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49.6% of officialomardean's followers are female and 50.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1221 and the average number of comments is 60.

18.57% of the followers that engaged with officialomardean regularly are from Australia, followed by Lebanon at 8.57% and Egypt at 5.71%. In summary, the top 5 countries of officialomardean's posts engager are coming from Australia, Lebanon, Egypt, France, Morocco.

Officialomardean loves posting about Music, Singer, Songwriting, Cars & Motorcycles, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Technology, Fashion.

Check officialomardean's audience demography. This analytics report shows officialomardean's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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49.6 %
50.4 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 71.76 %
  • Art & Design 54.84 %
  • Business & Careers 44.14 %
  • Photography 42.26 %
  • Music 39.20 %
  • Entertainment 38.02 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.59 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.19 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.53 %
  • Movies and TV 34.30 %


  • Australia 18.57 %
  • Lebanon 8.57 %
  • Egypt 5.71 %
  • France 4.29 %
  • Morocco 4.29 %


1,645 26

Passion Vs Curiosity. ⇠ Swipe left for some soul thriving and mind altering content that I wrote & pieced together. 🌙 ✨ I hope this makes you feel better and releases you of the pressure to pinpoint your purpose or find your passion in life. Sometimes having curiosity and passion for life is enough.

2,838 91

This year I lost 100% of my income work. I came home. left most my things in Dubai. Endured a winter lockdown. Fell into old dark depression and anxiety. Questioned my self identity, self worth, work and future movements. Felt useless. Fell into the Comparison trap. Edit: This year turned into the most nurturing, eye opening and transcendent year. Strengthening foundations, nurturing relationships with myself and with those around me. Detachment from tying self worth to external sources/titles/jobs. Getting to know myself by tracing back to my foundations and repairing the cracks. Seeking help with therapy. Openly speaking up about my mental struggles. Finding other passions, strengths and personality traits. Unlocking a deeper love, growth and inspiration from the souls around me which fulfilled me in ways I cannot even word. Pointed out personal triggers and negative habits, stopped judging myself for them and began working through them-shattering my obsessive high self expectation and need for perfectionism. Cutting ties with toxicity. Stopped scrolling through my Instagram feed. Had extremely difficult and honest conversations. Began finding acceptance and relaxed more into this dance with life releasing myself of so much unnecessary weight and need for control. Posted less, lived and loved more in the real world. Found value and beauty in things I had overlooked previously. My mum overcame 3 big surgeries in the same month. My best mate found a beautiful partner and had a life changing conversation with his family. Our friend group gained a first pregnancy. We started ventures, businesses and talked about ideas we always dreamt of. We created together. we had our first complete Christmas party where no one was missing this time. I finally celebrated my brothers' birthdays after years of missing them. I looked in the mirror and started getting to know who this soul was rather than tell him who he is or what people expect of him. The focus was love, health, growth and acceptance. Not money. Not work. Not status. As great as our big world is our inner universe is greater and Deeper. And our internal progress is just as, if not more important than the outer.

2,212 76

Most the time I'm fighting multiple voices residing in my head ☁️ @jheneaiko

2,180 44

Grateful to this city #dubai #dxb

732 85

First (of many) plaques⚡️☺️ We won best act 2020 at @whatsondubai awards last night. Forever Grateful to Dubai for receiving my voice with open arms and to everyone who has given me an opportunity on my journey thus far. Such a beautiful city with some of the greatest artists I've been fortunate to cross paths with. My band are the real winners and the real musos here. We gave consistently fire shows every time and will never be anything less than our greatest. Can't wait to perform more for you. It's such a kind feeling being acknowledged so thank you!! #dubai #whatsondubai #dubaimusic #dxb #whatsonawardsdubai #bestact #whatson

980 42

I used to feel so silly over celebrating little victories, like I didn't earn it or deserve it. Thanks to beautiful people around me for making me believe in the small achievements and for celebrating them with me. I've done so much yet sometimes it feels like I've done nothing at all. But that's only because I know what the potential is. Or because I compare to people who have teams and money backing them. Remember to celebrate yourself and your friends/family, every single step shifting you toward your purpose or toward bettering yourself should be acknowledged and received with gratitude and love. The smallest steps are the fine details that connect the dots in the unfolding of your greatest work. Fun facts: Lizzos truth hurts was released two years before it blew up and she was living out of a car ready to give up. Russ released 87 songs and one blew up years later. 1 stream is worth $0.0032. Artists make more money from Merch than music. Thank you for the support and I trust the universe is working for you for as long as you're meeting it halfway and taking the small steps with grace. You can have huge success but still not be deeply celebrated and loved. I think true success comes with having gratitude and being deeply loved first. An artists success literally only becomes more possible if they are supported and pushed in their environment out into the world.. so if you have supported I owe every future success to you 🎈💜

940 21

Come thru playlisted⚡️ maybe I don't say this enough but I'm grateful for every single play, every single word of encouragement or share with your friends. You keep the music alive and it makes the countless hours of tears, creation, crippling doubt and all in between worth it. 1 million overall plays on @anghami and for an Independent kid with no budget or team that is huge. Grateful for you. Grateful to be able to create.


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