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Mathilde Kvernland, 23yrs Baldur frá Ytri-Skógum, 14yrs

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82.4% of passionforhorse's followers are female and 17.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.30%. The average number of likes per post is 2253 and the average number of comments is 13.

Passionforhorse loves posting about Fashion, Art, Modeling.

Check passionforhorse's audience demography. This analytics report shows passionforhorse's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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82.4 %
17.6 %


  • Pets 57.04 %
  • Art & Design 44.21 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 38.93 %
  • Business & Careers 38.50 %
  • Movies and TV 38.30 %
  • Music 35.98 %
  • Photography 35.87 %
  • Home & Garden 35.02 %
  • Books and Literature 30.37 %
  • Travel & Tourism 30.37 %
  • Sports 30.37 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 30.25 %


2,802 16

Flying high! Baldur was really fun and easy going this day, he was a dream to work with bridleless! This jump is around 90 to 1m tall, we didn't measure, but it's been some time since we jumped like this! Baldur was very positive and honest, we had a blast! 👏🏻 Do you ride bridleless?

2,801 17

My hover horse enjoying summer! Right now @drifandifraskarholt is watching over Baldur for me as I traveled to Spain this friday! It's very hot and I've already managed to get a little burned.. 😂 Have you got a sunburn yet?

1,696 8

I've been so lazy with posting lately. I've been enjoying the summer vacation with Baldur, video games and just relaxing! It has been so nice. I also got my acceptance letter from college, so now I have one more year of school! I will be taking a year study in Viritual and Augmented Reality, I'm very excited! Today Baldur got new shoes. His right front hoof had to be cast as he pulled the shoe on monday and chipped a chunk of hoof with it! Hopefully he won't pull it again. On friday next week I'll be going to Spain with my mom and dad, I can't wait! Pc; @drifandifraskarholt

1,742 11

Baldur has been living outside 24/7 with @drifandifraskarholt for a while now and it's going great so far! No sign of being too bothered by insects and itching, and they both seem very happy and relaxed! So glad we tried this, as it deemed to be a success! We have been enjoying the days and mostly only been hacking the horses and letting them run. Currently doing some hill work to see if I can help Baldur gain some extra muscles in his back. Do you let your horse have vacation? As in putting them in a grass field or forest for a few weeks? 🌞 Pc; @drifandifraskarholt

2,151 25

My beautiful prince! In less than a month I will be going to Spain! Have you or are you travelling somewhere this summer? 🌞 Pc; @drifandifraskarholt

2,035 5

We are enjoying summer to the fullest! Since I met Baldur he has not yet been allowed to be outside 24/7 because of his eczema, but this year he is doing so good that we are trying out a weeks time of being outside in a grass paddock in the night with @drifandifraskarholt! So far, so good! I think the boys are enjoying themselves! There has been a smaller amount of bugs this year, but I also think giving him the Natural Boost oil has helped in many ways. I also washed Baldur thoroughly with sulfur shampoo from @klitgaards.rideutstyr, which is for horses with skin issues, and it has worked wonders so far! The bridle we are using here from @hilbarscandinavia is also from @klitgaards.rideutstyr! 🌞 #annonse Pc; @drifandifraskarholt

2,789 8

Long time since I posted new photos! My computer is finally back from repair, so I could do some editing. Baldur got a nice wash down yesterday, he enjoyed it so much! He would constantly look back at me and put his muzzle on my shoulder. So cute! Pc; @drifandifraskarholt

2,872 18

Today is Baldur's 14th birthday! 🎉 Currently at Hamar Middelalderfestival with @matildebrandt and @lillentheshire, helping a bit with some stuff. Hamar is so hot today too, sun is stronger than ever! 🌞 Beautiful picture by @idaovedie!

5,190 22

I officially have a bachelor degree in animation and digital arts, so I am finally done! Had a graduation party on thursday and it was so nice. My parents traveled all the way to see me and we just had so much fun. I have applied for a one year add-on study for viritual reality and augmented reality, I hope I get in! On a side note, I am looking for a new lease rider for Baldur, so if you are in the Hamar region and is interested, hit me in the DM!

801 1

We have been using the Natural Boost oil for a couple months now and I am positively surprised! In difference to last year, Baldur's summer coat is so shiny and soft! His coat os looking healthier than ever, and as a bonus, he hasn't started to show signs of the summer eczema plagues yet! He has only been wearing a fly sheet, not eczema rug this year as well! So I will definitely keep Natural Boost in his diet! 💪🏻 Interested? Check the link in my bio! 🇳🇴 #ad

2,066 18

Story time! So I delivered my bachelor's project last week, and lord it was a stressful week. A week before due date, my computer decided to toss the towel and die on me. Thankfully, most of the files were backed up, but I lost some core files and most of my personal projects are lost.. Finally my computer is on it's way to be serviced, after having multiple IT people look at it.. Hopefully it will be fixed, as I can't afford to buy a new one at this moment! This last week has been super nice though. No gaming, no being glued to the computer screen. Just being out, being in the stables, hanging out with friends and working out. Definitely cleansing! I think it was a blessing in disguise, it made me realize how dependant I've been on the computer. So it's been nice to take a break from that. Lovely photo by @idaovedie. ❤️


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