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Former entertainment & media exec. Diversifying your board rooms, investment portfolios, and art collections.
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51.8% of nialauryn's followers are female and 48.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.20%. The average number of likes per post is 367 and the average number of comments is 15.

Nialauryn loves posting about Fashion, Actors, Modeling.

Check nialauryn's audience demography. This analytics report shows nialauryn's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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51.8 %
48.2 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 66.66 %
  • Business & Careers 60.96 %
  • Art & Design 59.94 %
  • Children & Family 46.92 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 43.76 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.33 %
  • Entertainment 39.22 %
  • Movies and TV 39.05 %
  • Photography 38.43 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 38.39 %
  • Music 37.06 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.59 %
  • Books and Literature 36.26 %


627 97

10.10.20. The day we walked into the desert and made promises to each other. ❤️

388 12

Happy Sunday ily. ❤️ @ptlinder

218 7

Lunch and learn.

312 17

You make everything for everyone around you better. Today it’s our turn. Happy born day baby. 🎂

362 8

Puppy love. 🐶 ❤️ 🥂

461 21

Happy National Voter Registration Day! • I’m so excited about this @shinola x @iamavoter partnership! I’ll be wearing this hat and watch until November 3rd as your daily reminder that the election has already started — the election is NOW! • Use this opportunity to 1) Check your registration status. 2) Register to vote, if you haven’t already. 3) Send in your absentee ballot, if you aren’t planning to vote in person! We have a lot of work to do. • #nationalvoterregistrationday

445 32

Resting for the revolution.

171 4

Congratulations! @amoakoboafo on the opening of your show, ‘I Stand By Me’ @marianeibrahimgallery 🖤 • You are nurturing such a beautifully evolving practice, as evidenced in this body of work. The use of your hands, to paint, to sculpt, to overlay — an offering — that encourages us to explore, elegantly and undistracted, the complexity of our movements, and the dimensions of our being. • Mariane — you, Pierre, Emma and Jenna have created a gorgeous and incredibly important space. Congratulations on all of the hard work over the past year! I look forward to being back with all soon.

194 14

Gang’s all here!💥 @mcarthurbinion x @richardgraygallery x @torkwasedyson • If you’re in Chicago or passing through, please safely find your way to the Gray Warehouse to see this beautifully installed show. The perfect marriage of art and space, and the opportunity to once again be present in it. • To commemorate the exhibition the team at Gray has produced a gorgeous and tactile book compiling 40 color illustrations, including high-resolution details and images of the works in situ. The publication, whose proceeds are being donated to our foundation @modernancientbrown (link in our bio) also features a conversation between McArthur and dear friend, Chicago born-New York-based artist Torkwase Dyson. • In their dialogue, Torkwase expands on the physicality of McArthur’s process as requiring “a level of concentration that can only come from using everything the body is made of.” • A poignant and welcome reminder, on today and all days — we must use everything the body is made of. ❤️

485 9

From Detroit, with love. 💗 • Happy Wedding! @farracita

101 4

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to do it! @mcarthurbinion @modernancientbrown 🖤 • In honor of McArthur Binion’s birthday, The Modern Ancient Brown Foundation is excited to launch the inaugural MAB ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Artist Campaign. In contemplation of the Foundation’s mission; to support the intersection of the literary and⁠ visual arts, we know that for us those connections begin here in Detroit. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Heavily influenced by McArthur’s personal experiences, and journey as an artist, it is important to us to build an organization that not only supports the work of black, indigenous and artists of color — but also empowers them to tell their own stories.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ The Foundation’s board of directors has selected 5 artists to award a $1500, unrestricted micro grant, and the ability to “pay it forward” by granting an additional $1500 award to another member of the Detroit arts community. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We look forward to spotlighting each of these grantees over the coming weeks. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Congratulations to the artists! (from left to right) @ahyasimone @bakpakdurden @sydneygjames @giselamcdaniel @tiff_massey — and a very happy 74th birthday to McArthur! ⁠🙌🏾 ⁠⠀ #mcarthurbinion #modernancientbrown

1,273 24

Chadwick, you are an immeasurable loss for this world. For our children, for the children inside of all of us. You showed us quietly, and in the most courageous of manners, that the time is now to pursue our dreams. That the preservation of our stories and the power of our unity, is a legacy we must fight for — urgently. We lived alongside you in a world where black bodies are devalued, commoditized and too often extinguished, and through it all you reminded us that we are Kings and Queens. That we have always found joy in our sorrow; that in our wounds lie our gifts. Our hearts are very heavy. Your loss comes at a time when we felt we needed your light most. We are so weary of fighting, and yet you were gracefully fighting on an additional front. We are astonished and overwhelmed by your sacrifice. And eternally grateful for how generously you shared yourself with the world. Rest in power, King. You’re with the ancestors now. ❤️🙏🏾


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