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Scandi mom, living a simple life full of love ♡ Zero waste, minimalism, unschooling and all that comes with it! New e-book on Mental Minimalism ↓

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83.9% of's followers are female and 16.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 427 and the average number of comments is 12. loves posting about Moms, Health, Food.

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83.9 %
16.1 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 56.98 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 56.80 %
  • Children & Family 55.83 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 55.17 %
  • Art & Design 55.08 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 46.48 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 45.07 %
  • Music 40.31 %
  • Travel & Tourism 37.54 %
  • Home & Garden 36.20 %
  • Business & Careers 32.78 %
  • Books and Literature 32.60 %
  • Entertainment 32.28 %


170 2

Things are pretty tight financially these days, so I’m putting my zero waste mindset to the test, getting creative with and getting the most out of what we already have - in regards to food, gifts, fun things to do etc. ✨😍 #zerowastemindset

422 5

Mama bear and my cubs ❤️🐾🐻

282 3

An unschooling life ✨ Our approach to our children’s childhood is one with free and passionate learning from birth and until they are grown. We don’t use scheduling, subjects, tests, daycare institutions or schools, but guide the kids to explore their interests in every way they can, helping them to use important tools, skills and resources to do this. We actively choose to be both wild in nature and cultivated in the city, we start every day off slow and we are almost always with friends and family. And with these loose frames, the kids can generally do as they please. Free play, join us adults in our activities, dance, sing, read, play music, practice a skill etc. and adults are always close by to guide them when needed. This life suits us perfectly as a family and is usually flexible enough to fulfill all of our needs simultaneously in a day, especially as the kids are growing older. We know many both unschoolers, homeschoolers and families who use schools - and everyone of us do things differently and sometimes with the same and sometimes with different motivations 🥰 And this is how we do family life - because it’s perfect for us; with our values, personalities, resources, wishes and goals combined🔥

806 9

Our friends have made this beautiful and zero waste witchcraft kitchen for the kids in their garden - and I’m so going to copy that when I get the chance😍🍁

364 23

Things I have decided to stop doing to achieve more peace in mind and focus during the day: 1. I’ve stopped reading Facebook comment sections completely. They are almost always negative, hateful and polarizing and I don’t need those kind of inputs in my life 🤯 I have kept a profile on Facebook for practical purposes, but I have deleted everything on it and I have also deleted the app on my phone - to keep me from falling back into old habits of reading the comment sections under various new articles etc. I can read the news from the websites, I don’t need to include the word vomit from angry strangers 😬 2. Watch TV-shows or read books I’m not excited about. I will give almost everything a chance - because I love a great book or a great show - but my mom always told me that life’s too short to read a bad book, so I move on when I realize it’s not for me 💁🏼‍♀️ 3. Check my phone or e-mail, when I don’t have the time to deal with whatever’s on it. I’ve written this before, but it’s worth repeating, I think. I want to keep my focus on the situation I’m in, so I try to avoid distractions by not letting them in until I’m ready. I’ve removed all notifications and sounds on my phone, apps and computer, so they don’t catch my attention anyway. I’ve found that e.g. constant interruptions or constantly having to mentally deal with negative people online is really draining to me 😅 And as I value my time and energy very much, I want to be conscious of how I spend it. And these are some of the small things I can do in everyday life to protect it and use it well 😍 If you have made any similar actions to be more intentional about how you use your time, please share them for inspiration?🙏🏻

560 27

Othello layered cake - vegan style - for our friend’s birthday 🥳

821 33

Sometimes the kids will ask something of me and the easiest thing by far would be to just say no or “not just now, maybe later” 🙈 To avoid more mess, to avoid having to stop what I’m doing or to avoid getting blue and shiny 90s makeup all over my face in the middle of the day 😅 But I do my very best to say YES whenever I possibly can. To let mess be mess, to pause or postpone daily tasks and just be in the moment with them. Letting them draw on me while we talk, reading the boring book, taking the time to answer their many questions, helping them repair that thingamabob that’s broken yet again etc. To do all those small things which individually don’t seem like a big deal, but all together will make them look back at their childhood and at our relationship and know that they were a priority and cherished, even more than they realized at the time ❤️

575 7

What’s left when you say goodbye to consumerism, materialism, distractions, excess and all the things which are unimportant to you or disagreeable with the life you want to live? Focus, passion, love, freedom, gratefulness and space to bloom - in my experience 🔥 Whenever I am unfocused, overwhelmed or stressed, it’s always because I have let myself get distracted by less important matters. Without exception. And avoiding that is not easy in a world full of temptations, intrusions and expectations😅 I have practiced this focused and minimalist mindset for years and I get better and better at it, but I still struggle with it sometimes. Life continuously gets in the way with interruptions and unexpected challenges to solve - as I’m certain it always will 🤯 That’s why I continue to practice coping and alignment, so when it happens, I always know what to do to get back on track. And what I do is, I draw myself back from distractions and refocus on the essence of my life: My family. My people. My responsibilities. My passions. My love ❤️ I force myself to align my actions and priorities strictly and accordingly, and then after a while I’m back to thriving and blooming, to meaningfulness and peacefulness ✨

401 28

A look inside a life of not using daycare institutions 💜 In Denmark, when kids are around 3yo, they are officially required by law to go through language testing. If they aren’t submitted to a daycare institution, you are called in to a meeting and test, though I hear that some municipalities seem to forget about it 🤷🏼‍♀️ But three years ago we went with my daughter and today we went with my son - and it went smoothly. He did perfectly on the language test, but more importantly, the woman who tested him was really nice and made it into a little game and he thought it was fun ✨ Taking care of the kids ourselves, our contact with the system is surprisingly rare. There are not many requirements, for which I am glad, as I generally believe that people should be free to live their lives with their families or alone without unnecessary interference. But on the few occasions when we are in contact with the system, it’s generally a really positive experience and we only meet understanding, respect, indifference or kind curiosity regarding our choices. And that’s the same experiences many of my friends have 🙏🏻 I’m against government control of the people from an ideological and liberal perspective. I think Denmark is okay and better than many countries in regards to this, but not good enough. I however also recognize the wish to make sure to catch and act on potential issues for the greater good and I believe in the good intentions, though I don’t always agree with the methods. However - that’s all for a nuanced and theoretical debate I would like to go into at some other time and often have with friends and family. From a personal point of view though, it’s completely fine for us, in our situation, and we haven’t experienced anything negative - on the contrary. Just to share a nuance, a perspective and a personal and positive experience 🤗

267 2

Goal: Get kids to eat more kale, because kale 🥬💪🏻 Solution: Make blackberry and kale ice cream, based on frozen bananas, frozen plums (found in the back of the freezer, as I always freeze everything before our Copenhagen trips to #stopfoodwaste and then forget about it) and garden apple juice 💜 This tip among many others are also in my picky eaters e-book 🧚🏻

418 8

Today I tried NADA for the first time and it was a really good experience 🧘🏼‍♀️ As I wrote in my Q&A yesterday, I have been experiencing some physical symptoms of stress lately, but I’m going all in on coping, e.g. learning some effective relaxation techniques, trying CBD-oil and I attended the most beautiful and calming workshop, carving out a walking stick from willow to symbolize new ways to go and paths to take. Just sitting and working for hours in front of the bonfire together, but in complete silence 🔥 And my friend has offered to start giving me these NADA-treatments, every time we see each other 🙏🏻 All is going to be okay❤️


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