheartedness and horror, in my opinion. “Bob’s got balls” 😂 - We all know James’ style through the Conjuring & Insidious movies, & I thought that Gary did well with trying to carry on that style in this one. What I mean by this is: the build up & a lot more of the camera panning, but also the placement of the ghosts/demons when they pop up, & the pacing. I will also credit the use of silence in certain bits which definitely added to the intensity. It did remind me alot more of the first/OG movies. - Kudos to the makeup department cause the demons, ghosts & co, looked pretty good. - Also, the score & soundtrack = 🔥👍🏼 shoutout to Dancing in the Moonlight at the end credits. - Lastly, the Lorraine Warren memoriam bit at the end 😭😭😭 - Overall, an enjoyable horror movie experience. THANKS IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR 😃🙏🏼

11,201 150

| I know this is a tad belated (super sorry 😅), but a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 to the one and only, Patrick Wilson! 😃🎈🎉 Patrick turned 46 on the 3rd of July.

7,252 56

| 19/06/2019 — Patrick via. Twitter: “14 or so years ago. Before selfies. Before kids. Just you and me and an old timey ship. I’ll sail away with you anywhere. My oh my, how I love you. Happy Anniversary @Dagword ❤️” — Wow, they look like babies here, lol. But... seriously, how cute are these two?!? 😅 — EDIT: See my instagram story to see what Dagmara posted 😊

14,259 293

| ‘The Conjuring 3’ is the eighth instalment of the Conjuring Universe, & will not be directed by James Wan @creepypuppet, but instead, Michael Chaves @michaelchaves, who also directed the recent movie, ‘Curse of La Llorona’ (2019). - 🔁 from @verafarmiga • “Happy first day #Conjuring3, Mr. Warren, my PWilz #PatrickWilson 🖤🖤🖤@michaelchaves @creepypuppet @newlinecinema @wbpictures @eleanormakeup”

8,418 61

| 27/02/19 - via Patrick’s twitter. “Thank you @TBLightning for the Kuch jersey and the kicks! Here’s a dog facing the wrong way.”

14,893 421

| 💔 very heartbroken, and sad to hear of the passing of the one and only, beautiful, Lorraine Warren, today (and it’s close to easter, too) 😭 thank you for everything you’ve given to this world 😔 at least, now you can be reunited with Ed, up there 😔 My heart goes out to her family, and close friends. May she Rest In Peace 😢❤️ #RIPLorraineWarren

14,553 222

| belated by just over an hour, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE & ONLY, LORRAINE WARREN 🎂🎁🎉💕

11,579 240

| ✍🏼 Comment down below, how many times you’ve seen Aquaman and your favourite thing about it 😊👇🏼

9,048 155

5,225 48

| 26/10/2018 • Patrick via. Twitter #TBT Just a superhero casually reading about himself... 📸: Fede Cervantes 🔗: —

9,819 167

| 🔱 Patrick as King Orm (Ocean Master), in AQUAMAN (2018), out December 21. Directed by one of my fave directors, James Wan ✌🏼


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