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46.7% of omarsamra's followers are female and 53.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.50%. The average number of likes per post is 5221 and the average number of comments is 164.

Omarsamra loves posting about Adventure, Travel, Photography.

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46.7 %
53.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 72.85 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 56.97 %
  • Travel & Tourism 56.00 %
  • Photography 49.22 %
  • Art & Design 49.01 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.82 %
  • Entertainment 36.89 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.70 %
  • Technology & Science 35.20 %
  • Business & Careers 34.77 %


3,593 109

Grief is a universal truth we all experience yet we all go through it differently. Some of us go through all the stages of grief to eventually find acceptance and meaning, while others are consumed by it. One thing’s for certain, none of us can escape the tremendous weight and heaviness of grief. In 2013 I lost my wife and love of my life. I was no stranger to grief then, but that event shook me more than anything I had ever experienced. In 7 years I broke down and put myself back together tens of times until I finally found solace. I don’t believe we ever go back to how we once were, but then again, would we want to with what we now know? That loss shaped me into the person I am today and gave my life meaning. I had a choice to make and I eventually made the difficult choice to journey through the pain, not around it. To find my strength I had to admit my weakness. To find faith I had to lose it entirely. So once again I find myself faced with the ugly face of grief due to Rania’s passing. A face I sadly know all too well. I would be lying if I told you it gets easier. In some ways you grow tired of the pain, you feel that you’ve carried enough already, you’ve been dealt your fair share. Perhaps my back isn’t as strong as it once were. Perhaps there is no fight left in me. I once said the most profound light exists in the greatest darkness and I still believe this to be true. We may not see it immediately and I sure as hell don’t right now, but I know it eventually reveals itself and guides us if we allow it. The light is buried deep inside us all. It tells us that in the end everything will be okay. The world is going through a time of great upheaval. We’re all grieving in our own way even if we’re smiling outside. So lets be patient with one another. And remember that being brave isn’t about pretending everything is okay. It’s about being vulnerable with ourselves. This art installation represents the weight of grief by Celeste Roberge. What is art if not the representation of what has been previously hidden, misrepresented or unknown. The sculpture brings the weight of grief to life, to be touched, acknowledged, and one day accepted. #inspirewriting

9,755 439

(Part 2/2) Rania was the eldest of us 4 siblings. I’m the person I am today because of what her life taught me. Growing up, I saw how people looked at her differently. At best they felt sorry for her and me, usually they got scared or distanced themselves. Because of that, Rania, you taught me never to have prejudice and to always look deeper into people’s hearts and souls, never to judge a book by its cover. In my young teens, for the most part I wasn’t allowed to be out with my friends but home caring for my sisters. I was too young to understand and I often complained, but as I got older I realised how much of a blessing it was to be there for you. You taught me responsibility and how to make sacrifices for others. As I write this, my younger sister Yasmine is still sick with COVID-19. Her condition is stable but if I know anything about this virus, it’s that it’s a roller coaster. Please join me in praying for her safety and recovery. Much love to all, please be careful, and stay safe. #RIP #Tribute

10,544 1,227

(Part 1/2) It’s with a very heavy heart that I share the passing of my sister Rania yesterday June 1st. What makes this especially hard is that I hadn’t see her for 3 months due to quarantine, and I was not able to be with her in her final moments. Her passing was suspected to be COVID-19. I know my story is not new, it’s the reality of tens of thousands around the world, but I want to take this opportunity to highlight a couple of important points before sharing with you more about her and what she meant to me. In the last 2 days before her passing, we could not find one hospital bed for her. We were told that those with special needs, especially those with severe mental handicap need to be treated at home. That her trained care takers would not be allowed in with her. I don’t know if a hospital would have saved her life but I know that she should have gotten better care and medicine should have been more readily available. Shame on every person who is taking advantage of the misery of others by selling medicine and hospital beds at multiples of their original price. They should be punished to the full extent of the law. Moreover, the government must immediately develop unique protocols for special needs cases. Hospitals must be designated for special needs and trained care takers must be staffed there and allowed to support them. Their lives matter just as much as anyone. Secondly, every person who has taken this virus lightly and especially those who have spent the last few days partying or blatantly ignoring all government directives, you should be ashamed of yourselves. We’re all in this together. You’re not free to choose what to do when other people’s lives are at risk. Freedom is a right that is earned when you can exercise good judgement and act responsibly. With cases in Egypt rising at exponential levels, we simply cannot be opening up the country. Far more restraint is needed. #RIP

1,069 22

🏀 I’m so fired up to play again 🔥 MJ’s The Last Dance is the culprit! So everyone has a last dance in sports, this story is mine 😀 Here I am, a young Omar Samra (aka Pharaoh - #4) playing for the Rocco’s Raiders 😀 The team was founded by Braden Saunders (aka Factor - #11) in Brisbane, Australia before he moved to London. We met in London when Michael Kirk (aka Locs - #10) and I played against him in a 3-on-3 tournament. Both our teams got their asses kicked but we instantly clicked and decided to put a team together and enter it into the league. It was a super exciting time, we attended pickup games and approached players to join. Our number four player came when David Bartholomaeus (aka Zeus - #13), an Australia Rocco co-founder, moved to London. Paul Hoskin (aka Hosk - #8) quickly followed as our 5th and Roccos London was born! I played 3 seasons with the team. In our first season we won the division 2 amateur league, we got promoted to division 1 and lost in the finals to the formidable West Side by 3 points in the last seconds. They had been reigning champs for some time. The following season they didn’t play and we ended up winning the finals by 10 points. Remembering that moment still gives me the chills! Still, not beating West Side haunted us. We finally faced off with them in the finals of another tournament, and my last. It was a great battle but we beat them in the finals with one point in the finals seconds! We travelled the world playing in cups and exhibition matches. We became brothers on and off the court and it was among the most fun I ever had in my life. I still remember how leaving the team to commit to my Everest training was a very difficult decision. As a pure team sport, basketball was different to any other sport I played competitively like track (800m), squash and climbing. The sense of comradery and brotherhood you build with your team mates is second to none and has always been among the most formative experiences of my life. So to my Roccos teammates wherever you are, I love you guys and hope to see you on the court again one day #Samradiaries #basketball #thelastdance 🏀

4,264 23

Anyone starting to feel like Geppetto stuck inside a whale? 😀 I suppose the silver lining is that I get to hang out with a real girl (not a marionette) and a dog (not a cat)! #Pinocchio #hakunamatata

3,847 83

I invite you to pick up a pen and write a letter to your future daughter, son, niece, nephew or young loved one and share. This is mine: Dearest Teela, The year is 2029. You’re now 16. It has been a little over 9 years since a virus swept the world, forcing us all to reflect and reconsider how things once were. You lived through it all. It was a difficult time but I did my best to shelter you from the worst of it. Someday I’ll tell you everything but right now I just want you to know that despite all the extreme hardship and immeasurable loss our planet faced, humanity now looks back and remembers this as the time everything changed. The time we finally stood up to corporate greed, bigotry and insular thinking. The time when the collective mattered more than our own self interest. The time when we finally took control of our own destiny and put Mother Nature first. The time when love mattered above all else. But most importantly my beautiful daughter, this was the time that brought you and I closer together. And if I had to live that pandemic ten times over, I would do it. Just to be there for you. Just to know you more. There may never be a time quite like that time. There must not be a time quite like that time. This life, this planet and this present time is fragile. This wisdom now lives within you. And if you ever forget, just remember this. We named you after a warrior and sorcerer for a reason. You have all the fight and magic within you to make this world better, for you, and for us all. #InspireWriting #MontblancWritingChallenge #Hope #loveconquersall 📷: @mint.pfe

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Venturing into the unknown - this photo was taken a day before we set out to row across the Atlantic. Don’t let the smile and half nakedness fool you, under the surface there was a storm of stress to deal with! In many ways, the situation holds many similarities to today, and one major difference. Like today, I had no idea what was in store for us, on some level I knew I was scared and I also knew that so much was riding on our individual actions and rising to the occasion. The major difference is that during that rowing journey we were unsupported which means that if anything went wrong, we only had each other, we were quite literally the last line of defence. In the end it came down to that and we were tested to the absolute brink, but during COVID-19 it does not have to be this way. We have a choice. It’s important that we all understand that despite of the physical separation, this is not a time to fein strength, this is a time to lean on one another. It’s a time to feel and not shut down. It’s a time to open up and be vulnerable. More than anything, there has never been more of a time for us to understand that despite what it may look like on the outside, we’re all struggling and we’re all in uncharted territory. But just like Omar and I overcame all odds to survive this journey, you will too. #movingmountains #hakunamatata #beyondtheragingsea

6,014 102

Teela’s Eid dress

11,545 329

This is an appreciation post and a little story about the person that adds so much joy and colour to my life 😍 Life has its own crazy way of bringing you what’s right for you when it seems like you least expect it. We met at a restaurant for the first time a few years ago (on May 18th like today) through a common friend. We barely spoke and because I have the unfortunate combination of being shy, introverted, and somewhat known, she walked away thinking I’m just full of myself 😀 Of course the story could have just ended here. Many months (and some years) later we bumped into each other at Athens airport and started talking - all credit goes to me for initiating of course 🙂 Suddenly, this time, we had so much to say to each other. Funny isn’t it! Fast forward many months, what began as a beautiful friendship, gradually developed into so much more. So what should you take from all this? Ignore first impressions, they hardly ever matter. Keep your chin up, you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner. And most importantly, even if you’ve suffered the greatest loss, keep your heart open, love always finds a way. #hakunamatata

1,659 41

It’s been 13 years exactly today since I became the first Egyptian to stand on top of the world. On most days it feels like a lifetime ago, but on days like today all the memories come flooding in as if it were yesterday. I suppose there are few events in life where you look back and distinctly mark your life before and after them. Reaching the top of Everest was one of those moments for me. It was my one dream ever since I was 16 years old and while circumstance had it fade in and out of my life focus, it always remained as the biggest goal in my young life pushing me forever forward. It took 12 years to get it done, 12 years of self doubt and people telling me to find a better dream. In the end, it was worth every second of struggle and set back. Why? Perhaps the reason is not what you might think. You see at the top of Everest you’re the highest human on planet Earth for a fleeting moment and then that moment passes. It’s a powerful lesson in impermanence and perhaps this is why climbing is so much more than a physical activity. We can never be on top forever, we have to embrace all states of life and what goes up, must come down, if only to come back up again. All these years I wanted to see the world from high above, to witness this special view from this incredible vantage point, a view that less than 0.0002% of the world get to see. Little did I know that the most rewarding view would be inward, leading me slowly towards my own truth. All these years I wanted to prove something to myself, to do something extraordinary, to feel that I could accomplish anything.. in the end, I found my own humility, the mountain showed me how infinitesimally small I am in front of the grandeur of nature, and how little control I have against the will of the universe. The dream of Everest led me on a path of self discovery. A path that began with a fiery desire to achieve against all odds and evolved into a soft surrender to what life has to offer. The most empowering thing I ever learned is that all that was ever required of me was to simply focus on trying to do my best, every day, and trusting that the rest will follow. #movingmountains #hakunamatata

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I miss camping. I even miss waking up in the middle of the night to go for a summit. That’s how desperate the situation is right now! 😀 What unlikely thing do you miss right now? #movingmountains #hakunamatata


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