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71.7% of nelldaly's followers are female and 28.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 1636 and the average number of comments is 38.

Nelldaly loves posting about Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business.

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71.7 %
28.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 80.11 %
  • How-to & Style 67.95 %
  • Travel & Tourism 49.19 %
  • Children & Family 47.62 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 45.17 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.52 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 40.59 %
  • Photography 40.08 %
  • Art & Design 40.03 %
  • Business & Careers 35.37 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.34 %
  • Movies and TV 33.25 %


1,250 21

Eyes towards the future with some dog love in between. 5th, 3rd and Dusty started high school. Be masterful at moving forward — not always easy — but man it’s essential. Xx #yearofjoy

1,382 21

I know my dog is cute and all but #girlscandoanything just in case you can’t read what my hat says. Happy Women’s Equality Day to all the superheroes out there kickin’ butt and fighting for our equal rights ❤️

1,555 26

🥂to only good times ahead and your happiness ... . . #sunsetlover #sundayevenings

1,086 21


1,351 11

Fly high @_juni_gutierrez . You will never be forgotten. Give little Ellen a kiss for me. . . I don’t know people, I think something truly beautiful and incredible is about to happen because heaven is gaining some seriously heavyweight Angels this summer. There must be a reason, there must. Anyone else feel this way? @annazamat @nikki_gallias and @funnyxtine thinking of you all in particular 🙏 . . . Last year I was asked to MC a benefit with this man, who went by the name of Junior, for breast cancer awareness. He was a cycling instructor, Director at Zip Recruiter, cancer survivor, father, loving husband, generous friend, and a creative with a dancer’s soul. From our first meeting, his energy and humor was contagious. He was brave and dynamic and wore a beautiful vulnerability just beneath the surface that made him instantly relatable. I know this sometimes sounds cliche but people WERE drawn to Junior. Last week, and this is hard to write, he died unexpectedly just shy of his 40th — a massive blow to his young family and our town. A reminder of our human fragility and how precious time is with the ones we love; his death puts us all on the wild edges of sorrow once again. . . A Go Fund Me Campaign has been set up for his children’s educational fund. Please consider donating, every bit counts. I’ll post the link in my stories and bio later today: . . And for all you Fairfield people, let’s organize a fall ride with all proceeds going to his family. I’ll organize it. . . Hug those in your life today and laugh and cry with them — do the messy beautiful and brutal work of love. Better times ahead.

733 54

Lily 💕 And I totally apologize in advance for all future rando pet pics that are super basic I’ll try not to post but will. . . I could blame the kids but...that’s not quite how it all went down. I wanted this little fur-ball as much as they did and I’m not even a “small dog person” ... whatever that means. I swear it’s like owning one of those stuffed animal toys that runs on batteries and barks. I’m pretty obsessed and @funnyxtine We now need to record a new outro to the dog show we did where I made fun of people with little dogs who live in NYC. God heard me, laughed, and checked me hard cause I now pick up her poop in my non existent spare time. . . Seriously, everyone told me not to do it — EVERYONE. But the kids and I decided we are going for 365 days of joy after living with cancer in the house for years. So we said thanks but no thanks for your unsolicited advice and got her anyway. As a therapist I know this: anyone who tells you time heals everything is LYING to you. Time softens pain but doesn’t heal it. Love heals it. LOVE. Cliche, but whatever it’s true. This little dog loves so much it’s inconceivable to think she hasn’t been with us for forever.

2,671 8

“I wouldn’t change one thing about my past because if I had done anything differently I wouldn’t be standing here marrying you.” - loosely quoting @kstegmeier from her wedding on Saturday night to one incredible man. These are WORDS TO LIVE BY in case you haven’t met your forever yet, or you’re wondering why life is taking you down roads you never imagined, or don’t want to travel, or you’re sitting this morning regretting a million little decisions you’ve made in the last few months or years. Her story teaches us that if you get up everyday and consciously show up and stay open even when it hurts to — love can and will walk in the front door. Their fairy tale is one for the books, one of those love stories where fact beats fiction any day of the week. . . Her wedding took place along the cliffs of the Hudson River. As she said her vows, (I’m not lying here), two bald eagles circled above them, broken sunlight streaming through the clouds onto the Catskills. I was humbled. I was in awe. I was like is this all really happening right now? I’ve had my moments in the last few weeks where I’ve thought that perhaps it’s all fade to black when we die but watching her make this promise, surrounded by 150 friends and family, reignited my faith and reminded me once again how healthy it is to move forward, keep your sense humor AND wonder about this whole weird journey called life. . . I fell for Kate the day I met her. She’s the kind of woman you would want next to you in battle. You know the type of woman I mean. She’s fierce and loyal, strong and tender all at the same time. She’s all heart and I’m grateful to know her. . . Her mother @bethcohen13 is another one of my heroes. And I have a feeling she’s a damn good cook. I may ask to be adopted. Sorry, Kate. Enjoy that honeymoon. Love love love you.

2,308 17

Happy 10th birthday to my Fourth or July baby! You know it was a good day when your phone sat at the bottom of your beach bag until after the cake and candles and fireworks were over. It was epic. You’re epic little not so little Bean anymore. YOU are my happy place🇺🇸❤️🎉 Like both of your grandmothers; huge forces sometimes show up in the tiniest of packages. (PS she’s carrying Michelle Obama’s Becoming under her arm, having picked it up on her own — off of her older brother’s shelf. For weeks I thought it was a Harry Potter with the cover ripped off). #raisestronggirls #happybirthday #happyfourth 🇺🇸

2,892 238

Sunrise. . . This is the view from our tent — looking out over the back northeast corner of Zion National Park. I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of places in my life, all over the world, but this particular @undercanvasofficial campground was in the top five places. It’s remote, thrilling and the location literally out of this world. Again, not sponsored here. . . . Many of you have already asked for the details of my trip. I’ll put something together and post the whole thing in my highlights so you can follow the route. . . . It was amazing, the kids were spectacular, the weather and places sublime. However, traveling as a single mom is both exhilarating and exhausting. You feel more like a Tour Director at times than a parent on vacation with her kids. You worry — about everything. There is no one to help you make decisions, big and little, unpack a car, break up a brewing fight, keep a watchful eye, pay the bill, wait in the car while you run in to use the bathroom or grab a drink. And in the evenings, when you witness other families gather around the campfire and laugh and swap memories, together, or see a husband making morning coffee for his wife and lovingly handing her the cup, the most simple gesture, you wince a little and feel a familiar longing, at least I do, that something is missing. Ultimately, each experience presents its own challenges and the grass is always greener. I have freedom. I don’t have to negotiate. There is no tension. The flip side of this, I don’t have the pleasure of adult companionship and any loneliness I feel must be swiftly dealt with; I’m excellent at turning loss into gratitude but it’s taken years of practice and I’m not perfect at it yet. . . I write this simply because I know there are many single parents out there that follow me and I’m committed to creating a feed that is authentic. I’m tired of all the bs out there. . . We, single parents, all laugh how it takes us days to recover from these trips. I hope what I articulated here resonates with some of you and you feel the connection. Xx now we all slay Monday and I’m glad to get back home. A special thanks to Ku. I felt the love from 2000 miles away.

3,047 148

One of my favorite moments of the trip. The Narrows hike is a bucket list item for many many people, it’s actually one of the reasons I took the kids to Zion. The hike was closed all season because you have to hike up the Virgin river into a slot canyon and the waters were still too high, until the evening we pulled into the park. Angels were looking out for us. . . The water is only 45 degrees right now and easily waist high. We rented waterproof gear and walking sticks and headed in. Dusty struggled immediately with the cold. His feet killed the minute we stepped foot into the water. I steered him towards the riverbank and told him to take off his shoes and warm his feet on some of the rocks to see if that would help, to see if his body would acclimate. As I was managing him and his sister I looked up and saw Beau, sitting there right in the cold rushing river skipping rocks — quietly. He stayed like that, easily for ten minutes, taking in the beauty of the place which must, from his small perspective, be intimidating (the waters were deep enough that I had already hiked up certain sections with him on my back). I quickly snapped off this shot. . . . My intention as a parent has always been to raise children who are “gamers,” who roll with the punches and are quick to say yes to new experiences — who are in other words endlessly curious (as I know from my work curiosity is the necessary ingredient to thriving in this life — to stave off boredom and depression and our impulse to let fear dictate our desire to play it small). . . . I wanted to raise children who see the immediate possibility of things instead of pointing out all that could go wrong. Each child showed up on this trip and gamed hard. Even when I wanted to turn around, they insisted we keep going. They lead the way, I just held on for the ride. I do not take full responsibility for their characters but man am I grateful something is working here. . . . Getting outside with them and putting ourselves in uncomfortable places — away from iPads and Netflix — was everything and I’m more committed than ever to preaching the value of getting outside together and disconnecting from devices.

1,128 33

You’re welcome @donaldjpliner #shotoftheday . . . . #antelopecanyon #bootseason #arizona #travel #writer

569 23

Why did it take me 43 years to discover this place??? It’s incredible. Lake Powell is easily as picturesque as the Swiss Alps or the Cliffs of Moher. It feels like an undiscovered American gem. . . . . One thing the pics do not capture is how big the rock formations are. I’ve actually been to the Grand Caynon a few times — even hiked to the bottom and back up, but I had never been to Lake Powell which is about 2 hours directly to the East and mostly, I believe, on Navajo land. . . . It’s stunning, not crowded and in some ways just as glorious as GC. You can stay at the Lake Powell Resort — not fancy — but it’s location is insane. Inside the National Park (the only hotel inside the Park), and directly on the water. Two pools and a full marina where you can rent house boats, or jet skis or bring your own. There’s a beach and the clearest lake water you’ve ever seen — think Capri on crack in terms of jumping off rocks. Any questions, you can always DM me. . . . I’m not sponsored here just a huge believer that we should all see, when we can, this incredible country we’re all so lucky to live in. . . . Connecting with nature is food for the soul and absolutely necessary for our mental health. The depression we feel when we, as humans, are disconnected from the land is real and has been extensively studied. You must make an effort to keep your spirits up — nature is free and boosts your mood like nothing else. #outsidetogether . . . #travel #fightdepression #momslife #psychotherapist #lakepowell #arizona #nationalparks #nature_photo


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