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Yoga • @bindubyohoud's mama • @cocoa.eg’s mama • Favorite recipes in highlights • Link to @onthematstudio’s June package 👇🏻
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.50%. The average number of likes per post is 283 and the average number of comments is 13.

46.27% of the followers that engaged with ohoudsa3d regularly are from Egypt, followed by United States at 10.45% and Australia at 5.97%. In summary, the top 5 countries of ohoudsa3d's posts engager are coming from Egypt, United States, Australia, Spain, Switzerland.

Ohoudsa3d loves posting about Health & Fitness.

Check ohoudsa3d's audience demography. This analytics report shows ohoudsa3d's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Egypt 46.27 %
  • United States 10.45 %
  • Australia 5.97 %
  • Spain 4.48 %
  • Switzerland 2.99 %


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I feel small. I feel irrelevant. Pretty useless. I’m infuriated. Infuriated about the injustice happening all over the world. Injustice against people of color, people of different races or religions, people with special needs, minorities of any kind. I’m infuriated. Infuriated that as an 11-year old I had to listen to racist comments about my best friend. It hurt me then as it hurts me now. Infuriated that as veiled woman, I’ve been discriminated against in so many ways in my own country. Also infuriated that as a “white” Egyptian, I was made to feel special. Infuriated that my friend’s sister with special needs was refused hospitalization and has passed away due to COVID-19. Infuriated that people still refuse to be kind to one another, to be responsible and compassionate, to be human with one another, to treat others as they wish to be treated. I wish I could do more than just be furious right now. Perhaps tomorrow. But today, I’m infuriated. #blackouttuesday #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter

256 6

Ice cream cake anyone? I took part in @prilegypt’s latest initiative. ANY food that you post about using the hashtags #icookefor and #طبق_الخير_يجمعنا Pril will donate a meal through the Egyptian Food Bank. You can make this ice cream recipe I’m sharing below or ANY other recipe :) • • • عملت كيكة ايس كريم عشان مبادرة بريل الجديدة. اي اكل تصوروا وتحطوا صورته وتستخدموا هاشتاج #طبق_الخير_يجمعنا و #icookfor بريل هيتبرعوا بوجبة من خلال بنك الطعام المصري 🙏🏻

306 8

Edit: You guys are amazing! I’ve got 10 donors already and more on a waitlist 🙈 See you next week! Let’s bake it forward. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and so many awesome people have been asking for baked goods and I’m always more than happy to share. So, inspired by @laylajml and by the awesome gift I received from @paperjam.eg, I’ll still be sharing but you have to share too! This bake it forward initiative will go like this: I’ll take up to 7-10 requests each week and all you have to do is make an online donation to any charity of your choice (I have a list to share if you want ideas) and when your baked good is ready, you can pick it up :) This week I’ll be baking the star of the quarantine so far, sourdough bread! First 7 awesome peeps to *DM* me their request will be the recipients of this week’s goods and my first batch of awesome donors! So, let’s bake it forward :) (DM please!) • • • I don’t want to challenge anyone to do the same but if you love baking and you’re interested in this initiative, go for it! The more the merrier!

447 40

Meditation • stress-baking • Pandemic Meditation is often misconstrued as someone sitting in lotus pose, doing nothing. While meditation is actually doing one thing, just the one thing, any one thing that brings you peace, fully and presently. Be that sitting in lotus pose, gardening, reciting something, or baking. • Stress-baking or procrasti-baking is a term coined to describe those who bake in times of stress. Often claiming that they do so as “a salve for the ambient anxiety of being alive,” or “an unconsciously deployed strategy that makes us feel skilled, nurturing and virtuous in the present while distracting us from the future.” • Pandemic. There’s a frigging pandemic. We’re going through something unprecedented, uncertain and scary. At the end of the day we’re just trying to survive. Those who are productive are being shamed for being so and for shaming those who aren’t. And those who aren’t are being shamed for not being so and for shaming those who are. If there’s anytime for “live and let live” to be taken so seriously and literally, this is it you guys 😅. So, produce, or not, create or bake or Netflix and chill, dance, cry, workout, don’t, just do what makes you sane. Just be kind and practice gratitude if possible. And just make it through the day. God knows we’re all just mere humans here trying.

417 32

The look I give to food - I mean my husband - every day while traveling. 📷 @aelattar

448 25

I know for a fact that you probably, maybe, might just miss my pictures staring lovingly into the cakes I make so.. here you go. This is me last weekend gawking at this engagement cookie cake 💁🏻‍♀️. Thank you @hadeerw for trusting me to make this for you (it’s not like you had a choice but you’re a badass for agreeing!) Love you roomie! (Probably as much as I love this cake. Maybe even slightly more. Then again, maybe not 😅) • • • #cookiemonster #cookiecake 😅#cookies #chocolate #cake #cakesofinstagram

233 5

To ‘sun’ny days (all puns intended!), three’s a charm, and rarely ever matching outfits (mainly cuz I’m cool and you wish you were as well). Happy birthday my baby kangaroo Tribbiani 💛

318 6

Infectious smiles and happiness. Today was genuinely good. So so good. Love you Ferfer 💛

134 4

A ☀️ for my ☀️.

357 27

We toughed, we muddered, and we definitely went wild and bananaed! My dream team for the @toughmudderegypt challenge and my awesome support team (missing Susu & Raddoud) 💛 #toughmother #imeantoughmudder #sorrynotsorry #comebacktime


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